Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. avery rios

    Thank you for this video,see you in the next one in a few months πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. becca mintymeats


  3. Nieve Smillie

    Safiya: Who’s the new spider man?.. Me:Tom Holland Safiya:I’m not sure..? Me:TOM HOLLAND!!

  4. breebo

    1:48 I'm sorry I just laughed

  5. Adwen Davies


  6. super kawaii

    hey you should do one were you mix all of your nail polish

  7. isabella lawson

    Mix together makeup from advent calendars πŸ“†

  8. Miek Reen

    I realy like the name mauvenstein

  9. isabella lawson

    Mix together makeup from advent calendar

  10. _r0niee

    name idea: β€œi like to mauve it, mauve itβ€πŸ˜‚

  11. Elise Thompson

    I like how she doesn’t take any of them seriouslyπŸ˜‚

  12. brookelynne vacca

    You should call it "Franken Mauve" to go along with the Franken theme.

  13. Equestrian and Singing Timmy

    Did somebody say cheese and theme park bed ing ever

  14. Greek Ava

    The wedding planner looked just as Taylor Swift

  15. Ramona Chronis

    Name: Franken-Polish

  16. Grace Villarosa


  17. Mihaela Stojanovska

    wha you did was not how u do it -_-

  18. Alex to be kind Renz

    Sad:Oh a squirrel. Me: SQUIRREL!!!!! *chases it *

  19. Remington Lee

    I’m shocked I wasn’t already subscribed to you! So happy to get to finally enjoy your content!

  20. Sophia Patterson

    They now have the award for life time supply of candles πŸ•―

  21. Piper Pug

    I love the app Quidd

  22. Courtney Crouse

    ALL those colors scream Andy Warhol

  23. Kitty Cat

    A potential name could be "Ms. Mixalot".

  24. Spill The Tea Sis


  25. maddi roe

    Did the smoke detector go off after blowing all those candles out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  26. Richard Readshaw

    Shane β€œ I got it, i’m going to do a three-part series on luxury trash cans” Entire Fanbase β€œ tanacon!”

  27. alexΓ―s lopez

    am i the only one watching this on there period ? πŸ˜‚

  28. Bridget Donovan

    meghan markle isn’t *british-*

  29. tragedy

    her voice is so satisfying

  30. Roblox Fun and more

    Do more

  31. Poppy Sheridan

    Couldn’t you screen record the video so you can pause and rewind?

  32. Hana Ali

    Since when does saf swear? Lol

  33. Leonie Leonie

    when tyler is more asian than actual asians xD

  34. Em R

    Mauve-einstein. Would be the perfect name for this.

  35. Broadway Dreamer

    I wanted PURPLE!!!!

  36. Lolika Lopareva

    you need panty liners not the other pads

  37. White Masked Monster

    *Mauveistical* *please look dis Saf*

  38. weird #n0pE

    Maby mauvi theater

  39. Allison Bracken

    so maybe like a..... winter blueberry cinnamon scone ??

  40. Samantha Rodriguez

    How old are you?

  41. Mihaela Stojanovska

    i don't like the fackt that u have to pay o much $ pur a min u know how fast a min goes so mine whill add up to $100.000 if i was ever yousing it gosh my parents whill be mad if i ever yous it

  42. Schola kerubo


  43. Schola kerubo


  44. Lewy J

    I love wish. But I have a habit of going into the site while drunk. Ordering random sexual items. Forgetting about them, and then getting a bizarre look from my postman a month later.. πŸ˜‚

  45. Sumit Pal

    Okay, let me tell you why I left Buzzfeed and settle this matter here. The reason I left Buzzfeed cause they don't know how to do business

  46. Kaycee Bauer

    You should do this with shower gels

  47. WaterLemon2007


  48. Sandy Burkett

    Maybe not?πŸ‘

  49. Sandy Burkett

    It seems like you got a box of nothing for 500.00$...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  50. Gachagirls Bff

    Maybe frankenmouve?

