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  1. Vixen Fox Sly


  2. I know you're gonna say army's everywhere

    this girl kinda remind me of the girl on scooby doo

  3. The Service Angel

    Wait didn’t the mom say the dad Cheated on her and they were getting a Divorce. But they were together at the end of the story. Sometime these story’s make absolutely NO SENCE

  4. Aishwarya Gupta

    Karma is a bi*ch

  5. xd SHAH G

    Use me as the WTF button

  6. john_ dros

    Next title : I dated my teacher in Minecraft

  7. mani productions

    Next video : when I was 14 I found out that I was a dog

  8. Morgan Rouse

    Her voice is so annoying

  9. John 200733

    Why does the girls dad look like Mike Myers

  10. Virginia Smith

    All the spinning in this video made me sick

  11. Zuzanna Potterhead

    Is anybody gonna ignore the fact that in the story she said her name was anime but in the description says "hi my name is sam

  12. Yung-Danko -_-

    I feel,sorry for the people believing this a actual real story

  13. Shylah John

    She calls 911 to get police not cops huh

  14. Patrice Silver

    Grab my booty and we gone fight

  15. Cristiana Estima

    *sally face (from chapter 3) reads the title* HA! Amateurs

  16. ?Oscar?

    3:40 i am not your mam hahhahahahahhahahahah lmao

  17. Rainbow_17

    If this story was a movie omggggggg❤️✨✨✨

  18. •Peanut Butter•

    Why does her shirt have socks?

  19. Naomie Kim

    i know im not the only one who notices shes wearing a shirt with socks on it

  20. Ibrahim Khalil

    oof who else hates her

  21. RehabCZ Games

    She deserves VAC Ban for cheating....

  22. Patti Linn

    If her parents got a divorce, why is the father still there?

  23. Vanessa Z.


  24. Mai Halfaoui

    Hi comment number 189

  25. Sabra Vlogs

    Jason does not deserve u

  26. ali nelson

    i feel bad for jason :<

  27. Raku Okami


  28. ali nelson

    im sorry but i rlly do not like this bc cheating is soooooooooo wrong >:(

  29. Shana Manning

    I like this artist work. Out of all these cartoons this is the best

  30. Jasika Kaur sethi

    I need to ask why are you wearing tshirt with socks

  31. DEEDO 46

    Next title I left my mom at 6

  32. Letsplay_games

    Next story my boyfriend was my dad

    1. blue bandana

      You get my vote

  33. Blaze Dragon

    honey- what the f*ck

  34. Most Amazing

    Why is her shirt with socks? 🤔

  35. Nate Lowe

    Your brother is a phsyco

  36. Letsplay_games

    Early is it ok if i put ur vids on tiktok

  37. Chy'Niara Billingsley


  38. ItzNicGaming 123

    Early! xD

  39. JoannaPlayz Roblox

    Wait she said her mum and dad were getting divorced next min they are back together?

  40. Robert Morales

    So she didn't show anyone the text messages from Robbie? Not the cops, not her parents?

  41. Ognen Kecedji


  42. 100% Real Story Animation

    This teacher is a psychopath. He is ready to kill everyone who bothers you just because he loves you. This is not a way to solve problems. This is a way to create bigger problems. I am really glad that he didn't hurt you either because he loves you. But you were not wise when you ran away from him this way. But you survived. And that's what matters

  43. PS4proatplayinggta1 Amiri

    5:09 hahahahahah

  44. Maida Salvo

    que papás más como el culo

  45. Frosty

    Do women ever realize that's creepy That's your teacher

  46. Cassie Stoddard

    In horrified by her socks shirt

  47. little_jourd

    whos a true fan of my story animated❤ Small channel growing

  48. Smiley 12

    Oh yeah when a boy is hot he is mysterious but when he is ugly he is creepy.

  49. Kashaan Latif

    Why is nobody talking about the girl Is wearing a blouse whit socks on 👚👚😂😂😂

  50. 100% Real Story Animation

    Your parents are fools because they haven't believed you since the first time. If only they believed you. You will avoid much trouble

  51. My Story Overload

    This is crazy just like ours!

