Overwatch™ is a highly stylized team-based shooter set in a future worth fighting for. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.
ESRB rating TEEN for Blood, Violence, and Use of Tobacco. Visit esrb.org for rating information.

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  1. zvonimir kukić

    1:01 we need this skin

  2. officially azzam

    Can there be a full movie on overwatch

  3. Julian Rudy

    Donald trump wants to know your location

  4. Pizza Gamer

    Why do they lower the enemy health so much in these trailers?

  5. Chunky

    My 1st love

  6. Eagle Extra

    Just bring it out already

  7. Ian Satrom

    I'd be fine with overwatch two if all that they did was remove bastion from the game.

  8. YokiTH

    He reminded me of Etika :(

  9. Felipe Balboa

    la wea penca y cliche

  10. TheLegend27

    At 0:01 to 0:02 you can see yellow letters where it says origin story. If you spell them out they spell bevrijdme which when reversed say 'release me' in dutch

  11. Carl Adams

    Did you want to see Moira Actress at BlizzCon? Well you have to wait for 2021.

  12. This Crazy Fellow

    Anyone else get mad goosebumps

  13. Im that guy

    How tf did nobody in the house not hear any of this going on is the real question

  14. S Broxson

    winston,"wow, so cool! a gaint robot is aiming arm mounted missles right at me! i should stay here and WATCH!"

  15. Outlaw By Nature

    Seems like what she wants ain't family but slaves.

  16. Noah Erreguerena

    I am a D.va main and when i throw my ult and i only kill 1 person one of my friends said with one kill is allright☹️☹️☹️☹️

  17. ərnı

    They always ask what is that melody is but not hows that melody

  18. Sebsebe Woldesembet

    echo's crate kinda looked egg shaped.

  19. Cole Fitzsimmons

    Team genji or team hanzo, reply if genji or like if hanzo.

  20. Michael Myers

    I wonder is that north or south?

  21. Random Guy

    When all you want now is a french police uniform skin

  22. ava dp

    3 years already wth... feels like yesterday.

  23. Soinas Doyi

    This update: *exists* My 12,550 credits saved up: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  24. Rashif

    7:48 best part of the animation looking forward to see more cinematic lighting in the next animation

  25. S Broxson

    "sigh, IDIOT"

  26. Lil planet P14N3t

    pls add split screen in over whach 2

  27. Всякие Комиксы

    very cool :)

  28. i'mthemisterius _・ัω・ั

    All character in overwatch : we overwatch Purple guy : we man behind the slaughter

  29. Stefano Pozzobon

    overwatch never gets old, amazing game

  30. Cypr Jin

    This is 2 years old now?? Jeez i remember watching this fresh.

  31. Midnight Fang

    Anyone notice when genji cut hanzo’s arrow he flipped the blade

  32. Jakub Žalud

    Reaper: step's on wintston glasses Wintston: so, You have chosen death

  33. SumGuy

    and ta-da the only character released after the original characters that is balanced and fun

  34. David’s Production

    We are not on the patload

  35. Just Nomit

    iedreen die nederlands is like

  36. David’s Production

    He looks like if ……… ok I got nothing

  37. David’s Production

    Girl: I even gave her a heart Me: so you got a real one

  38. David’s Production

    E V E N T H E D I E O N E S L I V E

  39. Adam Modrzejewski

    How overwatch workshop black hole gamemode idea come from:

  40. David’s Production

    1:21 when you don’t get the name of the game in overwacth

  41. Adam Ndiaye

    Who else would love to watch animated version of them fighting in youth?

  42. Filthy Yasuo Main

    1:28 4 years later i realize winston warches hearthstone streamers

  43. Ericull

    I came back after MK Aftermath Bc I recognized one voice I will never forget. This. Gives me chills every single time.

  44. C4taclysm1c

    I bet tank players didnt feel even a tiny bit of sympathy towards her :(

  45. Me My Gucci Shoes

    I don't think there will be another animated short that will be as eye tearing, emotional, and overall hit us with serious feels as this one. 🥺😭🤧

  46. Sexton Bros

    Gengi = Raiden and Gray Fox

  47. Larserus

    Winston saying “great work Mei” while she kills one robot and proceeds to not help Winston with the 15 robots on top of him is the most unintentional sarcastic line I’ve ever heard

  48. Titan MODE

    I want a Young Reinhardt skin

  49. NoobLordPlayz

    This is good and all but that pie from Reunion...

  50. 북극곰

    Watch over overwatch

  51. Devilish Pheønix

    Everyone is talking bout genji’s hoodie but what about those new shurikens

  52. Da Turtle


  53. Return3

    “Are you with me?” Always hits different lol.

  54. Return3

    Lol bruh.

  55. Hamada

    "Only a shimada can control the dragons" Echo: *laughs in 4 hanzo ults in 15 secs*

  56. BrettTy55

    The song in the cafe at the beginning is “Pale Rider by Heavy Horses”

  57. sleepysomii

    i’m just realizing her teammate d.mon has a mech that the same as her academy skin mech🌝

  58. 2000sDigitalBoy

    What if a minigun were alive and had PTSD?

  59. Whippetha creem

    Mercy couldn't rez Tracer and Mondatta because she had to wait after healing the guards 1 by 1. Smh Blizzard look whatchu did we could've been done with this if u hadn't nerfed her 😂

  60. Victoria

    I think reaper lowkey doesn't like what moira did to him i mean look how scared he looks when she looks so smug but i think he accepted it and realized this was a way to end the people he felt did him wrong

  61. Doctor Nightmare

    And we all thought Moira was scary...

