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  1. Tyler Reynolds

    Am I the only one who thinks a man standing with his hands in his pants makes them look like airheads? What the fuck are JJ and Ethan doing...

  2. Mooshimoca

    All this video made me think is that the sidemen are absolutely retarded and that Ryan higa and his friends are extremely smart. How the fuck does it take 8 clues to get crack... I got it in 2.

  3. Antony Joseph

    For error, Harry could have said 404

  4. FaZe BIRD

    Ethanol deffinetly didn't know where his hands were

  5. PanoSavage 3

    Look at harry carefully 17:48

  6. Ben16Piper

    Lol the mice and men references


    0:02 😂😂♥️ gotta love vikk

  8. Yazan Hamdan

    this game was boring. Don't play it again

  9. Anna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO

    if Harry said “404” for error, they would’ve instantly gotten it

  10. heath le

    the music is really annoying

  11. Blue K

    So nobody’s gonna talk about simons hair Ok

  12. Gdylan

    Team Gets Fair Point: Jj: WhAt ThEre ChEAting ClEarY

  13. Pikachu

    What KSI really said to the referee during the Logan Paul fight after Logan did an illegal move: “HE’S CHEATING!” KSI during a game of PASSWORDS: “HE’S CHEATING!”

  14. Fardin Elahi

    this video man!

  15. Dakota

    Jjs hair sorta be lookin like a coconut right now

  16. Matthew Mcguinness

    Ksi says : monkey Simon: points at ksi

  17. The PLUG

    Ethan.. and JJ with their hands down their pants 😂😂😂😂 the definitely failed no nut November. Seriously did they forget they were filming 😂😂😂😂 cause I find this hilarious

  18. Jesus Thebeast

    Ethan and JJ deffo stole Harry’s Coke before filming this 😂😂

  19. LCFC_ Dylan

    Jake Paul is in front of you One like = ability of a weapon

  20. Oven Tube

    wouldve just said 404 for error

  21. Arsalan B

    Coop sponsored the Sidemen

  22. Eli James

    Why did they not say Peter for rabbit

  23. Anam sm

    why do they all have their hands in their pants

  24. shameful ?

    JJ’s got back

  25. cleevage

    This is just loud team vs quiet team

  26. Nahid Rahman

    JJ was definitely stoned


    *Why are they putting their hands in their pants?* 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  28. Karl Södergren

    No one: Literally no one: KSI and Ethan: why not play with our dongs for the whole video

  29. Fares S

    who replaced JJ with Simon's hype man 😂

  30. Yeta Semple-Sepiso

    This dog is so cute😍

  31. ThomasNBA18

    How have I just watched 7 men put their hands down their trousers

  32. wilsontkw


  33. Nathan Potter

    Ethan likes his ween

  34. Bayley Davis

    I think ethan demonetised this video.

  35. Stephanie

    Why Ethan JJ and Harry just chillin with their hands in their pants 😭😭😭

  36. Revenge Prod.


  37. Dizi

    no one: literally no one:

  38. Undead YooDoober


  39. Jodie N

    you know it’s a second channel video when it shows jj and Ethan with their hands in their pants


    And that's why chairs were invented.

  41. Hassanbulat

    Finally Simon changes his hairstyle

  42. LB 127

    90% of coments are about: Why has Ethan his hands in his pants...

  43. LZMoDz

    Today college just dragged fam

  44. Geet Daga

    At the JJ just stood there surprised what just happened😂😂

  45. Aqeel !

    JJ is genuinely much happier now

  46. Shehryar K

    What is JJ wearing he looks like a penguin 😂😂

  47. Andreas Langeland

    Ive watched 5 minutes of the video, so far four of the Sidemen have scratched their genitalia or ass. Something wrong with the merch? hmmm

  48. Raphael Nowak

    Wait where's the bandana

  49. Katie Brennan

    when ethan and jj have their hands in their pants for most of the video

  50. anood mohd

    ksi is high af in this vid

  51. Ale ssandro

    10:12-10:45 funniest sideman moment ever

  52. Taylor Stafford

    For error I don’t know why they didn’t do fourhundred and four or syntax

  53. David

    Who else doesn’t look at the word and plays along?

