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  1. Kayo Renan

    Olha... Muito bom o vídeo. Mas o Ronaldinho Gaúcho Não inventou esses dribles, ele só contínuo os procedimentos e melhorados os dribles de outros craques brasileiros antigos. E sim, ele inventou só um ☝, que foi o ( backheel ), num joga entre (Grêmio e Internacional ) clássico. Falou...

  2. ebsa mohamed

    I don't have word to explain my feeling.. ...i just wanna exercises his crazy skill...i love his skills

  3. V & D

    imagine: neymar mbappe messi, that be so scary for the other teams

  4. John Davies

    In my opinion the greatest player of all time.

  5. Ben- BK

    Very good. To see all the goals and highlights about this match: nlsel.info/video/video/t6ZnqYSuqpGNxoI.html

  6. mateus fifa quatorze

    Brazil the beast players of the world Vem pro Brasil

  7. Petit Werso

    If the skills don’t take you, the power will carry you.

  8. Toca de Tudo

    Por que quase todo vídeo de futebol tem uma música irritante?

  9. Peter Maguire

    I stumbled on this page and now cant remember how i got here

  10. Francisco Claudino

    O melhor de todos os tempos!!!

  11. Mabara Gwantaho

    No one like Ronaldinho

  12. Gilnei Mendes

    Mesmo com um repertório diferente, foi o Garrincha contemporâneo. Entretanto, o "rolinho" lateral é antigo e veio do futsal e não veio do Falcão.

  13. Joel Mollinari

    A maior lição que ficou no caso da carreira de Ronaldinho e que o jogador desse calibre não fique apenas num clube de futebol..

  14. EquiTec Engineering & Technology

    Oh.. he has eyes on the back of his head too....

  15. Peter Ndungu

    this guy made people love football

  16. ifa777

    Magic Man.

  17. Paulo Nascimento

    Ronaldinho joga muitíssimo!!! Mais ele não inventou drible nenhum!!! Todos estes drible já existem a trilhões de anos!!! Existem jogadores que mandam todos estes dribles muito mais rápido!!! Mais são jogadores desconhecidos que mandam muito mais dribles que muitos ainda não contemplaram!!!

  18. nsabimana jean bosco

    Without NLsel we wouldn't be enjoying these artcrafts from Rinaldinho. May God protect him for having given joy to the football world

  19. Ripen Brahma


  20. George Buthelezi

    Messi + Ronaldo are = 0 compared to this guy..😂😂😂😂

  21. André Oliveira

    Music play list?

  22. O'Neil matthew Martin

    Them wild

  23. Stylish Gambino

    The most skilled player to ever kicked a football no question asked.

  24. francischi igwe

    Nice upload can someone tell me name of the song?

  25. Dr. KNP Show

    This is a player I never wished to see retire.

  26. Rambo4


  27. Carlos Souza

    Esse é fora do normal

  28. Rosemar Santos

    Grandioso Ronaldinho,sou fã de mais 👏👏👏💪

  29. Omar Ryan

    The Master footballer who got many to watch football. He made it looked easy like drinking water.

  30. nino ..

    Enquanto a europa estiver roubando nossa mulecada cedo demais nosso futebol nunca mais será o msm

  31. Brasil afundado

    O cara é paça o cara é fenômeno,,

  32. ronetigrao40 ronaldo

    Incrível.realmrnte bruxo!! Os fã d Messi ,tem q admitir q ele é superior,,

  33. Lucas Fon

    O melhor de todos 👏👏

  34. adão dutra

    Pra mim o melhor de todos

  35. rhamone scott

    What are the names of these player he destroyed?

  36. Joas Silva

    o inventor do drible elástico foi Roberto Rivelino

  37. Gerald Sanzala

    Goucho is one among Gods on this

  38. Gerald Sanzala

    His only mistake is he was born black the reason. Whites never respected him even took him off respect that's why he left Europe.

  39. Luc Hof

    El loco el magico

  40. Rondineli Fontes

    Nota 1000 pra esse cara


    oh cool. I propose all of you the highlights of the match and all penalties by oppenning this link : nlsel.info/video/video/t6ZnqYSuqpGNxqU.html . don't forget to subscribe to the channel if you have liked the video

  42. Andre Alison

    Maior futebolista da história

  43. Pappu Shekh

    But Ami ki go tmi

  44. Pappu Shekh

    But Ami to amr

  45. Pappu Shekh


  46. Peter Chibwe


  47. Mihai Pascu

    Born for this 100%!

  48. Kirisi Sawadogo


  49. Moagi Kabelo

    There are many great players out there but none will ever play soccer with the same love and passion the same way this genius did. He is a true football lover.

  50. David Quarcoo

    I showed this video to a crippled friend of mine n now he is a footballer.. Ronaldinho is a football god!!

  51. Kaio Matias

    acho que o neymar tem muita chanse de ser o melhordo mundo

  52. Sami Lalaami

    En Nesyri header vs Spain national Team ( 2.89m )

  53. mojay semo utamu msanii

    Ronaldinho is the best player in the world

  54. Timothy Keya

    Amazing Ronaldinho

  55. Henry Jewel

    But Ronaldinho nightmare was Claude Makele, Michael Essien, Gallas all of Chelsea fc coached by Jose Morinho ....

