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  1. Mason P

    Moana,Elsa and Anna- We don’t need a man Merida- I’m I a joke to you?

  2. Summer All day

    When Disney made a black movie the main character turned into a frog When Pixar made a black movie the main character turn into a.... blue blob

  3. keren Lopez


  4. Lydia Hanger

    Fullmetal Alchemist: "They will never learn..." Felix, I found your legs!

  5. S Adams


  6. Texting Story

    ❤️i love animals❤️

  7. LazyUggugg -


  8. Galaxiam

    I watched this like 20 times

  9. TheStarsDon'tDance

    Blue Sky and Pixar apparently don't like having their lead black characters, stay black.

  10. Shaela Gillen

    aw this is so cute

  11. Angelo Sarmiento

    I curled up next to my two pitties when I watched this. As soon as the pitbull came out with scars, I started crying 😢. Well done pixar !

  12. Just Spongbob panting

    *When are you guys gonna make a normal movie that's about normal humans*

  13. WolfWoot

    instead of going UP he went DOWN


    every filipino only talking about float” for the sake of nationalism and representation completely misses the point of why it’s so good. “float” uses the imagery of a superman origin to tell the story of a parent struggling to raise a child with autism. it’s everything that “brightburn” and dc tried to do with that character and failed. this story is about anybody who grew up with a medical condition and has nothing to do with being filipino so stop making us look like idiots that only care about things when our race is involved.

  15. Will Parkinson

    How 12k people can dislike this is so beyond me.

  16. 3myr Ryamo

    1:41 why am i getting KH vibes

  17. Kyro

    And then they die because their battery ran out.


    This shows about 0.002% of what a day at PIXAR is like lets be real

  19. pez chingon


  20. AlexDeGhost

    2:17 That face 😂

  21. 100and1percentCotton

    Am I the only one who thinks this is going to be really good???

  22. Justin Hopps

    I cried

  23. TisNessie


  24. MajorityK5 -postsmemes

    Sooo cute

  25. Captain FanGirl

    Peter Parker & Peter Quil

  26. Shaira Mae Loreto

    My dream is to become an animator at disney pixar ❤ i hope someday 😊

  27. Carbon_the_fox

    Id love to see more of this the robots the world i cant even begin to think of possiblitys that they offer

  28. Darcia

    "Fun" fact! Did you know that this movie was written by Brenda Chapman who was dismissed mid production and replaced with Mark Andrews by John Lasseter? Thank god for those executives, always protecting us from creative vision.

  29. NNN

    Brave 2 pleaseeee I'm on love with her so much 💕

  30. Scott Egbert

    I love Pixar but why can’t they make a normal movie not a stupid movie about a annoying little blue thing Pixar needs BETTER ideas

  31. Ördek


  32. boxsct the super cool

    Toy story 4 was on this year

  33. radit bisa apa mari kita tanya

    my expectation all toys were in the rv then surprise bonnie but the reality is disapoint me hate it but like it

  34. radit bisa apa mari kita tanya

    why the ending is so sad pixar can you make toy story 5 more happy and less sad i dont like when woody leaving buss because of bo peep

  35. Ari-playz Crazy mouse

    This animation........jeeezzz I luved it. :D

  36. Mr 404

    Where is BUZZ 🚀

  37. Jim Howse

    I don’t think soul is gonna be bad they just set it up to be something it wasn’t without really showing what that soul world is about.

  38. Facundo Ruiz

    Secuellll plss!!!!

  39. Jacqueline Larsen

    Bad white owner. Brown rescuer. Perfect biracial couple. Gotta be politically correct right?

  40. Abyssal Boy


  41. Jacqueline Larsen

    I hate to see dogs chained up

  42. Catherine Gomez

    ahhhh mama Coco reminds me of my own lola Shes not gone, im just emotional

  43. weirdoandrew

    1:15 not funny, didn't laugh.

  44. Ranga Reddy

    I liked that blue thing too!!!

  45. Benita Hiestermann

    I don't know why that moonster child staring as Boo is making me laugh so much! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Benita Hiestermann

    Lol! 😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Anna Che

    Yes I did

  48. TOTORO-playz

    Anger, did you know Hawaiian pizza was actually invented in Canada?

  49. Pj Jama

    Ok I’m so proud of AJR! When I heard the opening notes, I-

  50. Lucie C


  51. Rachel Palm

    why are my eyes leaking

  52. Kazaki

    When will be an UP 2?!

