Overwatch™ is a highly stylized team-based shooter set in a future worth fighting for. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.
ESRB rating TEEN for Blood, Violence, and Use of Tobacco. Visit esrb.org for rating information.

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  1. Frenchy Turtle

    How is this a legendary skin?... It's not even that good

  2. InfinityDagger

    Her head looks so tiny compared to the rest of her body


    I thought Blizzard hated Mercy..

  4. Stupedly Crazed


  5. KittyWaffles



    nobody dies, no blood not even any dust in their faces or armors this is the most idiotic game blizzard has ever made. i would give my money to lost vikings instead of this bullcrap. but i wish i were young and stupid enough to play this. i envy you stupid kids. :D

  7. The MLGenie _

    Looks a little different than the other times ive seen it

  8. it's_gacha Gałaxy wølf :3

    I got it ^^

  9. Ronin

    overwatch finessing neckbeards wit this one LMAO

  10. Olivia Wolf Hye

    Why is it still November

  11. Mįhøko Bïşh

    I want this skin back, I wasn't able to buy it :"""(

  12. Sean Klipp

    I love how Genjis still just freaking running around pealing everyone XD

  13. Cole Ferrie

    cant wait to pay for the game anyone else?

  14. Sakib Shahriar

    Got it

  15. Wojo 77

    Sooo it’s basically a 60 dollar update?

  16. Broad Man

    Docteur Angela

  17. Nikesh Patel

    🥁 🥁🥁🥁 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 🥁

  18. Stoicescu Alexandru


  19. UB productions

    Well I guess genji is the lucky one here

  20. RogueJoker 47

    Not once did Genji say "I need Healing" Notmyoverwatch

  21. mystic whale

    But what do I watch

  22. lobios789 lobios789

    u must show this in german its amazing

  23. Nathan Paddock

    NNN survivors seeing the new skin Survivors: confused screaming

  24. Dallas Fuel


  25. Rainbow Galaxy Rex


  26. Aidan Makes Things

    I pee to much doctor Is there an exam you can do 👀

  27. trevor torbeck

    I love the memes that say “you are under arrest for violation of the petres act (sorry if spelled wrong). But like what is she going todo a cop vs top tier elite soldiers (and scientists that fight)

  28. Piriathy

    Okay so that pretty much told us nothing. Hopefully this character will be developed. At all.

  29. FastM

    I just lost No Nut November

  30. Shaki Ron

    Cant believe blizzard is making me pay 60 bucks for an update!

  31. 8Bot 367

    Kudos to the guy animating the characters’ asses

  32. Xρήστος Παράσογλου


  33. Sharkyzilla

    How do you know when you've watch 2,4,6 hours of streaming? Will Twitch tell you when you get it?

  34. SourTredmill

    Girls are gonna eat this skin up.

  35. Mystery Men

    Wauw the game is saved i geus

  36. erik rutkowski

    Not enough bad boys for an agency of goodie to shoes? PROBLEM SOLVED Born to be wiiiiiiiiiiiild

  37. seudcube 3251115

    WHen they say watch to unlock do they mean watch livestreams or livestreams or videos posted on their twitch?

  38. George Talavera

    “I’ll be right behind you” *Presses tracers device forcing her to rewind away while manually setting off the bomb* Now that would have been an ending.

  39. Ryan Silverstein

    You know a game is trash when barely after three years they already make a sequel. TF2 been out for over a decade and no sequel has been made lol.

    1. DingusPlayz

      Im still buyin this...cant wait for its release!

  40. Erobrine2

    *Rule 34 incoming*

  41. Dylan Thomas

    Bring back old mercy

  42. chding zuure

    right after really adds power to it for me.

  43. erik00073

    ice to meet you

  44. Dennis Hallam 1213

    7:06 mmmmmm nice....

  45. XiaoLongg

    I need

  46. Gabriel Mendoza

    Who would dislike this?!?

    1. chding zuure

      When Winston said "Mei, your backpack!" I felt that

  47. Roxy

    Do I watch ANY channel or specific ones? Which ones lol

  48. FantasyGodiva

    Yas fine the fudgally <3... Us mercy mains rejoice <3

  49. 은미

    My first thought ; "She has pants.."

