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  1. Hull Style Produtions Change the World

    Or not at all.

  2. PMoose Traven

    They know the tech bubble is coming. That’s why.

  3. BlaZe Jawa

    Dude come on. As long as you can find the movie you want your fine.

  4. eanna connolly

    More of a scooter with a seat but ok


    Nice thats good for kidnapping 🤣


    I did a similar test with a girl in my neighborhood, the test took significantly less time and it was more of a bend test but it sounded just the same.

  7. Haiiitsholly

    Blade runner who?

  8. Sky Walker

    $50 dollars to these "CNet pros" or someone who finds how to change your monthly subscription to a yearly subscription!

  9. Sarah S

    I would make into a touching/talking hologram: A healthcare provider? Maybe

  10. khoi

    The is universe already is a hologram so this is a hologram within a hologram

  11. Mike Hog A Nator

    I had a hard time finding long battery life minus the charge box. I bought the $40 Rowkin Base Line Earbuds, 8hrs on a single charge & that's as high as I'm going to spend. The best noise cancelling & bass, mids & highs is the $17 MPows on Amazon. I wear mine when mowing on my loud zero turn mower & I hear nothing but great music while mowing

  12. xXEandisXx

    Answer: Germany

  13. ShutUpCatProductions

    Disney+ sucks!

  14. CVerse

    Two more points: 1) *The kids account is only restricted to G RATED FILMS.* I tried setting up a profile for my young siblings and like half of pixar films aren't on there cause they're PG. That means not even The Incredibles are on there unless I change it to an adult profile. 2) *It needs more features for their UI.* Imagine watching the Imagineering Story and the episode is done. Where's the "Next episode" button? That's something that Netflix has had for years. I don't want to fast forward all the way to the very end to get that option, and I really don't wanna have to go back to the show menu just to pick the next episode.

  15. Nick Roberts

    I bought the Bose 700's (in the beautiful silver) as the call quality is just another level that's available on the market right now. In real world battery tests the Bose often outlasts the Sony also. Believe me I wanted the Sony's to be the best in all areas because I could of saved some money and I'm a sucker for bass like so many of us! But... I get a lot of calls on my commute and not having to take my headphones off to take a call makes the extra money worth it! My music sounds incredible, the detail they pick up. The app isn't great and does sometimes take a while to connect though so far. The case is lovely quality and feels premium. I knew I had made the right decision when I was on the train and my colleague thought she had woken me up as when she rang she thought I was still in bed! Also walking by the side of the busiest road imaginable (with construction going on next to me also) and with strong winds my father told me he could 'just about' make out some traffic but I was crystal clear. When I played Massive Attack 'Teardrop' and could hear the level of separation and detail... They blew my mind! Highly recommended if you have the same requirements!

  16. cookies4present

    Or find a friend and share passwords and pay for the services every other month.

  17. bOombackbeat 1


  18. Mylee And Teddy

    9:42 lmao

  19. Tahmid Ullah

    This is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen

  20. RaxmaxD

    Everyone else: oooooo StarWars Holograms! Me: Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh!

  21. Sandra Hernandez

    Really good review now the fitbit versa 2 is out with voice commands and text response. Please do a comparison to apple watch for the new versa 2 .

  22. xXItzBillyHarbertXx

    Plainstone124 man, he brought me here Anyways, nice vid and please shoutout me for skribets, good nerd

  23. Dwayne Shaffer

    Awesome review, I love the conversation with yourself!!!!

  24. Solipsism _

    ... but can it run Crysis?

  25. Tetsujin 28

    I've got this. Worst washer ever. Would take the hand-me-down I got in college over this one. It twists the clothes into hard wet knots, while some of the clothes don't even get wet, and the top clothes never even touch the washplate at the bottom, so they just soak. Large loads will spin off-balance 95 percent of the time, and even the smallest load will take around an hour. I'm done with Sears appliances.



  27. Disco Toaster

    If It aint got no bed, it aint no truck.

  28. Elena P.

    Does dymo work with an iPad for Shopify?

  29. Eric Flowers

    I have some of the nest doorbells for sale right now...

  30. Keaton Armstrong

    I get that waiting is hard, but I actually like the “placeholders”. I’d rather know WHEN a movie is coming then those agreements and dates be private until Disney conveniently decide to add them at their own time. At least this way I know when to expect movies. It’s more transparent feeling and I’m actually for that.

  31. Asad

    Yeah, the review was pretty bad. I don’t have 5g but where I live I’m getting 60mbps eith 4g LTE

  32. Demetria Dark

    From all the movies I’ve watch I don’t trust it..

  33. Bramb._

    in The netherlands we can see almost everythong

  34. Luke Aka Ya Boi

    Back of my xr shattered today with a speck case on

  35. Nayeem Akbar

    Oneplus 7T is a great phone and personally, I like it over the pixel for its pure value. Having said that, I felt this review or comparison was a bit biased and leaning to favor the Oneplus in every regard. but yeah I will still watch you CNET. :)

  36. wynn4578

    I always had razr's when they were a thing and would love to go back to razr's but at those price points! and $1000 for a phone is still "bananas"!

  37. Pankaj Kumar

    This is the most clickbaity video title ever.

  38. V PR

    2700x will do with 570. In 2 years - 3950x.

  39. Rowan

    lord forgive me for what im bout to do-

  40. KNIFEGUY 1701


  41. David Huynh

    old tech.... project bluebeam

  42. ramin alikhani

    They were not that much active in recent years. This was predictable.

  43. Noman Rampara

    Why 9 years ago video recommend me!

  44. محمد عبدالله سعودى

    What kind of processor ?

