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  1. notice me sanpai

    I bought an s8 for the same price as the airpods pro.

  2. Anonym 123

    ***BS meter Activated***

  3. Nathan Thwaites

    it can alrready play netflixxxxx

  4. TheForfattare

    Does someone know that guy glasses model?

  5. Jean de La Fontaine

    Wait what? They're just joking about peeling BBC (Bic Black cable)?

  6. EyesWideOpen

    ditch the rotten apple people .... just get with the program and throw it in the garbage *yuppie screeching ensues*

  7. ANON A


  8. LoLeX3788

    LoL. Im sellling my old switch to by a mew one because I dont hack and I want the longer battery life.

  9. systim30

    Anthony froze in the back with the dumb dumb face of Saitama...🤣🤣🤣 he's secretly the One Punch Man

  10. Purpleninja102

    8:24 is also exactly what i did when i first opened my 500D. The doors are too good

  11. superkrabban

    You need to use hardware more than only 5 years. It's not sustainable.

  12. Youareasmellyduck

    nobody tell linus its impossible for a bot to get an mvp in csgo he literally has to do nothing to get it

  13. Jonathon Tupper

    Can i get one of these for iPad? With shadow gaming I’m going to be playing star citizen with the iPad.

  14. tankdog03

    On android typically you dont need updates because theres always a way to get the features you want by simply installing an app to do it, or a new launcher.. I've got the paid version of nova launcher and since the galaxy Note 9 I haven't even used it, one UI2.0 is great.. hopefully they keep updates coming to the note 9 after android 10, but I doubt it.. theres still people who haven't gotten the android 10 update because of there carrier.. I rock a factory unlocked note9 512gb/8gb ram and I'm actually still on the latest beta version because I'm to lazy to downgrade then take the official update, I can imagine alot of people will be stuck on the beta because of this, alot of people have never heard of odin or used it. Once tmobile launches the official android 10 then I'll upgrade maybe, although running the unlocked firmware is clean, I actually dont mind tmobile's firmware, gives u a few perks

  15. T Poe

    She’s so polite too

  16. DanOwar Kills

    Would a lot be cooler if someone did the opposite and got switch firmware running natively on higher powered android devices so you could play Switch games without dipping below 30fps.

  17. WurstBroHD

    unbox therapy vibes - like it tho :D

  18. Simon Byrd

    About a year and a half later..I guess it still works?

  19. Red Crimson

    im glad the rtx 2060 is $300 now

  20. Slandey

    It is very fun knowing that a 3 year old's pc is 10 times better than mine

  21. Or3

    Damn I also had a squeaky voice in grade 8

  22. T Poe

    He died a little every time she dropped the motherboard

  23. IAt0m1xI

    I was hoping that dolphin would run flawleslly, but its droping in frames....

  24. amel3

    after 25 years we gonna laught at that ultrabook

  25. Keenan Carey

    I would think nintendo could do some nifty PR by teaming with these guys and distributing switches with this as an easy option at a slight markup from the start.

  26. rTechPlayz

    Actually, android on switch is ass. And this came out 6 months ago...

  27. haithem kenway

    try this shit on RUST you will see the diff.

  28. X Eleven

    Trash, doesn’t work with Razer Synapse

  29. Max Sachs

    Wear your seatbelt Linus!

  30. Harry Hopkinson

    The girl was pretending to play by just watching a shroud stream.

  31. Clay Wheeler

    Better video than The Verge $2k "Gaming PC"

  32. Düm Gãmës

    she installed a cpu before i could spell my moms name

  33. Kravis Lagando

    Just put it in rice

  34. DKRacingFan

    Does work tvs?

  35. My Crazy World

    Why don't you just zoom out then? To avoid the 'punch hole' display

  36. Rainer Zufall

    press L to skip the ad

  37. Prot Eus

    Apple hardware has been dead years ago, a DOA server is pretty much expected.

  38. quantum_ghost

    I wonder how Firefox and Edge would perform in this astonishing machine.

  39. JAHomeRenos

    Hey Linus just a note I've been watercooling PC's since the 98/99 somewhere in that time frame, watercooling is not a new school treatment lol Next you should do an old school overclocking video using the E8400 that chip was a beast and the gigabyte ep45-ud3l and ud3r boards had no problem pushing a 500mhz FSB and the E8400 with even just a good tower cooler could take it without breaking a sweat. I have an E8400 chip I'd be willing to donate to the cause if you can get the gigabyte board. Sorry my UD3l board is currently running a Q9550 at a modest 3.8ghz with a FSB of 448. That seems to be where the my chip maxes out without pushing the vcore above 1.45v.

  40. Rob03tt

    What’s the song at 8:40

  41. northy Land

    I'm still waiting for a urine cooled computer mod.

  42. Bobby Marks

    So wholesome

  43. Nevermore

    I use right click on Mac all the time. It's just a double finger tap though. xD

  44. Joschua Schmidt

    And here I am, watching videos shot on an 8K camera with my 5" phone on 720p

  45. Mr.Freshboy

    3:00 it's the Coronavirus

  46. special jester

    BF5 was so low because it doesn't support SLI

  47. JAHomeRenos

    My sleepers are my i9 9900k 32gb of ram and an nitro+5700XT in an antec 1200 case and the other one is an i7 9700k with 16gb of ram and a pulse 5700XT in an antec 900 2 case. My i9 was in an antec torque case but it I sold it it's a nice case but I live in the country on dirt roads so we get a fair amount of dust when the windows are open in the house and it was impossible to keep it clean. The 900 and 1200 cases on the other hand I was able to get filters for the front intake fans keeping dust at a minimum.

