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  1. Ahmad Salem

    So, who won...?

  2. seAnceTM

    anyone know what case hes touching @8:33?

  3. Mohammed Alhamed

    Sandals and socks? You disappointed me

  4. Adriel

    Yeah that's cool and all but: - AMD still sucks for gaming (intel gaming performance is greater) -Intel's single core performance which is essential for gaming is greater than AMD -Intel's overclocking performance is greater than AMD - Intel is cheaper than AMD (i7 9700k + Gigabyte z390 Aorus Xtreme cost about 906 euro) compared to (AMD Ryzen 3950x + Gigabyte x570 aorus xtreme cost about 1240 euro) and that's not even top of the line motherboard for these CPUs, and additionally that's the launch price of 3950x, sale price will likely be much higher as it usually is in my country. Fact is, at the end of the day, Intel is king in price to performance for gaming, AMD is for other stuff.

  5. KacangNgoding

    15:11 me : my other fiends: oh, those guys have 3d printed save icon!

  6. Bres Saga

    have an amd gpu, then uses nvidia flash drive LOL

  7. DJMAXOfficial

    Woow Dream Case: These gys from Digital Storm know how to do a case :)

  8. vince R

    These VR games obviously have a bunch of timing and accuracy aids built into the game. No human being could hit every single block in the perfect position with perfect timing every single time especially if you haven't practiced a ton of hours.

  9. Mārtiņš Amats


  10. Mārtiņš Amats


  11. Thisun Nanayakkara

    Can you review the dell inspiron 15 5000 5584 with the i5 8th gen

  12. Mārtiņš Amats


  13. Monty Python the Flying Circus

    Hello Linux Tech Tips can you do a video on “Shadow” - it’s an app that is meant to turn any pc into a gaming pc (without upgrading the machine) and is going to better than Stadia so I hear.

  14. Richard Dana

    Is LTT Clothing waterproof? 🤔😂

  15. Mr. StealUrGirl

    6:23 Anyone else using an ipad air to watch this? In 2019

  16. Freezetusk

    Overkill and overpriced for gaming, underkill and overpriced for productivity. The 9900K(S) is in a bad spot.

  17. dregenius

    Oh man... wonder how much money changes hands in any given economy purely as a result of Adobe Premiere being a big bloated asthmatic 32-bit bodge of a codebase? I mean if Linus had to spend tens of thousands just to stop Premiere from crashing... I guess there’s a reason Resolve and Final Cut Pro are still used by *actual* studios (you know, the ones that have to explain their budgets to shareholders and don’t have at least some free hardware literally thrown at them in exchange for reviews lmao)

  18. American Lost

    Now you have a computer to check your email and to watch youtube videos.

  19. Bulldozer

    Sorry for my bad english. Do i get it right ? The best Sound in gaming is to get good Earphones and Dolby Atmos ?

  20. D

    Some Super gaming nerdy stuff going in this video and Linus is in Turbo Nerd Gaming Mode

  21. Ethan Harding

    Linus my 2700k sandy bridge hit 5 ghz on air ... intel stop ripping us off

  22. Duncan Groenewald


  23. Ren Toyonde

    This CPU looks so fecking disappointing after all those 3950X videos...

  24. staydown killen

    Linus. My first cpu and the graphics card has 3 hdmi ports. Linus says in his video most modern don’t have more then one or two

    1. staydown killen

      Rx 480**

    2. staydown killen

      Rc 480 8gb

  25. grumpi cofi

    Can we get a VG27BQ review? I just got one and i'm loving it. I feel like the the AQ is trying to be a TN and the BQ is trying to be an IPS. The Color Reproduction on the BQ seems good. I want to see tests. Please and Thank You

  26. shahnewaj muhammad shakil

    Before 4 min you can see his antistatic cable is unplugged 🤪

  27. Tristan D

    "can you guys just act a little... on earth?"

  28. MrZombie

    Who remembers Hunter Games in L4D, you do great now Imagine playing them in VR :O :D

  29. HawK

    So no one is going to talk about the person recording Linus in the background? 10:20

  30. Steven Barnes

    OMG! your Amazon delivery driver knocks twice! You must live in a posh neighbourhood to get that many knocks.

