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  1. Jedite X

    That’s a good looking card.

  2. Mark Lanzarotta

    Agent: Paul, you have to go on this screwy show so people know you’re not dead. Paul Simon: He doesn’t allow anyone to talk, so it’s a lot like death.

  3. Tasty Gaming

    "he is of me" Ewwwww xD

  4. Burn Battle

    I agree with son-Michael

  5. Angie V


  6. S CP

    I’m me “Some people find it off putting”

  7. Robert Barboza

    So much to love abut this Brian Cranston as a white George Clinton wannabe and the juxtaposition of facial expressions between Morgan Freeman and Ernest Borgnine.

  8. Anabelle Lockwood

    ok boomer

  9. Michael Parylak

    9:41 "You're under arrest for indecent Southern Exposure it's again the law son"!

  10. Space Drank

    Funny stuff. 😐

  11. Randy Perez

    The entire skit is quote worthy. By far one of my most favorite

  12. joe oteah

    Man played 9 games, 4 of which were super bowl victories

  13. Lindalee Law

    My mom be like , " Im not cooking!"....." dont touch my freezer, I'llget it !"

  14. John Blaine


  15. FoundAgain Lion

    When a mom gives you a gift bag and didn't use the little nametag on the handle thus giving you the opportunity to not only re-use it BUT also act like a bigshot who bought it new...**SCORE**

  16. Niggolas Cage

    I'll randomly think of this at weird times. I'll be at the grocery store trying to figure out what isle the bread is on and my brain goes OOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEE whats up with that?

  17. Allen Trey

    God bless 😁😁✌️

  18. Owen Lilley

    The clock on the wall never changes lol.

  19. colleen ryan

    Scary Gary Loomis is like alternate universe Stefon

  20. mayank mishra

    One of Kenan's best performances...his facial expressions are too funny and says everything.

  21. Michael Commiso

    i felt something lol

  22. Brandon Hartley


  23. Dead Fellow

    Happy Gilmore seems to be doing well for himself

  24. Alexandra Ruiz

    Why would they put a Bland White girl for this?

  25. Allen Trey

    one of My favorite Hebrews 😂💯🚶

  26. User Name

    "No! I just something in my eye.."

  27. Cubers Anonymous

    Darrell Hannon was better

  28. Jafafa Hots

    I used to work for Fisher-Price. :) That makes this funnier for me.

  29. ThingsToDo

    Typical lefty plug for that commie traitor Obozo

  30. Layne

    "An SNL digital short" fast forward 15 years, and youtube is the only way I watch SNL at all.

  31. Allen Trey

    Finally...thank ye SNL..😁😅🥞

  32. AngelsAnimal

    ok finally a skit that isnt so liberal/ democratic that its jus not funny. Every other skit thats about politics jus arent funny anymore cuz all they do is bach trump. thanks SNL

  33. mi2ube

    Martin is soooo funny in this.

  34. Kavi

    This is what they got this from nlsel.info/video/video/mpWNiWJ6ZtKew6g.html

  35. Brensdad74


  36. Jessee Ferrara

    Ferrell was good but needed work on the actual Bush voice

  37. Sharon Jensen

    "Getting our anuses bleached". Now that's funny.

  38. Randi Harlow

    I wait each week for SNL. It represents REAL humor and a fabulous cast EACH AND EVERY YEAR, Don’t ever leave us...PLEASE.

  39. Jeffrey MCCOMAS

    Why does Tom Hanks sound almost like Pat Sajack for real and the hair is spot on

  40. Carolyn Marion

    Break A Leg #JLO s in the house ohlala xo STOKED <3

  41. JUNITO84

    Horrible comedy! totally Politically Correct

  42. Randi Harlow

    The funniest show on television. ( for us old-timers!)

  43. Robert Barboza

    Sam's Face 4:43 l!

  44. Wet Rag

    She from Georgia I live there I have never heard some one and not a studering joke.

  45. Crys LaShelle

    Very funny and talented ladies. Brava!💜

  46. Mike Tessitore

    "it's like Girls Gone Wild ovahhh here!!"


    who else thought it was Hannah Montana in the thumbnail?..

  48. sweatpantsprincess

    I was gonna say so many things, and then. And then. AND THEN.

