Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. Papyrus

    Am I the only one wondering why she is using all this f**cking plastic containers for clearly NOTHING. Pollution at its finest

  2. Frick You


  3. Purple Ism

    Anyone else who couldn't do henna in their childhood bcoz of shitty school policies? 🙋‍♀️

  4. Hallie Watson

    Why is there so many dislikes :(

  5. positive. alxna.

    the worker has the same name as me(:

  6. Jenica Kim

    Where is the James Charles pallet....

  7. Lucy Lawal

    I get diaper ads like every time and I don’t even have a baby or know a baby!

  8. Monica Mason

    I like my white wrap top (similar to what Saf got) I got online. It's a deeper V with a front tie which is wider. so the bow you make is more dramatic.

  9. Monica Mason

    I do better picking my own clothes online. A few misses with sizes not being correct, colour being wrong or material being subpar, but much cheaper than amazon.

  10. Phantom

    What about a Franken-Shampoo mega mix I bet it would be weirdly awesome🤔

  11. YeiitsSweetCookies UwU


  12. Stefania95 Trifa

    You look so much better than Morticia from the Adams

  13. Gurpreet Kaur

    Hi Robin! Waddup!

  14. Zubaida Tai

    Love online shopping?download Fetch Rewards use code 8CBC6 for free giftcards any store I promise this app is amazing❣(scan a receipt for it to work)

  15. TabaFaye Smith

    The wallet is there anything left ;-; XD

  16. Lucia Svybova

    3:08. What is she doing with her hand 😂

  17. Piper Lego lover

    I am a mix of a Raven claw and a Slytherin

  18. Addy Shorhnr

    Well we know the creator was an anime fan

  19. Emily .

    The combination of pubic hair and steam would make it look like brown underwear from the front. So... I could technically get away with wearing these without underwear

  20. Janeth Gudino

    on 1:42 i was laughing when i saw tylers face on the wall paper lol

  21. Aislinn Schroeder

    The only probelm with cristines outfit is the fact that she was outside her house

  22. Brianna Mcwhirt


  23. Lynn Hathaway

    I love how patient Emma was with them.

  24. Tiger Love

    Anyone else notice the lipstick is 69' inches That's the number of nail powders Cristine mixed together-

  25. Elise Evensen

    but why? this is so incredibly wasteful..

  26. Grace Love

    I find it funny that Safiya got the British hand gesture wrong.... it’s suppose to be a peace sign backwards 😂

  27. Fathima Zahra

    'These are my noodles. do you like them?' LOL

  28. Thomas Delfino

    Seeing RinRin in that mask in 2020 hits different ngl 😄

  29. isodharma

    me: IS THAT MATPAT!!!!

  30. Emanuel Lauren

    I got $300 of McDonald's gift cards!! just head over to *freeburger. me* . (search without gaps), It's just Open-minded.

  31. Nicole Cicchillitti

    The real question is, if you’re not on the pr list for any of these brands other than two... why do have all of them???😬

  32. Nour Abdelalim

    Who else thought the theme park looks like a huge packman

  33. Amy Godinez

    Tyler:Also there's Clair and Emily Safiya :(crying) Hi guYs😭


    She boiled her Period Cup in her kitchen and put in a bowl!??🤢🤢🤢

  35. Paige Smith

    finally a pair of jeans that might fit my long legs

  36. sakuraihikari13

    Question can the lens?

  37. Hertta Haaslahti

    You should mix every chocolate flavour together!!!

  38. maisha price

    This would come in handy now with the lines to get into the stores lol 2020 Rona

  39. Sarah Eliassen

    I know a bit of Korean. 훌륭한 선수로 만든 선구자적 있다

  40. Candy Fam

    Where’s James Charles palette!!

  41. Anagha Bharadwaj Dabir


  42. Anagha Bharadwaj Dabir

    I'm pretty sure that that the view from the top of the hill was very PANNERamic.

    1. Anagha Bharadwaj Dabir

      Nicki Minaj's new song on cheese - Swiss Swiss

  43. Didre Park

    This is how many times they said holo 👇🏻

  44. Ash Smith

    did nobody else notice the things on Tyler's shirt lol 🤪

  45. Susan Flowers

    It has been a while since I visited congrats on your marriage and wow that dress was amazing!

  46. Yoanna Young

    Why don't you try to not use water

  47. Hannah Taliaferro

    I am an Aquarius and most people I know are convinced that I am an alien!

