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  1. Alfredo Berrones

    That’s just sad

  2. leon napo

    Guy : Hey dude!! WTH r u watching?? Me : Nahh, Just watching some woman advertising youtube for (+)30 minutes Guy : Boring! Me : But there's Matpat in it! Guy : Gimme a room boi, Loud the speaker!

  3. Yordalis Santos

    So i learned that uhm and uh....they are working on it

  4. Kelly Moriarty

    I am not a youtuber myself but I am so facinated in the way the platform works and the politics behind everything. please post more stuff like this if ever given the chance!!

  5. SquidSushi

    First of all, thisnis my favorite theory. Second of all, what about the other books? Quest for the Golden Apple, Blockopedia and all the handbooks. Could they be useful?

  6. Will B

    susan: how is article 666 which states you cannot eat violently going to affect mukbang channels? :|

  7. Renegade Animation’s!-

    Subscribe to me I’m desperate for clout

  8. Kom. Hendrich

    The history sector is being oppressed. Free free speech

  9. JeremyFacelift

    Is youtube a platform or publisher?

  10. stampyfanaticnoah

    that cactus table tho

  11. nugget number 2

    i am comic sans

  12. Rodri Thunder

    I have an idea get rid of regular youtube only youtube kids we can't save youtube

  13. Crafty Gaming

    Balancing on the pipes, imagine falling with the pipe between your legs.

  14. Julian Berry

    i feel like mat pat has a really big ego and thinks he’s alittle more important than he really is with things like this

  15. White Ashforth

    Good job mat you did a great job

  16. TheOrangeNinja1021

    You mentioned that the questions were looked through by like a team. What were the questions, if any, that weren’t let through

  17. Crafty Gaming

    Balancing on the pipes, imagine falling with the pipe between your legs.

  18. Nugget

    Whats the song at 6:28?

  19. Ams 010

    Oh great... Gaming politics

  20. Geo

    MatPat, whats up with your haircut bro? why is only one side cut and not even fully cut

  21. ShadowWolf_SCK

    I have to make rated r videos now

  22. SourLemon Water

    Person: Good, agreeable topic Me: likes Person: oMg tHaNk yOu fOr 1000 lIkEs Me: :/

  23. MaggotMan

    I would have liked to see a Q about copyright strikes and how companies are abusing this

  24. Nick

    As much as I like these videos, applying strict Science to video game simulations always annoys me. The point is that Science doesn’t have to matter in a computer simulation...

  25. gustavin gameplay

    Mat, why don't have you invited markplier

  26. Mr. Catty

    LOL savage

  27. Angela Fiorenza

    A really good idea for creators would be doing what Yandere Dev did and making a video similar to a channel trailer explaining wether or not their content is for children.

  28. Pax

    She states that her and her team are “trying” to make NLsel the best place for content creators. A fine conviction. My only issue with that is that NLsel pretty much as a Monopoly in this category of business. In other words, their are very few platform that can compete with NLsel, so whether that statement is true is maybe up for debate.

  29. SideOfGuac

    Where's the dislike button on this woman?

  30. The fiery fist o Pain


  31. Cj Purcell

    This is like a breath of fresh air, glad things are more clear (maybe it was already cleared up in an article or something,but tbh we'ed rather watch a video explaining it :P)

  32. Troubled Mouse

    She talks like a visco girl

  33. PA551ON

    4 years later and I just now noticed how bad the color correction was in this episode

  34. The Egg

    What I that haircut???

  35. Michael Marquez

    Your head is kinda square

  36. OSanchezO

    MAT PAT CAME DOWN WITH THE HAMMERRRRRRR!!! All the questions I needed to hear answer, I am by no means a youtuber but I support creator specially gamers and this was needed!!!

  37. Highjumper Cu

    I can just imagine Pheonix Wright music in the background

  38. gage draise

    Susan: We ReAlLy CaRe aNd ThAtS wHy YoU sHoUlD uSe YoUtUbE Mattpatt: " Thats a good one"

  39. Broken Pianist

    But if the only way to truly get rid of the spirits is to burn them wouldn’t the melting into molten metal have killed them?

