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  1. Ente de Ficción

    Si entiendo esta m... que un burro me j...

  2. Bryan Mendoza

    C mamo el de los subtítulos xd

  3. Sub-Zero El ceba mates


  4. pappu 32

    He's the bald guy

  5. SuperPotacio

    u can talk?

  6. Samuel Šramek

    Make once a whole song 😁

  7. Luiza reis

    A legenda em português br amo

  8. Joakano Banano

    Copyright 😔👌

  9. Estevan Aurzada

    I like how the weights that were on the bar miraculously disappear at 0:54

  10. Ariana _

    He lost me at the couch

  11. ItzaGunner *

    Talk bald guy

  12. Karen Grabher

    Really its ice levels that everyone hates

  13. tif_ Starplatinium

    Squeezie is now the first french youtuber with close to 14 million subscribers

  14. keanu zevers

    this was the first video i saw of seth

  15. No Name

    Man, that fan😂😂😂

  16. John Connor

    I like how it was getting fried at the end

  17. Aleksandar Livaja

    Frick you i tought it was from pewds 🌝🔫 But Nice bruh

  18. Giannis Mitseas

    First time seeing seth laugh

  19. PassTekk

    Yes squeeezieeeee

  20. L3GIT HappyMeal

    Why the captions

  21. Tistret

    Haha😂 <3

  22. Keiner Hernandez

    Te mamaste jajajaj

  23. Laurence

    You’re the best 😂❤️

  24. 권현지

    미국사람처럼 생겼는데 어떻게 한국어를 쓰세요...?신기하네

  25. Jonatandemon H

    Top 10 anime plot twist: 0:40

  26. Даниил Кривеня

    А Н У С

  27. L’homme De la Lune

    On dirait docteur nozman mais chauve 😂

  28. That Dude Called Max

    NLsel Rewind was so bad it woke Seth to make another video

  29. Matheus Lopes

    he had us in the first half, i'm not gonna lie

  30. emma tpz

    Best video 😂😂😂😂


    Friend: so what instrument do you play again? Me: it’s complicated

  32. TACTiiCS


  33. ReclusePhayder

    Did you gain weight, Seth? >.>

  34. RC Myztery

    I'm the bald guy...

  35. Danilo Morales

    !! Calvo ¡¡

  36. Kenz

    you are probably here for 1:00 onwards

  37. Your Cyclone

    There is still N O B A S S!


    Piche calvo

  39. Sergi Hernández Clotet


  40. BoniBon 666

    Make this video more liked then the rewind

  41. KU Chapel

    One of the top vids in NLsel, huge viewers, featured in the rewind....still not monetized... yup good summary of NLsel in 2019 all right.

  42. Alex Rincon


  43. Honry Skog

    I have the same type of frying pan as you. Cool

  44. TandooriBulb322


  45. Fruity Bundt

    Oh my god his voice! So deep! So powerful! I love it! Beautiful!

  46. Deeya T

    Can we get a Seth Everman ASMR video?

  47. hIpItY hOpItY

    You are seth ethan

  48. EduV75

    the ending cracked me up XD

  49. Aron 821

    Tis the season

  50. No repliques

    Do not lye to me , you are here because of NLsel rewinnd

  51. Frank Ortiz


  52. Akeem Richards

    Sir, you are legendary!

  53. Ruben Hulshoff

    This video is 99,69696969% ilegal

  54. Andranik Shakaryan

    He'd make a great Hitman (agent 47)

  55. Erik Gamervoff

    Pure beauty :,D Tough that bag guy to we are number 1 was smoother than my kitchen's floor when it's clean.

  56. Defaulty Boi

    Agent 47 exe has stopped working

  57. Çağatay


  58. Spickle Starter

    Your the bald guy

  59. Daniel

    You know you're old when you're watching a video where they have to tell the default demographic what they're parodying but you thought it was obvious and who wouldn't know that?

  60. Sathish Kumar Nandyappa

    Background music??

  61. Emre Polat

    I love the way he looks at the camera

  62. OmarezuX

    You're the bald guy

  63. Bryan TheBot

    Im the bald guy

  64. GazubaGames

    I deadass had the Hip Hop part as my ringtone for quite a while.