  48. Eliyah Baxter

    What if you’re not allowed to have Instagram Safiya did you think of that.

  49. gagandeep light

    Pleas can you post more ? I loooove your videos

  50. I don’t know what to write here

    You should test clothing from SHEIN! It’s a cheap clothing website a bit like ones you have tested in the past

  51. Ariya Murray

    Does anyone else wonder if in Maleficent for her cheeks to look different shapes???

  52. sofi _unicorn girl

    I think the first outfit you tried was the best

  53. *• Purple Panda Playz •*

    Note: Blood doesn’t flow in water Note: when you travel your period is more likely to come don’t be scared. It happens to me all the time when I see a musical TvT

  54. Melanie Whitehead

    The mixologist kinda looks like that girl Amy was it from dr Phil

  55. ellie

    2020 quarantine anyone ....... no ok

  56. Miringuina Sanchez

    I love how she's so confident about her body

  57. Katsuki Bakugo

    I love this

  58. Eileen Belcher

    is it crayon or lipstik

  59. Isabella Dahl Nielsen

    Can you try The Chloe ting Challenge

  60. Elizabeth Crawford

    You should be a social study’s teacher

  61. Rebecca P

    When she said “ hand sanitizer don’t need that” hurt me

  62. Brenda Drury

    Love it. When you guys were trying flavors as different ones came forward it reminded me of the scene in Willy Wonka where they tried the candy that had a 3 course meal

  63. Lisanne Blok

    They have toilet Paper

  64. Tilly-rose witham


  65. pink hair sorty

    I like have 2 liquid lipsticksand you have a huge bin And I can't use them because I don't know were to wear them

  66. Felicity Tidmore

    For my parents wedding the photographer was drunk a all the photos were so bad

  67. Ash Smith

    11:53 "the only problem is that its gunna be a little hot because its hot outside" -saf, 2017

  68. Jane Richardson

    A cat a moon and a bat.... Its A MAT OR A BAON

  69. Thiendrah

    I love Rosana’s excitement when she sees the cake, she’s so proud of them. I also love her blouse, like how much shoulder pad can you get?

  70. Rheylin Canlas



    mauve over

  72. Ava Kelman

    I honestly thought for a second that she said lipstick whore, not hoarder... 😅

  73. Zarnaih Marchessa

    I may be late 😅 but how about mixing all perfumes together?

  74. Allan Gould


  75. Allan Gould

    So cool 😎

  76. Allan Gould

    I mean kitty cat

  77. Allan Gould

    I like the puppy dog

  78. Allan Gould

    Dress up like a man for a few days

  79. Anna Fox


  80. Jennifer Zacher

    OMG! I was just on tik tok and you were on ESCAPE THE NIGHT😨😳😳😨😨

  81. Aysia Thorne

    Safiya: milk and orange juice Me: bleach and blood

  82. wolf theories

    So 5'9 that's 69inches Me: I'm 5'6

  83. Holly Anstee

    It must of killed her to be in white not balck

  84. Caitlyn Manson

    im so happy for you

  85. Richi Jaison

    Taylor is like Erin Hannon from The Office

  86. Holly Anstee

    Ur relationship is everything! Hope everything goes well for u guys in the future

  87. Potato Minecraft

    Just so you know the trash can thing had 5 stars

  88. Robyn Medicine

    I've watched this like 10 times. I absolutely love it😍😍😍😍 So entertaining!!


    THIS wAs ssooooo hard to watch it’s TOOOO CRINGY 😅😅

  90. Asmae Bahi

    I'm a cancer too

  91. That marching Lunatic

    I love Safiya, she is one of the few youtubers who isn’t fake or rude, just genuine, crazy and really nice

  92. Emily Brady

    If anyone gets this (probably won’t) but this is like a busy at maths problem it’s that dumb 😂😂😂

  93. Arianna Summers

    I think this video was just two adults playing and destroying dolls

  94. 2029 Emma Vaclavik

    I had no ad

  95. Eddie Guerrero

    Oh no please not the shorts I couldn’t turn away I had to look but you look like a boy lol

  96. Malai Maren

    Name=Make me mauve

  97. Sky and sloths !!!!

    just saying after a week the self moshoger brakes well i got the same one and after a week it broke

  98. Bochra Meftah

    ليك من طرف اميمة

  99. Bochra Meftah

    ليك من طرف اميمة

  100. Kayla H

    The sound of your voice brings me comfort! 😯🤔🥴🤤😴