  31. William Brack

    still slower than AMD

  32. Jimpen.

    6:20 ok boomer

  33. Jah Gonzaga


  34. highjim

  35. HeNeXeKr1

    combo a large cutting board/ any board with books or other media underneath to diy some height

  36. NicoTheDeeko

    Luke would have made this video better

  37. bkingk8

    First time I have been jealous of our boy here....

  38. allnicksweretaken

    Wow, the memories! And Commander Keen on that beast 486dx2 66mhz, total overkill, but cool! I used to salivate over having that cpu. And that creative awe32 soundcard, so awsome. Cyrix processor, I used to have one of those 486sx 25mhz I think it was. Haha, 0.7 / 1.2 mb 5.25" disks, that wa the shit! xD Edit: Yes Linus, I'm even older than you. ;)

  39. Mr. StealUrGirl

    That’s a screenshot 😂

  40. MrZombie

    Now Linus has this silly hat 8:44 will he now become the High Priest of Tech because we all know Priest have the silliest of hat :D

  41. Ren Toyonde

    7:55 You know... I don't really hate the puns, I just absolutely abhor the childish way Linus always points them out.

  42. JW86SH

    Here's hoping that Linus goes out of town every May so that we can get a "Dennis Tech Tips!" that Anthony ends up

  43. Rad dog

    Linus sounds like every gen z or alpha gen kid in america.

  44. Decenium

    magic is not real!, high five!

  45. Tarel sun

    So you didn´t even got a Retail CPU? Or is every Customer getting that Treatment for their CPU?

  46. Jeremy

    100Mb while I'm getting 10Mb/s lol

  47. Roland Lawrence

    i was suckered in by the "pelican case". the cpu i was about as interested in as a disney star wars film.

  48. Some0ne

    Giving rtx 2080 ti to 6 yr old kids..... Like cmon they're going to put in their basement ffs they're 6666

  49. Oliver Plicht

    der8auer is selling a 5.2 GHz 9900KS on caseking^^

  50. Thriving Entrepreneur

    Honeycomb Glacier Concept > this

  51. Mec Frost

    What the 🐠 Who like Asus. Subscribe

  52. notthere83

    Makes me wonder whether there's cooling gear out there that uses freezer tech.

  53. Recep işik

    Dil probleminden dolayı anlamasamda gayet güzel içerikler üretiyorsunuz güzel projelerinizin devamı dileği ile

  54. Simon

    Using Preview on MacOS is literally some black magic. Since Illustrator files save with a pdf attached, it previews them and all the artboards, previews all major video files used by pros, most types of images, text files, presentations, charts, microsoft office and apple’s suite included, and it can do all combination of those together so you can browse through a number of them with this sick space shortcut key. You can hold space to preview for as long as you’re holding it or open it and close with a space. It saves me so much time every single day, especially since most of apps such as adobe cc take some time to open, especially if i want to open many of those files at once.

  55. Michael Wilde

    I'm calling bullshit. I've got enacfire e18 and you can skip track backwards and they are also great quality. I wont be watching this channel again as hes obviously been paid to promote. Plain shady

  56. music South

    Isn't she a beautiful chip...knocking down every AMD chip in gaming and fps..with more cores and threads AMD fan kids are crying all over the world. Hahahhah

  57. notthere83

    Linus should've said something like "I wonder what crazy shit those guys are up to this time" in that pre-recorded clip. ;)

  58. Dandin

    This monster he created is a abomination and like a abomination it should be burned

  59. MrZombie

    This is a fun and interesting build but what I would like to see after you have finished all the testing after completion is for you guys to tear this down (sorry) and rebuild it in a case more appropriate size-wise with bigger(and maybe be more) fans and then do the testing again. but got to say nice job looking great :)


    Can you do a review of the CPU used for CAD?

  61. Shawan Shit

    Windows+print screen is the easiest way to take screenshots.

  62. Thoth Ahura Mazda

    I overclocked my computer once it was noon but I set the time for 1pm. What happened next was a time distortion field. I could see seconds of the future.

