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  1. Gerald Garcia


  2. myronlangeweg

    en dan te bedenken dat ik tijdens deze monster set op xqlusive stond.... lekker leuk bij outsiders ........

  3. Unnamed

    I have listened to hardcore for some time and i have to admit that this sounds slow af, but otherwise that shit good

  4. Timo Mather

    12:16 slav kick opaaaaa

  5. Hard Tryzz

    17:29 holyy😍😍

  6. Jannik Steiner

    This is the sickest shit ive ever heard jesuus

  7. Eneko R

    Which song is 1:21?

    1. slotty 16

      Angerfist & Crucifier - Broken Chain (Mad Dog Remix)

  8. Johnny D

    Can’t wait to see you guys at Epik

  9. Yolo Gammer

    26:42 wow That drop

  10. Jo_kai 394

    Thunderstorm of face melting basseruptions. Every kick feels like a literal kick in your face. Love it. No genre other than Rawstyle can create that kind of energy. For me at least. At 24:32 I literally flinched the first time I heard this kick. 😅

  11. Jo_kai 394

    These Sets have a better sound quality than the Defqon.1 sets. Hows that possible? Just compare it to Warface's Set and you can clearly hear the difference. 😅

  12. poepdealer

    Ik zit oprecht voor het eerst met m'n bek open voor m'n telefoon om deze set.. holy FUCK

  13. Leo Spielt

    wtf. This is fucking godlike! What a set 😨 Teleported them on my list to see live one day!

  14. Ke sh

    Love This Family, proud to be part of it ❤️

  15. Nick Welman

    ongelooflijk vrolijk en dankbaar om hierbij geweest te zijn ! TY D-STURB !

  16. Sigma

    9:09 lmaooooo

  17. Baguette

    Rebelion & Garra - Reverse Rehab best track of the year

  18. Rachit Sinha

    Marked for Death needed that golden D-Sturb touch!! Too insane D-Sturb!!!

  19. Dawid Bull



    My mom: turn off this bullshit music Me: 12:18

  21. Stiven Lugo

    Puffffff este hombre literalmente hace honor al próximo nivel, la calidad de sus sets son increíblemente enfermos nada más imagina estar delante de su set 😍 te destroza con esos kicks ❤️

  22. Reyman988

    Guy at 9:05 is fucking shocked lmao

  23. 하준수

    Live at (art of dance)

  24. 하준수

    Udex & regain x crypsis - hero all stars beat

  25. 하준수

    Crypsis x neroz - tba3

  26. 하준수

    Crypsis - tba Id & crypsis - out for wait

  27. Ch33kyN4nd0s

    19:00 POOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAH kicks like this <3

  28. Omen Evildoer

    4:33 Yellow top.....España You're Beautiful!

  29. Mytain

    <3 D-Fucking awsome!

  30. Roland Forster

    Please release every Track haha🔥

  31. Suneekz

    Unbeatable at Qlimax plis!!!

  32. jesper de vries

    mijn god wat jammer dat ik tijdens supremacy nog geen 18 was mijn kaken zouden alle hoeken invliegen

    1. Mr. GeNatiX - Hardstyle and Trance music

      Mooi gezegd

  33. David Alexander

    Those kicks sounds so horrible.

  34. bowbow

    29:38 Wait What? The FUCK just Happened!?

  35. RawStyle Fanatic

    Now these tracks bring back some memories😍

  36. Nilson Saavedra

    That 🤯🔥

  37. Thym CC

    15:18 Isnt this the guy from their 'Fake Shit' Videoclip?

  38. Maurice Hmm

    Never felt so much energy watching a set at home 😱👍💪💪


    COOL 1:30

  40. Reigo Karon

    7:50 song???? pls >D

  41. Ognqn Ognqnov

    15:07 when the Kick Make u JUMP

  42. Adventurez


  43. Real Black Goku

    Drug is so Good

  44. Roy Korteweg

    i love the Kill Me edit, sounds soo good!

  45. Lucas Rühl

    The Power of Money made this mix 17min short x)

  46. HorseFighter96

    Random question - anyone knows where to get that sick t-shirt lol

    1. Jacob de Haan

      Well I was also looking for it haha, I know the brand is the north face, I do find similar shirts but not the exact shirt, always the back is different sadly.

  47. joze juancho

    Pinche D sturb te amo .... Te vere en EDC México.

  48. Federico Baldan

    The king of raw !!!


    A lo viejo👌

  50. Muhammad Al-Battar

    "The masked mad man is back with a brand-new solo event. See you on the 23th of November in the AFAS Live."


    Angerfist 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. Nosferatu

    Mutilate & Retaliate - best Angerfist albums.

  53. Andre Sa2803

    So Siiiiiick

  54. Alexander Brahm

    FUCK ME this is good.

  55. stamaristo

    Best hardstyle producer by far

  56. M A U R Y C Y

    Will be livestream?

  57. Samaël Villette

    Those 4k60 cameras are just awesome ! Don't know why Qdance don't use them anymore :/

  58. Николай Николаев

    Забойная тема!!!

  59. маlex

    Simply the best 💯👊🏼🔥

  60. Reign vs Renth

    Listening from Malaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  61. Phil Adelphia

    8:40 biggest upset in music history

    1. Dsx_Sefa X

      i think it was worth it, bc nobody expected that anticlimax edit

  62. Andreas Hansson Viskastrandsgymnasiet SA19

    8:10 that kick omfg, goosebumps!!

