- Counting to 100k
- Counting to 200k
- Reading the Dictionary
- Watching Dance Till You're Dead For 10 Hours
- Reading Bee Movie Script
- Reading Longest English Word
- Watching Paint Dry
- Ubering Across America
- Watching It's Every Day Bro For 10 Hours
- Saying Logan Paul 100k Times

*Do not email me asking for money, YOU WILL BE IGNORED AND BLOCKED.

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  1. Purple Fire

    OMG he looks so young!!!

  2. Leisure Facts

    Mark my words this guy will definitely win the million

  3. Ilyjah Fernandez

    I wouldn’t mind the unicorn

  4. Faze Merchant

    I would take all of them over Brett Maher for kicker

  5. Clinton Parks

    Mr beast 2019 last to leave toilet Claim your *Christmas-Giifts...* so try GοοogIing for ( VBUXWOLF$ ) thanks me later A9142

  6. Mardell Wheeler

    2019: Last to leave toilet wins Claim your *Christmas-Giifts* so try GοοogIing for ( VBUXWOLF$ ) thanks me later B7241

  7. UltimateZack

    Eating this cereal is so tempting 1.5436 seconds later You realize it expires

  8. Lydia Cope

    Mr Beast: “Hey, I’m in a golf cart”

  9. Airsofts and Ammo

    dude new challenge = last to leave the vidoe chat wins 10000$

  10. Natalia Ratajczyk

    3519: Last to leave exoplanet wins Claim your *Christmas-Giifts...* so try GοοogIing for ( VBUXWOLF$ ) thanks me later A5824

  11. Gigi Cap

    For the fifth challenge if they lose you know Mr. beast is going to give them money for losing anyway

  12. Ruben Ordman

    2019: Last to leave toilet winsClaim your *Christmas-Giifts* so try GοοogIing for ( VBUXWOLF$ ) thanks me later B8321

  13. King of Weird

    I work at Papa John's

  14. Mystery Meowkin

    A quarter hour and almost 4.5 mil views. Okay???

  15. Sabrina

    I get to know how 4th grade is now:3

  16. it’s me • 50 years ago

    was I the only one taking a dump on the toilet while watching this?!😂😂😂

  17. Apple Juice


  18. Mowafk Mha

    Mr beast is the best

  19. Sir Poopsalot

    I woulda gotten high af and then came just for the snacks

  20. That kid named Taylor

    My cousin: you are getting paid?

  21. Tyrique Scott

    Lego lifes MATTER TOO! xD

  22. Aaron Muhsam

    Mrbeast has alot of ball

  23. Angel Villa

    When they bought the car and they where all happy it made me cry

  24. -oCurrent Gaming

    Me: Can I go to the toilet? What I plan to do:

  25. Ahola I is here

    The motivation from papa johns is all I need in my life

  26. Paul Gonzales

    Gives homeless a money

  27. Crazed Hippoe


  28. Antonio Pistaferri

    Im literally on the toilet right now and this popped up in my feed.

  29. Ulices Mascareno

    Dang if Chandler competed he would have won

  30. Madison Hersey

    How do they pee

  31. Harpreet Singh

    I am glad to know that ur using the zhc mobile.....its looks cool

  32. Jake Calvert



    Why is mr beast becoming a game show host 😂

  34. Natalia Pazos

    You should do last to stop eating food and as u go the food gets grosser :) if u do this witch you probably won’t pls say is my idea it’s ok if u don’t say it’s my idea :)

  35. Mqndrew_ 45

    So a calculator cost 5 bucks less than a sword???

  36. Slayer -Chase

    I’m currently sitting on the toilet

  37. Trey Talbert

    get the dominos guy again

  38. Bubba Eugene

    Who else has woken up in the middle of the night to find Omar staring at them? Just me? ok😰

  39. The Llama gamer 2

    Where is the ostrich

  40. Cayden Moore

    My butt would make me go to the hospital

  41. ColtonSuper Game

    4:21 That NLselr (Falsymmetry) is also (and most commonly) a NLselr. So score for both platforms.

  42. GTAction

    You better cry bro! Beasty!

  43. MR SK Archit

    I am watching this on my toilet seat 😂😂

  44. Me Idiot

    Put papa johns guy in next chalenge

  45. Isolated_boy_ 7346

    I would give up for all of those prizes

  46. Jared Webb

    Chris please stop vaping it's bad for you it hurts the lungs so does smoking

  47. Youdabitch

    Gotta love that bargaining at the end. That guy has got that 900k for sure. Smart and in shape.

