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  1. pony boy

    Please make more of these videos Sincerely, Everyone

  2. Prazerch

    THE ASP ❀️🐍

  3. jack burns

    Hope that presenter didnt get payed for this

  4. paolo hewitt

    Price... typical arrogant welshman... they all have a massive chip on their shoulder.. he should be banned from darts..

  5. mrmikespence1964

    L-IKE!!! (ON-LY)!!! I! SAY! KNOW! THIS! POUND! FOR! POUND! SOID! FOR! SOID! DART! FOR! DART! THE! (M-IGHTY)!!! MICHAEL!!! VAN!!! GERWEN!!! (MVG)!!! THE! (G,O,A,T)!!! TO! YOU! IS! NOW! (AL-READY)!!! THE! (G,O,A,T)!!! DARTS! (PL-AYER)!!! HOW? M-ANY!!! (9)! DARTERS! HAS! (MVG)!!! THE! (G,O,A,T)!!! TO! YOU! HIT? (M-ORE)!!! THAN! THE! (LIP)!!!H - - - Y! THIS! IS! FOR! SURE! L-IKE!!! (AL-WAYS)!!! THE! (MIC/AUDIO)!!! ON! THIS! NLsel! DARTS! (FI-L-M)! HEAR! IT! I! HEAR! IT! IS! THE! (G,O,A,T)!!! LIKE!!! (MVG)!!! IS! THE! DARTS! (G,O,A,T)!!!

  6. Ethan

    He looks like Richie Burnett haha

  7. Chef Koch

    I like this kind of videos. Do more of them please

  8. γ‚γ£γ±γ‚Œ


  9. dub16100

    Alternate Title: Gary Acting Like A Little, Spoiled Bitch

  10. Hamish Arnold

    Would be better if you didn't tell them whether they were correct with their working out. Then they may hit the checkout but then find out they needed the wrong number.

  11. Mr dean Harrison

    Yesssssss my favourite youtuber doing my favourite thing thank-you PDC

  12. Niklas Martin

    Good evening

    1. Edward Hayes

      It's good ebening

  13. SayoriFanBoy by FanBoyStudio

    Players who beat Taylor in the WC Finals in the PDC: Dennis Priestley, John Part, Raymond van Barneveld, Gary Anderson & Rob Cross.

  14. LeoMateraS


  15. Ben Blakey


  16. Bodenlose Dosenhose

    Shit crowd in the first video.

  17. Matthew Littleton

    Who the fuck gets this excited about darts

  18. Javito98

    No entiendo una mierda , pero en hora buena por el calvo

  19. Prazerch

    Impossible to hate Barney. πŸ₯°

  20. Hull Cogan

    Who stretched Murschells head upwards? You could project a film on that forhead! Lol

  21. Boris Johnston

    Phil Taylor is the most overrated darts player ever.

  22. radonjicaa

    Which darts he uses?

    1. Hull Cogan

      @radonjicaa So why ask? Lol

    2. radonjicaa

      @Hull Cogan looks like a winmau vengeance πŸ˜‚

    3. Hull Cogan

      His own darts dude

  23. John Williams

    Russ Bray what a character!

  24. Darts Gondel

    Wohl Barneys letzter Titel

  25. Felipe da god

    Lmao I’m here cause I lost a game of darts in my friends garage

  26. Thy Art Is Conor

    This surely has to be the best darts anyone has thrown ever

  27. hopwas2007

    Part v Shepherd final is the worst PDC final I ever seen.

  28. Sorry Notsorry

    Gurney is the biggest, fattest, drama queen I've ever seen.

  29. themathsking

    Didn't get why the 120 checkout was amazing, then I saw the 2 bull's

  30. Ck Malcokm

    Nice game for both

  31. Lucky_xLolihnt4i

    I was the 9999 like. Lol

  32. mark jeffers

    Glad to see that wee yap Taylor took it so well lol couldn't stand him heard he's a nasty wee man

  33. Blum 1988

    was ist nur aus adrian lewis geworden :(

    1. oiver kingston

      Der wird wieder Ich glaube dran !

  34. Mattattack 501

    Price = Wanker

  35. Adam Thompson

    Ken Macneil beating Phil Taylor???

