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  1. Justin Byrne

    Is this a religious site seems lot of god comments on this post.

  2. Jessica S.

    I agree. The Obama's are classy, kind, decent, caring human beings, as most of us Americans are. We need future presidents and their cabinet members like the Obama's to remove the swamp creature and his minions to restore dignity and civility to the United States of America. God Bless the Obamas.

  3. marisa marroquin

    LPM yo no sabría de llorar por celos o vergüenza

  4. H 1

    How could anyone be a republican?

  5. ying li

    Why is nobody talking about Jamie Foxx and his daughter????

  6. chris cost

    Jimmy sead he spent all weekend putting a cover on his bed and I bet he spent the rest of his time cooking up material to bash the president. Hippocrit stay in your home and never come out.

  7. Adner Suazo

    2:44 The face you make when you cant believe they did that

  8. David DeMarco

    You start with your cutesy intro and go right into bashing our President, something you would have never dreamt of before 2016. You are an embarrassing hack and should relocate to another country asap.

  9. Michael C

    Jimmy Kimmel is a pantywaist crybaby. What about the millions of others who went maskless golfing or swamped the beaches without social distancing. To me, he is that a-hole kid in high school who got beat up a lot and could only pick on those whom he felt secure wouldn't kick his ass, like the president. Loser.

  10. Una Neko

    I'm sad to watch her cause she'll not happy with her's looks like they shape her character...

  11. Heather Eckles

    Where are the captions??? Us deaf want to understand too.

  12. ThePixel1983

    I want to see their reactions when they explain the question.

  13. Condolences To You, My Past Self

    is kimmel high or drunk? Drugged? Hes such a snake, whose to super know..

  14. Myra Panthri

    I miss Obama. He would’ve reacted better to the warnings. Now we’re stuck in quarantine.

  15. Shaquille And Jay

    I’m dead 😂😂😂

  16. Brian Kin

    Trump is " morbidly obese",quote,unquote.

  17. 和MorsK和

    Hoy toca paja.

  18. Sarah Brown

    Kimmel and reading these comments reminds me why I can't stand liberals and their nonsensical bs

  19. Milan

    Whats the backround song?

  20. Trevor Robbins

    this is just a way for chris pratt to say he had a beer with marrgot robby

  21. Shweta Raizada

    I am sorry to say but the movie was disappointing and I found only 2 scenes funny where Walt forgets that Jesse has a degree and also when Jesse starts patting Walt when Walt is coughing

  22. Donna Hartwell-Grover

    Ignorant's is Bliss ! We are all accountable to take care of ourselves if we don't want to die before our time. And, Yes, be respectful of other's before your own selfish needs which will only cause yourself unnecessary grief ! UGG. This story is growing old ! Stay safe !

  23. Milan

    Whats the backround song?

  24. Ann Tran

    why do i hate her?

  25. Job

    Cant do Korean ball either, Bill.

  26. Ava Deng

    personally I think Jenna Fischer looks more like Amy Adams. I mean, remember when Amy guest starred in The Office??

  27. Nancy McPeak

    There was a total of 11 cases of Ebola in 2014. 2014 was the last case reported in US. There was a total of 2 deaths. Perhaps Obama felt secure in the plan - the plan that is sorely missing with the 1.5 million cases of Covid 19 and 100,000 deaths this year so far. Fox sucks.

  28. Habiba Sallam

    Kayleigh Macaroni literally trying to start a scandal out of nothing lol

  29. Joel Haugen

    Fox news is a joke!!!! Hypocritical!!!

  30. NoDaez


  31. salamander7319

    On the profile camera he looks like Evander Holyfield

  32. Mary McMahon

    I've been trying to socially distance myself my entire life. Finally, at age 72 no more guilt!

  33. Milan

    Whats the backround song?

  34. G0LD3N W4FFL3

    I met Adam at Disney one time he acts exactly the in real life and on tv it’s great, he is a great human being

  35. Joe Metallo

    This lasted a few days on my Facebook feed before someone in admin disabled it.

  36. Paul Quinlan

    102000 dead and all states partially or fully opened. Crazy. In a comment about 3 weeks ago I predicted minimum of 250000 dead by end of July. Its looking that way I'm afraid.

  37. Milan

    Whats the backround song?

  38. Milan

    Whats the backround song?

  39. zulfiquar ali

    Sorry Jimmy! You guys got a stupid idiot as a president.

  40. Jenny Tan

    This skit didn’t age well

  41. Constatine XI Palaeologus

    I had an old bible map of part of Italy & Greece and this woman pointed to Italy and asked me if that was California. Dumbfounded I said no that's Texas

  42. Sinduhfelah

    Mr 2-Humps-&-He-Comes-Trump has earned no respect, why! Cuz he’s a 2 hump chump, man!!!

  43. Gogoleate este

    Anyone who can send a spouse to live in a house in the "desert" can have a long enduring marriage

  44. Harvey Lawrence

    These guys are idiots. The president gets tested daily, you don’t.

  45. Anders Hovdenes

    this just gave me nightmares

  46. mattyvtherealg

    Why does jimmy kimmel sound like me at 14 going through puberty.

  47. HypeRacer

    It seems like most of these questions were right between the generations

  48. toto2fly

    What a Beauty ICON

  49. Binju Babu

    Why do I feel that Keanu's younger self would make an excellent choice to play Zuko for the live action ATLA series?! 😍

  50. Jaidancer B

    Paul Rudd and Jeremy Renner are like the perfect pair!!!

  51. Sisú Entrenadoh

    She's just... perfect.

  52. Sandie Kelley

    Did not one person say The Bible?

