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  1. Janus

    What the spinning thing on the side of the car?

  2. Sean

    This is waymo cool than I was expecting

  3. AgentHEKTAH

    Puro naco con dinero la va a comprar.

  4. Adrian Callahan

    The Game of Thrones guys coming in to ruin Netflix.

  5. Commander Dan

    But can they make kit from Knight Rider that's a driverless car ad pay for

  6. Xx Zizzzerz Xx


  7. Rick Slick

    I think we know what historians and the elites are afraid of. Exhume the body and prove the doubters wrong. If the authorities, historians, etc. are so sure of JWB being in that grave, then exhume the body and prove that the written account of history is correct.

  8. Aïmane

    Poeple really don’t realize that zuckerburg is under so much pressure that he doesn’t say 1 slightly controversial answer

  9. G O D

    Try test drive in India then you will get the real results and then try to make improvements

  10. G O D

    Any tesla car can do that

  11. Tal A

    It's mustard

  12. Eaza Force

    I am thinking I have two kidney. Need to......for iPhone 11

  13. Moe _rs

    I’m still confused to what inspired this design.

  14. dan110024

    Do they use the same maps as google navigation? How do they go with turning across main arterial roads in peak hour? Android auto sometimes wants me to turn across one and there's no chance it's going to happen. I've always wondered if autonomous cars are going to have trouble with it. You'd think they could work it into the programming where they're detecting how many cars are using the main road and realise it's not a good time to try to turn across it.

  15. TrustBustin

    Elon has created something uglier than a Pontiac Aztec and I didn't think that was possible.

  16. Pranav Rajagopal

    Waymo vs Tesla Smart summon

  17. Denis Altun

    Elon: Could you try to break this glass That guy: Ok bet

  18. premium wolf

    make a cybertank

  19. Jack Frost

    Waymo? Should be, NoWay!

  20. Greg Hartwick

    How do you know it’s not ‘taking you for a ride’? I’ve been on a few in NY.

  21. Alexander O'Brien

    How do you tell it where to stop in a car park? Or where in your drive to park so you can unload your shopping more easily?

  22. Jack Frost

    If the car runs down a pedestrian who's fault is it? Can you arrest a computer for negligence?

  23. kazu kay

    What are the best bass wireless earbuds

  24. Matt Max

    I am selling my BMW and I can't wait to have the CyberTruck instead ! Thanks Tesla !

  25. Tseten Dekhang

    Pablo looks happier now that he has lost his billions. more money more problems.


    I want fuit gummy

  27. VLD _YT

    Honestly I just want it as a pet more than anything

  28. Klik Broz

    Wow !

  29. broly saiyan

    Sounds like a good tech for the military to grab you iris scans and log it in their database. And play war games using you meme as target.

  30. Jean Pierre

    WTH is this moustache?

  31. v.dog

    How would they handle a disaster, like fires, floods or earthquakes? We had a massive series of quakes several years ago that moves some roads several meters up, down and/or sideways making GPS-based navigation useless. In some places the only way though was along a footpath, through a park, or even up someone's driveway. I just don't ever see AI being flexible enough to handle that sort of scenario.

  32. Alex Jenkins

    I'd want someone in the driver's seat who can take over at any moment if the AV tech on board either stops working, or can't deal with the situation at hand. I don't quite trust the technology yet.

  33. Samuël Visser

    'Before we know if self-driving cars are really worth all this effort'. Of course they are! Of course they will get safer than humans. This really is purely a question of the timeframe. Once a computer learns to handle a specific tricky situation, it will always handle that situation perfectly. It's just a question of getting them used to all tricky situations possible

  34. Kammaol

    So they can make driverless cars but can't deactivate seat belt alarm? 😂

  35. Dimitri Staufer

    Cool car! Boring video

  36. john macdonald

    Great information and very well done! Thanks a lot!

  37. Lashan

    I wonder how it would fare in London with its terrible drivers

    1. Samuël Visser

      Lashan it wouldn't. They only work on very specific, carefully mapped roads. It's not a general solution yet

  38. Devin Crawford

    Now make it hover

  39. Austin Smith

    “This is!” excited “This is “ excited “fuckingbeautiful”he whispered. You can hear the fulfillment.

  40. Limp business

    Never trust a man who doesn’t inhale a joint on a video podcast

  41. Jordan Bryan

    So he based "animals" on just rodents? So what about cats? Dogs? There are 5 million different species on earth and your basing them on rodents...

  42. Amanuel Temesgen

    So excited the future is Bright 😎😀😎

  43. VpeZoomingBy !

    This what car i wouldve wanted in back to future

  44. dex cap

    I bet all the specs are BS, no one will ever buy this

  45. M B

    But why are these cars have to look like the have tumors all over them? Are these sensor that much more advanced than the one from Tesla?