  65. Le Poilu du 58e régiment d’infanterie

    Me: how many instruments you can play? Setheverman: Yes

  66. Alejandra Mérida


  67. Alejandro Herreros

    I just need more Seth videos

  68. Andus Whiskus

    Uh Oh stinky

  69. Kano

    *I feel like I'm talking into a cat.*

  70. Jawarhalo Boss

    Who remembers Jericho from Mianite with captainsparklez and syndicate lol

  71. Milan J

    Was sind das für Untertitel?

  72. INeedCoffee

    *shakes cup of legos aggressively*

  73. Sam Jones

    Who is here from NLsel rewind 2019?

  74. Haraszin Henrik

    Chills yass

  75. GothicSocietyClan

    nice. iam not bald btw.

  76. Raptor Black

    Повторить не проблема. Попробуй придумать.

  77. Ioannis

    So nice, Glückwunsch

  78. Arno Nicolas

    Je suis français et j'aime le pain

  79. Nicht Daniel

    Dude, exactly like watchmojo

  80. LightningStarSC

    1:07 - 1:15 At last, some worthwhile elevator music...

  81. Rainbow Heart

    The Bald King is back

  82. SparklRebel

    I didn’t know that depression was an instrument

  83. zyanovich von bojna

    no indian dude building a pool = dislike

  84. Geite Fisk

    0:23 You can't not smile at this

  85. Lick My Clit

    When i have to show someone that i do enjoy a variety of music

  86. Rick

    I thought you were the bald guy

  87. kelli pala


  88. Yoyo Ponz

    Stop saying this is better than the original This is the original

  89. DanTory

    I'm new here,why his couch looking like the porn audition couch thought?

  90. MODDY

    Вступление: Billy Ray Cyrus] О, о-о, О. [Припев: Billy Ray Cyrus] Е-е, поскачу на своей лошади по старой городской дороге, Буду ехать, пока больше не смогу. Я поскачу на своей лошади по старой городской дороге, Буду ехать, пока больше не смогу, (Кио, Кио) 1 [Куплет 1: Lil Nas X] Мои лошади сзади, 2 В придачу все, что надо для верховой езды, Черная матовая шляпа, И советующие черные сапоги. Скачу на лошади, ха, Можешь завести свой Порше, Я был в долине, Ты не был в замесах, теперь... [Распевка: Lil Nas X] Мне никто ничего не может сказать, Ты мне ничего не можешь сказать. Мне никто ничего не может сказать, Ты мне ничего не можешь сказать. [Куплет 2: Lil Nas X] Еду на тракторе, Лином переполнен мочевой, 3 Изменил своей малышке, Можешь пойти и спросить у нее. Моя жизнь - это фильм, Езда на быках и сиськи, Ковбойская шляпа от Гуччи, Рэнглер на моей жопе. 4 [Распевка: Lil Nas X] Мне никто ничего не может сказать, Ты мне ничего не можешь сказать. Мне никто ничего не может сказать, Ты мне ничего не можешь сказать. [Припев: Lil Nas X] Е-е, поскачу на своей лошади по старой городской дороге, Буду ехать, пока больше не смогу. Я поскачу на своей лошади по старой городской дороге, Буду ехать, пока больше не смогу. [Куплет 3: Billy Ray Cyrus] Шляпа на мне, пересек город, живу, как рок-звезда, Потратил кучу денег на новехонькую гитару. У малышки есть привычка: бриллиантовые кольца и спортивные топы от Фенди, 5 Еду по Родео в своем спортивном автомобиле Мазерати, Я не парюсь, я прошел через все это, Я словно Ковбой Мальборо, так что я просто отдыхаю, 6 Хотел бы я вернуться на ту старую городскую дорогу, Я хочу ехать, пока больше не смогу

  91. SyNeR 19

    You don't have a hair but u very handsome

  92. MODDY

    I'm Russian guy

  93. Covenant Celot


    1. El critico Conner

      Los calvos son malvados

  94. frenchiveruti

    Hahahaha that song, my dad made me hear it a thousand times, but then I developed taste and listened to classical mussic so I knew what the start was from, o have friends that listen to see, and the end, where you started to sing was a pleasant surprise hahha

  95. Adam Fačevic

    Totally unexpected :D

  96. AnTeaVirus

    what's your pokémon party, seth

  97. Hana Khaled

    Hey, bald guy.

  98. Jooxtin

    El de 8cho estubo mejor y se nota que es una copia xd

  99. AhhNick

    Riding on a horse Wippy dippy porsche (::::

  100. S A N S

    I love how he must have gotten our to specifically buy a swidish hat for the video...