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  1. Michael H


  2. S W

    This was amazing! I am surprised they haveng played before but they were great!

  3. Gingersnxpp

    13:50 'So you stabbed him?' *He ran into my knife. He ran into my knife 10 times.* Missed opportunity there, Eugene

  4. Yaoi Otaku

    Give than man an oscar

  5. MessyBlueBerry XD

    Team phil but i have to say I didn’t like the prises

  6. MaestroRigale

    0:05 Oh my God, Eugene in that suit 🤤

  7. Emma Avery

    The doctor said you need to make a relationship with your PCP: Ned: I dOn'T dO pCp!!!!! Doctor: No, not that kind of relationship! They both took that in different, great directions

  8. Leah G

    Zach really embraced the "everything" bagel... and not just for bagels.

  9. fela_sołowiow

    „Aquarius just wants to take over the earth”... because you ranked us so low, we will take over earth in the next month😈

  10. sweetiex

    Eugene: why don't we start with a commentary on youth and tech culture Ned: COWBOY BABIES WITH BUBBLES

  11. Selene Jarowicz

    God Keith saying Sam Sam Bc the kids are getting hurt (Ned and Zach laughing) kills me Bc i feel like I’m Keith everytime my sibs watch funniest vids... I died laughing seeing Keith’s reaction to the vids

  12. Anna Karlsson

    8:41 Ned: Funfetti! Eugine: *POFF* Matcha!

  13. Sonya Blade

    dude, what is up with those mini wheats??? they're terrifying!

  14. Matilda Muller


  15. Tami Han

    This video finally convinced me to try the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich... and although it was crispy, it was tasteless compared to any Chick Fil A chicken. Definitely not good enough to take my Chik Fil A patronage.

  16. emily miles

    lmao do they know that snowdonia is a place in wales???

  17. CannedMayhem

    If you’re one of the people commenting about Keith’s actions in the episode/series... get over it and get over yourself, it’s not that serious and nobody really cares that much. This is all for entertainment and fun so just watch it and take it in as what it is or don’t watch it at all.

  18. Abundant

    Eugene: 0:42 Also Eugene: Wins

  19. maria eduarda fernandes

    I find it ironic how Eugene was dead terrified and the other guys were gonna mess with him and in the end, he loved it and wanted to go more then once while the others are just fucking dying

  20. K VIP

    MORE !!!

  21. BeeJay Thao

    I thought I only came here for Eugene’s performance but Keith’s performance gave me life 😂😂😂😂😘

  22. XX

    can we have a final test where you make each one the second time?

  23. Shelli Myers

    Is that Rhett and Links dogs jade and Barbra at the dog park?!?!

  24. Alecia Wolf

    I still get chills everytime I watch this.

  25. Gaby Villalobos

    Glad to see more D&D out there... I guess Strangers Things are good publicity. Hope the Guys search more D&D content, theres so much and so good!

  26. Abigail Wildlife

    Merida deserves more

  27. Erika P


  28. Blaze bro’s 420

    Bruh I can drive just as good high as sober these are just a bunch of lightweights that don’t smoke regularly so they are obviously not a good example of most stoned drivers

  29. Daniela Rivero

    You need to make another one NOW

  30. Glaive

    3:00 On top of me....

  31. Greasy Hamster

    Also the whole kpop industry is shaking becausse of eugene

  32. Harvey Heathcote

    I only know this game from life is strange before the storm

  33. aishwarya soyam

    Oh my God Eugene said Hindi so properly and wrote is so well .. his handwriting is so good👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  34. Coco and Jess

    What was that on Riverdale oh nvm it's g and g

  35. assbalonkerful

    If eeyore was a dragon... Wait... eeyore was briefly a dragon..

  36. Matt

    Would be great getting an update on this!

  37. Mr.Fish101

    is it just me or is 14:26 NOT a checkmate?

  38. milcah327

    Hahaha cant wait for eugene’s prank hihihi

  39. Abigail Wildlife

    This is bs tho like a parkour channel gets demonised but go pro makes the same sort of videos but because their a company they are still monatised

  40. Kyra Liz

    I was gonna say we should be able to see what the chess master sees and then I realized it would be complete darkness

  41. PoohPooh1995

    RIP Walmart Birthday Cake Piece

  42. Kelsey Wardell

    WAIT! The setting in the d and d video is based off of that one cheese!!! Snowdonia, and then the challenge was the ruby mist thing?!???!!!

  43. Greasy Hamster

    honestly keith slayed

  44. Abigail Wildlife

    It's so annoying that content creators can't like swear casually anymore like there's swearing on TV and advertisers don't care then

  45. Abracacursed Cosplay

    Was that a JOJO POSE?

  46. ii_ Lollipop

    Hey, I have a new t-shirt/hoodie/crop top. It is “ Blah Blah Blah. Joke Joke Joke. Commentary “, Please do it! It would be so funny! 🤣🤣

  47. Kota amb

    When Keith said he hated pump it up I yelled

  48. charlotte shilton

    You guys are aware that Snowdonia is a real place right? In North Wales, UK

  49. Emily Shean

    In defense of Rolling Rock it's so much better in glass than in the can. So much better.

