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Welcome to my channel! Filming is my hobby (no earnings). I focus on the best/bright/positive side of locations. That is why I prefer to film with sunny weather. My original inspiration are IMAX documentaries; these movies give the opportunity to enjoy the scenery reasonably slow paced. So… enjoy my videos and be happy! ☼
In the description of each video there is detailed information.
From Januari 2019 I film with the Panasonic HC-VX1 (before: Panasonic HDC-SD60). For underwater shots I use the Dazzne P2. Tripod: FEISOL CT-3401 with Manfrotto 701HDV head. Editing program: Corel VideoStudio Pro.
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  1. João Marinho


  2. João Marinho

    Muito bom

  3. João Marinho

    Que vídeo SENSACIONAL. Me inscrevi. Sucesso e obrigado

  4. Molly Stafford

    My son who was obsessed with windmills when he was a toddler, would watch this video over and over again. He is now 9 years old and still remembers it fondly. Thanks for posting it!

  5. Tanthien Nguyen

    Island wie der Hawaii Musik......Blumen noch dazu....ö.

  6. Tanthien Nguyen

    Wünsche ich Euch alles Brüdern und Schwestern.....Väter & Mütter.....Opas & Omas Gesundheiten....Bäumen & Früchten alles Tiere auch

  7. Tanthien Nguyen

    Tiere Jagen Oganeguda......

  8. Yusef Mazhar

    heaven in our Egypt

  9. LDG 508

    lol I can see my aunts house right in the beginning, she lives right behind the bank near The Café Calheta

  10. LDG 508

    I visited this beautiful island back in 2001 to visit my father who had been deported back to his birthplace and I loved it so much I ended up staying for 2yrs, I would love to go back I wish I never left, Its a lot better that this shit hole of a country called America... RIP JOE DASILVA AND DAVID DASILVA

  11. Glow Meditation

    Beautiful place, reminds me of New Zealand. Would love to visit here with my family.

  12. Jennifer Dörn

    We're going to Quarteira in June😊This will be our first time in Portugal.Can somebody write awesome places for sight-seeing?My husband,our daughter(6),love to visit beautiful and interesting places😀

  13. София Сойко

    انا اتملام في خسف2哦功过即兴事发元iccijмнждународныцс3доонcoryeinternationaldejusticia

  14. Adriana Silva

    Lindo Portugal

  15. Cycle Green

    What a beautiful ship indeed.

  16. София Сойко

    انا اتكلام في كل علم فب كل علم في سلاك في لحية我只道六语联和国united nationsоранизацияобелкнныйнациnaci9nesunidas

  17. Merlin Mijdus

    Heerlijk filmpje.

  18. max boy

    I love Itali

  19. Karl Striepe

    I take it from the music and video quality, this was Zermatt in the 1980s?

  20. Fatima Correia

    Beautiful video one of the best ones I’ve seen just amazing

  21. София Сойко

    انا اتكلام فب كل علم في كل علم我只道语联和国unitednationsоранизацияобеденныйгациnacionesunidas

  22. София Сойко

    سلام في مل علن في كل علم في كل سلام في كل علم 他的评praceмирجpaz

  23. София Сойко

    سلام ٤ي كل علم فب كل علمpeaceinthehaguepaoxinthehafueмирвгааге他们频繁和蓝

  24. София Сойко

    سلام في كب علم فب كل علم我只道留与联合国unitednationaоранизацияобеденныйнвциnacionesunidas

  25. Tom Zeman

    At surfs edge exposed by erosion lies the geologic columns strata layers one atop the other with straight lines of contact where no erosion is found!

  26. lmwrt

    14 years ago I visited 5 of the islands. I hope I will visit the rest.

  27. Glorine Hannah

    One of the best videos I've seen. It covers the whole island in a very impressive and inviting way. Beautiful Green Island.

  28. София Сойко

    سلام في كل علم我只道六一联合国united nations органи9ацтяобеденгый науиnacionesunidas

  29. София Сойко

    سلام في امم المتحدة我只道六语联和路过iccpiм5ждународныйсудоонcoryepenalinternayoonal

  30. mlydeer

    What’s the name of the background music with guitar? I like it so much.

  31. Geo Bois

    great footage. hope to see much more.

  32. Alveri HMW-junior

    How did they build this mega structure, no Crane , no heavy equipment ?