  49. gaguy1967


  50. Ben G

    That "Dick In A Box" looks like it's going to be a classic Christmas song, huh?!

  51. April May

    Those 2 dancers behind him are wearing beautiful costumes for belly dancing

  52. Tino Menendez

    kylo ren plays fortnite

  53. Nokturnal ASMR

    Keith ragoo haha

  54. Enrique

    Vanessa has those lunch lady arms

  55. Sylvie M.

    So surprising and funny. Who came up with this idea?

  56. stvp68

    9.30? At my school, that was already 3rd period.

  57. Robert Kyle

    That's Max Rebo, yo.

  58. Brian Tyler

    If Bruh moments were a skit

  59. Ciarán West

    This is why Scarlett fell for Jost.

  60. SALAMANDER Playz

    "Shallens idea is terrible", Shallens idea is the idea of the cencury

  61. Not Real

    SNL literally pushing away 30% of Americans...... weird

  62. Querida Marilyn

    F*****g genius!!!!!

  63. Jennifer B.

    Bill Hader's got the Michael Caine thing down!

  64. Megan Wiedenfeld

    “I don’t know I’ve been to busy going to the bathroom”!!

  65. Akaruhime

    After watching this i have something to say......hmdndjshsvhdjfk nope cant do it

  66. stvp68

    Flutes make every rock song better

  67. Two Cents

    Well now I feel bad for Carl

  68. Juan C. Lopez

    ZA za ZA yacu ZA yacu ZA Latinos will get it

  69. I'mTheReverse

    I hope this is canon.

  70. Federico Ezequiel Mackin

    I love this.... I cannot stop going back again and again to this one...

  71. Felix Midas

    A psychic in a sketch pointing at Phil Hartman's head, saying: "It's gonna hurt real bad for eight, nine seconds" is really scary!

  72. mynameisshaker

    Love this skit.

  73. Megan Wiedenfeld

    Omfg hahahahahahaha 🚽

  74. Director of the Notification Squad

    Oh yeah, freaking wet!

  75. Burn Battle


  76. WeirdozChannel

    This is so freaking good

  77. Xxibgdrg N

    Seems like western people love to mimicking other people God oh yeah I'm forgot they don't even respect their own God 😂

  78. Donell Eaddy

    R kelly a joke

  79. gohan goku


  80. Ben G

    This actually sounds really good.

  81. Dave Gitau

    This is a testament to great acting.

  82. Hmfirestormz

    Do Lando next!

  83. 四川老罗


  84. Kim Jyun yes I’m Korean

    She got more dislikes then likes

  85. manaharav

    To me when actors crack during a lovely risque scene (brilliantly conceived), it is as if the waiter spat on one's food, truly an abomination. That scene was executed so badly, I would have done better, with zero acting experience. I don't want my money back, I want them to pay me, for wasting my time and defecating on SNL's normally hilarious skits!

  86. runechuckie

    spraying liquid deeath lol

  87. alejandromolinac

    Yeah..... The real event was way more ridiculous..... But of course they wouldn't play on that.....

  88. Bolek Lolek

    can someone explain to me where is the humor in this sketch?

  89. Nilam Chaudhari

    I love three blind bitches

  90. Dachshund Gifts

    I want a Barbie for Christmas

    1. Dachshund Gifts

      You might be a boy

  91. sweatpantsprincess

    as someone whose friends got into LoL at the end of high school/beginning of college, I felt this video.

  92. kuggacourage gx

    Worst part she was proud

  93. Michael Commiso


  94. Allen Ramsey

    I wish I could hug her and kiss her💚❤💖

  95. sweatpantsprincess

    I love watching Aidy and Kate make each other crack.

  96. Allen Ramsey

    I don't care what people say. To me J-LO is a great singer, dancer, and actress. The reason why people say bad things about her because they're jealous and wish they have her style. By the way, she's a cutie pie and adorable. I wish I could tell her that in person. Otherwise that would make her feel good about herself.

  97. Chi B.

    No you should keep living 😭😭😭

  98. Luke A

    drinking game: take a shot everytime she says fight

  99. AvaFromEngland

    David Tennant as The Doctor.

  100. Thomas Sperduti