  48. Jordan

    "we're gonna be *really* gentle with the motherboard, okay?" *THWACK* 6:00

  49. MusicKing Reversals HEy click this link if linus is cool

  50. NKGamer

    All those dislikes were probably from Nintendo

  51. John Kennedy

    Did you do a experiment with another program using 2TB of ram? I don't think this was the best use of all that ram... Video editing? Mathematical program, cad? I read somewhere you could create a ram disk and run programs on the ram; even the os. Hoping this experiment didn't end with this video.

  52. KiddInClass

    This comment will probably never see the light of day, but damn, the feels this gives me. I’m not too into tech design, it isn’t my interest, but damn are your videos so entertaining to watch. You’ve made tech something that people can universally love.

  53. TheOneWhoisDrunk

    LTT makes Switch Android video. Price of 2nd hand Hackable switches go up 300%.

  54. Toybanaza

    "All these Squares, make a circle" - Mr. Popo, DBZ

  55. Daniel Delaney

    someday I will understand this nerd nerd talk

  56. Dj Devilman

    ninetendo shud embrace open source

  57. Nikolai Slater

    *l t t s t o r e . c o m*

  58. Carlos Eduardo Ruiz Carcache

    Something weird happened... I saw and AD where Linus was on it a pulseway ad...

  59. Frank Corral

    So helpful almost gave a big corporate company my money 💰, Linus 1 vs. company’s 0 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍🏽👍🏽

  60. JaeGSL

    "NICHOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL


    So if you don't own your car with that Nissan service, does that mean you don't have to pay personal property tax?

  62. Jay Stavenes

    too bad did not try a tig welding water cooler?

  63. Richard Barr

    Play BOTW in Cemu on a pc streaming to a switch by steam link. Why? I don't know.

  64. Lion Lance

    How much was the 3 petabytes worth?

  65. Nitin Stark

    Nice one.

  66. 4473021

    If only Etika were here to see this. Rest in peace my man.

  67. Varun Sudarsan

    Post a Hackintosh Laptop video ASAP!

    1. Varun Sudarsan

      I'm going to college this year and that would be very useful!

  68. spyda450

    I'm surprised your table didn't collapse from all the weight.

  69. Mauritz17

    I am Not good in English i Not understand all What are the price for this Cube?

  70. Saad Alfo

    I feel shy cuz I bought it in 20-02-2020. While vid is 8yrs old. It works ok anyhow.

  71. Chaos: International

    Yes, faster anything matters

  72. WatfordJC

    Mac versus PC? Waiting to see if the PC operating system is Mac OS X.

  73. Corsair Soul

    Laslo, that takes me back to my days of grinding Everquest frost giants for loot.

  74. CyberJman

    "Turn your switch into an ultimate gaming device." Sooo basically an OUYA? Lol

  75. A K

    If I get this I would be doing gang sighs

  76. Prot Eus

    70 dollars for a fake keyboard? I got my fnatic with Cherry MX Silent Reds for about 100 bucks.

  77. Cousin Kyle

    I've never seen such dumb fucking people. You guys are not funny and I'm not sure who your target audience is but certainly nobody born before 2015

  78. alida flus

    “You sound like my wife” damn that is some boomer humor cmon Linus

  79. Bear Player908

    hippety hoppety your pc is now my property

  80. Keaton Birkenhead

    Linus tech tips but with no linus

  81. Cousin Kyle

    Guess who will never be subscribing, first and last time watcher here! SCUMBAGS

  82. Norman Keele

    its pic gen 4 not 3

  83. Ameya

    If you have money, you can buy anything. 🙂

  84. houdini abracadabra


  85. Robert L

    Got to upgrade on your power tool game my man lol. Milwaukee all the way or Dewalt

  86. David Lao

    Packaging: HANDLE WITH CARE TV: *Am i a joke to you?*

  87. Ukasa

    Who else watching on Chromium Edge???

  88. Got memes?

    no one's going to say anything about that he has a huge picture of his own face on his shirt

  89. Draxten Productions

    do not look too closely at the thumbnail, you will regret it

  90. teethendrikson

    i own an iphone but the pixel 3 has the best pictures overall

  91. adriuxx

    when he retires and somebody takes over (ROBLOX tech tips LMAO)

  92. oisiaa

    Data hoarder!! Just do a mass compression to H.265. Let a top CPU crank through the data and make a video on how many months it takes for a CPU to compress all of your video.

  93. P2Feener 305

    I know im late to the party but when I saw all those adapters I was like and that shits gonna work???? nope it didn't lol

  94. EvanStickman

    Correction: Windows Vista launched in November 2006 not 2007!

  95. Chaitanya Alluru

    11:23 Damn!!!

  96. Gary Evans

    “Only a an I7-processor” Me: Don’t talk to my broke ass or my I5 ever again.

  97. Kulgara

    Content Cop

  98. Xalcatra

    "Cheap" mneans not over 50 bucks if u ask me....