  46. Mai Va Lee

    it the way we do it who play game one hand?

  47. Heikki H

    4:36 ”No other company is testing driverless car technology at the speed and scale that Waymo is” Yeah, Tesla is doing it at a much bigger scale.

    1. Kombinatsiya

      Tesla's tech is way behind Waymo's. They might have more customers using their auto-assist but everything about the quality is noticeably worse than Waymo's. The main advantage that Tesla has is that its customers are using it in geographies and terrains that Waymo hasn't tried it (but they probably have lots of data for those terrains too).

    2. Mineroboter

      @Anunnecessarilylonguserid thatnoonereads No this is level 4, since it is geofenced. Tesla is level 2, since it cant handle intersections yet.

    3. Anunnecessarilylonguserid thatnoonereads

      No it isn't. This is level 5. Tesla is only level 4 yet

  48. aMuted Gamer

    Honestly it's the ugliest thing I've seen, great specs but shocking looking thing

  49. Jave Boyboy

    It's cool and all, but it will never have the swag like the guy on 7:02

  50. Pratham Renghe

    How do those cars recognise traffic signals?

  51. Harlus

    I didn’t even know there was a 2nd version

  52. Jeffrey Hawkins

    Just need R2D2 in the front seat and I’m sold!

  53. PairusDragonoid

    For my, the Worst android experience....

  54. Bijo Francis

    Some driver lost his job.

    1. noisycarlos

      Some autonomous car technicians got theirs.

  55. m8055

    I assume Waymo pre-plan and heavily map their routes so it becomes a "routine" drive. You can have an unlimited number of variables where a human needs to take over, eg. traffic officer directing traffic with hand gestures, traffic lights malfunction, drivers yielding to each other etc. In Europe the roads can be narrow and there's usually a lot of "I wait" or "you go first" and vice versa. I can tell if an authorized person is holding a stop sign or not - but could a self-driving car ever know?

    1. Samuël Visser

      It can 'every know', yes or course. Your brain is just a glorified computer, making decisions based on data it gets. What your saying is the reason driverless cars are still a ways out, but when talking on a infinite timescale anything is possible :)

  56. canngo123

    Too much video of us watching you talk inside the car. Show us the view outside while it's making manoeuvers. Couldn't you rent another vehicle to do follow shots?

  57. Ryan

    3:29 - weird wheel twitch

  58. Sandeep Dhiman

    Dieter should be the host

  59. Hans Pierre

    79th comment, 815th like with 29th comment and 6,736th view!! Great video and informative!!

  60. Patson Lim

    hey Sundar do you mind helping me get 120000 today please I am short of only 26000.

  61. master jackoff

    Elon Musk: I made ramen noodles in the microwave Crowd: woohoo!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

  62. Kevin Hutama

    this is waymo better than tesla's

  63. Martin Malmgren

    I don’t get. On the one hand I hear a lot of experts say that driverless cars are many many years in the future. But on the other hand I see videos like this...

    1. Djprojectus

      Waymo is geo fenced so not the most ideal!

    2. day spoiler

      there's a few companies very close. whoever told you it won't happen soon has been asleep for a decade or two. they wouldn't let tests like this happen unless they were pretty reliable already

    3. David Ferrer

      Martin Malmgren because it’s still many years in the future. It’s kind of like what the guy said that works for Waymo, there’s still a lot situations that the car can’t understand a human and can pick up immediately.

  64. Sounava Ghosh

    "Aand it's going to the center lane". *Shows Andy and the dashboard instead of the view of the road in front*

  65. Jimymas Fine


  66. Asjdj

    well i trust Porsche more then Telsa to be honest.

  67. M Z

    Honestly I would just stick to Autonomous Shuttle Buses like the Muji GACHA for now

  68. Magneto Jones

    Casper the Friendly Uber Driver.

  69. sudipta Das

    What is the purpose of putting seatbelt for driver less seat?

    1. Kombinatsiya

      The cars are generic ones so they come with the seats intact. Also, it probably makes customers more at ease seeing a vehicle that's as standard as possible and not a weird one that lacks a driver's seat.

    2. Blake Walsh

      So the car doesn't beep at you for being in Drive without the seatbelt engaged

  70. Daniel von Seckendorff

    I think it's funny that the non-existent driver was buckled in

  71. UG sucre

    what do u think about self driving car? safer than human drivers?

    1. David Ferrer

      UG sucre not yet. Even the waymo guy said that the technology isn’t advance enough to understand situations that a human can immediately

  72. Bogdan Harca

    Now go get your shinebox!

  73. Black Gilligan

    Automation kills jobs. When will it end? Now they are removing cashiers from restaurants and having YOU place your own order. I will not use these auto cars or restaurants with no cashiers. Take a STAND. If we don’t use it, they won’t make it.