  56. Henry Jewel

    Messi was fortunate to understudy Ronaldinho at Barcelona, as Ronaldinho was fortunate to understudy Jay Jay Okocha at PSG

  57. Henry Jewel

    Messi was fortunate to understudy Ronaldinho that lead to his greatness too

  58. Henry Jewel

    Ronaldinho is best footballer ever

  59. MichaelMike The Russian-Iranian Bot

    He's essentially basketball player...... that uses his feet. :)

  60. Fabio Callejas

    Cholo Simeone se ganó el partido..y la copa... pero como siempre tenía que imperar la actitud criminal de aquel que no es capaz de ganar en juego limpio....se sienten orgullosos por vencer al contrario de esa manera?? Que raro no es la primera vez

  61. Samuel Karikari

    You can only watch and your eyes will be filled with tears of joy...he is so amazing ,dance with the ball,play with the ball,enjoys the ball at every angle...You will remain in history books legend

  62. Christian Ayala

    Real Madrid=D10$

  63. Luckman Chanda

    He was born for it

  64. fuzile dazana

    This man is football

  65. Lehlohonolo Mokotedi

    Title of the video is misleading, never seen before...nonsense...

  66. Klebson Jesus

    Vcs podem brigar por messi e cr7 mais nunca mais vai se ver um jogador como foi o bruxo principalmente aqui no Brasil

  67. SAJAN Pavic

    Diego costa cb

  68. banderita madrileñovalenciano

    Patético el Madrid que tenga que ganar así da vergüenza. Valverde debería estar expulsado desde el minuto 58. Pero le sacaron la primera amarilla en el 91. Y qué decir de Isco y su entrada a trippier. Esa entrada la hizo filipe luis a Messi hace dos años y fue roja directa. Pero como Isco es del Madrid no tuvo ni amarilla. Vergonzoso. Que gane así un equipo con mucho más presupuesto que el Atleti

  69. sylla Ibrahim

    Le meilleur joueur de tous les temps c'est celui-là ronaldino

  70. Roc Chav

    Great player, the best at his prime on a professional level. But its bull that he created skills never existed in football. Here in SA we grew up with kids that did what ronaldinho displayed in his prime on tv... so stop with ur bull shit just to get likes...

  71. Mose King

    This man must have played football before born

  72. godwin ogago

    King dribler

  73. Guti. Haz

    6:45 Mendy's face😂😂😂 savage😂😂😂😂😂

  74. Zahraddeen sani

    So calculative

  75. MrCatalan28

    6:09 This is Real Madrid being Real Madrid (playing dirty)... nothing new for us!

    1. Proplayerpooper Banana

      MrCatalan28 it’s called a tactical foul.

  76. Arnoud Klomp

    imagine 10 of them in one team, and by the way: no goal keeper needed ... this man is the best. We had Vanenburg, AFC Ajax Amsterdam, but this man will always be the best player ever. Hi from the Netherlands.

  77. wahyunarianti yuna

    no sekuat benzema,,jovik yes

  78. Earlston Layne

    Brazilian soccer players are the skillest in the world!!

  79. Earlston Layne

    Ronaldinho is superb!!👀👀🤣🤣🤣

  80. Ssg Adam

    The only man that rivals Ronaldo and messi they are amazing he is a god

    1. Richard Sigauke

      Let's not forget JJ Okocha. I feel like he did not get the recognition that he deserved

  81. Faizan Aziz

    Feeling sorry for ATM they deserved to win but well....

  82. pius jrn

    Even his teammate didn’t want to get megged 0:33

  83. Sergio Bernardo

    Ele tem que ir pra cima

  84. Predrag Vukovic

    Nesuno comme Lui !!! e NON sara mai!!!

  85. Annette Richards

    I’m still awestruck at his skills, talent and personality. He made football a pleasure to watch and of course inspired so many. Still want to marry him 🤣

  86. beku beku


  87. Alfonso Chale martinez


  88. Franklin Karani

    Riyand marhez vs real Madrid 🔥🔥🔥

  89. Franklin Karani

    Real Madrid will not win against man city I swear man city are in form

  90. Shahryar Valizadeh

    فارسي حرف بزنيد لاشي ها

  91. mongezi witboy

    Why are they using cr7 for the marketing

  92. denis okelo

    Velverde is a super hero

  93. landmark


  94. soinhu foitu

    Valverde y courtois gigantes

  95. chuzi la pweza


  96. Jiorno Sanchez

    Es un animal.. Es extraterrestre!!!

  97. Mafioso Nato

    Esse cara pra mim tinha pacto com diabo so pode.


    Hi sir,am sodiq from nigeria.please am interested in using your videos to building my little youtube channel.your permission please?🙏

  99. Daan Kolepijn

    Who’s here after wathing the video of Oh My Goal

  100. Ik Idu

    Wow amazing