The Epic Rap Battles of History is a video series created by Nice Peter, epicLLOYD, Dave McCary, and Maker Studios.
Banner photo by Adam Hendershott

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  1. minxes69

    "Who you callin clone, you're a Deathstroke rip off" And in that moment millions of DC fans let out a sigh of relief

  2. Nunya Bidnis

    sacagawea won without speaking a word.

  3. hilton dorsey

    " you're a glorified secretary so write this down" killed me 😂😂😂

  4. kiri sins

    Funny how I listened to this song when I was passing north Carolina area where that happened

  5. putyourhandsintofire

    “The joker just killed IT” 🔥🔥

  6. RGC RiskForAcess96

    little cesers vs pizza hut

  7. RGC RiskForAcess96

    Ronald won

  8. Zenagon

    god i hate this one, thank god erb stopped making these shit politically charged vids

  9. Zack Genin

    that keith ledger joke was too soon

  10. Rick Grimes

    I think I caught the win here

  11. RikkoThyFoxer

    So close to 100M views!

  12. claudio Segura

    Burger King one definitely Burger King

  13. Kendall Topping

    danaerys targarean vs. katniss everdeen?

  14. kiri sins

    1 rip for stan lee 2 Disney when they bought out hulu and espn " I didnt buy you for billions which means you stay busy" turning profits I got the key" for Disney plus.

  15. Flank Fn

    All the normal people who just like joker better then Pennywise as a character are saying he won. If you watch reactions on this, most say Pennywise won. May I recommend “We Skeem” he knows every line of the rap battle and went with Pennywise.

  16. RGC RiskForAcess96

    Abraham Lincoln won for sure

  17. David Sharpe

    Super glad that this rap addresses the fact that Mother Teresa did nothing to help the poor. She was a sadist who encouraged suffering and death, routing the millions people gave her anywhere but actual hospitals or actual medical treatment. She believed the important thing was not for people to be treated, but for people to be preached to while they died painfully. She's one of the worst people to ever live and if anything this rap doesn't treat her harshly enough.

  18. Nathaniel Irizarry

    U should chucky vs slappy from goosebumps

  19. Jeffrey Hartigan

    Harley Quinn v Catwoman

  20. Oliver Evans

    This is really one of the best ones ever, it's a shame it isn't getting as mich attention as some of the other ones.

  21. Brittany

    Jenna killed it!!

  22. Emmie Mate

    “But your rhymes are trash, put them next to your emails” the battle was over before it even started

  23. Osen Oriental

    Hitler: "you need a vacation? Here take a trip on my train" Vader: "sorry, I have a spaceship that can bring me to anywhere"

  24. Jeremy Corbin init

    "Now embrace your French nature and quietly surrender"

  25. T Fletch

    The Rock vs Kevin Hart but actually with the rock and kevin hart. No idea how hard that would be or how much their managers would charge, or even if they would do it for free to be on the show. Free clicks and laughs right there.

  26. Rowan Hardy

    Weird Al vs Danny Sexbang!!

  27. LookingGlassFilm

    the other mother vs yubaba vs queen of hearts vs witch of the west

  28. Claws-of-fury

    It would be interesting to watch a Lois Lane vs. Harley Quinn

  29. Deno 06

    This needs the Vader Vs Hitler treatment with more editions because of how amazing it was! I loved it guys keep it up

  30. VultureDroid

    Anyone else get uncomfortable when the Heath Ledger lyric came up? That didn’t land well for me :/

  31. Laddie Porter

    Kind of irritating how biased ERB was so biased for Hillary.

  32. minxes69

    Andy Warhol vs Georgian O'keeffe

  33. I'm not uploading until I've got a 1000 subscribers

    How about Fusejiro Jamauchi Vs Sid Meiers

  34. Drawboy66


  35. Francis peña

    Boi dat cracked me up

  36. Blitzgang Gaming

    can we just sit for a second and appreciate the autotune done in stevie's voice

  37. Akantha Amamy

    Steve Irwin won when he point out that Jacques Cousteau main work and what he know for would be and is really bad for the sea floor and may have done a little more harm the good. see how no one really seem to care about the sea still

  38. Danny

    Holy Crap, this ERB is at 10 million views! Congrats, Peter and Lloyd

  39. Rusty Shackleford

    Joker killed it, no question

  40. Émero

    Pennywise won this in my opinion. I got all the bars. I Think most people dont get all pennywise bar's cuz he got at least as much as Joker. And they hit much harder like, damn. That Heath Ledger Bar hurt.

  41. Weilands cold shadow S

    Best one yet .spit hot fire



  43. Miguel Pliego

    Do demogorgon vs pennywise

  44. 9D Wizard

    I can't believe ziz!