  50. FireX _

    Brigitte is so fat.... I see you Reinhardt what you have done to her 👀

  51. Nikita Zhdanov

    How do you get the skin

  52. Mufaya

    now all that's missing is a few towers to call it dungeon watchers 2 / overdefenders 2

  53. jillmatic

    this is so heartwarming

  54. Nick Swift

    Blizzard should've given some credits to Cake of Cakes... OK I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE WHO WATCHES OW R34!!!!!!!

  55. Rochelle Hart

    Why is everyone saying they've seen it before?

  56. fuit123


  57. Mufaya

    at 2:50 I immediately stopped the video to mention how great those brams are oh gosh

  58. Doopy the Dooper

    Hey I get that this is a mercy thing but if Bob isn't a fully fledged character in ow2 I'm gonna still buy it but I'll be upset about it

  59. Jimarh 0923

    Blizzard: hi Valve we can copy ??? Valve: yes,but dont let the teacher notice or catch us Blizzard: O V E R W A T C H 2

  60. Raid3r


  61. Ahuri


  62. Jacqueline Madrigal

    So..... When are the streams or how does this work?

  63. LegendRaptor080

    Haven’t I seen this skin before?

  64. cat snow90

    I can't wait to get this new skin. Thanks Blizzard.

  65. Diffy

    Oh look, it's mann vs machine this time. *Can't wait to play dust_2 in Overwatch 3*

  66. Caleb Layman

    Dr Ziegler coming to browsing history soon

  67. Frank Dziadosz

    Sure, them being back is all well and good, but they were not given official permission to return. It’s likely they’ll face severe charges in the future.

  68. Swigitty Swooty


  69. MrHogzor

    watched over 8 hours and my account is linked. When do i get my sprays?

  70. Mat C

    ight Adios

  71. Blob Gacha

    YAS QUEEN!!!

  72. Luke Barnes

    It seems Blizz are starting to aim as low as EA and Bethesda and plan to release the same game every year or so.

  73. Jason Burrows

    1:31 Is it me, or is Winston’s eyes too big?

  74. HyperGameZ274

    my man looks like mega mind

  75. Tom 1

    Yessss overwatch add in cambodia map so cool 🇰🇭🗺️👍😱😖

  76. michou_yt mco



    Türkler nerde 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  78. David Playz

    Thenk you Overwatch Mercy's my favourite hero,thank you for the wonderful skin!!!👌Love u

  79. Luis Manotas


  80. Aizo

    hunny wat is dis ???

  81. Aizo

    how about make her playable instead of giving her skins thxx

  82. KingDeDeDelicious

    Oh god the Rule34 I can see it now Blizzard what have you done

  83. Mr Voice


  84. Zebragrass [SAGE]

    She's going to saw through your bones

  85. ugly_ _cat6593

    Copied ?

  86. ReeceRichGaming

    Hi overwatch when does overwatch 2 come out pls I fiend for it

  87. YinYangAngel

    👏👏👏 THIS. IS. AWESOME!!!

  88. xXBattleSamuraiXx

    Genji mains: i need healing Mercy mains: i quit

  89. TheAxtonman

    This game looks like a SJW made it lmao

  90. hally holly

    <3<3 quality

  91. Shibe Animates

    Overwatch: So we introduced a PvE mode with robots and upgra- TF2 Fans: *Intense Rage*

  92. Abhiram Reddy

    When is it releasing?

  93. katsupoi

    pls rework mercy she is completely unplayable

  94. Theodore Lumley Koontz


  95. Abraham Romero

    Meh, i perfer the skin that makes her look like a magical girl

  96. Jpm2663

    The melody is all star by smash mouth

  97. usagi


  98. FBI

    Wait a second.. I've seen this before! KreyGasm

  99. Just Dan

    Give Genji a hoodie and he's looks so f-ing sick

  100. Baxtoriano Droid

    ta na hora de deixar o overwatch 1 de graça né véi