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  1. Ken Sebastian

    Would be interested to know how you tube decides which videos pop up when you enter your search words. Anyone else notice this?

  2. Mr. Lulé

    this is how many calories amiel consumed for us | | \/

  3. Ryan Linskey

    if you told me at the start of this video that molly was going to end up making the best latte art i would have genuinely laughed in your face

  4. Julia COB

    Please make TUC next 😍


    My god, I love this channel.

  6. robert91rs

    Brad and Matty show!!!!!!

  7. StarsMarsRadio

    Everybody turns their nose up at Fieri but he's good.

  8. kristinazergiotis

    Why didn't Carla just call this shakshouka with Swiss chard salad? Because that's what it is.

  9. ha ha

    How many eggs this guy ate in a day?

  10. prolétaire

    Tommy is so cute

  11. Carolyn Shead

    Is there a way to ferment your miso for a shorter time, like a few weeks perhaps?

  12. Chris Maul

    Not hating on trying to make vegetarian carbonara but there some things that are really off and should be done differently: no garlic or onions, no olive oil - maybe one could use ghee or some vegetarian lard replacement instead also the cheese should be mainly peccorino romano and since this should be a substitute, i don't see why you would'nt use spaghetti. Kudos for letting the pan cool a bit though.

  13. Brendon Daly

    16 chickens were killed to make this and I’ve never been more proud of using math to realise This 😂😂

  14. kongmw

    “Look at me. I am the captain now.”

  15. Katherine Chacon

    Yayyyy compost bowl!

  16. Spoon

    This video is stressing me out, and making me feel better with my cooking abilities

  17. wolfflow11

    -you know how to smash garlic right? -yup

  18. l Orangeknight64 l

    I basically cook 2 to 3 eggs just normally then mid while cooking it I add salt and pepper and then after like 20 to 50 secs depending on how much heat I put it on I add grated cheese and then flip it on to one side but right before flipping on to one side I add butter on to the cheese that’s on the egg then I wait like 1 min after flipping then I take it out straight away because I like it runny or half boiled. It pretty nice tbh

  19. Lisa Camacho

    My three year old son says he likes Priya. His first crush.

  20. Okie Bear

    Bill is not science

  21. James Smith


  22. Honey Bee

    I’m so happy that she is back!!! And basto and suugo is the best 💯👏🏾

  23. Nova's Depression

    Amiel: There's some nice charing around the edges but its a bit overcooked. Very tender The waiter: Sir thats a glass of water

  24. rhrhhd bettererewey Jackson

    Do goldfish

  25. whoppie225

    mark: "how many turns?" carla: "ten-" mark: "too late" carla: "Ok"

  26. Lindsey Last

    can we get like an entire series by both of them because idk i feel like they have such good chemistry ugh

  27. Krizefugl

    take a shot everytime he says vinnie

  28. ScarlettReaper

    Can you guys make Gourmet Coca Cola and other fizzy drinks next? Fanta, maybe? Sprite?

  29. Chappelle168

    Looks like College food

  30. Carissa Pinon

    BA over here starting a food war.

  31. Big

    "Keep your wand clean" yes momma Carla

  32. PrognatusSeptem

    Thank you for this. I like your channel so much and you have a superior kitchen to that of "Eater" channel :-)

  33. Ro W

    I made this. It’s so moist and delicious. I added some ground cinnamon to it too.. and everyone in the family loved it. Thank you!

  34. Emily Hubbard

    Rick looked so insulted that nachos wouldn't have protein on them 😂... I feel that on a spiritual level

  35. WhoKnows


  36. Boono

    Will give 1000 camels up front and 1000 camels later.🤭🤭🤭🤭 Just wanna know if she is married 😉😂😂 😂

  37. June Novae

    it's like the indian tiramisu

  38. Dylan Peer

    Delaney sets his gross phone on the cutting board like a mad man

  39. Starry Snoog

    And he never cooked again

  40. Shubhangi Petkar

    Claire's hardworking is so adorable!!

  41. Tristan Simpson

    Where da slap chips?

  42. Honey Bee

    She makes me proud to be Somali 🥰 Also yess cilantro is a must!!!

  43. Balint Csapek

    6:40 Andrew lost faith in humanity

  44. andthecowsaysmoo4

    Alex in French guy cooking figured this out in like 3 min

  45. Jay Hernandez

    This literally was a complete waste of time for both myself and Matty. I would’ve preferred to watch Matty go to different fast food joints in America and give his review on that.

  46. Akyanos

    People I love: Brad, given, as he started to grow on me later on. Vinny, the captain, and my "Presto!" Man. I love y'all

  47. Calvin at DrifterStudio

    Hey everyone you should actually do this it tastes really nice. It's like cheese or something.