  36. Dartsundco

    I'M SO HYPEDπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  37. Medet Nagaev

    Cross vs MvG semi final 2018 ? That game was legendary

  38. Rob  Atkinson

    Winning a set in the first round is in the top 5 moments? Wtf?

    1. Rob  Atkinson

      @Joshua Yates πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈyou just dont stop eh. Your views on darts are a joke

    2. Joshua Yates

      @Rob Atkinson because it's more entertaining and of interest to the darting fans, it's like saying do u think it's fair that an Asian player or an American player deserves to play at the worlds because they qualify in a different competition, the fact is if it was just British and Dutch players playing every tournament it would be boring

    3. Rob  Atkinson

      @Joshua Yates why do you think BDO players deserve a chance in the Pdc world championship. Do the PDC players get to play in the BDO world championship. They should have to qualify just like all the pdc players do. It's a joke

    4. Joshua Yates

      @Rob Atkinson and the best players will be playing in the latter stages of the world championship, but everyone deserves a chance man or woman, doesn't matter if their from the bdo they have still earned their place on merit

    5. Rob  Atkinson

      @Joshua Yates doubt it but who gives a fuck if they do. Are they here to win a set or a match? Shoukd be the best players in the world there not wildcard selections by a committee. They're from the BDO for fuck sakes. It's a joke

  39. Eintracht

    Michel Smith is so fair

  40. Harry Belcher

    4 years today Gary hit this nine darter

  41. Jesse COC

    Mental to think barney has beaten the previous record while losing

  42. Ansjelo

    'He kisses manley's belly button!'πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  43. David Baker

    The roids make people act funny and mr.price is no exception.

  44. Mart Mart

    0:27 I couldnt stop laughingπŸ˜‚

  45. Bosnian Gamer

    to be honest he can be rank 16 but barney is my childhood favourite darter

  46. Chris Bosselaar

    β€œSmith made him battle all the way”. Probably watched a different match.

  47. ThAdonis

    You know Bunting would get sh*t loads of matches on Tinder with that wig.

  48. Nicholas Wade

    One would be tempted to tell the Dutch to get a real hobby but you gotta respect their love for this postman. The richest postman that ever lived.

  49. John Cooper - Art of Social

    Who won the tournament

  50. johnshocks

    absolute SCENES

  51. Nicholas Wade

    My fav. 9 darter.

  52. John Cooper - Art of Social

    Buzz lightyear

  53. glumandino

    Aspinall vs Price Aspinall vs Smith Anderson vs Wattimena Anderson vs Dobey Humphries vs Cross Cross vs de Zwaan Peterson vs White Alcinas vs Wright Wade vs Asada Dolan's and Joyce's run to the quarters Last World Championship had some really great matches

    1. Luca Dart

      Lenon vs Norris

    2. Manuel

      Henderson vs Clemens also

  54. Ginga Ninja

    Imo aspinall should be number one

    1. Ginga Ninja

      @Jason Walls wdym lol he was literally shif before this

    2. Jason Walls

      Ginga Ninja lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  55. Swole MF

    Price reminds me of happy gilmore coming from hockey to golf. Only its rugby to darts.

  56. Joel Zika

    1:35 sure does look like a miss

    1. GWDH

      That IS a miss.. πŸ˜‚

  57. HRBFC Josh

    Aspinall besting Price gets me every time

  58. pAulE_kA

    I wonder how often MVG looks at this and hopes that the last dart gets in πŸ˜‚

  59. Suat Dimovic

    I realy love Darts i played since 2013 but Dart will never be a Sport maybe Mentalsport but not more

  60. Gernot Sint


  61. josh rogers

    Yo this shit was hype as fuck πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  62. ThAdonis

    Justin is a good dude and gets my support. Would be amazing to see him win something big next year.

  63. もぐら


  64. Anthony 8BP Gaming

    YES PETER. Stop switching them darts boyo

  65. Choco115

    Lol: Wade wants a handshake, but Murschell lets Wade wa(de)it

  66. Harry Belcher

    The atmosphere is amazing

  67. Laserbeak

    Ridiculous darts!

  68. Lee Woolsey

    The Price is Wright.

  69. Lil Jordaan

    I remember it 10 years ago, when I was 13 yrs of age. Still goosebumps!