  62. Azhureus

    Genji's entrance is pure epicness. Grat job Blizz. You made me play OW again.

  63. Topiツ

    Yo cop

  64. Adrian Mellon

    My right ear:😔 My left ear:👁👅👁😍😍🤩🤩😛😛🤪🤪

  65. Adam Sullivan

    i still tear up watching this everytime lol

  66. TasteLikeSalt 910

    It would be cool if we had ultimate synergies like was seen here in the trailer.

  67. SomsGames


  68. Azra K07

    Yu go wakatekuro!

  69. 100 subs with 0 videos please

    '' Dr. Angela did you call me? '' '' ah yes, take a seat'' ''so....? '' '' Ok listen here so there is this guy... '' '' and? '' '' He turned him self into a pickle...... '' '' dr angela this is not funny this is the third time in the week that you tried to distract me to drug me and then steal my organs, il report you to the administration of the hospital and il sue you, also il call the police for attempted murder ''

  70. UCG-gaming

    Why am I watching this, in may in quarantine?

  71. Zayd Kazi

    1:08 lol is tracer shooting water guns?

  72. Cory Khatemi

    It looks bad

  73. Derek Lednicky

    4:36 Genji Ex Machina

  74. Chara Dreemurr

    Man, did you sas Emily's picture on Tracer's board?

  75. ღ一人ですღ

    I have question WHAT IS THAT MELODY in the background

    1. Soinas Doyi

      People still think overwatch is alive?

  76. I main Mercy and my life is pathetic.

    Day 87: Just watched Downfall. That was a breathtaking film.

    1. Watchpoint OH

      @I main Mercy and my life is pathetic. I'm glad you're on my side. Freedo from Your Overwatch believes the same thing for the same reasons as me, and he's a pretty big Overwatch supporter. I'm just sad that I can't walk into Blizzcon wearing my Overwatch 2 Genji costume :..( I'm still making the costume and will make videos of it :.) I just wanna play that Rio mission!

    2. I main Mercy and my life is pathetic.

      @Watchpoint OH They have to stay on the safe side, partner. Your right there, it will release some time this year.

    3. Watchpoint OH

      Blizzcon just got cancelled cause pandemic (which will probably be gone by then considering the situation now but I can't stop them), but that doesn't dampen my hopes for OW2. Me and many other people still predict a release date late this year.

  77. Sai 579

    Bro I swear I watched the one scene where genji is introduced like 20 times

    1. Watchpoint OH

      LOL at this point, I've probably watched this cinematic 100 times because it's just SO GOOD!

  78. Thatguyway2nice

    Did anyone noticed that Reinhardt and Brig just combine their shield like a fusion.

  79. Murphy Buns

    Who’s excited for the new novel??

  80. Alpi 545

    1:32 tiny feet

  81. Duran Duranez

    6:28 when u miss ur charge into a group of enemies

  82. Invicto

    Play of the game song started when kid punched widowmaker because it WAS just that. I mean, all these overwatch and talon agents are pretty seasoned warriors who are used to give their 100% to a fight, while this normal kid, who lived a very normal life, who would've been totally fine just staying behind cover, went out of his way, into the face of real, mortal danger in the name of, what, just some presumed justice at the moment, to make a stand against what would seem to him as honest to god superhumans. That's not 100%. Again, blizzard goes far in symbolism in their ow shorts.

  83. BoppoVEVO

    girls locker room: oh my god i hate pe but billy looked so hot in his gym clothes today boys locker room: 5:09

  84. Abel Lawliet

    So with the 2020 Anniversary voice lines it’s confirmed that Sigma is basically Dead Pool now. He says “The universe is a Holovid”, as in the world is just a computer simulation. So Sigma is aware that he’s in a video game and everything is just an illusion.

  85. Aidan Davis

    So I guess DVa can fly longer than 3 seconds... fun game Overwatch really fun...

  86. Aidan Davis

    So instead of protecting Mondatta by, I don’t know, getting him back inside then going after widowmaker, tracer decides to be a joke machine and go after the shooter while the target is still out in the open?!?! Jesus Christ....

  87. juleydie diaz


  88. TSU sesh lad

    anyone else not have a clue to what just went on

  89. keylle

    the golden trio: overwatch edition

  90. Valasity Games7

    Me tuning on my pc after 20 years

  91. Necromancer

    No one: Me trying to speak French: Bonjour, uh, officer!

  92. Luke Schwan

    reaper is a complete counter to winston how tf did he lose

  93. Mauricio Mascarenhas

    I absolutely love Ana

  94. HotGamezzz

    hello nice to see you again in 2020

  95. Artist myfriend

    geras mortal kombat 11

  96. Scott Tivey Jr

    hey, overwatch team? remember birst? the character a child drew and you loved so much you made official art of her? *PUT HER IN. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS PURE AND TRUE IN THIS WORLD, PUT IN BIRST.* thank you for your attention.

  97. Kuinzu

    Liao: I want to make the world a better place, to show that omnics aren’t killer robots, but beings... just like us. Also Liao: Right, I’ve just given her explosive sticky bombs, triangular bullet projectiles from her hands and a blue laser that can rip through people! Brilliant!

  98. Connor Charbonneau

    Gengi part gives me goosebumps whenever I watch it