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  1. Esdras Pérez

    I like your music so yeah you’re the best NLsel

  2. Alisha Penick

    I wanna c a tutorial on how to make a fake scratch on a car so I can pull a prank on my dad😁😁😁its gonna be even better since I dont have my license n ima say I stole the car and wrecked it😂😂😂

  3. EBK_Stattic

    I ain't gone even gone cap u was lowkey sauced up

  4. Romona Curry

    I love you guys! 😙😙😙😙😙😙😘😘💋💋

  5. Ricardo life

    Chilllll don't let em push u likebtgat bro

  6. Keano K

    This video killed me. I cant imagine how catz and austin feel


    AW, They're such a perfect *Family!! <3*

  8. Glamwithsherr

    Just a thing with these youtubers, money change a lot of them and the change is completely evident. I mean, if you feel you have enough money, stop doing NLsel, don’t come in front of the camera and be so damn fake. Can’t stand y’all 💯

  9. Tamara Marsh

    Happy birthday elle

  10. Basum Ango

    She got in the ceiling and he pointed it😁....imagine alaia to climb.😆😆

  11. nikola walczak

    Anyone notice the different voice to giddy up

  12. camil Toribio

    Hagan mas videos en español

  13. Dylan Difo


  14. Vertilia Camacho


  15. Roniece Perry

    ℂ𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕖 𝕨𝕠𝕟!!

  16. Hala Madrid

    Hi I love your video can I have a shoutout plz

  17. Lit girl F

    Can someone please tell me where can i find a doll house like elle’s?

  18. Yasmin Vazquez

    10:40 Austin said “Alaia your spoiled, dude your the one spoiling her she’s only a baby and she’s only in her months. Smh 🤦‍♀️

  19. Tia Morzaria

    Elle and Alaia is soooooo cute I love the ace fam

  20. Anais Scholl

    best song ever!!

  21. Eva Mcleod

    Elle’s like : do I have to watch this AGAIN???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Eva Mcleod

    Alaia is growing up so quick so is Elle I just scrolled past the video of alaia being born life goes so quick

  23. willie postma

    My favoriet

  24. Gabriela Navarro

    I feel like a cute christmas challenge would be a gingerbread house competition!

  25. Vertilia Camacho


  26. Moon_ali Ali


  27. Nikki Howe

    Good job Catherine

  28. meilyk cordero

    0:56 he literally said giddy up like the name of his new song

  29. miracoulous ladybug fan/animelover 14

    My mom does that

  30. Allyssa Riosss

    dam now watching the lie detector test lpl, he got false for loving her and she got correct for loving him that’s wild 😂😂

  31. Evelyn Rios

    Your a cute family thank you for the sport I love you ace family

  32. Kara K Christopher

    When you need to win that cash prize but you can’t even afford Apple Music...

  33. Xightmare Gacha

    Yo! Catherine can't u sing?

  34. Amelia Hoyland

    I am so excited PLEASE can we get them to top 20 I live in England South Yorkshire about 4 hours in a car from London I’ve always dreamed of meeting you guys you’re my best inspiration love you soo much xx

  35. Brianda Rivera


  36. Brianda Rivera


  37. Neelam Kaur

    Elle looks a bit sick 🥺🥰

  38. Jerrica Goodwin

    passive-aggressive? nice job Austin.

  39. Erin Gottselig

    This vid is extremely cringey and just awkward. I think they brought Elle into it to try and make it less uncomfortable for everyone but it just made it worse...

  40. Shantel Jean-Charles

    More pranks!!!!

  41. Camille Williams

    I wish you guys could be more consistent 🥺 I love watching you guys 😍

  42. Jada Neal

    Itssss a BOPPPP!!!!!!

  43. Yiselot Avalo

    You gues are the best

  44. Retro trap

    Like y suscríbete a mi canal si eres Latino puñeta 🇵🇷 🇩🇴

  45. Angelina Tognoni

    My favorite part was the whole video

  46. Mayra Cerna

    Here WAAAAYYYYYY after Catherine had her baby lol December 2019

  47. Tastyy Lp

    Yo rug sent me to your channel

  48. Lana & Stacey Bezzos

    This is the 31 time I have watched this vid it is so good and catchy u did a fab job I love yall x❤️😂😂


    Who I before 2020

  50. Mary Ann Redd

    cuteness overload!!!!

