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  1. Janani Edwards

    Omg I would of aced that chocolate one 😍😂

  2. ryan williams

    the funniest league video around nlsel.info/video/video/tn6ZeWJqqpl62X4.html

  3. Minecraft er

    That gopro is trash

  4. Anna Toth

    “ugghhh I’m so bad at this game” 🤣

  5. YaBoyJosh 69

    Can you please do more skribbl. io please

  6. 250 subscribers without video challenge

    Who's watching cause they're washing dishes

  7. YaBoyJosh 69

    Can you do more skribbl. io please

  8. Vieri Adhitya

    Team talk is the best part of the series

  9. Jayjayken 1738

    This is the only thing keeping lockdown entertaining

  10. Poo Face

    JJ stopped my headphones from working!

  11. TGT 15

    They should get 3 other people to play with them like callux or calfreezy or someone else.

  12. Anna Toth

    “It makes you go dededede” 🤣

  13. Arnav Bhatnagar

    I fucking hate when they censor Harry's lines man. I want them to make a video of all of Harry's censored lines uncensored (like everyone else is saying below in the comments)

  14. Wiktoria Barczewska

    No one talking about "the switch " what are they on about ?!?!?

  15. Ken M

    sidemen time 😝

  16. Ascended Kakarot

    Ayyyyyy 19:27 . Dragon Ball legends

  17. Leo Smith

    I bet harry said vik is a p***

  18. Still Hype

    They think takis are candy

  19. Charlie Parkinson

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m enjoying savage vik

  20. Iron Man

    I love how none of them were Josh.

  21. R20ZZ

    Vik: You cant be drinking dr pepper! me: SIPS BIG DR PEPPER BOTTLE

  22. Tri-G-Games

    11:00 The sounds of a broken man 😂 poor JJ lmao

  23. M JR

    These fifa vids gives a glimpse of Old JJ ....brings back memories man❤

  24. King Mose

    4:50 who is the lady?

  25. Arkeon753

    Instead of having another charity match, why don't you make sidemen fc a sunday league team?

  26. Omega Ranger

    Vik gets more annoying as episodes goes by.... And i love it!!

  27. Ethan Bonaise

    So the Fucking gaming Lemon could have been in sidemen it would have 8 of you

  28. CR7_Panda _

    Anyone wants to start back Vikk abuse? because vikk is getting out of place now.

  29. Tanya Allgrove

    Guys play just remember that this is how wimon is. Hes naturally stubborn. U can't just tell a person to change just like that. Plus they are friends so they dont see it as anything so chill

  30. BasilTheHerb

    Do more

  31. CR7_Panda _

    Harry: Got Em Everyone else: inside their head “wtf are you doing you fucking idiot”

  32. It Wont Fit Daddy

    Who is the first in line to hell? everyone: ethan tobi: i stomped on someones head

  33. GeneralEIC

    Fuck off you sensitive freaks, why the fuck would you censor anything ?

  34. Mr LOC

    Harry is that one friend that can send the whole team back to division 10 😂😂

  35. Em & Mak

    15:05 best part😂

  36. Jacob Cifuentes

    Do slasher on GTA!!

  37. Jamie Kavanagh

    He wouldn’t get away with this cos he’s famous now he’d have 10 different lawsuits

  38. Khalidur Rahman

    Does anyone know the song name in the outro of the vid?

  39. rhiannon conn

    Honestly was waiting for Harry to slowly fall asleep cuddling into that bear! He looked hella comfy

  40. Char_b7

    these days, josh gets more abuse than vik

  41. Ethan Brock

    This is basically like sidemen version of impractical jokers

  42. T Boss

    JJ: Im breathing JJ on Millions: I dont wanna breathe

  43. BradTUp

    please use a limiter on the audio so I don't have to keep turning it up and down lol

  44. Faizon

    I think Harry sets a target every match to get a red card.

  45. dzifa cofie

    Can again........dang

  46. Michael Boutsikakis

    Is Abbranigata what Harry said in that sidemen go back to school video???

  47. bananaisgood

    11:25 lmao Tobi accidentally used Offside Trap, and they ended up blaming Harry.

