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  1. ZarkiPlayz

    Corona be like

  2. wyd25s

    How much ksi paid for offset doe

  3. Zenon Clan

    This nigga is NLsel greatest talent 🙌

  4. Jack Kelly

    14:33 I feel so bad for the guy that chose parklife tickets because it got cancelled

  5. Meloccino Cappuccino

    Why is his top lip swollen 😂

  6. Moto Moto

    Why is this in recommended 6 years later

  7. Segun Fash

    The auto tune fucked this up 🤦🏽 not needed

  8. Jaytay

    Offsets verse gives me chills

  9. James Scicchitano

    Every part bangs

  10. Jeremy Navarro

    My boi KSI spittin str8 ice cold shit

  11. Ramiro Suck pp

    nothing compared to latino parents

  12. Paddy Mack

    Yankee wit no cap

  13. naateq

    ksi should make this his entrance song vs jake paul

  14. Lil Ed

    I’m a rapper with positive content and would appreciate ur support if u like my music...1luv

  15. Akshat Basu Mallik

    "window cat with no cap we dont cap with no cat"

  16. DHC Jenko

    2020 and sorta still like this song ngl

  17. ASD 2

    Ksi songs at 2017 🔥🔥🔥 Ksi songs at 2018 🔥🔥🔥 Ksi songs at 2019 🔥🔥🔥 Ksi songs at 2020 ?

  18. TTV Alpha

    Who is watching this in 2020 in corona time

  19. Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts

    Everyone’s asking who’s in quarantine... But no ones asking who’s not sitting here in quarantine?

  20. Razor Pug 6

    as much as i hate jj opinion about the song i still cant help but laugh at jjs reaction

  21. i7 squid

    whos here in quarantine

  22. simon churat

    who's here 2020?

  23. Jason Wood

    Who’s reflecting after his new album

  24. Tyree Phillips

    This was my first KSI video figured i let y'all know lmao 😂😂

  25. The Dot

    Many years later I still can't stop laughing at this

  26. WOODY

    Did anybody else notice that they put “captions” as unavailable

  27. Meed

    Anyone here after his album released?

  28. leprechaun

    Its 2 years later but it's at 600k

  29. Yxng Bigmac22

    Do it for Cameroon

  30. Malik Ali

    Who’s here after his album dissimulation

  31. Ciarán O'Connor

    Thanks recommended page

  32. Linda Ryan

    2020 anyone

  33. Muhammad Zayan

    Last of the last of the last

  34. Leo Obeo

    He really said ee ou

  35. Talha Sheikh

    they are such a happy family

  36. Yasin Nasip

    last ?

  37. Dylan Farley

    If this not in the next fifa something’s wrong w/ the world

  38. AlXC

    miss this

  39. Vladimir Putin

    This song hits more now that Logan’s dog is dead 💀

  40. Steazy Ahmed


  41. monicah wambui

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣my my ! Ugandans are the 💣 was

  42. dylan mulroe

    This should have been on dissimulation


    hi ksi

  44. Mike Oxbig

    Jj makes a song called Lamborghini an callin himself Houdini now he’s showing a Lamborghini in his song Houdini

  45. Gianluca Camenzuli

    Who is here after England won the world cup 👇 Oh wait...

  46. susano xd

    Ight so everybody gettin likes sooooo gimme some likes or u gay

  47. Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah

    Relax Mr satan

  48. hemen vaseekaran

    Old ksi will never be topped

  49. Caleb w

    "My forehead getting bigger than the alphabet"

  50. big man rasheed.

    l a s t

  51. De boyoss! Gang

    Who done this for the og KSI memes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. Fari Legend

    This is actually fire like I could put this on my spotify

  53. vPanda

    bruh i miss this ksi ...

  54. Lars

    We see you soon baldksi☺️

  55. Stanley Bell


  56. The Manjeto

    Jjs part of the song isn’t that good but offsets bangs

  57. Daniel Woldemichael


  58. Captain Jack Sparrow

    BALDSKI ... Meh BALDKSI ... 👍👉

  59. Moses Adore


  60. Mitchell Hood

    What a vid hahahah

  61. brad W

    Fuckin banger mate🔥👌🏼

  62. Captain Jack Sparrow

    NLsel recommendations know.

  63. Hiten Parekh

    We did it boys

  64. x d

    S O B A D

  65. Sumo Dancer

    This guy made an album

  66. Aidan Brown

    Jj: i cant think of any lyrics offset: just say with no cap

  67. Faahu Abdullah

    I thought IT'S DAX 1:25

  68. Ozxyyy

    Its fk sick when the somone starts singing there name starts lighting up

  69. Ioan Williams

    Nah, helium song better

  70. Chauvui

    Did he deleted the homeless guy video ?

  71. TylerMorgan

    what does he mean when he says “pay two hundred K for the rhymes” has he just outed himself as having a ghost writer

  72. Matthias Grupp

    finally BACK IN MAY 2020 bois

  73. Audy

    come on dissimulation. we want this trio back

  74. BOSS G


  75. No U

    Anyone watching after ksi uploaded “playing fifa 20”?

  76. Vyine27

    This has more views and ngl I probaly love this song more than beerus😂😂😂

  77. Ricardo Almeida

    that flow ksi!

  78. Mark


  79. Pablo

    Ksi trying to act so hard, I can't take him serious. Seen too much of his comedy. Lol 😝

  80. Trigga Ligma


  81. Anas Abo Ghandi

    Not gonna lie, offset is the only good part imo . Just my opinion .

  82. Pablo

    Fake from the what?

  83. Jim

    i’m sorry but the sound at the beginning is just horrendous

  84. Deltazz

    so wait can someone explain how he's making music videos when he said he's stuck in his house

  85. amin abdi

    Mean while Logan Paul is somewhere busy trying to be Joe Rogan...

  86. Jason Laughland


  87. Nevrus Aliu

    I counted 83 sex noises from lil pump, Who can challenge that score?

  88. Uno Reverse card


  89. nz9x R6

    7 years later NLsel-Ayo recommend this shit

  90. legend_status 0

    Who caught that dbz reverence 2:44

  91. Hasnain Jafrie


  92. Itsmooyaknow

    Soooo funny

  93. avrinakinanexo


  94. Destiny Alams

    1:23 Juice wrld??????

    1. Adderiehhh

      Destiny Alams uzi vert

  95. jaime echevarria


  96. overlayz

    The 17k dislikes are Australians who thought it was the like button

  97. Diego Amores

    Leopard blanket. C l a s s I c

  98. KatiesTTB

    That forehead though

  99. Walker Pieters

    This is the Ksi i subbed on 6 years ago