  52. Lali Cicek

    That title is wrong

  53. Dany X9

    When will : "I have been in coma for years but I still can hear everything part3". I really want to know what happened for snowball

  54. Chase

    This is almost as unreal than how unreal it seems that you think that we are gonna believe this

  55. 100% Real Story Animation

    How did this sick person become a teacher? This is the big question. Educators must have psychological examinations before they qualify as a teacher for our children. So there will be much less problems with teachers. They are our children and we have to protect them from something like this


    Who noticed she Had the same shirt with socks on and pants

  57. liora jalfon

    She just blames EVERYTHING on her DAD! Like really

  58. Ollie Lear

    Is that Lust from fullmetal alchemist in the thumbnail?😳😳

  59. Beautiful World

    I like it❣️❣️ She weird🙄🙄 But it kinda cute though 😜

  60. Alien vs Predator

    I've been attacked by a copy cat jason voorhees

  61. cresun


  62. Elena Janicijevic

    So we are going to ignore that this girl has socks on her t-shirt

  63. The Fenlon Family


  64. Matthieu plays 10027

    That story was scary

  65. Ahlesh

    The whole story is a lie written by a racist lol

  66. little_jilly_jelly

    "How could I love him?" It's called Stockholm Syndrome

    1. It Happens

      Hi we are waiting for your comments on our stories too 🤗

  67. Dancing Pigeon

    2019 Kidnappers. *hey kid get into my van and I will give you some candy* 2020 Kidnappers: *hey kid get into my basement And I will give you some cand*

    1. Dancing Pigeon

      It Happens I’m already subscribed but sure I could watch some

    2. It Happens

      Hi Pigeon we need your opinion for our stories too 🤗

  68. iEzexity

    *Reads tittle* me: what were you doing on your teacher basement tho?

    1. It Happens


  69. Aria Sweetsky

    "And she had the most beautiful blue eyes" They are green 😐

  70. Shericka Henyard

    I'm surprised she didn't get any STD's🤢🤢🤢🤢 so disrespectful to Aaron😡😡😡

  71. ToastyBreadBoi

    Why is it all the girls in these thumbnails have the biggest breasts- *Thumbnail artist is weird..*

  72. Rex 7

    Use me as “wtf” button

    1. It Happens

      Use me as " what an amazing animated story" button 😉😉😉

  73. Clodagh O Neill

    Hey there my name is anime

  74. Smølísh Dêvîl Gåchā

    Oh the title has bad grammar

    1. It Happens

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  75. Kaiya Tate

    My question is why does she have socks on her shirt???😂😂😂

    1. It Happens

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  76. TC 329

    Next title: I watched my story animated and my brother became a fish and destroyed all the valuables we collected

    1. It Happens

      We also need your titles for our stories 🙈

  77. Ha bi Ba

    Can you make part 2

  78. may's stuff

    16 mina ago?!

  79. Zero

    jez what a freak

  80. ItzNicGaming 123

    No offence but you’re girlfriend is kinda ugly in the thumbnail. Lmao P.S it says education in the category but at 4:27 they spelt meant wrong. xD

  81. Professional gameplay

    Rita ugleee

  82. Alfie Pearce

    *T H O T P A T R O L*

  83. SoccerPlayer blue1

    Ok so who wears a shirt with socks on it sooooooooo ya and wear did she get it??

  84. simikico977

    112th yes

  85. Vampire icedragongirl2004XD Vampire diaries!!!

    *Sees thumbnail* Me: DIRTY MIND!!!!

  86. Danny plays Roblox and mincraft

    i like socks :p

  87. Asyjah Haynes

    Really even the cartoon has a iPhone 11 Pro I still have a dumb 6 wow my life

  88. Taha Bakir

    How come the girls I encounter are NOTHING like the ones in this story?

  89. Ethan Beveridge

    Use me as a “WTF” button

  90. Duchi

    When you realize The first 30 seconds is just about a girl fangirling on a Teacher

  91. Ciaran McMorrow

    Aw poor you

  92. Ellez M

    8:28 Exactly smh

  93. Jake Masson

    01:32 yummy yummy yummy yummy...



  95. Molster 55

    If her parents broke up then why where they telling her of in her house together?

    1. blue bandana

      Thats what I wold like to know

    2. Purdi Leigh

      I wondered this also

  96. Epic minecrafter27

    That some real lizard shit!

  97. Henry KJY

    Why is Batman like almost everywhere in the video

  98. Wolfie Silver

    You sound like a fun person to hang out with in my opinion. I think I could even get along with Scar.

  99. Mahmoud Widian Vlogs

    Y is Jesse half a cat

  100. Safiur Rahman

    Why did you guys kiss what did i even click on