  48. Sudip Chowdhury

    Can I join?? (From Asia) 😅

  49. vallejo ca

    For that much money I would have lasted at least five days

  50. Yestino


  51. Trey Talbert

    can he be in videos with you pls

  52. Christian Waititi

    Mrbeast you are truely a beast. Im glad you gave joey or whatever his name is a house.

  53. Quinn Pogge

    Papa Johns man gives more motivation than any family member could

  54. Bruh Bruh

    A person with infinite diarhea is a professional since he has poop

  55. GlitchedWalker

    When you get a loan of a billion dollars and then the bank shuts down so you don’t need to pay it back

  56. charlie wolff

    Tbh one mil is way to far. Mr beast save your money

  57. mr. mo

    I can be there for 24 hours cause I take so long

  58. Me Idiot

    I liked the papa johns guy

  59. Omnia Ali

    This low key looks looks kind of fun...

  60. GROOT50564

    I’m pretty sure Chandler wants to buy a Siberian Tiger.

  61. Puffy McFart

    What if they actually needed to use the toilet?

  62. 8teToMuchpinapple

    Watching this while I’m on the toilet

  63. Bu Reh

    We were bored so we try to break some of Dude Perfect’s Record

  64. vhertued

    *siTTiNg oN A tOiLeT*

  65. Team Alofoke_nyc

    If he asked me what to eat I would ask for a whole box f Popeyes fries

  66. Evan Thompson

    Too late brother. We broke 11M

  67. Cubing Cuber

    Can I have ten grand

  68. Cbspoo 1954

    The Bermuda Triangle is the Devil’s Triangle

  69. Gage Smith

    Chris sat down while he was eating, Jake should get the car!!

  70. Cant Touch This

    Okayy but the winner of this episode is fineeeee af😍😍😍

  71. Jose Miqueo

    Why didn't anyone turn around on the toilet and fall asleep on the shelf thing on it.

  72. Christian

    One of Chris’s players had that black Air Force activity

  73. •The Alpha024•

    Chandler better get his ostrich

  74. Lilu Haile

    I’m wondering what they gonna do with this all foods

  75. kevin_pedroza

    Jimmy after spending his savings on these challenges: let’s go bois we made it to NLsel Rewind2019

  76. MARCELLO Fliehman

    Who nodes that they lets go back to hiding

  77. Jug Head

    Chandler: Jenny how you feel

  78. Ruben Ordman

    jenna: i have every single one of those Claim your *Christmas-Giifts* so try GοοogIing for ( VBUXWOLF$ ) thanks me later A5126

    1. Hildy Nove


  79. Heavy Metal Kitten

    Jenny only wants a dog. Wholesome

  80. Amber Hein

    For Jimmy: congratulations

  81. Spencer Fick


  82. RADIO

    How do u poop?

  83. Ash epticeye


  84. Robot Crazy

    Chandler: (struggles to eat octopus) Me: (willingly eats octopus and finish’s all of it and gets more)

  85. aldine luan

    mr can you give me robuxx 1M😂

  86. TheRealSilentEcho

    Poor Domino's lol 😂

  87. lil_ stormi

    Jorge mom Is 🔥 10/10

  88. Timothy Lochan

    Chris:let me get my teamate a dog,candy and food. Chandler:let me get my teamate a rubber ducky.

  89. little eggZ

    Gimmy tacobell and I'll stay there all week

  90. weirdo queen !

    I love the papa John's guy🦋🧡

  91. Eady Horvath

    When the ostrich came up tho😂

  92. carrie manco

    I wish you could visit sometime here in our country philippines.. Salute you idol 😍😍

  93. Boris

    I bet you they filled the cars gas with coke

  94. Rangers Gaming

    Dude I would so win this. I’m literally sitting on the toilet right now watching this. No joke at all

  95. M4A1 ARMY Forever

    Chris : bring food candy,dog etc Chandler: oh look a rubber duck


    Please give me a chance bro I'm from India.. 🇮🇳Please......

  97. StarWay Motors


  98. Dazed

    I’m on the toilet watching this

  99. Thonyrose Abang

    are we just gonna ignore the fact that mrbeast is handsome?

  100. Cant Touch This

    I love you mr.beastt