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  1. Laurie Holdt

    I'll have a diet Coke...😀😀😀

  2. Alicia Meza


  3. Laurie Holdt

    Little hands and little brain

  4. Barbara Smith


  5. Alexis Feliciano

    No relajes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Benjamin Karlin

    Those wasps are super adorkable.

  7. J Eriksson

    The sooner he gets Covid19 the better!

  8. Cailyn Adalyn

    We need Obama back

  9. Laurie Holdt

    These are genius

  10. Laurie Holdt

    This is funny beyond words😄😄😄😄

  11. rainmakerrc

    30% less interesting but, 70% more muscular!

  12. rainmakerrc

    The movie is AMAZING!!!

  13. Laurie Holdt

    Love his hair 😄😄😄😄

  14. Liz

    Do more please,

  15. Aella Lee

    I forgot you guys wear shoes indoors. It's shown to be unhygienic in homes, as well as being bad for feet and joints to wear shoes for extended periods of time. On that note, you're required to wear shoes into stores and other public space. I hate shoes and feel confident that I won't step on anything sharp because I look where I walk all of the time. But because I'm respectful (and don't have a way to wash my feet before coming into the house) I wear shoes and a mask because that's what's expected. I'm more on board for masks than shoes.

  16. Nicole Cordova


  17. 221BSam

    Is Laura Ingraham really as dense as she comes across, wasn’t she the one mocking contact tracing because you don’t trace for heart disease? I’m just curious whether she’s actually an intelligent woman & plays the part of being completely the opposite? When your President America said, he’d change nothing about his handling of this crisis, that has to mean a vote for Biden surely? even if you support 45, all that human loss, he feels nothing about it at all, that’s not a good man.

  18. Alicia Meza

    Mr. Seth, be what is wrong with with theses Americans ,. This man has if that a third level education... I can be fucken president of the United States of America. I have a son with bioplar severe with pstd with antiy sociol ism And something they can't diagnose. I am not that ignorant like your president , I have a BSHS IN HUMAN SERVICE N

  19. Jarid Gaming

    Fake News! The real Donald Trump is much more Insane!

  20. Curt Williams

    10 teenth. Hilarious.

  21. christopher joseph

    This guy needs to be removed from office immediately

  22. Craig Spain

    The far left always complains when whites "culturally appropriate," from others. Isn't it the same thing when blacks put on a play about the white founding fathers? I wouldn't care otherwise but it shows what hypocrites the left is and how unravelled they are.

  23. Sharon Fisher

    Haaa F guarding your potato s !!

  24. Luis Daza

    i just realized something looking at the republican logo. Are the stars like upside down, like the evil way to draw stars? when did this happen?

  25. Bruce strkland

    He's not actually in charge any more. President Covid

  26. the thinker

    Hey so I think you will like this the math shows that if the test really only takes 5 minutes we should have been able to test half the population in a month no problem. I can provide you with my math!

  27. Justin Case

    So funny!

  28. Jordan Sainte-Marie

    Rosie is at her best in this role

  29. aniliname

    REDRUM - "You know I don't speak Slovenian" 😂

  30. ArtGirl82

    Is there maybe a hedge maze near the WH that he can get lost and/or frozen solid in? That might cut down on the terrifying idiocy coming out of that briefing room for a while....

  31. Moritz G.

    didnt know "Schmutz" is an english word as well ...

  32. Mark Gigiel

    Is Seth getting ideas from Stephen? No need for writers anymore, the President writes it for them.

