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ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

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  1. Eruult Chuluunbaatar

    Women rule. Another proof that men got weak. Sad that even blizzard admits this.

  2. MegaChickenfish

    Still would've preferred Snekbois for alliance but I can't deny the vulpera are cute and have amazing customization options. And we finally, FINALLY got alpaca mounts this patch. Thank you Blizzard. I will lover her and pet her and call her Paprika. <3

  3. MrGlennJohnsen

    Hate on BfA or Shadowlands as much as you like, watching this cinematic still gives you chills.

  4. MegaChickenfish

    "I trusted you." *That's rich.* *He* trusted *you.* Had loyalty to *you.* Because you told him this would be *a good war.* The *forsaken* trusted *you.* Had loyalty to *you.* Because you told them they were not monsters, but could forge their own place in the world with you as their champion and defender.

  5. Dicks McSpooner

    God i wish it was 2007 again. 2020 is pretty lame gotta say

  6. tony c

    rich campbell should not be a commentator....

  7. Eve Lucas

    I LOVE ANDUIN SO MUCH ohmygod I'm ready to marry him. I'm sooooo ready

  8. Das True

    He's still level 80

  9. Tudor N.

    I cried still cry when i hear this song.

  10. Freddy

    Why does this have so many dislikes? This was one of the best expansions ever. Right there at the top with Wotlk..

  11. Chavosaur

    I bought the pig cuz I'm not a broke crybaby

  12. Skywalker

    The only good thing about bfa those cinematics..

  13. Young Daniel

    Pika is fineeee

  14. Csanád Jakab

    I can't imagine how many atheist ejacuated during this cinematic.

  15. Bilel Ayedi

    I had a major crush on Sylvanas. I used to go to Undercity and just look at her. Now, what she has become is sad.

  16. L3ft Bra1n

    Why wouldn’t you play shaman against double caster? Yeah cacoon is op but I’d rather have an extra ranged kick and grounding. Pretty anti caster if you ask me. He can’t even cc without getting absolutely punished.

  17. R

    Writers for this game need to be fired.

  18. Jaime castañeda

    Arthas did nothing wrong

  19. Martin Shepherd

    Did any Ret Pallies do good?

  20. Martin Shepherd

    Did any Ret Pallies do good?

  21. Martin Shepherd

    Did any Rey Pallies do good?

  22. SwordBreaker925

    Now imagine if that's what Orgimmar actually looked like...

  23. Martin Shepherd

    Did any Ret Pallies do good?

  24. Martin Shepherd

    Did any Ret Pallies do good?

  25. Martin Shepherd

    Did any Ret Pallies do good?

  26. The New Page

    I love wow and everyone on it yes even the trolls

  27. buttfart_rapedick

    When this gets added to classic, sign me up for a lifetime subscription

  28. Alessandro Malatesta

    Alduin: **Laughs hardly in Dovahzul**

  29. David Lopez

    To this day this cinematic still gives me chills.

  30. Aries Star

    i feel kinda sorry for the lich king.. poor guy 😁😭

    1. Berserker

      He isn't dead. You should feel bad about all other beings on azeroth because now they are getting slaughtered by the scourge. Human babies rip.

  31. Channel of Random

    Alliance only must be honered with storm wind to reply

  32. the visius


  33. Buildergamer 45

    Widowmaker vs. Reinhard xD

  34. Paul _Thinks

    2020 anyone. If so, the nostalgia is real

  35. A Elejaga

    they should have shown the corruption one shots

  36. Joseph F

    I wish Ronda Rousey would mount me

  37. Kasilyn S.

    How to stop watching these cinematics?? I so wish they'd make a TV series using cgi But tbh a TV series about the lore of warcraft using in game models would be fine af too Just? They have such a rich lore and world? Where's the TV show??

  38. Master Erakius

    Don’t forget that Blizzard supports the suppression of freedoms in Hong Kong.

  39. Interceptor Headhunt

    Watching GoT and their poor excuse of zombie army in frozen wasteland, cloaked in darkness, in the face of the Night King and the White Walkers - they are just a joke compared to the Lich King and the whole storyline! Aaah good old times! :)

  40. Joss Ryan


  41. Vitcher

    1:02 You are not worthy quoting Terenas...

  42. Ambirius

    So...Monk is the best healer in pvp?

  43. Christopher J. Lechner

    Eredin Nock off

  44. ecc entricity

    共匪 五毛

  45. Sirknightchase

    A panda? *Panda puts on hat* Bai the Panda!

  46. Ashix

    Sylvanas: FOR THE HORDE! Also Sylvanas: THE HORDE IS NOTHING!

  47. jjjey

    change supatease, he is so dulll

  48. João Pádua

    Did I hear [thunderfurry blessed blade of the windseeker]?

  49. Damon Hill

    The real night king

  50. Mason Tartaglia

    Why couldn't Jaina just use her magic like before and clear Lorderon of the gas??