  54. MrAsianNinja

    I think Vik, Simon and JJ on a team on any challenge is Jokes😂

  55. Subscriber Race

    When your just watching the vid and there’s just Ethan having a wank 4:58

  56. Ankush Chaudhary

    Ethan stop rubbing your dick fam

  57. A4TG

    Ethan and JJ just casually keeping their hands down their pants

  58. PapaFrancis

    JJ and ethan are definitely set 8 kids

  59. ThatHighTopKid

    from 17:42 harry just casually having his bum out

  60. Hugo Rayner

    Ethan thinks he’s well hard

  61. 54MMY 101

    Fkn love that dog

  62. Ashwin Satish

    Ethan needs to see a doctor for his itchy balls. 😆

  63. ツeLiX

    Its supposed to be worst version of Sidemen channel but you have nice animations in the beginning

  64. Manfish Baig

    I thought Ethan's shirt was an Instagram tag😂

  65. Wes btw

    No one: JJ: ToM HaNkS

  66. UniverseTurtle

    I can't believe how much energy JJ has in this video


    Why are jj ethan and harry rubbing their crotches?????

  68. Kaylee Garrett

    The dog is cute

  69. Couth FTW

    It’s a hint at the sidemen doing a Hell’s Kitchen 😱

  70. Inutsiaq Petersen

    JJ and Ethan just holding their ballsthe entire video😂😂

  71. Cris Reyes

    classic jj asking for minus points btw I love KSI and Babatunde

  72. kasparlw

    Ethan had his hands in his pants for at least half this video surely🤣

  73. Kaylee Garrett

    Awesome vid and love u guus

  74. 07LGP 2k

    For cooperate I would of person said 6ix9ine as a clue

  75. Hasan Javed Butt

    Vikk stop being a prick. Just shut your mouth you arrogant prick.

  76. Ben Ewer

    I swear Ethan and jj are acting pinged out of their mind

  77. Solomon Beesley

    This video will go down in history because the video has!.... Jj in it without a bandana

  78. Mar Wth

    This video is old because ksi looks fat

  79. Dylan Reilly

    Who owns the dog

  80. Jack Hart

    Whose house are you in

  81. Milli Thornton

    dont think jj has ever been this excited in a video

  82. RipleyNL -

    ethan mate, if it itches that much, you might want to go see a doctor

  83. Palogye

    Ethan get your hands out yah pants DISGUSTANG

  84. Adam Kola

    Ethans had his hands in his pants the whole time

  85. karasmith7

    Lmao 3/7 with their hands in their pants

  86. Alex gaskell

    Look at the little dogo

  87. taksh16


  88. TheOGMacoy

    13:51 harry's dummy thicc

  89. bossacross

    Why is Ethan with his hands in his pants all the time annoying af!

  90. Gordo

    Agree or disagree but the dog was spitting straight facts

  91. Bohap

    We not gonna talk about Ethan having his hands in his pants the whole time

  92. TeryPats

    0:53 he is kicking the dog

  93. Maltese Malteser

    Who's dogs that 🥺

  94. Daniel Maluga

    Do an IQ test

  95. makaay tono

    7:45 jj dancing in time with the music

  96. Queen Bee

    Am I the only one who wants to know where they are

  97. M Hadi

    Ethan we get it, u have D*ck 😐!!

  98. Justin Wiemert

    Either JJ has a lot of energy or he's drunk lol

  99. Natasha Howes

    Anyone else notice how Ethan couldn’t keep his hands out his trousers ahahahaha

  100. ___Deano

    Ethan just casually have a fiddle 8:35