  33. Paul Gibby

    Wirklich toll dort. Ich vermisse meinen Zeit in Soest. Ich war so kurze Zeit dort.

  34. Amalia Muresan


  35. Shiva Timalshina

    Nice vanish city

  36. София Сойко

    سلام فب لحة一台评和蓝peaceinrheworldpaixenlesmondeмтрасирияpazenelles Nenlemundo

  37. Andri Geogiou

    The north part of the island is occupied by turkey since 1974.was a set up war for us Cypriots to lose it our mother land Greece betreit us playing with our expectations opening the door helping turkey to steal almost the half of the island.since then we all saffering here Greeks and turkey Cypriots we all want our homes buck.nobody can build a new state on stolen properties nobody.is turkey going to let us alone Cypriots to live huppy in our island ?

  38. Guillaume Rusengo

    Egypt never knew pharaohs. It had kings. Want at Ezzat. Ramses III , A great african king!

  39. DronePilot Flyby

    Stuart, if you're still watching the comments others would like a little more detail of what you did to enhance this.

    1. DronePilot Flyby

      Cool, thanks for the update

    2. Stuart's TRAVEL VIDEOS

      Major modifications: diverted 3 backbox lights to the playfield; diverted sound to stereo speakers mounted on the backbox; moved right flipper a bit to the centre (gap between the flippers was too big); added figures on the playfield; added black wooden side panels to the cabinet; added & replaced playfield stickers with self made ones; painted the flippers & bumpers; replaced (the black) post rubbers for better ones.

  40. Jhon Abatan


    1. nikgoriv 2010

      Portugal is a nice country, greetings from Argentina

  41. joseph rego

    The beautiful island of Sao Miguel, my birthplace and to me the most enchanting, place on earth. Always a source of inspiration and for contemplating the simplicity of the majesty of the divine.

  42. Rosa Ferreira

    Muito lindo.

  43. AtWarWithPropaganda

    Cyprus stop the massacre of the song birds

  44. ToledoWingNut

    Stop the madness.

  45. phil phil


  46. phil phil

    Le.pays des pirates de mer.au 17è.siècle.

  47. Jamie Inman

    I'm going to Cyprus this year so I will be going near Greece and Turkey this year

  48. Tom Darbyshire

    You absolutely must read "Birds Without Wings" by Louis DeBernierres, which uses Kayakoy as the setting for historical fiction that tells the story of the rise of Attaturk and the banishment of the Greek Christians. We listened to in on Audible as we drove around Turkey and arrived here just as we finished. Was the highlight of our trip.

  49. София Сойко

    انا ارف لحيغ我工国籍法院icccpiмеждунарлдныйсудоонcortepenalinternational

  50. Rock S *

    No talking very boaring

  51. Tina1gttv c ígìSousa

    Tive agora 1 semana na sao miguel uma loucura tao bonita ilha pessoas maravilhosas fogo artifiçio muito bonito mesmo voltarei aos Açores quando poder outra vez 👍🥰❤❤❤❤❤🌴🇵🇹


    what language is most usefull for work purposes in Luxembourg i mean for a non luxembourger? English, French , German or the Luxembourgish?

  53. Mariana Todica

    Cat costa o excursie aici


    Algarve and rest of country sold to foreigners! Hate that stupid Government! Sacanas!

  55. rakeshh rakeshh

    Heaven on earth....🎄

  56. Elisete Ribeiro


  57. mary alves

    Lindo demais! Portugal eu te amo

  58. yourthoughtamazesme

    Visited in summer 2016. This castle is truly amazing--an absolute must see if you're anywhere near the area. How it was ever constructed still amazes me. I loved all of the castles twists and turns, nooks and crannies, and of course the amazing view high atop the mountain. GO!!

  59. Justin Jumpertz

    Wenn ich doch mit einem netten schönen Mädel da hinfahren würde *

  60. Justin Jumpertz

    Man das waren früher noch Zeiten mit meinen Eltern diese Autobahn zu fahren *-*-*-*-* nur mir wurde immer schlecht weil das Auto so stank und habe vorher Nichts gegessen

  61. Mateus Rodrigues pimentel

    I live in São Miguel

  62. Global Healing

    Love the place and PEOPLE and food vine ...reminds me of my Croatia love love love

  63. ek c dassi

    Wonderfull portugal my also dream 😍😍🇵🇹🇵🇹

  64. Roman Soiko

    انا ارف لحبغwoWogongguojifailiveethehaguejemeamordengaagязнаитколеннаагyomeemcantirenhaag

  65. Roman Soiko

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  66. Butch 78

    Beautiful. Countryside looks a lot like parts of UK

  67. jammin6816

    My family was traced back to Soest, Germany (actually Prussia) as of 1787, although it likely goes much farther back. They left for America in 1855. I’d love to come visit Soest some day.

