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    The Goddess Claressa 🖤💪🏽✅ fulfill your destiny! 👌

  2. Hp The Vet

    ASAP Ant is the best

  3. vichalert Lertwattnamongkon

    I love eating baked candied yams

  4. Asfaw T'Rudi Alisha James

    Gwan sis.😉

  5. Blu-Ray

    Shields 👎 👄

  6. James Taylor

    FLINT MICHIGAN WAS the murder capital of the u.s all throughout the 80's...detroit and flint was always 1 and 2 on the list....that being said,,,charissa grew up under extreme inner city ghetto violence,,and I think this is part of the reason that she is so tough,,resilient,,fearless,,mentally strong,,aggressive,,determined,,and focused.......much respect....

  7. Andrew Kelly

    So I can date Puerto Rican and Cuban African women and that isn't cheating? Asking for a friend

  8. Shane Larose

    I wish he won instead of trudeau. I voted for you Mr. Singh

  9. Cheese Please

    Joe got some 🔥 songs, a lot of people be sleeping on Joe, and Joe can diss or battle rap,803

  10. Dane Mullings

    I've never heard of Roddy Rich until recently. He seems like a great decent guy. His album is really good.

  11. Chris Guerra

    Honestly all these people on breakfast club are wakk AF BTW. they always have negative shit to say to every one person.. Big facts

  12. C 82

    This mess had me rolling. I dont know what Toni Braxton sees in this man-child

  13. Golden Goddess

    That's why you take your tail home.. don't follow the Dusty's.. 🙄

  14. EK Mixed That

    “Close the door please....” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Derwin da Destroyer

    Biggie got that from Richard Pryor

  16. Paulos Kidane

    I hate seeing so much hate from some of our own black women. Where’s the love??😢

  17. Marvin Sanchez

    She getting WAY MORE EXPOSURE CUZ SHE IS BLACK there a spanish boxer Amanda SERRANO who is a 11 TIME WORLD CHAMPION IN 11 WEIGHT DIVISIONS and get no recognition as a woman fighter

  18. k j

    ima Make a gilf out of this lol asap rocky seemed pissed off @22:56 - 23:10 im surprised nobody said anything about this

  19. Simon Bernau

    Asap ferg, der amerikanische Rin Gleiche haarfarbe gleiches t shirt


    Charlemagne IS GAY...

  21. Jerome Fox

    Come on this is nonsense..Lala Ali is 42 years. You guys are wrong for stoking these women's egos and instigating this nonsense. These women need to work together to improve women's combat sports. I hope they ignore you all. Lala should train Shields not fight her. Jack Johnson could not Fight Ali, and Ali could not fight Tyson. Let's start being functional in our thinking.

  22. Shelton Foye

    They stay fuckin wit donnell 😂😂😂😂

  23. Man I Can

    The first title said Donnell Rawlings gets disrespected. Funny y'all changed it to save face.

  24. D BZ

    I officially think Charlemagne is suspect but that’s just my opinion.

  25. S CP

    These comments give me hope that people aren't all dense and depressed like Charlamagne in this interview.

  26. Clive Nyathi

    Can we all just agree that no one escapes from being picked on !!!! It's part of life , you can't make it to adulthood without a single roast man . That card's played way too much .

  27. Elzy Arnold

    She is so funny!! She's one of those Richard Pryor female comedians!! Tiffany you can still learn a lot from her..

  28. Slimm Vado

    at 13:48 is a hook of a song 🔥🔥🔥

  29. Kevin Jooste


  30. Sterling Knox

    Martin #1 goat TV show everyday

  31. SmokingDead

    I'm done Twelvy out here looking like Rocky before the braids

  32. Nardia Morrison

    Charlemagne treats Angela as if she is irrelevant. She will be asking the guest a good question and he just cuts her off and asks the most ridiculous thing or runs a joke. Angela strong because jah know if it were I...

  33. Acqua Di

    People are gay get over it.

  34. Al Green

    So wait ...his moms ran out the house and left him for dead ??

  35. Sun Tzu

    Charman has to be gay.

  36. Papa  Ly

    The breakfast club r some instigating ass MFs!

  37. Grioh


  38. Jesse Mills

    Angela is annoying

  39. al the axe

    I want to meltttttt that chocolate 🍆😺👉👌

  40. WaveyBoy Ware

    Martin was a lot edgier and for adults Fresh Prince was more family oriented and made for teens

  41. ricky Lambert

    I'm only here for Donnell. The breakfast club is to corny for me nowadays

  42. Christian Richardson

    U still mess wit clams

  43. Miguel Robles

    Donel is a funny dude I love his comedy...he makes people laugh for real..

  44. zavageking

    Free yak

  45. Martesha Preston

    He hasnt aged at all 😍😍😍😍 and his a great dad.... N Egypt was def raised right

  46. Realist Ross

    I like his style and the way he move is 💯💪🏽💪🏽 this is called growth and no camera show shitt

  47. chocolateStuff

    You can tell he has media training but he DGAF 😂😂😂 I like him

  48. randleman1116

    They need to start giving this guy an entire hour!

  49. Nick Taylor

    "you the only nigga in history of hip hop that wake up in the morning and say "flawless." 😭😭😭



  51. Makei Makei

    I never thought charlemagne is such an immoral weak minded person

  52. Andy Doe

    Stay2 your roots 4tha truth,Lalla is lost in clam soup

  53. McKeal Lyons

    I swear when they get good guests that should have hour long interviews they only be on for like 20-30mins meanwhile we gotta hear all the ignorant idiots like 69 get hour long interviews full of lies

  54. Youziyah Haya

    We the People = Whete People. TNS...

