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  1. eddy shikwambi

    does jimmy have to talk throughout the whole G.D interview.. he answers his own questions.. super annoying

  2. Markos Hernandez

    social media is just ruining our lives

  3. All On My Own Here We Go

    mom and her children

  4. 이크람

    He really looks similar to Christian bale here

  5. Blitznstitch2

    Trump tried to have Ukraine meddle in the 2020 election, Trump tried to dirty up his political opponent who would win against him.

  6. A bL


  7. Burcol Clone

    6:52 if this guy doesn't win, then he really deserves to be impeached, because it will be a crime.

  8. William Coleman

    That last part bout anxiety ain't funny dawg smh

  9. Itsklepto Maniac

    A. Kaleidoscope when high is not a good mix trust me

  10. Felipe Alves

    I thought america was a continent

  11. Anthony Gutierrez

    Hold on Noah is a soccer fan I'm in love no homo

  12. Leo

    Why are there hens instead of people in the audience?

  13. Creeair

    Yo Logan, I’m from 2 years in the future. You got into a boxing fight last year with a UK NLselr called KSI in the staples center. It was a draw. You had a rematch 1 year later, and you lost. Oh yeah, also 2 years ago you got into this suicide forest drama. I won’t explain.. Edit: Jimmy Kimmel, your gonna get backlash in 2 years from an interview with Joaquin Phoenix, so yeah!

  14. jewell charles

    he needs to quit while hes ahead,if he writes the fake call,it will be even weirder than anything hes said yet,and if his staff writes it,everyone will know donnie didnt .everyone knows hes fixing a fake call,otherwise why not turn it in months ago.probably like his tax returns, non-existent.

  15. Taco Bell

    Why Would You Ruin Our Tacos

  16. B Loveable

    How in the flames do you give this a thumbs down:-( You must be musically handicapped.

  17. joel vasquez villanueva

    I love thos video!! Nice idea

  18. everyday people

    I am Orange, the great and terrible.

  19. faisal Larry

    Wow she looks younger

  20. Loser Daisy

    I have misophonia it’s really horrible

  21. virginiasmiles☺

    This poor interview must’ve been so awkward for both of them bc every question he asked he couldn’t answer 😂

  22. aaaro88

    So He's soliciting Jimmy Kimmel to interfere in UK Elections..

  23. Alex Schmitz

    This was bringing back some scary memories from a talk show in the movie

  24. everyday people

    tRump finally says something that is true: "I'm only interested in corruption".

  25. Karen Piotte

    Lol did the guy in front say he was flabbergasted?

  26. Juan Templar

    Imagine if it was matt damond in stead of chewie

  27. Iqra Adalat

    He has the perfect voice to voice audio book, i'd listen to him talk about anything, anyday, anytime.

  28. don't Care

    Never smoked with me.

  29. kaitlin_ellis_

    Honestly the frozen tissues are the best they are cold touch

  30. faisal Larry

    she won't gonna make it to 80 with you two 🤣🤣🤣

  31. Ifti Hossain


  32. JD Farage

    Go Trump!!

  33. Scott Fera

    FAKE NEWS.. didn't happen that way Jimmy.. you can always get a job CNN.

  34. AwwwhYyyyeah

    have you seen kimmels hands as he talks? absolute manchild

  35. Noah Barnes

    Martin Short was the funniest

  36. Peter Houtsma

    mean it’s crazy! What? We finish each other’s 11:12

  37. Lina Sithlady

    Ohh, why is he so cute with that beard? Captain Charisma alert.

  38. Mildred Munoz

    Yes sewing the patch on! Your right!

  39. preasail

    Coke Zero contains aspartame, a sweetener that causes brain cancer.

  40. Tito SoFISHticated

    I can’t fond it in my emojis

  41. Colin Harris

    I could make this political if I wanted, but really its just hilarious 😂😂

  42. Nicolas Orfanos

    Shame on you Republicans , only red is important.Truth honor, right & wrong don't matter, support a moron idiot , who will destroy the country doesn't matter right? It is all your fault lf you don't get rid of the rat.