  53. Tabain Hossain Tonoy

    Speech of the year

  54. A96oaye

    I came here from a Facebook meme

  55. Ariel Arias Petzoldt

    Ian Reminds Me Of Mike Wazowski Barley Reminds Me Of James P. Sullivan

  56. Adnan Taher

    How's is Hector gonna disappear if Miguel remembers him?O.o

  57. Muhammad Gibran

    This is the best pixar my soul trailer has ever seen

  58. Mad the Monk

    As a ginger, this film offends me

  59. Cyranyiess

    Here's the thing the only reason im here is because of AJR. I'm really happy to see them finally being recognized.

  60. Roger That!

    Still gonna give it a watch. Looks interesting to me

  61. Balaji Jananila

    I love toy story 😘😘😘

  62. brokenwheel200 7

    I though this was a boring pixlar movie

  63. My Name

    My interest seized to excited on 0:55

  64. JoshuaLim YT

    Anger=Goku transforming

  65. MovieWorldTour SherinaPSFanatics

    Merida was brave just like Rama from The Raid

  66. Galaxy _mooncat77

    I love this I wish there was a 2nd film

  67. raja ahmad d

    Anybody knows what is the title of the backsong after the remember me?

  68. Luigi Nastro

    Well, at least it's not another unnecessary, cash grab-y sequel.

  69. TheFreakaZoo

    That's called a time-lapse of your complex, Pixar. Why was I expecting something useful, this was a bigger waste of time than watching the good Dinosaur

  70. Lonely River

    Greek myths has entered the chat

  71. test email email

    I am neither brilliant nor passionate about anything 😔 Is there anyone who thinks the same ?

  72. Lovely Peaches100

    This movie is a masterpiece

  73. wideweb World

    이런 PIXAR의 분위기가 정말 좋다

  74. PixelSonic101

    Pixer: Swears Everyone: Impossible Me: finally

  75. Sora Tohara Torrington

    I don’t like broccoli pizza. who is else agrees?

  76. Magic_Zach

    Brave is honestly such a wonderful film, I don't know why it doesn't get more attention

  77. BoltPat Reskpekts

    This looks like an animated child-friendly version of Weekend at Bernie’s.

  78. M. Yusuf

    i cry

  79. Alperen Keser

    0:46 So we have a flying motorcycle? KARMA

  80. Tony da Costa Valentim

    Put the legends in portugues, please!

  81. Tibbs202 Mc chicken nugs

    Pixar employee:omg i have an amazing idea we should do a really inspirational and different type of film everyone will love it Pixar:ok so what if we did that but instead it turns into inside out

  82. m k

    Ok but that guy on the bike would have definitely went into that manhole too

  83. Bunnyaimee

    This definitely isn't what I was expecting when they said pixar irl, I thought it was gonna be a series where they navigated around the real world...but I guess this doesn't look terrible lol

  84. Nomad


  85. Jammy

    My Mind: I don't understand why do i have to cry everytime I see this scene My Heart: You won't understand

  86. Jenna McNellage

    This soundtrack I just know will be amazing

  87. SwitzDog

    I'm sure the movie will turn out to be way better than we expected, we just gotta wait and see.

  88. Dfy

    I really really am hoping for this movie to blow me away when it comes out, and I’m really really hoping it doesn’t become Inside Out 2 or Princess and the frog 2...

  89. Maddie Patty

    This looked really cool until

  90. pinaky das

    Always mesmerizing.. up .. inside.. now soul.. what next...?

  91. pinaky das

    Self realization...

  92. Longasgiraffe

    It's directed by Pete Doctor and is from Pixar, in my opinion, I think It's going to be good

  93. Lycia Esaura

    Pixar be like "Nothing better than doing a movie about death ima right !?!"

  94. крот полиглот

    that moment gets me every time

  95. Goblin Slayer

    So it's basically a prank show.

  96. I'm sorry.

    If we changed sonic design we can change this movie plot!!

  97. alex

    the film looked great until about 0:53 seconds in

  98. Yank Chnk

    Wow this looks goo- *Main character turns into a blue blob looking thing* Me: 1:20

  99. a cat

    I bet she smells like Ale and Haggis. In other words: perfection.

  100. MARIO reviews 123

    did you see me up there I’m a natural