  55. monique 45

    Treach and Pepa have a beautiful daughter. She is a perfect mix of both of them.

  56. Yonn Scurles


  57. ight thas cool

    She looks like a witch in her teens

  58. Darrell Barnes

    Im feeling this young dude, young Og

  59. mike76752

    Donna Hylton is first and foremost a filthy piece of shit

  60. brkjeff

    "a message to my daughter, daddy didn't make you but sometimes in life blood ain't thicker than water" Leave a Message - Styles P Time is Money album 2006

  61. Imani Beaty


  62. Paulos Kidane

    What kind of stupid ass question is this?? That’s like asking “can black women act civilized in public?” Hate when we push stupid ass generalizations like this...

  63. Chiseled Buff Daddy

    Dr. Anderson warned us back in the 90's about Mexican immigrants someday outnumbering Black people and competing with us for government support and resources -- Democrats are their biggest supporters. Dems call young Mexicans "DREAMERS" and young Black people "SUPER PREDATORS." Mexicans are raised to hate Black people and they bring that same hatred here to the United States. We can't afford to give Democrats our votes.

  64. Jadea Campbell

    Will gay

  65. Donique Whonder

    Charlamaign is a lesbian

  66. Dennis Williams

    Boy 50 cent what you talking about? A used Bugatti cost over a million dollar's. Some can't even afford a car period!!

  67. Thickneess Overload

    Clarissa shields gone put Laila Ali back in retirement.

  68. JaMarcia Clay

    He is a married man, who always talks about the Creator. Throwing around a man's ass to another man,and playing with it and enjoying,is very disrespectful to his wife and His Creator. So sad. Come back to the light Lenard !

  69. Nick Fitt

    That song changed his life Crazy story

  70. KCAZ

    Trump 2020

  71. Mr Haggard36

    Why do people not finish the rest of biggies bar.... he also goes on to say he never felt that way in his life...

  72. Evan B

    Yee looking hella fine man let me tell you

  73. Luis Velazquez

    Kid looks like the guy on Goonies


    He said “you the only person that wake up and say flawless” lmao

  75. Andre Gillison

    Freaking idiot how dare you do something like that to your mom whenever he gets he deserves it. He gets life give them fucking life

  76. HampityHamp

    The long nails, tattoos & breast ALWAYS spilling over. I’m black but the women look, talk and live nasty. For example, on Love & Hip hop, HW of ATL & music industry. Then there’s whore culture. Sigh.... Then we wonder why nice clean things never happen or come into our lives. God will stop recognizing us as ladies if we don’t cut it out. I’m going to be a lady regardless to what’s popular. Nothing is going to change until black women start keeping her legs closed. This is where the sins, curses & misfortunes lies. Try it. Won’t have a mate but look at the places these men go & what they’re doing. These men are filthy but a lady doesn’t involve herself in that. Look & listen to Lil Mo; she’s not a lady AT ALL!!! No man on that panel cursed or talked harder than her. Then she wonders why those demon activities happened to her. SAD. Lord help me go the opposite direction from the majority.

  77. francesco deminelli

    so russel anally does her then she orally sucks him by force ?

  78. Aaron R

    CharlaGay 🕺🏾 🌈

  79. Scott Kirk

    Who first "discovered" ben Carson?? who wrote the very first articles about Bens "genius"?

  80. lana franklin

    I don’t get this.

  81. Mark Alkebulan

    Claressa would eat Laila ass up in the ring

  82. shock toast

    69 played CTG 😂.

  83. Terrian Williams

    Both of his hands are up for the entire interview.

  84. Kenya Beaman

    5 DAYS!!!!!!! Make sense why this movie was mediocre; maybe even poor rating. 5 DAYS!!!!!! This movie had the potential to be good but it fell flat! Smh And you have 2 of THE best female actresses in the game. He did them a disservice!!!!

  85. Ansonia Gibbs

    I have been watching Tiffany for years and she has not changed in being authentic! I love this about her...don’t compromise. Thank you Tiffany for sharing your talent!

  86. Denise Barber

    I saw a interview with two of the guys from public announcement and they said sparkle was married to the third guy from the group and he introduced her to R Kelly go to you tube and you can watch it for yourself if yiu don't believe me.

  87. Teez Visuals

    this the funniest breakfast club ever

  88. Ayobellaswish

    Reading the comments people don’t like life messages

  89. Mr Snakey

    Sinio is the highest viewed battle rapper on the planet.

  90. citygurl0105

    This movie was actually worth my time. Y'all should check it out!

  91. Armondo_Fam1

  92. immyownpresident

    She definitely has that "thing". The type of talent that we loved from the 90's.

  93. JAT Strill

    That Navy Bag been under the kitchen sink for years! 😂🛍️😂

  94. Violet Gabriella

    😩😩😩😩😩😩😂😂😂😂😂😂he said "Telemundo wouldn't pick it up"💀💀💀💀

  95. Marie-Antoinette Thomas

    I'm just annoyed that women in general comment about each other in general with no pause to will this affect the woman who I am speaking of? Secondly, if she was that concerned about Lizzo, talk to Lizzo directly! Third...Lizzo has posted videos of herself working out and taking care of herself on social media and NOBODY has mentioned that. #overit

  96. Android Q Music

    Ars acting like Smack don't be holding on to battles for 4 months to a year! 3 months is a treat

  97. Ask to seduce Miss

    Surprised Envy ain’t ask them “Now for those that don’t know, what does ASAP stand for?”

  98. Survivor

    I felt so much pain and emotion from those young black boys. I bet They are strong enough to handle any situation