  45. Bailey Clark

    Gg Hillary but we all know the real goat DONALD J TRUMP

  46. WolfPlays

    Snoop dog ? ;D

  47. Czekov

    Next Time: H.P.Lovecraft vs. L.Ron Hubberd!

  48. Mr Awesomeness57

    nigga we got more beef than one of your sacred cows im dying lmfao

  49. Matt Dunfrd

    Lloyd is the perfect Gordon Ramsey.

  50. Austin Ellis

    Disney is the end all villian

  51. minxes69

    Seeing Key and Peele fight feels so organic like this is just one of their skits

  52. Caster


  53. Justin Snyder

    -you stole that from h.p. love craft ..(proceeds to steal from Poe )

  54. Ian Mancuso

    John wick vs Liam Neeson!!!!!

  55. Daniel Vega


  56. shamar

    Bruh do winter soldier vs terminator next

  57. GAM3RxGrinch

    Penywise won hands down

  58. Plainn Potatoes

    "See power that's what the meaning of my flag is, your nation's famous for golf and haggigs" that killed ms

  59. Michiel Rommers

    I think we need a part two for this👍

  60. Shuaib Hussain

    Hats off I ERB for amazing video quality keep doing it guys

  61. rey buu

    "Imma tell my kids this is where the beef bettween apple and microsoft began"

  62. xXLegokid2000Xx

    Ion Antonescu vs Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

  63. HystericalTV GaMeS

    Wwll gordan won julia's ascent got in the way

  64. Timelord's Machine

    This Pennywise was more scary than from It

  65. Maverick Man

    Pennywise won big time in his first verse

  66. Dr. Catinstein

    2X speed is majestic

  67. Aidan Carter

    Trump won because he is the one of the best and Hillary is a dumb bitch (and not like the dog ether) #Keep America Great

  68. Robert O’Halloran

    I feel they made Hillary deliberately annoying in this

  69. Sliver Dragon

    next would be naruto vs goku

  70. liam

    KFC has joined the chat

  71. Patrick Star

    I just noticed the Abe Lincoln smacks Trump but not Hillary because she is a female

  72. Lord JoZephelius

    I’m glad they referenced the telltale joker. At least, I think they did.

  73. David D'Souza

    In all honestly, the writing and research is SO good that (even after pouring through the comments) there are definitely things going over my head! Could you guys please (maybe in ERB2) go over the lines and explain your brilliance? Would really appreciate it! Also, on an unrelated note, this is one of the best rap battles and the production quality is simply phenomenal!

  74. Sliver Dragon

    penywise wins

  75. Bryce wasem

    They both are just awful human beings. With Trump being friends with people who are in charge of underground pedophilia rings and Hillarys emails. They just both suck. The Clinton's in general suck.

  76. Sean Halloran


  77. Jiiyan Botani

    We wanne see: TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR vs The Notorious B.I.G.

  78. MrKeinZi

    The Last is putin ?

  79. Christine Davis

    Chick-fil-A vs Popeyes

  80. Timelord's Machine

    Wendy won this shit

  81. claude latham

    The interpretation of both characters is absolutely phenomenal and it's chilling in all honesty

  82. Zabi Ullah


  83. Gabriel Monzon

    Joker destroyed him so cleanly it wasn’t even close this is the biggest destruction I’ve ever seen on ERB

    1. Jeremy Corbin init

      "You lost to a turtle that wasn't even a ninja,"

  84. The Gaming Bro’s

    Vlad the impaler won

  85. Farhan Atif

    muhammad ali vs mike tyson

  86. Joel

    1:13 - 1:45 MAD

  87. Addie M

    I know it's been 6 months but I still can't get over how brilliant the facing da feet line was

  88. The Gaming Bro’s

    Penny wise won

  89. mike f

    Kathy Bates v Norman Bates

  90. Giel Hoekema

    Barbapapa vs T-1000

  91. Lucas Wiggins

    jesus vs the godfather 🤣🤣🤣

  92. Kevin Murry

    Hank Williams vs. Hank Aaron

  93. Ayman kh

    Old kratos vs new kratos God of war

  94. David Matlock

    I wanna see Big Bird vs Barney. Come on that's a historical battle...

  95. Stewart tv

    Mozart all the way

  96. Khorothis

    Only after all these years did it occur to me that calling Adam a motherfucker is also calling him a virgin, since he had no mother. Damn.

  97. slitebg

    "I'll make you MOVE B*TCH, GET OUT THE *WAY*!!" *Lao Zi's Tao/Dao can be translated as 'The Way'. One more pure gold line!

  98. Apoorv Padhye

    Who else noticed Robert J. Oppenheimer vs. Thanos?!

  99. Bhavik Naidoo

    2pac vs notorious B.I.G

  100. Anett Kakuk

    I think Stalin wins since if I say someone else he'll send me to gulag