    1. Grzegorz Widła

      But I want jobs to be killed?

    2. Shadman Ahmed


  74. Tech Unboxing Videos

    Tech Innovation Rocks! 🔥 This Topic Sounds Interesting and Scary at the Same Time 🔥

  75. 5000 Subs Before Christmas Challenge

    Ready for a movie where the car goes on a rampage

  76. 9Br3ak3r

    Wow these are waymo advanced than I expected

    1. Samuël Visser

      9Br3ak3r it's amazing. But do know all the roads they drive on, are already pre-scanned by Google and extremely carefully mapped. These cars can't drive on any road, just the specific ones they are trained for

  77. Dave Id

    When entering a construction zone with a posted reduced speed limit, will the driver-less vehicle automatically make the adjustment, or is it done by one of the persons monitoring the vehicle?

    1. Shubham Tripathi

      Dave Id automatically adjust it

  78. Veter Hofer

    Fiat Multipla looks better as This.

  79. Tzwac dastag

    Waymo cars are very UnAerodynamic

  80. Tzwac dastag

    2:15 Google Phone Google Car

    1. Kombinatsiya

      @Stonewall Jackson Waymo is a company that's owned by Alphabet, Google's parent company. They probably have all the people, data, AI and resources they need from Google too.

    2. Stonewall Jackson

      Google had some dealing with the production of this car ,Right?

  81. M-RPG 15

    The dream car of every Minecraft player.

  82. superphi

    It’s almost impossible to incorporate driverless cars with non driverless cars, if they have a city or town with only driverless cars, I think that would be quite easy to do

    1. day spoiler

      "almost impossible" you're literally watching it happen in this video. what is happening to peoples brains nowadays?

    2. Grzegorz Widła

      It's totally possible. Being able to replace all cars with driverless cars at once would make things significantly easier but we'll get there without the unrealistic scenario.

  83. M-RPG 15

    Only Minecraft players will like this car

  84. Nilesh Kumar Routray

    last time i saw one of these videos there was a emergency takeover driver on the driver seat, but not this tym...........have they perfected the autonomous driving tech?

    1. David Ferrer

      Nilesh Kumar Routray not perfected. If it was perfected they wouldn’t have only done this in a small 50 mile radius. It’s advance technology but not perfect

  85. Mayank T

    Launch this in India. The car will learn to honk/abuse seamlessly and get 10 years worth of experience in a day !!

  86. acdnan

    Better road infrastructure, 5g and smart stop lights would speed up self driving cars.

  87. Usman Tariq

    I am not a terrible driver. In fact I am a very good driver so please don't say humans say few people.

    1. Grzegorz Widła

      @Usman Tariq me too. Even the best human drivers won't be able to compete to absolute attention AI can pay to the road and task at hand for what is essentially infite time, never getting tired.

    2. Jozef Brodala

      @Usman Tariq The majority of humans make mistakes nearly every time they drive, we just get lucky a lot

    3. Usman Tariq

      @Grzegorz Widła thanks so much for the reply but I am referring to the humans not just me.

    4. Grzegorz Widła

      Compared to what AI has potential to do you're an awful driver.

  88. lorenzoo90

    Saw waymo in DTLA, Are they gonna switch them to all electric vehicles? Does Google have plans to make flying cars cuz I'm waymo re into that?

  89. Paragjyoti Deka

    this is waymo scary.

  90. Patrick Tomasso

    This is nuts.

  91. sucksqueezebangblow

    People don't understand this fully, despite what you see in this video (which is impressive) is that we are actually still decades away from truly driverless cars...

  92. shawn kane


  93. Bains

    "Andy with the Verrrrge"

  94. Jamal Dolley

    I love how the driver's seat also has the seat belt fastened...lol...

    1. Jamal Dolley

      @day spoiler that makes sense

    2. OnlySuper

      @day spoiler waymo: literally makes driverless cars waymo: can't get the beeping to stop

    3. day spoiler

      so it doesn't beep

  95. T Jason

    Deskilling at it's finest. Still cool to see how progressive Alphabet/Google is though.

  96. Praveen Nirmalkar

    All the drivers secretly wishing this fails miserably.

  97. ADIL saleem

    Quite good

  98. Kapil A

    This is the way. Waymo have spoken.

    1. TESLAvishec

      Captain America : i understood the reference 🤩🤖🚀

  99. durai prasanth

    Here goes another job 😱

    1. Grzegorz Widła

      We've been talking about that for decades now. If any driver hasn't prepared for that time and is not retiring in next 10 years he'll have only himself to blame.

    2. Nelson Favedra

      Andrew Yang

  100. masterimbecile

    Spotted a few of these while driving near the resorts in Chandler! What a sight to behold!