  51. TayTay Church

    You should name it FrakenMauve

  52. Keira Bramley

    Dominate the mauve, is my shade name

  53. Jess K

    19:42 *WiLlY wONkA*

  54. Alexis Shank

    use a spray bottle that will for sure get your eyes

  55. J Kue

    Frankenstein mouver

  56. Natalie Pieterman

    I appreciate the fact that she used Cards Against Humanity to put her mirror on

  57. SpazzyPaz

    Mauvie Star?

  58. Happy Ajpw

    i love it when she says 'alright'.

  59. Lois Ruhl

    Dumbledore's Pajamas XD XD XD


    Safia logic: Black: normal Grey: wild

  61. Mihaela Stojanovska

    cane I ask HOW MUCH MONEY she has to buy that much lipstick byt I am over here only having 3 :(

  62. katalin

    safs hair makes her look like a soccer mom and i love it

  63. a

    Missed youuu safiyaaa

  64. Dez_Er_Aye

    13:15 "we told her to buckle up.."

  65. Nouran Bakry

    Serenity by saf

  66. Olivia Latham

    How about you mix your bronzer blush eyebrow products or something else for a new video or maybe a wedding video

  67. Fvck Off

    They work together cause they’re like muted versions of the primaries

  68. shushi cat

    why didnt u take cristine there?

  69. Aqeela ansari

    Americans are crazy no doubt

  70. lll l

    That's one ugly ass dress damn

  71. M N

    You should do a makeup decluttering video

  72. Sarah Muller

    Anyone else feel like the ladies at the Orly store acted nice but deep down were a little annoyed by what was happening? lol

  73. Cristiana Ramos

    That's why she was wearing this outfit in the 7-11 video 14:50

  74. Cassidy Wong

    those look like the colors that simply used in the steam off video for her test swatches

  75. Astrid Flare

    You should call it berry me in polish like how you named your lipstick πŸ’„ Berry me in lipstick πŸ’„

  76. T. WOLFY


  77. T. WOLFY


  78. Stien Brussau


  79. Amelia Leach

    They should've called the yellow one Benana.

  80. katalin

    saf and tyler have such a good relationship

  81. Emma Kloppers

    Monster Mauve (like franken polish but monster mash together)

  82. ari reboni

    "i was actually going to say will you marry this dingus" Tyler 2018

  83. Cariss Ng

    And EW LIPSTICKS ARE MADE OF BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

  84. tera tera chan

    I love daiso charcoal foaming face wash

  85. MRs Xpanda

    Mauverlous Get it ? It is easy... Like the word marvelous... Ahhh nevermind πŸ’

  86. Cariss Ng

    Your dumpster is now a lipstick graveyard

  87. cmdub97

    My doctor told me not to wear thongs, because they move pathogens around and can promote infection. I was also told that tampons are not ideal on the heavier days because they block what should be your body's natural flow and can potentially contribute to a more serious condition.

  88. alex november

    bernadatte banner is definitely politely and severely staring disapprovingly at the bat sleeve dress

  89. Bela Yumi San Vicente

    How about giant palets

  90. lonelywolfy

    Shane 2017: lets murder dolls Shane 2019: lets become a make-up channel

  91. Lamar Shaker

    In my country we say mauve as purple Lol. πŸ˜‚

  92. Itz_Molly Gacha

    Lil sis:Cancer Big sis:Virgo Bff 1:Scorpio Bff 2:Libra Bff 3:Capricorn Bff 4:Also a Scorpio. Me:Sagitarius

  93. Itz_Molly Gacha

    Lil sis:Cancer Older sis: Virgo Bff 1:Scorpio Bff 2:Libra Bff 3:Capricorn Me:Sagitarius Dad:Also a Capricorn Mom:Also a Virgo Aunt:Taurus Grandma:Aquarius

  94. sam kaur

    *your so weird* *like me* : >

  95. Coralis Reyes

    I guess it would have been easier to get out if u break the seal. After finding the stem, u have to pinch the base of the cup, then wiggle it out, so much easier.

  96. Sarah LeBlanc


  97. Xerces Formidable

    1st mistake, not having your stuff prepared, 2nd mistake, you have to do one nail at a time otherwise its going to drip from your nail if you move too much... Etc...

  98. lll l

    I have three liquid lipsticks

  99. pink yeti

    Athens has these too lol