  51. Nick

    Please Blizzard don't destroy him in the Shadowlands think of something good PLEEEAAASSSEEEE

  52. Danny MG

    Voljin with armor in troll meeting/naked in legion death

  53. Studiosmediamilk

    I don't have any fu***** idea of WW's plot and still I cannot stop watching this

  54. Mochi 47


  55. Chaotic Gigante

    This scene plays out every time I think of my Grandfather (Joomshoom) whom passed away sadly. Yes he was my grandfather, but he treated like his own son. I love and respect this man much like Anduin did to Varian. My grandfather was loving, caring. And now I recently learned. Fearless too. I hope everyone is well during this covid. :)

  56. Greg Wilkinson

    I feel like they missed a sick opportunity to start a third faction(Aszhara and the naga team up with Sylvannas and a portion the undead break away(the rest remain under the new leadership of Calia) plus a couple other factions like the San'layn, Mogu, Gilgoblins) could have their own capital city in Azshara(cuz the zone felt like a zone.... not a city)

  57. Jey C

    Don't do anything until you got everyman for yourself - supatease 2020

  58. ††ValiLucy††


  59. Fire Beard

    I don't get how it seems like the arms warrior is hitting 2 mages basically with what seems like a wet noodle.

  60. Just Some Pigeon in a Suit

    Somehow Slyvanas is able to defeat The Lich King

    1. Berserker

      @Just Some Pigeon in a Suit She actually made this deal after she got killed by Arthas. She made a deal with the creator of the lich king. She got whispered by him right after Arthas killed her.

    2. Just Some Pigeon in a Suit

      @Berserker I haven't been paying much attention to the game lately

    3. Berserker

      Not sylvanas on her own. She made a deal with someone stronger than the lich king.

  61. Michal Blaszczak

    so how much of the prize pool is contributed once again by players?

  62. An Over

    She is the true star BFA

  63. Karizaki Ori

    I never played any Warcraft game, but this made me feel so nostalgic and so profound. Although I know nothing of Warcraft, The Lich King is one of my favorite gaming characters.

  64. Evan Anderson

    I love how professionally unprofessional the commentators are

  65. tehiratepirate

    Sylvanas: I, too, farm old raids!

  66. Madd Smaxx

    So Ice Crown is the Berlin Wall

  67. get set

    its good its good, he can still repair it guys!

  68. Masqerader

    1000 rated players crying about state of pvp

  69. Oldrin 187

    This video is the best thing about bfa

  70. Vinicius de Lima Alvim

    Good lords, this one still gives me the chills... That ending, mother of mercy, so awesom!!!! ^^

  71. Ameriah


  72. Radoslav Tsvetanov

    9 Years later you can play Zandalari Troll - PALADIN hahaha. Talk about bad writing. Retarded Developers at their finest .

  73. Christopher H

    oof 1:54 - 2:00 activision whenever they invited blizz in all those years ago.

  74. Andreas Phillipps

    This shows the superiority of pandaren monk

  75. Technoviking1999


  76. Федерико Феллини

    Cataclysm -the best of the best

  77. Venxai

    That rage quit at the very end by berly haha

  78. Jemp Hurr

    Say what you will about blizzard, they know hoe to make a freaking trailer.

  79. Marta Czyż

    this is a fcking joke

  80. re kai


  81. Rainswept Flower

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  82. RKC

    wow pvp hasn't been relevant since they removed resilience and pvp gear

  83. Nezia Ojuara

    I like how at the few moments of actual gameplay the trailer manages to showcase exactly what wow's pvp is about: Getting chain CC'd to death and running around pillars.

  84. T Y

    Wildcard is the people's champion, anyone who break the meta is a winner.

  85. Apragoc

    I sense something elusive

  86. George Estrada

    I think this was a missed opportunity to include the Sethrak for the Alliance as a furry/scaly allied race addition for their respective factions, oh well....

  87. Darrianz Nellie

    No wonder he lost. He was Frost Spec while using a 2-Handed weapon smh. 🤣

  88. Hugget

    Legion was a brilliant expansion, not even arsed

  89. Korean Cowboy42

    Every single time Blizzard makes these, they have such high chances of making a movie better than what hollywood did lol. Serious graphics looked fine and just everything looked good on every single cinematic.

  90. F

    This doesn't prove anything. Bolvar is literally a piece of bacon, and he doesn't even have Frostmourne. Arthas would've Thanos snapped Sylvanas out of existence.

  91. Rick Sanchez


  92. Nicholas Waldrop

    Time to relive the corrupted blood pandemic

  93. Jimmy Andan

    At this point i think if blizzard just commited to making a movie it would make more than wow microtransactions

  94. Vincent Burton

    You asked for it!

  95. Mike Oxmaul

    I cannot believe the alliance didnt rock up with any destro warlocks !?! Battle wouldve been over in a minute

  96. Charley Wymore

    When you finally decide to level your cooking.

  97. Warrcoww

    I think we can all agree, wrath was the last time Blizz was indisputably great