  68. Adventure with Bernie

    I visited Faro and other parts of Portugal recently - so beautiful! Enjoyed your choice of music 👌👏👏

  69. zinha teixeira

    a very well done video, congratulations!

  70. zinha teixeira

    how dare you 30 people that gave thumbs down. Do you live in a better island? or do you know any better islands than the Acores? give me a break and wake up.

  71. Mircea Costiniuc

    Very nice places and an excellent video.

  72. YiannisPho

    For those of us thrilled to see endless landscapes mostly taken from one's car, this travel video is meant for you. For the few others who would have enjoyed more scenes of human interaction (eating, fishing, sailing, playing games, etc) this video would be boring to the extreme.

    1. Stuart's TRAVEL VIDEOS

      Thanks for the analysis, haha.

  73. phil phil

    The ancient pirate.city of potugal was recognised by all means

  74. Maria the unicorn gacha

    Im from Cyprus!

    1. Abrar Ahmad

      How is your experience there? Kindly share

  75. Al Alcala

    i also really love this place.I saw all these bridges here in Venice, Italy.Thanks for sharing this video.

  76. ana franco

    Maravilha ! Marvellous !🌟💞

  77. garib nawaj


  78. Amer Abdelaty

    El sheikh Malik

  79. Ahmed Rejan

    🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩 I love Portugal

  80. Nassem Verweyen

    Freiburg is a very beautiful plaec in south of Germany. Native people are freindly and catholiec cathderel is almost 1300 years old.

  81. Faramund

    These Dolmens seem quite different from some of the ones found in France. In France they are really seem like passages but these are so low and they have very round tops and supporting walls rather than nicely flat and sculpted ones.

  82. alcione paranhos da silva

    Amo Portugal. Dias felizes. Por que não repetir?

  83. Cora The Explorer

    So pretty would like to visit there

  84. Natalia Barrantes


    1. Carlos Castanio

      Señorita Natalia, muy de acuerdo con usted. LISBOA es una ciudad maravillosa como todo PORTUGAL, país hermano de ESPAÑA.🇪🇸🇵🇹🇪🇸🇵🇹🇪🇸🇵🇹🇪🇸🇵🇹

  85. Carlos Castanio

    Portugal desde España te amo.🇪🇸🇵🇹🇪🇸🇵🇹

  86. lucimar da silva


  87. deolinda lopes

    Fantástico vídeo,é claro que o Algarve não é apenas o que mostrou... Mas não caberia tudo num só vídeo,uma pena que o centro de Portugal fique sempre esquecido... É claro que não é o Algarve nem Lisboa,mas temos muitas praias lindas também da Nazaré,Figueira da Foz,Quialhos, Tocha,Mira,Costa Nova,Aveiro... Também precisamos de publicidade,nos últimos anos nem cresceram tanto como o resto das praias do sul Portuguesas,a maioria nem é conhecida dos Portugueses quanto mais fora do País Desculpe,não reparei que o vídeo é mais velho pelo menos seis meses,não sei porque o NLsel me manda sempre vídeos atrasados...

  88. Nasuka Nasuka

    Indonesia perlu contoh ini

  89. Anisha Khan


  90. Chrifa Malak


  91. dragonmartijn

    Great bassline

  92. Angela Gomes

    Lindo demais Portugal conhecendo a história do Brasil aprendi a amar esse país

  93. O Protskov

    We are going

  94. Manuela Blanco

    Lisboa linda que saudades nasci nesta lindissima cidade 😍😍

  95. 김기생


  96. khunjim

    wow...what a breathtaking place!

  97. 김기생


  98. NinosThug

    Früher so schön und heute werden Steine am bhf vor mcs geraucht

  99. איציק אבקסיס

    ליסבון עיר מקסימה חובה לבקר

  100. シkyoddles

    I live in Arnsberg and, as much as it's really quiet there and nothing really happens, it has its history. The historical and old places you can visit are breathtaking and all have their own stories and meanings.