  45. Juan Bueno

    and you can also add a mouse. Bluetooth mouse I recommend

  46. Arbiter117

    Yo where is cortana?

  47. CoffeeTimeBrian11

    NASA needs new chills; guy ain't cutting it.


    Not impressed I’ll stick with my Verizon 4G LTE

  49. E Ridle

    Cnet just blew their reputation. Junk grade report.

  50. Tripwirestudios

    I miss the old cnet after all they are better then 2019 cent

  51. Dorito

    First thing I thought about was hatsune miku. God please make it a thing

  52. Richard Groenewoud

    You can watch avengers infinity war allready

  53. Player7 Joined

    is that a 3D oscilloscope?

  54. Numai

    I still don't get why he is praised by so many people, besides memes he is a third class actor and there is not a single movie with him I like (I looked it up there is indeed none)!

  55. Romans 13

    liget you can only use it at night.

  56. felicianomario

    I am just wondering, why do you say E "K" G when it clearly says E "C" G? Electrocardiogram not ElectroKardiogram

  57. tattoodrdoke

    Poor mans smartphone, rich mans clock.

  58. Bruh Bruh


  59. lightning core

    Real life pokemon battles!

  60. nystagmus

    Why not drones or satellite cameras to SURVEY FORESTS so fires DON’T START or if they do, they dont spread

  61. Dzaqui E

    You forgot ‘Island at the top of the world”

  62. Nya L

    when you’re late but you find a good video you’ve been looking for 👌🏻

  63. One-Minute Metal

    Don't be suprised about a creese, it will always be there no matter how far this technology goes. Just buy the latest samesung phone and your set

  64. Dunya_kaygusuz

    1970s : We will have flying cars in the future! 2019:

  65. Studio Spider

    I would use this to play Yugioh. I need Solid Vision to play my card games now please.

  66. Marie Hagerö

    Smart ring omg i hate it

  67. spizzardo

    Lol, bluster through the humiliation. It wasn't even a hard throw. More lob than pitch.

  68. Canimaproductions

    moral of the story, get a GoPro

  69. spizzardo

    "Wind up, really hit it". He didn't even swing the hammer. The Elon Musk bubble is about to burst and I'm not talking about the test. He's on the verge of crash and burn. Things are starting to line up. And when he needs them he'll find he's got no real friends. Ahhh when the mighty fall....and he's about to in the not to distant future.

  70. sidd bhaskar

    It feels like when in movie tony stark first flying

  71. spizzardo

    Elon Musk, paedo guy.

  72. TBStudios91

    In 2100 people will say that movies from the 1980s predicted the future, instead, the future was tailored around them

  73. jelaninoel

    Just imagine the hentai applications.



  75. Matt Freestone

    Waaaay over acted there, must be the cost of access. Tech media is such a joke.

  76. Faysal Alwir


  77. durrani khan

    He talks and makes the hypes so you can give him money which he uses for blah blah. He has not delivered on many of his promises.

  78. Vincent Stelar

    Hatsune Miku when

  79. The Meek

    I pulled a sheet of this same material out of an old projection tv years ago! I could have had a hiding spot from my wife and kids for years now and didn't even know it, dang! Probably too DIY for the military to bother with!

  80. Connor Rook

    My school went on a trip here two weeks ago, it was amazing. I ate three drops of Ribena out of mid air

  81. Francisco Rosero

    Dude! You are the carbon-copy of my brother. Seriously. Everything!

    1. Logan Moy

      Francisco Rosero He must be a pretty cool guy then! 😉

  82. The Weird Company

    He's like Tony Stark from this universe, i think.

  83. Dazier Official

    I'm in the UK and I get 200mbps on 4G EE, you U.S guys have got it bad 😂

  84. CarouselBlind

    oh no everything is going to be indians now

  85. jawad mansoor


  86. Begone Thot

    Weaboos be trippin

  87. RoyalGuardEziode

    2020-2030 is going to be gnarly if this type of stuff gets boosted and booned

  88. Am Sovannda

    Watching from my iPhone 11. Love this phone so much 😍🥰

  89. mohamad rifqi

    Hologram waifu will come in real...too bad i already have one in human form but since it made from hologram so poligamy is now absolutely halal

  90. Levi Athan

    Everyone: Help me Obi Wan- Me: Wake up, Chief. I need you.

  91. Levi Athan

    “You can *feel* holograms” Me: wait, that’s illegal

  92. Aleksandre Mzhavia

    Still hot.

  93. Pvks Maheeth

    I am sorry to say this but I didn't get any correct explanation from pichai sir regarding any particular question . Is the questioning of questions are wrong ??

  94. IRON MAN

    Bring tesla back in forza please

  95. Steven Wong

    TMobile 5G speed is horrible, slower than 4G LTE.

  96. Action Jackson

    America will be weaponizing it in 30 min

  97. G R

    Making an instructional video without Speech is dumb.

  98. Linda Kahn

    My neighbor borrowed my extension ladder so he could hang hand made Christmas light balls on the huge tree in his front yard. He said he followed your intructions! The ones he made are red, green, yellow and blue. They look amazing!

  99. Roy Brand

    Left out the Bose Soundsport Free for no reason

  100. omeee

    I don't understand this review, especially the sound quality. I've tried Bose 700 and Sony xm3 and they sound meh. How could they place Sony over Sennheiser or B&O at sound quality? In terms of fun and detail in music, B&O just destroys Bose and Sony, it is not even close. Sennheiser comes close to B&O, it has a different sound signature. But both stand way above the Bose or Sony. You have to be deaf to pick Sony above Sennheiser or B&O. I sold the H9 only because they got uncomfy after a couple of hours and got the Sennheiser.