  48. Emzy 1738

    6:44 , when Ethan inspires JJ with the "money don't buy happiness, only rents it"

  49. Thomas Beck

    best series on yt

  50. Audrey Mcgovern

    Jj jokes about bulling is not acceptable

  51. connor dhillon

    Why is it when they walk across they all walk in such wierd ways on the leg question

  52. Cristian Mercado

    Finesse shots are OP. JJ just needed to adjust himself.

  53. Rahul Teja

    Biggest, greatest and the longest vikkabuse ever in one video JJ's satisfied

  54. Zizo Javino

    Vik yawning made me yawn😂

  55. profish19

    A bit harsh on Harry, he was just trying to make the video funny😒

  56. Ellie’s Life

    𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚋𝚞𝚏𝚏𝚘𝚘𝚗

  57. ansuman barhoi

    The most wholesome video sidemen have ever made

  58. PS Dom

    Minecraft pillagers be like: 10:18

  59. JohnnyboyMaster GM

    Vic shoots like a fem

  60. Jerome Garzia

    Go camping

  61. Bertil Flensted-Jensen

    Is that a dildo 3. 10?

  62. Jeezy Jay

    Love that 😏

  63. Gracie Cowley

    Can you react to tiktoks about you all

  64. Martynas Mickus

    Wales, Scotland and England are same country UK

  65. Master Fowles


  66. TrilDani

    The funniest sidemen video in a while

  67. Bob Ross’s Dad

    Peep JJ copying every answer he can see

  68. Olly S

    19:46 funniest moment 😂

  69. TrilDani

    Love this

  70. Immigrant Mentality Stiopic


  71. Andrew Sherbun

    why do they still think shushing means anything, it's not fifa 14 anymore

  72. 100.000 subs for Evil Patrick

    Someone’s gotta tell them that crosses don’t work in Fifa 20 lmao😂

  73. Jjdoozy 123

    Ethan: What do you think you’re playing as? Vikk: a F***ing legend

  74. The You-2-be Podcast

    I love how Josh is the only one helping Vikk when he missed that goal everyone else was just crying. 11:10

  75. Hussain Gais

    Sixnine 🤣

  76. likkle sach

    6:44 😭😭😭😭😭

  77. Lewis Barnes

    jj has gta rapping vs Spotify rapping

  78. Monkai _Mini77

    Unpopular question: What is that outro??

  79. Saša Stojak

    At this point just make a NSFW channel with all the censored stuff 😂


    I suggest a new series called the "Quarantine/Lockdown Special/s"


    Evem though JJ abuses vikk so much vikk did not make a single joke about JJ

  82. Talal Haider

    Can I just say how happy vikk looks, he looks like he has been waiting for people to fall in love with mine craft just the way he did, tbh it’s cool as

  83. Louai Al-Shaibi

    Adams was probably drunk

  84. gamingbnkz

    Petition for red team vs blue team on clubs

  85. TragiiiKz

    Vikk looks clapped

  86. Nithin Ajaikumar

    19:38 lmao this was so random

  87. Cel

    "I hate Mukbangs, I don't like eating around people." "Oh, really?" "'cuz people are just grim." baby kabggpiadghdpa

  88. Maria Padilla

    Jeffrey is bae 🥺🥺

  89. Mxchael

    Simon: *Misses 1 on 1* Everyone: ''Ohh...'' Harry: *Gives the ball away* Everyone: OMFG HAARRRY!!!! WHAT THE FUCK

  90. Will Morris

    Why is the ugly one in the thumb nail , take your fucking retainer out the glare is giving me more cancer than your face

  91. Just a left-handed guy named Mikie

    1:02 Ethan’s dad cause I didn’t know he had one

  92. Jaiden hussain

    Jme omg his a fucking hero man don’t care

  93. Djpaxdiesel

    Every time Harry says something he scratches his shoulder

  94. Cel

    Harry is the most precious thing I've ever seen

  95. Jack Frakes

    whats the spell

  96. Daud Mudie

    Omg harry laugh 8:05 I think btw his is so weird hehe wtf lol😂😂😂

  97. Leone

    Harry is literally annoying in this episode man😠😠

  98. trains engines

    why not try this in 2018 when ethan would have wanted to

  99. joe taylor

    Do a sidemen pro club vs NLsel all stars pro clubs

  100. Samarveer Singh

    Teacher scolding me Outer me: listening silently Inner me: 10:21