  70. p tm

    Mvg lost this because of his own poor performance nothing more or less.

  71. Steven Thompson

    I think Wright had to let him win this really.. He seem to miss a lot lot lot more doubles than his usual self. Obviously won't admit he let this happen but we all know he took it easy on Phil. Still well played though.

  72. pen219

    vile little man

  73. Kurt Davis

    Jesus, that was intense. I used to throw darts back in the day, but never on this level. I don't think I could have handled that kind of pressure

  74. xWesker CabalEU

    My Top Canadian Moment: John Norman Jr hilarious Celebration!

    1. 7Ε on‑ 7Ε on‑

      Why did JNJ make himself look like a complete knob! Why John?

  75. Pratik Agrawal

    6:26 what a luck wow

  76. Jim Schecter

    lol can't believe the comments. He beat #1 and a lot of people aren't even letting him have it. Nerves, skill, will, talent... It's all part of the game.

  77. Poop Shoot

    Anderson says some shit, price comes back with a huge roar on a 95 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i love it

  78. Brandon

    Wish the world champs had this sort of crowd! I’m sure it could happen

  79. Jack

    Anderson is a good player but mentally weak

  80. cooky Ireland

    Wat een Hooft zeg,Jesus Christus nog aan toe. Ik zou hem hèèl snel begraven, als ik jou was. Moses mina.

  81. Gary Anderson PDC 1


  82. Philz Law

    1 name John Part

  83. Heavy Duty

    John Parts mural wall rant should be number 1

  84. Deacon Rogers

    Really...how can his and Canadas first World Darting Championship not be #1. How could you not include at 5..one of the godfather of darts in Canada...Bob Sinneave's accomplishments. Hes had a few.

    1. THO-BRO2000

      He won his first World Championship in 1994 at the BDO

  85. glumandino

    Murshell looks like there is a second Murshell under his forehead.

  86. StFidjnr

    the top 2 is for the man who not only put canada but the whole Americas continent on the darting map John part alias the dark maple

    1. dub16100

      StFidjnr Darth Maple

  87. digitAL- Darts

    I like watching De Zwaan. Nice arm movement, good rhythm and no silly facial expressions.

  88. Lazy Workaholic

    Greatest moment: Jim Long, who finally had mercy and ended that harrowing match against Mansell at last years WC

    1. JoEnUtZ23

      Naw. Still pales in comparison to the Darth Maples status lol. Ontario Canada boy here as well and I’ll say that lol.

    2. Choco115

      That was such a boring match. I loved darts but I just stopped watching that one, because I almost fell asleep

    3. glumandino

      At least he has a pretty cool name

  89. digitAL- Darts

    Wades face... :-)

  90. McLovin

    John part Legend πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ’ͺ🏻

  91. Luke Otter

    Kirk Shepherd - Surely the most slapable face on planet earth.

  92. RobStar180

    Larry Buttler is celebrating beeing a legend for 25 years now.

  93. Nova 331


  94. Schwab Cob

    Can someone explain what happened pls. Im so confused

    1. Schwab Cob

      Ok now i understand thank you, im sorry i know nothing about darts

    2. Jordan McCombs

      @Schwab Cob You must hit a double score to get into the game. If you don't hit the double (outside box) on your first 3 throws, it's the opponents turn. You also get no points until you're in the game. Then to win the game, you have to double out. Let's say you have 4 points left, you have to hit the double 2 to end it. Does that help? Lol

    3. Schwab Cob

      What is double in double out501

    4. Jordan McCombs

      I'm assuming its double in, double out 501. First one to hit 0 wins. Both of them threw a 9 dart game. Which, is the best throws in darts to end the game. Hope that somewhat helps haha

  95. robert digby

    taylor worst champ ever arrogant bastard

  96. Chris Harrison

    Wow. We really need to pick up our game, so to speak, when the top five moments is US darts aren't even all in the current DECADE.

  97. The Block


  98. Harry Callahan

    Weird really, darts is a non contant sport where neither opponent has anything to do with each other's game yet these 2 fucking morons can start arguing with each other, it's equivalent to 2 Javeliers having a punch up lol idiots.

  99. sackman 656

    Roid rage from mr price

  100. Travis Walsh

    Didn’t think there was any