  63. Soulblighter

    old school ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ nothing like the old school indeed even tho I have no problems with new track Soldier ❤️ it sounds refreshing but in a way hardcore suppose to be

  64. HRD SNDZ

    King of Kickrolls🔥🔥

  65. Eduardo Franco Villegas Odar

    2019!!! I Am the one!!

  66. Eduardo Franco Villegas Odar

    15:09 this girl is iconic in all rawstyle event 🤛

    1. Feike H

      Owner of the N-Vitral FB fanpage

    2. dIIJAY

      A true fan

  67. The Gamer Pzrc

    those 42 people dislike their speaker is broken

  68. xD

    #1 Hardstyle DJ and Producer at the time of this comment.

  69. Matias Pascua

    Megamix 2019 by Angerfist 😂

  70. Kansyu


  71. Wilbert scherhaufer

    now im even more sad i cant go :(

  72. Jipe_Lie

    I would love act of rage set pleeease 😍

  73. Jipe_Lie

    I would love act of rage set 😍

  74. Divya Van huizen

    Jaaa zin in 😍✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  75. XXX XXX

    nice description. first, wtf is mulitate? second, mutilate is his oldskool sound? it dropped in 2008 while danny has been releasing since early 2000. those are the best tracks for me.

  76. Simon

    Ja pierdole...

  77. Allan Moreira

    Ohhhh thanks for the set!!

  78. Dennis Straathof

    Zonder Twijfel De Set!! Van SUPREMACY!!!🔊🔊🔊🔥🔥🔥💪🏼Keep it Up D-Sturb!!

  79. Roy Korteweg

    16:33 XD First Rebelion's set, after that someone in D-Sturb's live-set and now in Crypsis's one...this is becoming a meme now XD

  80. Dinand Schuit

    22:00 that reaction 😱😂

  81. Pieter Schouten

    this whas so epic what a lasershow and damn what a set !

  82. Jazukis 32


  83. Raffaele Peluso


  84. TobiiLee

    Fuckin' awesome :'( sad that i`ve missed this set .____. such a good producer/talent! and btw, where can i get this mashup with unbeatable :O every f...ing time i hear this im going crazy :D

  85. oliver andres

    this man is a genius 🔥

  86. Max1410

    The sound that got me into hardcore back in the days. It's a shame this isn't played anymore nowadays. Millennium Hardcore - best hardcore!

  87. Ginkoman2

    Will there be an entire album called Diabolic dice?

    1. dw4smash -

      Yes but only has 6 tracks on it.

    2. Wexutar

      I guess

  88. juul216


  89. iAmMeanss

    Tracklist (correct me if I’m wrong): 0:33 | 1. D-Sturb - Marked For Death (Live Edit) 1:57 | 2. D-Sturb & Emese - Legacy 3:34 | 3. D-Sturb & Malice - Drop ‘Em Down 4:34 | 4. E-Force & Frequencerz - Attention (D-Sturb “The Next Level” Remix) 5:57 | 5. D-Sturb - Ancient 7:28 | 6. Act of Rage & D-Sturb - Let The Games Begin (Kick Edit) 8:41 | 7. D-Sturb & High Voltage - Universe 9:56 | 8. D-Sturb & MC Nolz - Aiming For The Top (Supremacy 2018 Anthem) 11:40 | 9. D-Block & S-te-Fan & MC Villain - Sound Of The Thunder (D-Sturb Remix) 13:53 | 10. D-Sturb - High Power (D-Sturb “The Next Level” Remix) 15:31 | 11. Radical Redemption & D-Sturb - Kill Me 16:23 | 12. D-Sturb & Sub Zero Project - Heroes Of The Night (Intents Festival 2019 Anthem) 18:11 | 13. D-Sturb & D-Block & S-te-Fan - Feel It 20:28 | 14. D-Sturb - “The Next Level” Mashup 22:23 | 15. D-Sturb - Apocalyptic Darkness (D-Sturb “The Next Level” Remix) 24:13 | 16. Warface & D-Sturb & Carola - Synchronised (Live For This 2019 Anthem) 25:29 | 17. E-Force & D-Sturb - Once Again (Hard Bass Edit) 26:20 | 18. Warface & Frequencerz - Menace (D-Sturb “The Next Level” Remix) 27:49 | 19. D-Sturb & Sefa - Nothing Like The Oldschool (Live Edit)

  90. Sander de Vries

    Die edit van Marked for Death is echt een gevalletje pure verkrachting. Wil je nou muziek maken of mensen gehoorschade geven? Rest van de set is dikke prima, maar laat die piepkicks alsjeblieft achterwege.

  91. TЯIP

    18:16 not she again

  92. Realist

    This is where i loved angerfist the Most!

  93. D H

    Dutch Power :-)

  94. Masters of Hardcore


  95. Masters of Hardcore


  96. Masters of Hardcore


  97. Trololo

    First track?

    1. Airforze Samp

      Angerfist - Bite Yo Style

  98. Francisco Gonzalez

    15:08 i see that girl in the hard bass concert

  99. juul216

    ondanks mutilate mn favoriete album is, zal ik er toch niet heengaan

  100. Vincent Huysmans

    NLsel: "How many ads do you want?" Art of Dance: "Yes"