One summer can change everything. Stranger Things 3 arrives July 4, 2019 only on Netflix.

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  1. Novacraft217

    *Screaming in Stranger Things hype*

  2. Kj_mast_er

    My absolutely favourite season.

  3. Jose Hoyos

    When’s this gonna be out

  4. Loma IL

    The best boy in this movie 🥺😎

  5. Maranda Ward

    “It’s your grandma” *laughter* “What is wrong with you???”

  6. 80's bxby

    iT's yOur GrANdmA

  7. Rainbow Juice

    Lol Erica face 1:43

  8. Livichu

    No one: The comment section: dOnT SkiP dA iNtRo

  9. Mia M


  10. Lilly Holmström 8B Svensgårdsskolan

    No one: Absolutely no one on planet earth: Millie: mY nAmE iS kEtChUp

  11. Cobrakay2003

    I used to have a Matrix weekend and a LOTR weekend, now I have a Stranger Things Weekend as well.

  12. DangerSnaek YT

    After the music plays, I finally realize how many times I have watched this. In my head: it’s okay, you’ve only watched this like 50 times.

  13. iCraftDay

    This already has more views than the german trailer of s1

  14. Mysterious May

    Bruh the ending scared the crap outta me XD

  15. Florencia Ravelo

    Nadie habla español que sad nobody speaks spanish that sad

  16. Sonny Vito

    We're not in Hawkins anymore Me: so I bought all this Nike x stranger things Hawkins phys ED gear for ?????????

  17. Tess ltlr

    0:08 nah you’re *mayoshup*

  18. sehhi vooty

    No one: No single soul: No planets: Hopper: It’s your Grandma

  19. Sonny Vito

    I just want stranger things to not take 2 years per season

  20. Szymanskyy


  21. TibeVos Studios

    A friend of mine skipped this intro so i skipped his funeral

  22. Lxi O.O

    Joyce Season one:WHERE IS MY BOY!!!!? Season two:WHATS WRONG WITH MY BOY!!!?? Season 3:WHATS WRONG WITH MY MAGNETS!!!?

  23. Jy Walker1603

    1:37 Billy's having trouble starting the camaro?

  24. JayatPlay

    Lol these bloopers are hilarious.👍😊

  25. Kai Carlson

    I swear to god when he looks out the window and sees the demogorgon I literally shut Myself!! Jk lol that was a great and probably My most favorite scene

  26. {Cookie Dough}

    People:WiLl iS gAy Bloopers: *reverse card*

  27. Cads ZZZ

    That is definitely not all of the bloopers

  28. Georgiana Popescu

    I love Robin!!!!!!!!

  29. barbie emmie


    1. sehhi vooty

      2:39 “i can dew it”

  30. TheCorny Cantaloupe

    That’s it?

  31. Alya Başoğul

    We're not in hawkins anymore...

  32. vivek gupta

    ˙sƃop oɯǝp ǝɥʇ ʇno llɐɔ llᴉʍ I ǝsᴉʍɹǝɥʇo Ԁ∀S∀ ɹnoɟ uosɐǝs sƃuᴉɥʇ ɹǝƃuɐɹʇs pǝǝu ǝM

  33. Marc Sutcliffe

    Mike: freinds don’t lie 5 seconds later Eleven:you lie Mike in his head: I broke something I said

  34. Rosana Oliveira


  35. Jane Honeybun

    Cool liked it

  36. Amandeep kaur

    *Its your grandma*

  37. Akshil Patel

    My favourite character

  38. RITI & MARY


  39. John Jr Gonzalez

    Start freestyle

  40. Albert Popa

    Bro if they are not in Hawkins Anymore maybe they are where the byers and el move

  41. Mimi Cawaï


  42. Andy Gooda

    Will:''A day full of girls'' Lucas and Mike: YEEETEEET YESSSSSS LETS GO GET EM Mike: Yeah lets go kiss em!!! All:......... Me: COOOOL LETS DO IT Camera Man: annnnnd CUT great job guys were putting that into the Stranger Things 3 bloopers Mike Lucas Will and Me: Oh No Me and Mike whispering to eachother: Yessssssssss!!!

  43. Leticia Duche

    3:31 cute 🥰

  44. illest MC

    Hopper and Joyce reminds me of mr incredible and elastigirl

  45. Dark_MaLo _

    m'y name ketchup and my name is mustard together we are ketchup and mustard😍

  46. xzX Blood

    it’s your grandma

  47. unicornul Razboinic

    0:24 - 0:34 every 7th grade boy would be like

  48. Scare Crow

    Yes yes, real nice, BUT WHEN'S IT COME OUT?????