  43. Dr Jc

    Will, you ARE more stupid than Trump. Everything you have written is the reverse to reality. ISIS was a tool of the USA to prolong the wars. Trump made more personal profit by selling out to Turkey. Trump has DESTROYED THE US ECONOMY and relationships with Allies. I could go on and on, but intelligent people know the score. Talking of Turkeys, you are by far the biggest most stupid turkey I have thus far exposed.

  44. SchwerMetall154

    I'll admit most of the rap I listen to is stuff like Grandmaster Flash and Public Enemy, but these right-wing blowhards do know there's more rhyme schemes than 'ABAB' right? ABBA, ABCB, ABCA ACDA, like for real. Heck, so long as a beat is maintained and the rhythm isn't lost for the sake the lyrics, you don't even really have to rhyme. Rap isn't just a basic garbage line mix of repeating syllables like how algorithmic Glam Rock and Grunge grew into by the late-80s and 90s, respectively, you can make great music with experimentation and messaging like early Glam and Grunge did. Of course, the same people making bars for President Magoo are the same people who think cutting taxes and raising government spending is fiscally responsible and that Article I, Section 2, Clause 5 of the Constitution is an unconstitutional rule manufactured by 'deep state' Democrats so I guess I shouldn't hold my breath that one of them knows intrinsic music theory of the Rap music genre. Maybe they could ask Kanye for a few pointers, at least he's just terrible and not tragic with that fragile ego he shares with T-Rump.

  45. Karee Damm


  46. faisal Larry

    I just 💓💓 this show 🔥🔥

  47. gmail account

    He looks everyone man of dreams! Prince Charming! Knight in shining armor 😍

  48. Goncalo Madeira

    "My companion of African decent"

  49. Michael R.

    MAGA !

  50. Genie Mememe

    All of the prettiest brown-brown girls are Aquarius! Me! Her! Kenya, Omarosa, Kelly Rowland... There are more but i can't remember. And we all have big ass mouths with white chompers.

  51. Elizabeth McGreevy

    Aawww...Sean Spicer is sweet in Dancing with the Twos. A goober...but sweet.

  52. Sickbrain

    Patrick is like a fine bottle of Chateau Picard, just gets better with age.

  53. alexander Hawk

    They were do close to the holy spider trinity

  54. Mustafa

    With alot of bible and adderall you get Sean Spicer

  55. CrystalLake84

    Kanye is part of the religious right who claim their religious freedom is being trampled on when in fact they try to inject religion into us everywhere and everyday 🤢

  56. Aaron

    You're a loser goof maybe that's why your ratings are tanking idiot

  57. joe hart

    There both for Hillary Clinton so in my book they both can go to hell

  58. CrystalLake84

    Lol. Kanye sures know how to make a buck.

  59. Marcel vdm

    @11:25 he says there isn’t an enterprise?

  60. Tyler Keller

    3:56 He's "thinking he would certainly think about it, while he's thinking about trying to learn how to think".

  61. Rhynda Watson

    That's the problem, some people because of constant Republican vs Democrat rhetoric, can't see what is plainly right in front of their faces, if they can get past loyalty to political party, they could see the blatant corruption right in their faces

  62. Shay Thiele

    Jimmy is a mocker and scoffer

  63. Antonio Aguera

    Hmm, they stole the unnecessary censorship from Mad TV and nobody bats an eye?

  64. CzarnaManta

    I guessed Seth rogen a lot faster.

  65. Kevin Bergman

    I have located over 100 Trillion Ounces of Gold to run this Planet with, I won't need your Tax money I am Santa God if I am Elected President I will Spoil everyone who follows my law of Unselfishness I will seek you out and pave your Road with massive Gifts. God for President Forever 2020.

