For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

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  1. AD9 D

    I mean I get that he didn't have to but it would have been cool to see him give $5,000 to the charity even though he won the bet. Maybe he did and he just didn't say it publicly.

  2. Aaron W.

    “Damn what are y’all secret agents or sum?”😂😂

  3. evangelineling


  4. Little J766

    I got a first we feast ad for google. What are the odds

  5. Hector Grundlesnyke


  6. SkyreeXScalabar

    too bad kit kats in Japan are made by Nestle

  7. Thunder Lizard

    I’ve never actually met a Khalid fan. I think it’s a myth. A media invention. A record label advertisement scheme. Honestly genius.

  8. Audrey Kolodzey

    After watching this I think it's safe to say that DJ Khaled is a delusional buffoon

  9. mazen alkontar

    Hmmm yeah ok oh yes mhmmm Gordon Ramsay ~2019~

  10. blackkitchen

    good stuff

  11. Reed Rasmussen

    The Zen of Brian. God bless you he's 100% on the money. Grab em by the meraouw

  12. MadMikeZx

    Hell yea dabbed every wing like a champ and a cool dude!! One of my favorite actors by far!

  13. Kimm V

    Lol that is me with spicy food. It’s a no for me 😂

  14. Izaya Verses

    imagine if the jug of milk was open LMFAO

  15. Dirk Funk

    What women think men want: Scarlett Johansson What men really want: Claire Saffitz

  16. ★ chicken noodle soup ★

    this is the most positive video ever. I am HERE FOR IT I LOVE YALL ❤️

  17. adrian foster

    This was oddly satisfying. Seeing Gordon struggle with the wings is great. But he made it all the way to the end, good on you Gordon

  18. The ARENA 514

    love to see the show the day after and have the outside of the bathroom mic'ed

  19. A fat 40 year old Mom


  20. Nathaniel Bello

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  21. Nathaniel Bello

    go like and comment on my single 🖤i’m different from all these other artists

  22. ECM

    Imagine charging $777 for a burger that tastes like nothing special. Nice.

  23. maria parker

    I'm crying with laughter........... so funny!

  24. Fra

    What are the fish shaped things? What are the spherical ones? Why not show those instead of spending 5 minutes in the pocky aisle just to take one bite?

  25. Curtis James

    Matthew McConaughey on here ?

  26. καμιά ψυχή

    This ignorant, worthless, talentless human doesn't deserve anything It has. Chelsea is a piece of shit the world would be better without this dumb fuck trying to matter. Shitty bitch No one eats the bone you dumb ass stupid fuck idiot. But you should, please fucking ruin your intestinal tract so no one has to fucking experience you anymore shit stain. Ugly fuck. Put your cloths on nasty trash. Your fake tits are fake trash like you. Just fucking die

  27. NIGGA

    "Here's a jug of milk"

  28. Chris Bolz

    They needa put Stephen hawking in this bih

  29. TheRealAnarchrox

    If offered a fuck tonne of money, take the money.

  30. 908_jerr

    Man dababy really such a great person

  31. Insect Uncle

    "Wing me Bill"

  32. JustAPersonPlayingGames


  33. Rsinclair !

    Fuck yeah lol 😂

  34. Ken Fei

    I wonder if you can get Bill Gates in your show?🤔😜

  35. sabrinasjourney

    Hachi the octopus guy! :)

  36. Your Majesty

    I'm a very straight female and would totally be awkward around her. Complete girl crush.

  37. rona phillp

    Kevin crazy

  38. PlainSpade

    bruh do YBN Cordae

  39. Nathaniel Bello

    go like and comment on my single 🖤i’m different from all these other artists

  40. Maryam Alamoudi

    How many Fuckin times he said fuckin!!!!!!!!

  41. Mr Screamer

    When you are British and you listen to an American going on about their British roots. Don't mind me guv'na, sweep your chimney for two bob, sunday roast, red buses. Throw in a cliche about drinking tea and having bad teeth and you're done. One of us. ffs.

  42. Nathaniel Bello

    go like and comment on my single 🖤i’m different from all these other artists

  43. Axel Kiefer

    Take them grillz out b, you clownin

  44. Katrina Gilmore

    she lit

  45. Begotten Z

    I was more focused on DaBaby watch then the actual questions......

  46. Lucas Maciel


  47. Mike Litoris

    If u close your eyes you can hear Walter from Breaking bad talking

  48. Martin Kiš

    Me: eating Carolina Reaper and dying for a whole day ^^

  49. Marc Santiago

    the video filter ruined the video for me

  50. Dylan McBeth

    soooooo hes a dragon.....