  40. Temur lane

    Not even 10 minutes and Susan is bold face lying about having no bias in the system and trying to make a platform for everyone. They are blatantly catering to mainstream news outlets, they curate the trending tab, and filter out recommended videos. They are interfering with candidates in the democratic primaries, and demonitising channels that don't align with NLsel politically. The entire coppa fiasco is NLsel failing to take responsibility legally, and instead is choosing to send legal consequences downstream to content creators. NLsel behavior over the entire course of 2019 speaks far louder than her hollow lies. She even knows each statement is complete bullshit with her tone of voice and posture. She is a terrible liar and is obviously uncomfortable covering for the company. Kuddos to gametheory having the guts to ask her these questions and not shy away from hard topics.

  41. mywristbands

    I actually think she did a pretty good job answering most of MatPat’s questions. She seemed pretty honest about most of the topics, except she gave kind of a bad accusatory answer on that one about diversity of game content. Overall though very high quality interview in my opinion.

  42. bagboy96

    You can tell when she is tying to get away from the question.

  43. Top Dawg

    You did great!


    R. I. P bulbasaur fans

  45. Mr. Wiggles

    Too bad he didn't ask her why they refuse to add a general audiences option for videos.

  46. BlueSaltStudios

    As soon as I read hot seat I thought *STARGIRL*

  47. Bryan Barraza

    Why is his hair unevenly cut

  48. Theodore Yuen

    She is not going to talk to gamers again, at least those who actually know what's going on

  49. Sippy Sam

    Ok I know the interview is cool and all. But hold the phone! Is that a MINECRAFT CACTUS COFFEE TABLE I see in the background?

  50. Dylo Rocha

    "Why should we be gaming on NLsel?" "It just works because we have a product. We care." Ok boomer

  51. Kylo The Fox

    Matt: Do YOU play videogames? Susan: _My children do_ Matt: But- Susan: _And I SOMETIMES I even watch them do it_

  52. Akumu kyūtī

    I feel depress tho

  53. Mostaza 148

    This can be considered wrong cuz in episode 7 the force slow ability can be perceived by normal people when Kylo stops a beam from Poe's blaster But from the point of view of the game this is a great theory

  54. TRocks2008

    Matpat: asks for 500,000 to stop cancer *get more than 2.5 of what he asks for* *EVERYONE LIKED THAT*

  55. JJSmilez

    Poor, sad, Mat

  56. noone

    Your arguments are invalid for I am Korean.

  57. TomatoSauzeGaming 626

    I think you did a great job on getting the major questions answered, and I think she did a good job on emphasizing that NLsel makes decisions as a team effort for the viewers and advertisers

  58. Letty Lopez

    6:14 if you drop a cow it drops you like cow flesh

  59. Thecryptopus

    well i think if we just gave creators a choice if they were kid friendly or not on their channel for advertisers to see this could fix certain demonetization problems

  60. Jayz Gamez

    I love how mat called her out for just looking at the clock, like she wants to get the *heck* outta there

  61. Trashy fangirl 048

    Oh no we have another Christian Borle, shaving all of his good locks of hair

  62. Jessi Abney

    *pulls out a team of a Zapdos Articuno Moltes Suicine Entai and Mewtwo* *Im going huntin today* *Thinking maybe even picking up harmful toxins* *Cats, Mongeese, and maybe some small weird potato bag people*

  63. happybeejv

    why are people surprised that matpat is a good journalist? his job is already a form of edutainment that combines beat reporting, investigative citizen journalism, and even some gonzo and advocacy journalism; also broadcast news is for boomers, fox news was the first fake news and we called it faux news

  64. GalacticMastermind

    Susan lied

  65. Nilufar Gapparova

    Jesus, can Susan be ANY MORE evasive and deflective!?? I’m happy Mat stood up to her bullshit so called “answers”

  66. Alex Fontainne

    Reform YT: we need good UI elements BACK, we need non-exclusive affiliate and partnership contracts for streamers that directly compete with Facebook's, and, most importantly, we need to open lines of communication with advertisers to enable a more natural marketing strategy than we currently have. Thanks for coming out, Susan, and thank you MatPat and the Game Theorists for setting this up, good luck to YT and good luck to the gaming community.

