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  1. Bizzy Bone

    This is so fire, love u rosita

  2. Rey C

    Chance lost it on those last bars

  3. Juan Zaragoza

    Spoilers guys I know how the series ends She gets shot.

  4. laddie252

    When is Elite Season 3 coming out???

  5. Picante Salsa

    the toys that made us of blythe and sylvanian families pleaseeee!!!!!!

  6. K I N G V I K


  7. sabrina xx

    the happiness about season 3 was destroyed when i read ‘final season’

  8. Erik Frost

    Alyssa’s a hoe, she doesn’t deserve James 👌

  9. Mario M

    She dies in the end

  10. Snoop do PUBG

    "nois é contra o sistema " Ah cala a boca ! Contra o sistema só o rap !

  11. SLEX

    ' Yeaaaaah Biitchh '

  12. DishonoredAssassin

    Renewed already for season 2, nice!

  13. Maks Tod

    What model is Pats car?

  14. Chase Dionisio

    They couldn’t find a role for Ray Liotta? smh would’ve been even more legendary

  15. Myra Dennis

    No I need J-Lo

  16. Rockapulco

    0:29 Selena was definitely thicker

  17. Denso481

    This trailer... well played Netflix

  18. Jordan Ratliff

    Honestly, not everything needs a follow up, redo, series show and remake. Leave classics to be classics. I personally don’t think this needed to be a show. But I’m open nonetheless.

  19. kheavenly


  20. Itsyagirlyetari !

    Calebs face I can’t 1:00

  21. kanyetothe

    Y'all had me at Sonequa Martin Green. Plus it looks goodt!

  22. Corey R

    Damn she so hot! 😍😍😍

  23. jack black's ankle

    2:58 gaaaadamn

  24. Nikki M. Solis

    The worst actress on "The Walking Dead" as Selena -- Disgraceful.

  25. Juan Garcia

    Spoiler alert she dies

  26. Carol Delgado

    It’s looks fine but they should have use the original recordings of Selena

  27. Barbara Music Covers

    Nice! Looking forward to this!

  28. SANTI MC

    The best ♥

  29. Sammy Mann

    Something fishy where is 11 no but seriously where is she I did all of them except for 11

  30. nat

    best netflix show

  31. Skylisa Colon

    I saw this on insta!!!!

  32. el emanuel

    Imagine your family still milking you for money 20+ years after your death smh Selena's family needs to let that girl sleep

  33. bollywood22

    I’ve been saying “why is it called called Chai tea” (tea tea) for a million years..!! 😂😂😂😂

  34. Dee Fit

    Another Selena??? uugh.

  35. Też Ja


  36. Też Ja


  37. StarKittyUnicorn

    Selena in the clouds: im being forgotten. Remake me again mortals. Netflix: ANYTHING FOR SELENAAAA~~~~

  38. K

    Haters thumbed this down. Beautiful positive black movie. Love it!

  39. Christina Wright

    Trailer doesn’t do it justice. I saw this show live, SO GOOD!! Laughed so hard I cried 🤣🤣🤣

  40. God B Righteous


  41. sorrowsuperstar10

    Ok this is gonna be Awesome !!!

  42. Elizabeth M

    I will say these factories do help poor families and people get jobs

  43. Karina O

    She’s a great actress, she will do great. People have to understand she will not look 100% like Selena.

  44. StarKittyUnicorn

    *starts crying before even clicking video*

  45. naughts'an Kcrosses

    Dear Netflix , the word Predator is reserved for movies about aliens on hunting trips and not for shows about chocolate yoghurt.

  46. Christian D

    Ok boomer.

  47. Mark Mataafa

    She bodied that kid

  48. Leli Virscopi

    The acting sucks... u can tell .....she shaking her head too hard singing such a delicate song

  49. Leli Virscopi

    Lol the thin legs

  50. Tanasia P

    how do you make a tv series out of this??? Jlo got this in the bag i feel like they caught lightning in a bottle with the movie 🎥 they didn’t even used her vocals WTF?!?!🥺

  51. Always RARE

    NO ONE CAN EVER TOP JLO ! We all know what happens why ? Do they have to make a series ? the movie was the cherry on top ?

  52. John Blaykwofie

    Lemme know when the sales come.. That part killed me haha..