  51. Retro trap

    The way he looked at her when she started talking in spanish 😂😂🔥

  52. Harulynn Lanki

    i like it

  53. Malaysha Williams

    Am I the only one watching this in 2019 😜😊

  54. Shantel Jean-Charles

    I love the sit down videos!

  55. Malaysha Williams

    Lol 😂 I love Austin and Catherine ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌸🦋💙😘💋

  56. Angelina Ulloa

    Could def be a decent one hit on the radio for a month then fizzle out.

  57. Hana Saibi

    Anyone else watching this after another one of ace family’s vids when Aliaia was born

  58. ItsJalyxLuv x

    cath omg do my mackup pleas sad i live in england

  59. Ti Jay


  60. Harriet Equine

    That bit is so harsh

  61. Sonia

    me: mom can we get giddy up by the boyz? mom: no we have giddy up by the boyz at home giddy up by the boyz at home:

  62. ashley bounds

    Do it.2 with Elle

  63. Alisa Moreno

    Shoutout to the dancing in the back who was blocked the whole video. You’re doing great!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. Callum Harris

    46:25 I have

  65. Hayley Capace


  66. Ella Frost

    all was

  67. Ella Frost

    alaia i so so cute danceing i am streaming Giddy up i love the ace family

    1. KJ Vlogs

      alaia is the cutest baby

  68. Shivendra Singh

    Love you my baby sister elle

  69. Hana Saibi

    I felt so sad for Elle look at her face at 9:09 when she tried to take the picture but then when Aliaia took the wig off she got the attention and Elle s smile Just wiped off her face 1 like _ 1 hug for Elle

  70. Ella Frost

    i love you so so so so so much and byron my boy frend but i am only 10

  71. Tham Thapa


  72. Robust

    Ace Family X Faze Rug ?;)

    1. KJ Vlogs

      duo together

  73. Waqas Ali


    1. KJ Vlogs

      i dont think their doing it, its already the 9th

  74. Nate Higgers

    It’s catchy I will give you that

  75. Amy Swanson

    U make me laugh but it doesn't matter if ur not rich I will wait a 1 month or year to get rich

  76. Hugue Massamba

    sorry everyone for hating and i shouldn't cover up for ace family mistakes hope you can forgive me like if you do forgive me l l l

    1. KJ Vlogs

      your forgiven lol

  77. Lorena M.

    Crazy how kida is in everything now😭

  78. hannah barrett

    you a savage <3

  79. Haley Amador

    I don’t hate them at all the only thing I hate is that they don’t give Elle the same amount of attention they give alayia I know she’s a baby and all but it’s sad to see Elle all quiet and sad .

  80. Jaidyn Lara

    That horse is in distress

  81. Wissam Lory

    Omg you re so cute 👌👌loooooove ya i dream that one dey visit you cz i lovvvvvve you cathrine so much that s my dream to see you near me 👌wowwww

  82. Irmara Rosado


  83. Devin Johnson

    I love you Austin

  84. Wissam Lory

    Haha lamo look at Austin his eyes on the breast 😂😂😂

  85. Devin Johnson

    I love you alaia

  86. Devin Johnson

    I love you Elle

  87. Anusha Poojary

    Hi ace family ❤i would like to see a prank video ...... i love you ace family 😍😚 ..

    1. KJ Vlogs

      we need some pranks back

  88. hardeep kaur

    10 out of 10

  89. Jorgie

    Austin reminds me of Joey from Friends when he starts making tons of money from soap opera acting and decorates his apartment with awful, tacky, overpriced sculptures.

  90. Val Stephanus

    She's going to break up with you for doing that on her

  91. Devin Johnson

    I love you Catherine

    1. Devin Johnson

      I love you Elle

    2. Devin Johnson

      I love you Austin

  92. Milena Pijl

    wow cathrine can sing so good

    1. KJ Vlogs

      shes has a great voice

  93. Anakaren

    Texasss yesss💗

  94. Fatna Tatou


  95. Lexi Williams

    I miss the old ace family :(

  96. Davay Armijo

    I would never win 😢🥺

  97. Ruby queen

    Who likes to see santa agen in the new ace family house on cristmas . Love you ace family

  98. Jennifer Pavlovich

    Can you do this again with Elle

  99. Eleanor Faith brown


  100. zam

    What size are they ???