  51. Anton Bonin

    This is literally my first time seeing Action Bronson and definitely hate the guy and his "crew". Idk, maybe he'll pop up more or something and there will be a redeeming quality, but this guy is the first person on Hot Ones I didn't like. Well second, considering I've already seen DJ Khaled.

  52. Dylan Orange

    Offset turned upset

  53. Katrina Gilmore

    T-Pain is my favorite :-)

  54. Last Name First Name

    Fat people eat anything! Fergraw?!? He literally knows what FAT tastes like. Dude needs $700 salads instead

  55. Yhyh Don't beg it

    Get Odell Beckham Jr on here

  56. TGK_Vion

    DaBaby: ... Audience: 😂😂😂

  57. Lavar BigBaller

    How is he not sweating in that hoodie ??

  58. Branden Willison

    anything from 0-1,000,000 scoville unit is maintainable, I've personally had 1,000,000 scoville hot sauce with my friend, and it burned like fuck, but maybe 15-20 mins later I was fine, btw milk doesnt help at all I found out because it controls the pain while it's in your mouth but as soon as you swallow it burns again, so you will end up drinking all the milk and having none left, which intensifies the burning pain, I've found out that branded chocolate milk helps 10x better, the burning sensation goes away faster, I've only ate a large quantity of this hot sauce twice, but regularly could eat it in small portion (a drip). I would rather eat a ghost pepper than that sauce (ghost peppers arent as hot). but you will have major stomach pain, and your asshole will burn later, just a heads up

  59. Los Vaowl

    5:10 looks like grilled coleslaw

  60. Nathaniel Bello

    go like and comment on my single 🖤i’m different from all these other artists

  61. Liāna Lloyd

    Aah that was so fun! Now I know where I want to go the next time I'm in NYC! Reina is a GREAT host!! I was sad when the episode ended. Can't wait for next week! :) :) :)

  62. DukeofHaphazard

    It's Claire and Reeeeiiiinaaaaaa.

  63. michyla venkadu

    Paul Rudd is one fucking amazing actor! 😭❤

  64. XXI_Mute 24

    He forgot a rule u need rice with every dish we dont care if it doesn’t partner up with rice we eat it with rice

  65. Leonel Cadet

    Can we get him again on the show please. This dude deserves all the smokes that he gets. Just great at every single impressions.

  66. JS FREE

    You have to get John Krasinski to do the show!

  67. S K Doyle

    Gotta rewatch this for the sixth time

  68. Itruly Believe41421600

    First of all worst idea to mix ice cream and hot ass wings 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  69. Daniel W

    White niggas laughing at anything this man says

  70. Jeremy 33

    I've never seen Gordon Ramsay eat hot stuff😂

  71. Karla

    this is the best episode ive seen

  72. Jack Beanstalk

    Pausing at 2:55. There ain't no way that shit y'all Americans call cheese is actual cheese. Looks like plastic.

  73. Jeremy Miller

    52 and still Beautiful as ever! And, she killed them wings better then any man ever on this show!

  74. Aaron Wallace

    This is great

  75. AgiiTV

    The blonde woman is the most caucasian asian person i've ever seen

  76. Extreme Tornado Tours

    You guys need to do Sid's in El Reno, Oklahoma. Tell Marty we sent ya ;)

  77. Israel Gabriel

    I like how he hits the table and says "oww!, oww!" What the actual fuck is going on lol!

  78. Aqib.A.C

    It's important we never forget this video.

  79. RockBandRS

    His Bratwurst preference is almost perfect, just have to replace the raw onions with caramelized onions.

  80. Emmie


  81. ObiTrev

    I'm waiting for the ultimate collaboration... F I R S T W E B I N G E W I T H B O N A P P E T I T

  82. Luis Cummins

    “A hamburger purist”.

  83. Jeremy Miller

    You got to love & respect the good ol' Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  84. Rachael Register

    Did she drink her water after spitting in it?

  85. Jay P

    What I got from this interview was he a hardcore gangster in raps but a straight bitch when it comes to hot sauce. 😂 only females in the audience it sounds like😂

  86. Mario Jones Jr

    Dababy favorite slogan is : tapped in

  87. pto

    *Takes one bite* "Now that we are done stuffing our faces with picky.."

  88. Tiffany Pegues

    704 Charlit

  89. TehNariek

    Claire "Half-Sour" Saffitz, Reina Scully and Mike Chen and in one video? Nice.

  90. Tiffany Pegues

    💖 him

  91. Kenneth Bob

    You didn’t even mention Hurricane Chris! He dedicated a whole song 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂

  92. 0BigBear9

    Weird al needs Liza to teach him how to eat wings