  49. Guillermo Perez Martinez

    Stranger things

  50. İrem Top

    THE THING IS I WENT TO TOKYO AT THE SAME DAY AS THEM AND I DIDNT KNOW THEY WERE THERE IM SO UNLUCKY😩Edit:When I watched the vid,I saw that I went to same places as them...:(

  51. Sg Gam1ng

    when season 4 comes out this would be my go to excuse if my friend was with me 1:50

  52. ERROR 666

    Ничего не понял, но интересно

  53. bendy girl :D

    NOOOOO HOPPER😣😩😩😭😭💔💔

  54. wyścigófka

    Dustin and suzie: sing *snsjawkw People:? -_- help

  55. Miguel Angel M. H.

    algo normal del dia a dia no¿? peleas con monstruos y cantas con tu novia en medio de la guerra xd

  56. Adi Rauti


  57. Kamryn

    *Picks up phone* “Who diss” “It’s your grandma “

  58. Sips Tea hūńñÿ

    It’s your grandma......

  59. chichiboo x

    Description: *Watch Strange Things now* Me: 🤔🤔

  60. Loveninja 3528

    What if will Byers has elevens powers I would like to that

  61. xsavian

    *iT's YoUr gRaNdMa*

  62. Zinc 717

    more please

  63. Nrrz TR

    Bro in 2021 :(((


    it was funny!!!!!!!

  65. Ádám Jójárt

    Omg i love st💖💖👌


    2:39 “i can dew it”

  67. Eden Beliakoff

    It's your grandma

  68. Little Vixen AJPW

    *I can (claps hands) do it!* 2:39

  69. craig taylor

    Hoppers cabin lights up which means hopper isn’t the American and hoppers just chillin in the upside down

  70. Zeinab Akram

    *Hears a fart* me : who was thaat? Hoper : *IT's YoOuR grandDmaA*

  71. Aracirema Matodls

    Gado timais

  72. Abby torres

    2:21 “ *GrAnDmA* “

  73. da_confused_panda

    It’s your grandma

  74. ツEdoツ

    I live in Rome

  75. Pink Skies

    It’s your grandma 😂😂😂

  76. Faiz Ali

    *Keep the door open 3 inches* Saddest Quote of the year 2019 We’ll see you in Season 4 again Hopper😭

  77. Meike Izos

    Why are they dancing in every scene

  78. Mya brown Forever

    millie is always saying sorry

  79. Piyush Sharma

    The best series I have watched till date!!

  80. PCC DarkSky


  81. TSG - Deco

    Still wondering why they changed "the source" and "the birthday"

  82. Emilia Mora

    It's your grandma


    bocaaa sho te amooooo

  84. brie larson

    No puedo esperar hasta que salga la temporada 4 de mi serie favorita de todos los tiempos xdd, lo que sí me rompe el corazón saber que probablemente solamente va a haber cuarta temporada porque en la quinta no se puede ya que millie Bobby Brown y Finn wolfhard tiene muchísimos proyectos al finalizar esta temporada entonces me parte el corazón saber eso y esperamos con ansias que se pueda mantener la serie ❤❤👌😔

  85. Dsdn 72 Stunden


  86. Frostbite GamingOW

    "Its your grandma" ya not like they were making out two seconds ago

  87. Alessandro Mastronardi

    I don’t watch it with a parent I watch it alone

  88. __moon chįld__

    Best intro 🤞🏾

  89. D.J McLean

    In season 2 and 3 Billy’s first scenes had some cool music playing.

  90. Clouddi

    Me seeing the season 4 logo Me getting exited Me not understanding why the logo is like that Me knowing this is the last season cause logo dies Me getting depressed Me smashing the phone

  91. Falaq Khan


  92. • Cole sprouse SuperFan •

    I am wheezing at these 😂

  93. Thunder_Sven 72

    'We' re not in Hawkins anymore' Demogorgons:"Hey, where are you leaving ? Guys ?"

  94. Christian Penny

    Actually looks like such a fun place to work

  95. Maura Guzman

    Yo soy super fan de stanger thins me encanta

  96. Nicole DiNardo-Gray _ Staff - BaucomES

    The adults look like am I literally hearing the never ending story by two 13 year-olds

  97. Garak1962

    Famous lines that drove beloved actors into madness: Tyrion Lannister: "The benevolent slavers of Volantis." Jesse Pinkman: "Mister White, do you think this will really work?" Sheriff Hopper: "It's your grandma."

  98. Nicole DiNardo-Gray _ Staff - BaucomES

    I keep annoying my friend by singing never ending story 9000 times a day

  99. Ocean Eyes

    I love theme 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