  50. Krystal Hoffman

    I can't even watch the last part of this without crying.

    1. Krystal Hoffman

      Who am I kidding... I can't watch any of this without crying.

  51. Andrew Gomez

    This was super fun!

  52. Nina Wang

    Why do Eugene’s teeth look so much whiter than they usually do?

  53. AceOfSpades Lena

    As a pocketless girl I just use backpacks? They're not too feminine but also come in all sizes

  54. Nefeli. Tsakou

    More videos like these. This was so intertaining

  55. Willettgirl

    Please make more of these D&D episodes!! XD that was hilarious and I would totally watch more.....

  56. starxrays

    Lowkey imaging Morgan Mcmichaels doing that lip sync to « So What » on RPDR, that’d be a gag! ♨️

  57. Evan O'Dwyer

    I wish they did more of these!

  58. Jason Gavino


  59. Asian Short & Stout

    Yes, this should be made into a series

  60. Bro_Jules

    Why is it the musoc from forza horizon 3??😂😂

  61. Kala Bell

    Can we talk about the Dungeon Master's eyes? They are so pretty

  62. Musa Bhatti

    Why the fuck is Eugene wearing a jacket in July? How confusing could the weather over there be

  63. Dasorp

    3 million actually not 500k

  64. Rebekah G

    THE STORY MUST GO ON!! Petition that this is going to be a new series!!! 👌🙌🙌🙌

  65. Ems

    Ned : oooooh noo Zach: ooooh yeahhh

  66. Jeremiah Calle

    Does Eugene not realize beer has yeast and that’s why it grows so much 😂😂😂😂

  67. Musa Bhatti

    I hope this kid has a great life

  68. KisaTV

    Coming back after the Australian fire makes me want to cry. I hope this reservation survived the fire.

  69. MaryAnn

    I feel like eating dumplings now

  70. Emily Shean

    Very very happy Virgo ☺️

  71. Wuzic

    KNZE sounds like Kenzy, I like it, you should start using that :)

  72. Carrie Pegram

    Have ned play some horror games!

  73. SkullAble _

    it also grow new bone

  74. someone

    Why does it not surprise me that Eugene is in the "cuteness preview"? 😏😆 0:00

  75. La La

    "In bed, Aries might finish too quickly" Me as an aries: gets amazed in virgin

  76. kookie kimmmi

    My goal if I was there to take 400/100 and do 4

  77. Cursed Willow

    Now I really want a corset. Great.

  78. Erik Huisman

    So...... which edition was this as i see no rolls to even see if you hit

  79. Jillian Ribakove

    Did anyone else realize that when they did their "being dad's for a day" video, Eugene's little dude was asked "what sound does the zebra make?" And that little guy said "zebra!" Now he asked this little sweetie what sound a dinosaur makes and she went "dinosaur!" Just seems to be a trend for him! 😂

  80. Haley Hensbee

    Someone please explain how kiwi, tomatoes and avocado are berry’s but strawberries and raspberries aren’t?

  81. Catherine New

    FOR THE WITHOUT A RECIPE SERIES HERES SOME IDEAS *fried chicken without a recipe *CheeseCake without a recipe * Donuts without a recipe What’s yours guys ideas and 1 like= 1 vote to keep the series alive *

  82. Gravity

    *We Asians are divided by language* *United by rice*

  83. The Bad Ashe

    16:26 is by far the best part lmao

  84. Emily S

    eugene: it has the chalky texture of smarties me: *gasps in canadian*

  85. Krystal Hoffman

    Eugene would be the best father.

  86. Mauve

    I’m pretty sure that Tauruses aren’t dumb the Taurus Nobel prize winners are 73 just wanted to put that out there

  87. Ketya Mony

    Every video feels like a homemade buzzfeed video

  88. Jeff Olds

    So it depends on the person and the amount consumed

  89. Melon Playz Roblox

    Its so funny how everyone except Zach is suffering of eating dumpling and Zach is the only one enjoying it XD

  90. Samantha Prest

    Birth videos are beautiful, but no lie, they make my vagina hurt just watching them 😂 (for reference, I have a 6 year old that I gave birth to unmedicated, so I remember how it feels 😂)

  91. Siew Keng

    10:45 dog is like confused😂😂😂

  92. KillerpilzEmi

    Lool lool loool 🤣 guys I love you!

  93. Adriana Bernal

    Pig anus 🤢

  94. Melon Playz Roblox

    I am Half Chinese sooooo I technically already understand what is xiao long bao

  95. karabo gafane

    When he said "huuu! Wendy! Gurl!" 🤣🤣🤣 I died

  96. Gigi Richer

    miles in the backseat is a mood

  97. Tory Catherine

    Eugene's friends love him so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  98. Mandy

    You know what's upsetting is that the "sexy" version of minecraft is actually for younger teens lmao I mean the picture is clearly of a younger teen 😂

  99. Kira Richard

    Ultimate hide n seak challenge

  100. SynTaco

    You sure they are drunk? Eugene look sober still