  66. Paola

    Holy crap had no idea this even happened I love Maná this is so dope 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️

  67. DaleMorgansLife

    i remember when i seen old dominion support thomas rhett and after the concert the walked past me in the street and now look at them im so proud to call myself a fan

  68. Drina

    I really love and admire Sir Patrick Stewart. I just see him as a person of integrity. 👍🤗👩‍🚀🚀🛰️

  69. Caleb Swaggy

    Like: Brandon Armstrong Reply: Marcelus Howard

  70. Zeeshan Muhammad

    I don't wish to be blunt in pointing this out but why is every customer extremely overweight? Even the younger folks seem to be obese. This cannot be the norm in the US, right? If it is, something has really gone wrong with your healthcare services and/or food industries. My comment isn't in ill-will but a honest question (we see a different view of Americans on TV here).

  71. Hello All Right?

    Traduz essa porra aí vey só entendo o Thank you lkkk

  72. Mery Chen

    I have watched Terminator Dark Fate for 3 times and already bought the ticket for tomorrow show.. it's going to be my 4th 😅 totally obsessed with Grace ❤️

  73. faisal Larry

    "Fun my ass, fun is when am laughing not when you're laughing" 🤣🤣🤣

  74. zahid mir

    Arnold tried hard to speak in accent after Jimmy spoke about it .. d d d d d d

  75. Talia Esther

    I feel sorry fr him 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Chris z picking Damon’s nose 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. PaSta

    everyone bashing jimmy for the interview doesnt understand that its all planned lol. Thats not to say jimmy is even the slightest bit entertaining

  77. julija ave

    Выглядит потрясающе! Классная!

  78. Piledriver Gaming

    LEGO would make so much from a set like that. I’ll buy one!

  79. norton wayne

    You just couldn't take Jimmy Kimmel seriously. If he said someone was dead, you'd probably double check.

  80. Thunder Wave

    You were dropped as a child weren't you?

  81. m0lika1

    why do americans have to clap and cheer everything like shut up for 2 seconds and let the animal calm down not everything can be aided by sheer enthusiasm

  82. D e x

    When Trump is front of the camera's, he always starts Trumpslaining, like he's explaining to the little girl or boy why they cannot tell their mom or dad what he did to them because they, the victim, will get in trouble. "Ivanka, you were the one that wanted to drink that champagne, and when your clothes fell off and I was trying to put them back on and you woke back up, you'll be in trouble if you tell your mom. It's your fault."

  83. ger jo

    poor US

  84. Tixe 100

    Read THIS transcript, trump. 🖕🏽 Oh, the “children of the corn” rap contest-cute.

  85. Karoll Lizeth Vega

    Preciosa, reina... orgullo colombiano.

  86. LiveToby

    I will miss the enterprise and data. but i think picard will be good anyway. and way better than the shitshow discovery

  87. Kierstis Kennedy

    This was super cute!!!!

  88. Gary Bricault

    Roses are red. Violets are blue. Impeachment is coming. And you will be through! Voters: Knock knock. trump: Who's there? Voters: Not you anymore!

  89. Irving Kurlinski

    Shawn Spicer = Mr Fairytale

  90. andyelphick

    I love Patrick Stewart, but I hate it when English actors pander to American audiences.

  91. florokinolon

    Love what Halle Berry is wearing.

  92. Aaron Spencer

    This guy need better roles, so much potential 😟

  93. Jojo's Bazaar

    0:35 - 0:46 Reminds me A LOT of a VERY Sssssssspecial character

  94. film wiz

    "WELL I DONT!" when she said that it it reminded me of PHOEBE! ahhh imy

  95. Kristian

    Sean Spicer doesn't care about looking like an idiot in dancing with the stars, if it means that it changes the general public opinion about him. In a few years he'll be that idiot from that dancing show instead of that sociopath who tried to cover up Trump for six months.

  96. yeosatbalmoral

    Listening to her makes me wonder even more - WTF America!

  97. emilyharwood89

    All I can think of when I see him now is the pornhub video of him jerking it. Which is not a bad memory to be fair.

  98. Kayla’s Life

    Can you guys do a series where country singers like Carrie have to try and sing rap songs but in a country melody?

  99. Jamal Jones

    It suck he not saying bad words

  100. Rafael Chavarria