  53. charlotte Florence Brooke

    Is Jackie in here?

  54. Sinduhfelah

    Mr 2-Humps-&-He-Comes-Trump, has earned no respect, he’s a 2 hump chump man!!!

  55. Meat Lovers

    The fact he constantly wearing glasses makes me think he might be high on opioids 24/7

  56. KingAmroth

    Can we talk about how bad that gold swing is?

  57. Ralph Christ

    Wearing a mask in crowded places is a statement of whether you have a brain or not.

  58. kaloka ka

    Just finished watching season 3 of dynasty i love liz gillies and adam huber ❤️ so excited for season 4

  59. Kate Johnson

    If anyone knows how to suck a golf ball through a hose, it's Trump.

  60. Joe Van Aken

    Given the density of stupidity in the population it is a miracle that the country did not blow itself up yet.

  61. linux750

    Kimmel is such an ASS. Karl was graceful in his defense from Jimmy's ridiculous questions. Karl also had a good sense since if humor.

  62. melek twelve

    Phoebe was always my favorite on Friends, followed closely by Ross and Monica. The other three served well as props, but not much else.

  63. Joyrobin

    Everything is bigger in Texas 😂🤣🤣🤣

  64. fartie pantze

    What a beautiful talented intelligent woman, out of your league Jimmy

  65. tonyface2007

    We are watching the decline of the US right here, this is what happened to the Roman Empire, nobody ever mentions that, when the Goth's rolled up to the gates of Rome, they just found out that everyone had become a moron.

  66. Una Šipka

    It's been 4 years and I'm still waiting for reunion and crying every day

  67. CherryTomatoVEVO

    1:22 that comeback was so hard to watch

  68. Aidan Phelan

    Where in the name of Jesus do they get those Lepers on Fox News from

  69. tonyface2007

    Instead of complaining all the time, has anyone actually tried to inject themselves with bleach !!

  70. Rajani Raj

    At first I didn't think she'd fit for the cast but later you know

  71. Nisa Sunflower

    She said she hates pageants. So I guess she’s being forced or “encouraged” Smh (More makeup)?

  72. Ibrahim Darwish

    Anthony Mackie is an asshole

  73. Maryam H

    Are these the same ppl who after 9/11 wanted to wipe out the entire universe as a revenge for those 3000 deaths?? Now surrendered to their fate with more than 100000 deaths, their anthem "if it's meant to be, it'll be"???

  74. Kerry Sammy

    The president desperately needed a win. I am sure his golfing buddies were trying very hard to lose.

  75. Navid Madani


  76. Herng Tsui

    Michael cured Magic’s HIV

  77. K K

    Jimmy, the fact tht u made a sketch just to ask this question, shame on you! Black, white, asian, latino, alien, etc...who cares? Are we ever going to value what is someone's brains and/or hearts, instead of skin and/or sexual preference?

  78. Y Chai

    After the virus is all clear I’m gonna take a trip to watch jimmy live. Love you so much!

  79. John Huey

    I thought it said celebrities reading text messages from their moms I didn't see an celebrities reading text messages

  80. Kira Kaur

    they are just the best like honestly what i would give to meet them :)

  81. Doc Mike

    I was taking a nap and had a dream that because of the coronavirus, you would order pie from restaurants and you could only get half a slice of pie for the same price due to shortages of pie. Trump supporters were outraged by the pie situation. Trump supporters were so upset they held armed protests over this pie situation. One protestor was on camera and said while crying a little, "My cousin is a frontline worker risking his life everyday so he can afford pie, but now he only gets half a piece of pie. We're gonna take this outrage to the Supreme Court because it violates our rights to pie." Then later I was watching Jimmy Kimmel live and he showed the protestor talking about taking it to the Supreme Court, and Jimmy Kimmel said, "Only under Trump could you picture someone arguing about pie to the Supreme Court. Let's face it; this would not be anywhere near the most ridiculous thing that has been said under Trump."

  82. Chunkboi

    “And he saw they were poor, and bereft, and did build them a great big golf course...” -Dawn French

  83. mohamed ali Boumaraf

    This is horrible greetings from ammmmm I don't know where the hell I'm from anymore

  84. Dénes Tandary

    The impression is not impressive at all.

  85. Emmelize Geldenhuys

    That 10 year old knows more than all those adults who tried it...

  86. Isaiah Chapman

    Wait! A criminal? I bet he was smooth doing it. 😏😏😏

  87. Kieron Rablah

    This kind of selfishness is central to American culture, the worst thing is, you said people should be made to hurt themselves, the world thinks that America should do that generally.

  88. Cool Dude

    Manny Pacquiao will always be better than me at boxing And singing

  89. immensely human

    All I want to know is when's the next Trump rally??????

  90. xXSnow BerryXx

    how the heck can someone call Tom Hiddleston ugly?!!! They really need their eyes checked

  91. Michael Trent

    Please let’s fire his ass in November!!!!!

  92. Eleni 1979

    He was one of my favorites..... everything he was in was so funny, even if it was just terrible LOL. He will be sorely missed. And a light went out in the world when he passed.

  93. yakisoba

    Oh glad I have my dad always shouting his children birthday in the morning ._.

  94. Random Space Monkey


  95. Eugene Zimba


  96. Betty’s Magical world

    No offence but the older ones make me cringe 😂😂

  97. Robrecht saski

    the fascist twits at twit ter!

  98. Dan Horwood

    Must have been a nice piano

  99. Mark H

    Hahahaha his golf 🏌️‍♀️ swing is trash how does someone who golfs that much still look that bad at playing

  100. DꟻIFTY

    We are Homo sapiens, they always get it wrong