  53. Jamie Pelecanos

    TERRELLLL!!!!!! I love this

  54. Quintavius Mealing

    I slept on this show..I’m woke now🤦🏽‍♂️

  55. Jacob BALDRY

    This version is a complete fallacy! FAKE!!!!! I've seen this fake footage alongside the real footage. This whole thing is an absolute lie. Also they did. No question. Netflix is incredibly divisive by putting BS like this out.

  56. Kevin Dimla

    European series has a 3 year agreement i think... Good for them, at least they can tie everything up

  57. Said Suleymanov

    Ahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 blacks and asians in medieval poland, the witcher. shame!!!!

  58. Photosounder

    "Eye van", what's wrong with the Anglos? Do we have to write it "Eevan" for them to pronounce it correctly?

  59. Karina O

    I remember this tragedy

  60. Not Quite Right

    Lol, this is so funny. Watch the actual testimonies. Watch what they actually told the police. This movie is a farce. What they told the cops in the movie is NOTHING like their actual confessions.

  61. Jennifer Lawrence

    Still love rob lowe and Kristen Davis they are so good together

  62. The Flamingo Design company


  63. mike odonnell

    its Jessica Alba in or not in a bikini I want to see on the big screen

  64. Attack Helicopter 73

    Nazi propaganda

  65. OfficialSyca Entertainment

    Illuminati 20 years later making a series getting paid millions.

  66. Faw Q. Beech

    Damn who let Kacey Musgraves play Selena😂😂

  67. Julia Oliveira


  68. Mia Torres

    I did not like the ending but good movie.

  69. aly

    I thought this said *love alarm season 2* alright imma head out-

  70. in time

    JLo did it best. Should’ve left it alone ☹️

  71. Edy Madrid

    I’m so happy to see her legacy still lives on 🥺

  72. Jme Suhuran

    I'm a big fan of Netflix ever since 😍 Who wants a subscriber? Hit me first and comment done. New youtuber here

  73. Dobluth

    thx for trashing witcher and do a movie for children

  74. toscar22 Link

    Looks like Rhaegar targaryen and Drogo had a quickie🍆🍑=👶

  75. Michelle Lavender

    Love, Death and robots 2???

  76. Caden Morris

    It’s Suzie Crabgrass from The Walking Dead!!!

  77. GrxnIRF _

    I was watching the end and it said “leave the light on” while my dining room light was blinding me and I said *wtf no way*

  78. All about the Kpop

    Everyone in the comments complaining about how the actress isn’t thick like Selena are clowns🤡 Selena is remembered for her songs not body

  79. Michelle Lavender

    Let's get avatar the last Airbender and the legend of Korra

  80. Proclivities

    THIS I gotta see

  81. Benji *

    I thought this was supposed to be a "dark comedy"...this looks very PG

  82. kobeno1

    "What family doesn't have its ups and downs?"--Eleanor of Aquitaine (The Lion in Winter)

  83. nada bhj

    The ending was in my opinion disappointed 😞

  84. Gabby & Erin


  85. Jessica Mullins

    Shoulda been Camila Cabello acting

  86. Kim Gow

    Cant believe they took Noah and Elle names bc that's a lil close to the movie the Notebook

  87. Kim Sun Hee

    So like.. it's announced that ss2 will come but they didn't give a date..

  88. Suvigya Mishra

    Is it just me or the soundtrack really sounds off and annoying?!

  89. Isaiah Branford

    Al Pacino kinda looks unrecognizable in this movie.

  90. Josilaine Silva

    Vai passar na netflix Brasil? Pelo amooooor de Deus!

  91. rugged and completely heterosexual taehyung fanboy

    WE WUZ WITCHERZ n sheeeitt

  92. LifeOfSha

    Beautiful heart touching film.

  93. Caden Morris

    This trailer looks like it was shot on a panavision camera and filmed with 35mm Kodak Vision Color 2383/3383 to make it look like it was filmed in the mid-to-late 90s... Pretty impressive!!!

  94. lamiya graham

    Yes Terrell is going up in life , do ya thing baby 🥳🥺💝

  95. A.G Official Kicks

    That song in the background win win win get out the way who is that

  96. Grent Marko609

    so MOWGLI is DC....and JUNGLE BOOK is Disney (marvel)...

  97. Ivan Vlqz

    Netflix releasing selena series and partnering with nickelodeon Disney + is release Our child hood is starting over

  98. andthatisTrice

    he is so delightful lol whew lord.

  99. backstreet kids

    She to thin 💀💀

  100. ꞏ༒ßiiαh༒ꞏ