  33. 221BSam

    Our idiotic UK government allegedly stockpiled hydroxychloriquine, there’s been stories of people who’ve taken it out of necessity their whole lives & still got Covid 19 🤦🏻‍♀️

  34. Justine Linley

    A narcissist like Trump can't stand Obama, because President Obama's presence sent the cry baby packing after 8 years as a democrat waiting to run. Then, his competition became POTUS before him, and forced him to take a back seat. Yet, his type like winning to remind themselves of their higher ability to ignore your feelings. It's a fun for them when you think of them as interrogating cops being all smile if they had a video evidence. and don't have to react to you. Experience taught them to hate charismatic, smart, and attractive competitors, since their type lack these qualities and can't win over others by opinion. Yet, that's what politics is about from govt to workplaces. Hence, their trademark move is to attack character by assumptions. This relies on their tactic to pick a fight, even by lying, so they can simply apply a fake higher ground and always win. Ergo, why everything is supposedly about Americana or Christianity. Since its all a lie, they will contradict themselves, but own their group or gang to assume in favor of them. All this is nothing without their classic move to own the top position in a family, work place, clique or gang, and own the greater threat (i.e. owning your income flow or having people to harm you). That's why you'll see them looking for the worst people to know from ruthless gang contacts to dictators.

  35. Lucienne Yohannan

    Oh, after Jr shot the lion’s head on the puzzle you should mounted it on the wall lol

  36. Willy Wise

    TDS is worse than coronavirus seriously

  37. Zahrota Ainiy

    I must be very drunk to read the title as "Seth and Jonas Brothers do gay drinking" 😂

  38. Zoe Fang

    Ivanka and Tiffany---the initials spelling IT(horror movie) xDDDDD this is gold..Yet thats the Shining Famous Scene :P

  39. Killroy was here

    ROFLMAO Ivanka, Court order!

  40. david hefner

    all the financial heavy hitters, sans an agenda, think minuscin is an idiot.

  41. 221BSam

    Just curious, does 45 know how a pregnancy test works?

  42. Zac Ziggarot

    I don't speak Slovinian 😂

  43. Axel Werner

    i totally fell for it! i didnt noticed that Trump is spoken by Seth. so realz.

  44. Makkushimu

    That whole lineage is a sick joke.

  45. Husky Passion

    a lot of horor movies references

  46. clouddavis

    More informative than the actual press briefings

  47. Alicia Meza

    I am a X addict I see a lot of paranoia with Trump's followers and more the president himself. Those are EXACTLY THE SAME side affects as when the person or persons are ARE heavy METH USER.... GEEEE they got a good stach cuz they are REALLY paranoid. I my self can't believe USA HIRED RONALD MCDONALD'S as president .... For USA

  48. Rudol Veloz

    Why isnt anyone shooting the donald. Dont get it. All the great presidents get shoot but the cowards bad ones doesnt have to fear. Kill this adolf donald trump until its to late

  49. Abdul Fatau

    VICTORY 2020....

  50. miditrax

    somehow this Storytime is not as horrible as reality...

  51. Karen Villagomez

    P was

  52. Eric Joseph

    Wow just look at his face after getting ripped. Amazing.

  53. William Santiago

    he and his family bought shares into the pharmaceutical company that makes it

  54. Reckless Toddler

    2 shining girls, should have had Steve Miller

  55. Venture Fanatic

    It would be funnier if it wasn't true.

  56. Dramatic Gnat

    Poor Barron. He's gonna be the weirdest Trump of all, I bet.

  57. Kasia

    You don't get to bribe Katie Porter with Oreos. If you are already trying that, send the cut off heads of greedy, fraudulent CEOs and corrupt politicians.

  58. Rasseboy 33

    Like jos oot suomalainen

  59. Eleni 1979

    How public officials have to deal with outright stupidity and idiocy is one way I know I could never be a public figure. I don't think I could hold my tongue when addressing these morons who will listen to a former game show host with no medical experience at all over worldwide world-renowned virologists epidemiologists and other medical experts. I just don't think I could refrain from telling them exactly how fucking stupid I find them..... thank you for handling this with grace and aplomb, Governor Whitmer.

  60. Grooming love

    One of our criketer #hardikpandeya got eliminate from cricket world for saying thalis in national tv

  61. 221BSam

    Aw! it’s our Graham 😊 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  62. Mai Mariarti

    So true, it's funny.