  48. CatOverlordMC

    I love the Blev

  49. Michał

    Everything is great but bloody mary desperately screaming for nice long hard shake with ice. There are cocktails that do not need shaking. Bloody Mary is the best example of NOT beeing one of them. Tomato juice, all of those soses, spices (curry? Really?) needs to be well mixed with vodka. Which can be done by shaking for at least 20 s or by string violently for 40 s. Without it the flavour profile won't be... mixed and you'll end up with bland cocktail

  50. Hana Phelps


  51. empressmarowynn

    My friend once made us bacon cheeseburgers but instead of buns she made bacon grilled cheese sandwiches. So it was two grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon inside plus a cheeseburger covered in bacon. It was delicious but holy crap so much bacon. I could only eat like 4 bites.

  52. SusieThePotato

    she wasnt annyoing like shangla

  53. bloyy

    No peper inserted

  54. SandboxArrow


  55. Boono

    I was sceptical all throughout the video saying maybe she is Americanized, but with that Banana move, yeah absolutely Somali Somali Somali. 👍😂😂😂😂

  56. CarrotToast

    Am I missing where the actual recipe is? I wanna make thissss :(

  57. Helen D

    So you don't blind bake the bottom crust?

  58. elzish

    bro uhmm UP is definitely not where New Delhi is

  59. brandonlasvegas


  60. Hana Phelps

    I love gaby

  61. Allison MuddyOrbs

    Mark’s destructive tendencies were really on display in this video. On the other hand, I’m thoroughly proud that he followed along and did a good job on it. 👍🏻

  62. Bored

    "Look, she's acting weird. She might have been."

  63. michelle lol

    I love how everyone spells delany wrong lmao

  64. Shooting Star

    Should have done this at Markiplier's house because he is a man that owns five ovens

  65. TuxGaming Timetoplay

    Everyone is saying that Gordon is bad at giving instructions but if you, listen without looking at the video its very clear the Shane just isn't keeping up. Gordon saying "and look" doesn't literally mean to look its means "this should be happening right now." But I think its obvious Shane really doesn't cook at all so we shouldn't be surprised that he failed, if you don't know what you're doing its easy to do wrong things because its better than doing nothing at all.

  66. Brandon Kemp

    I've never seen Gordan be so nice

  67. raf toni

    Claire's looks like Tom Nook

  68. Diego Torres

    When Carla said "thank you for resisting" she sounded so fed up 😂

  69. R L

    Why is there so much foul language in a cooking show? Yeah, due to language, I stopped watching.

  70. Yiannis Papazachariou

    I don't see Dan Patterson's poached scrambled eggs anywhere - try them out.

  71. Afri Wanderess

    I watch this while eating the krispy kreme glazed donuts itself

  72. mac wang

    ak 47 bacon

  73. Ace theSuperVillain

    shame on you for not cooking chicken fingers

  74. aomeisaru

    Looks tasty but I might skip cilantro and citrus just because the dish seems to have a lot going on. Of course since they go on last its easy to add back to it.

  75. Jamine Regnier

    Brad makes the dumbest jokes.

  76. G Granell

    He looks like Post Malone

  77. Abhinav Starx

    Still don't have egg bhurji are you kidding😒

  78. XxConstant AnxietyxX

    "Where just going to take a couple sprigs" *Mark strangles plant by the stem as he resist the urge to murder it*

  79. Russell Brown

    Claire, it's not a pizza roll if half the filling doesn't leak out onto the plate.

  80. Champ

    11 seconds in and i am smiling already.

  81. caroline

    i missed him...i really missed him..

  82. foodeater42

    I'm the chef now

  83. TheOfficialBum UvU


  84. len len

    This is similar to Leche Flan except leche flan is not coffee flavored😂

  85. Rosie Brooks

    “it takes a pet like no problem” ahhhhh, the editing is on pointtt today the winnie/tigger cusp had me deadd

  86. Rachel G

    I'm a small woman, and I've lived in an area with plenty of lakes and creeks where friends go noodling. I've been invited.... and it's always terrified me. Now I kinda wanna go. Lol

  87. Anti anonymous

    You didn't make a Japanese omelette

  88. This Shit

    Fry or Boil, That's it. "Case closed"

  89. 1bwash

    She is sooooo charming!

  90. Botanica 2012

    The single orecchiette is completely irrelevant - things like that happen - Molly was thinking of her cooking. But what I don't understand is that she put the wooden spoon in her mouth twice and continued to cook with it. That's only fine when you cook for yourself.

  91. Exploding Donuts

    HowToBasic approves

  92. Carl

    Everyone needs a Brad in their life.

  93. Stefani J Beauty

    say craggy bits one more time

  94. Quinzy Nachappa

    I made this today for a friend's birthday and it turned out perfectly! Amazing and tasted delicious! :)

  95. kabay0

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says "if you will"

  96. Jasmine Locke

    Is it just me or does Cosmo kinda look like a young Ansel Elgort??

  97. ThiccDaddy Joker

    Giants are always the wholesomest

  98. Jordan Eaddy

    ** smiling and laughing** “The vehicle service center?!?” We must protect Brad at all costs.

  99. Shimon ซีม่อน Saejao แซ่เจ่า

    I hate raw but I love cooked This time I hate raw salmon But I also hate(little bit) cooked salmon

  100. Scot Phelps

    That was so great.....