  67. brando1001

    I feel like 90% of answers were complete bullshit.

  68. Samson Stone

    Absolutely AMAZING. I could have spent a full year trying to do research and wording questions like the way Pat did. I want to thank you personally for taking the job upon yourself and asking questions that so many people, not just creates, were wondering. You're amazing with everything you do, love ya 💗

  69. Sprinkelle

    So Susan you gonna be honest today? Susan: no... I don’t think I will

  70. Banjoei

    I love how the wingdings in the thumbnail say "IT'S NOT NESs!"

  71. roseberry

    Hey man Pat I just got reminded of your bendy series then had my own Little theory! How come all the bendy movies in the studio are repeating over and over but when you show bendy the ending of the films he gets defeted? Can you link anything on that?

  72. deathgod 1357

    What is with your hair cut

  73. Feature Me

    Susan: Well... How are you? Matt: You're terrible.... Susan: *begins sweating* Wh-What

  74. DroidX

    Sorry to say but NLsel is no longer about YOU

  75. Juliet Boque

    Theor fake their costumes

  76. Allison Anne

    NLsel is no longer a platform for “self-made creators”, and it hasn’t been for a long time. Susan is running a politically biased and egregiously discriminatory company. I’d have a lot more respect for her if she was honest about her bias and corruption. What I despise is NLsel being marketed as a platform for free expression. What Susan and her associates are doing is disgraceful.

  77. Giraffe of Justice

    She danced around those questions way to much.

  78. D Hodson

    She's biased af with the trending page. James Charles always makes the trending page, with far less views than others in the same 24 hr period.

  79. Mr J

    Whatre you doin to your hair dude? off topic but still

  80. Thomas Bailey

    You can already see the 5oclock shadow showing on MatPat

  81. 86_percent Sam

    Is that a Minecraft cactus with a cactus on top of it?

  82. osama altantawy

    So no one is going to talk about what happened to that sideburn at the start? 🤔

  83. The Soviet Doggo

    Plot twist: guardians are actually command bloxks



  85. onekey monkey

    Dang pat you put her on blast and im 10 billion percent sure you where 5 steps ahed the whole time . You were straight to the point and I like that

  86. Mr. Ivaki

    The most powerful woman on the internet 😓

  87. funnymahem

    Scariest Interview ever...

  88. oeoman

    Nobody: Susan: I sometimes play with them

  89. Chaytan goracy

    Darkrai might have been trying his powers out but it didn’t know what was going to happen

  90. TheHellogoo

    *Hard not to dislike a video with Susan in it.*

  91. Alejandro Ortiz

    Yea so in the word search i found this question saying "what is your name" I dont know if anybody saw this but its in the last line spelled horizontaly

  92. Slimmy You’re manager

    Thanks mat pat! I kinda needed this to help more understand what NLsel is doing and how they are

  93. PoundKey

    No one is asking for Jimmy Kimmel but he is on the trending page every time I look. Same applies to games I feel like minecraft and fornite have a thing with the higher ups or they are selecting games get them the most revenue. But it’s not a reason to snub other game related content. I would love to see a NLsel remake of Video Game Arcade but that doesn’t happen when everyone plays the same thing.

  94. savoury Avery

    Mate the killer is actually Mike from sister location who is posed by enerd aka baby by the way it's a crank to move the spring locks

  95. Jessi Abney


  96. Neri Ochoa

    Rip sonic and pikakio

  97. GreatGuy 96

    Notice how someone is so fed up with Susan that they leave at 15:55

  98. Dont use This account