  63. Dr. Mantis Toboggan

    The Dulling: starring Donald J. Trump.

  64. 221BSam

    Any other watchers of this from England? doesn’t this feel like just what’s happening here? outsourcing testing to private companies? throwing the scientists under the bus for their own incompetence of how the pandemic had gotten out of control? aside from Boris being supposedly intelligent, are our two countries that different? how did we get to this point? 😔

  65. Aya

    for what its worth, you guys did great on this, theme, animation, script, humor intensity, i def lmao for real.

  66. Michael Lonesome

    Thank you Seth, thank you to you and your team! I really enjoyed your “meta” take on the monologue.

  67. Sunshine

    Michael Cohen was right about the BEAST IN THE WHITE HOUSE. He has unleashed evilness not just in America but all over the world. Maybe some people should be locked away from society until they can live with others without killing them.

  68. Michael Harris

    You guys should make this a show. I mean "F is for Family"/"Big Mouth"/"Forget About It". This could be one of the greats.

  69. MXT

    she is so underated

  70. Domus deBellum

    courts orders. haha

  71. Tiffany Campbell

    I just love these skits I could watch them all day lmao. Thank you for the laugh.

  72. Christoffer Veng

    You'll re-elect him come November

    1. Victoria Baker

      Would you mind not cursing us??????

  73. Patty Sullivan

    Outta material Seff 4 more👍

  74. Jay Atwood

    Did Fox News just say "the virus weakens"?

  75. Jon

    Lol the 6rt court ordered distance killed me.

  76. Lucas Johnson

    Damn it Seth I'm gonna start sending u my dry cleaning bill if u don't stop pumping out these absolutely hilarious cartoons luv'em👍

  77. Toni Lofthouse

    Trump has fulfilled his promises, Obama never promised anything but transformation. He dar nigh destroyed our nation. He lied, stole money from us, ran his rap concerts in the drunken White House. This guy is not only stupid but is paid by HIllary. He knows nothing about what he is talking about.

  78. James Davis

    Trump is using the Caligula play book, perhaps it will turn out the same way?

  79. Lucas Johnson

    O my fucking god!! I almost pissed my pants laughing at this!! So great needed that keep them coming please!

  80. KPepper L

    6ft of distance... Court orders 😂😂😂😂😂🤮

  81. [NASSA]

    FAR CRY 3

  82. ivan rupčić

    The haaanddsss🤭

  83. Patty Sullivan

    Give it up Siff,the next 4 years people are going get real sick of your crap

  84. Jacqueline Duarte

    3:13 I do that too

  85. Joey Lammin


  86. Taylor Craig Newbold

    "You see we had a president. A terrible president. And one day we decided we had to *correct him, sir* "

  87. 2ndRatePetronius

    Lovely Graham!

  88. jcspider

    No, no, no. Those hands are WAY too big.

  89. ignacio warro

    LOL I FEEL THIS IS TOO ACCURATE!!! Thanks for the morning laughter, much needed!! Started the week with a bang! #SethMeyers2020 an idol!

  90. ermonski

    Hey Peter man check out channel 9 it's the breast exam

  91. gerson polino

    I mean this, i really like seth myers more than graham norton, jimmy fallon, jimmy kimmel, and ellen. He feels very genuine.

  92. Suzie Griffith

    I love you, Seth, but please don’t mention the underage children living in the White House. You wouldn’t want that type of attention for your children, would you?

  93. Anatolia


  94. 2ndRatePetronius


  95. Maria Martinez

    LOL. Small hands. ✋✋ LOL

  96. Luz Rodriguez

    I loved this video 😂😂😂😂

  97. Joe Ervin

    Seth does a perfect Bernie Sanders...great job

  98. Say What

    His voice doesn’t match his body lollll

  99. Gareth Edwards

    "Keep pissing him off an' one Day he'll crack up an' end up in a padded cell"

  100. Temet Nosce

    Wow. I watched 30 seconds of what was advertised in a 4 minute clip. Cool.