  63. Alibaba Jackson

    those were times where u didn't have to play IPS lottery, I returned 2 of those pieces of shit IPS panels and bought TN again

  64. A P

    7:50 Sup Rossman.

  65. Ezm3at

    Why is the motherboard upside down? that would frustrate the piss out of me.

  66. Ali Shahzad


  67. Ben Martinez

    I actually like the microphone

  68. Jevon S

    Zen 3 is coming too. Based on zen 2, i expect to go AMD for the next few years. Excited for zen 3 in laptops and a more excited linus

  69. Zanee Whoo

    Frkns boomers

  70. BVG


  71. Kraken Tortoise

    Love the Meme Per Second ratio in this video :D

  72. NotJam

    Epic fail 0:07

  73. Jackson Walter

    OnePlus 7 Pro is a fantastic phone especially with the BlackFriday promo going on. You can get a OnePlus 7 Pro with 256gb storage and 8gbs of RAM for $549 without tax ($494 with the student discount). That's a heck of a deal for all the OnePlus 7 Pro specs and features compared to other flagship phones. I was looking into getting a used iPhone XR or iPhone X to replace my iPhone 11 Pro Max after getting mugged, but I'll give OnePlus and Android a shot at this price.

  74. HavocReaper 24

    Man i wish lol im selling my crotch rocket just to replace my graphics card that got broke 😭

  75. Lanceyzzy

    5:30 Linus, it's B E E X C E L L E N T lol

  76. MonamiTech

    need all corr Ghz overclocked 3950x

  77. Sunny Chaudhary

    How many cores and threads tho 😂😂

  78. Somethingelse

    Wow overclocking a few fps more killing your CPU making you buy a new one The manufactures love it

  79. SteadyChaos Productions

    I'm not sure I trust any LG monitors right an LG UD99 in late 2017 for one thousand bucks - barely two years later - the corners and edges of the screen are getting a nasty red glow/bleed. The bleed is getting worse by the week too. Many others have reported this problem with their UD99's as well; check out the Amazon reviews. I can't speak for the rest of LG's monitor lineup, but I'd buy the extended warranty if I were you.

  80. Apple Fanboy

    Linux gestures are the same ... and it free :D

  81. MrZombie

    lol that Dennis Tee close up :D

  82. bhagyesh Patel

    Ryzen 5 3500 will bottleneck gtx 1660 super without overclocking processor? Plz reply

  83. JW86SH

    I love your sponsor plugs

  84. Mic2000

    This was really good.... you look like an icon.. that you need to move to the trashcan

  85. Newdals

    So I've been watching a bunch of your videos buddy and I got to tell you you come off as real pretentious I don't like it

  86. molnez

    @7:35 When even Linus is concerned about a fire hazard, you know it's bad.

  87. Fuzzy Johnson

    Our hospital receives patients from private ambulance companies who use computers like this. They get knocked around a lot and they hold up. Also, while I was in the Service, some soldiers had these for obvious reasons.

  88. Fly Sky


  89. Michael Green

    I see you Barrow Res/Thermometer combo, plus side, least that is a vote of confidence for Barrow parts.

  90. username username

    2 adds before the video which is technically an add in disguise where Linus also pushes a product sponsor on top of that video where at the end of the video an add is played

  91. Hasan Wibowo


  92. AnimeIsLifeTM

    I actually have the kotion each g2000, it is really nice in actuality, it also lasted around 2 years so far with me throwing, hitting, etc

  93. Jae Ekow

    How much do you think it'll go for now?

  94. quarkie

    Next iOS update: no virtualization without a proprietary dongle we cannot obtain unless we sign an EULA that we will never use it.

  95. morne bruh

    ok boomer

  96. ZeeC

    whor they looking at every few seconds . .

  97. Matt Gamer

    She has a better pc than my 2 pcs combined

  98. morne bruh

    ok boomer

  99. Mitsuka Souji

    You can just bring 8000 lumen flashlight with yourself and blind the cameras while taking thing from shelf.

  100. Sods of Beaches

    Hi guys love the vids and the wit there any update to couch gaming keyboards? Keep up the great work. Have a happy xmass and an even better new year