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  1. colleen t

    Adam reminds me of Jeff Goldblum but not as wacky

  2. Catherine Vought

    Our intelligence agency may have a tape of the phone call anyway

  3. DD

    It’s funny as an American i knew right away what he was doing with that peanut brittle after talking about snakes

  4. Chris Pkmn

    Stephen Colbert, Kiwi nightmare, attempts to bypass citizenship, tries to take control of NZ election, builds CA-NZ tensions, and unleashes The Snake upon The Garden of our Lorde

  5. andriolo

    These dudes were compared to radiohead?

  6. YoSoyMami


  7. str8chaser2002

    I spit out my cereal when Stephen said, "...and current ambassador to the Matrix."

  8. zeuxis 91

    Rock is dead!! 😭

  9. skylee

    omg he’s so hot 🥵

  10. Dr Nureini

    can someone explain to me, how is she driving her own car without security, no even car tint?!!

  11. J C

    Why was Colbert on Epstein ISLAND PEDOPHILE?

  12. exdoode

    Great, it's always nice to see her.

  13. Sofia Randal

    George : history.. dragons... Bleh bleh Everyone : 5:26

  14. SuperStation Funnies

    TRUMP 2020! THANKS FOR THE PROMOTION SHOWTIME! LMAO .."Of course Stephen Colbert had to make a cartoon of himself, for his own show..." Mindless

  15. Prapthi

    ফেরীঘাট, পদ্মার ঢেউ, দৌলত দিয়া ফেরী ঘাট Crossing Dangerous Padma River nlsel.info/video/video/tpyYg6tnq7ySzYY.html

  16. Rock the Casbah 21

    I like the idea of the obnoxious leader of the free world having a lengthy and unnecessary prostate exam. I think he's just looking for a reason to avoid criminal charges, while 'playing the victim' for his disciples.

  17. 2xkiller

    Think about it. How simple of an idea is it? Keep the things we need, get rid of the things we don't. Hunting: .308, 30/30, .30/06, .300, .264, .270, etc. are all better for hunting than an Assualt Rifle, providing a cleaner kill and more stopping power. Home Defense: Shotgun's 10, 12, 20 gauges (12G pump is the best IMHO) are better for protecting one's home than an Assualt Rifle, providing adequate defense without the added risk of stray bullets killing innocent people through the walls. Many handguns fall into this area as well. Assault Rifles were designed to kill in mass. They were designed to be as destructive to the human body as possible. Can they be used for home defense and hunting? Absolutely. Are they the best guns for those jobs? Absolutely not. Can these other rifles/guns be used to commit mass shootings? Absolutely. But they're not designed for it, so they're not as effective at it as an Assualt Rifle. Which is why most mass shooters use AR15's and other assault rifles. This leaves only one other argument for keeping them in American society. That being to "overthrow" the government. Not that citizens owning them changes reality. It's the military might of the U.S. that they would be going up against. So anyone who thinks they can stand up to the near Trillion dollar a year budget of the U.S. military and everything that money has bought and can buy, just because they have an Assualt Rifle, is completely delusional and needs serious help.

  18. zeuxis 91

    Rock is dead!!! 😭

  19. Q. E. D.

    I met Jacinda at the Kaitaia farmers market, during the last election. Got a selfie with her to prove it. She has a rare ability to make you feel as if you’re the only person in the whole world while you’re talking with her. She’s razor sharp and the best advertisement for Democratic Socialism you could want. I suspect AOC is the American equivalent. Love your show Stephen. Your Trump voiceovers are more like Trump than Trump. In fact, all your voice work is great - Bernie Sanders, spot on. You’re almost as sharp as Jacinda. 🇳🇿

  20. John Copse

    How do you resign to save face with the impeachment going against you?.........claim severe bone spurs from too much McDonald's.

  21. Mar

    Still amazed for the visual stage, couldnt wait less

  22. Thomas Dailey

    Did anyone ask him what they did in the 1st part of his physical and what they plan to do in part 2? Also, do President's usually go to the hospital for their physicals? I'd think it'd be more convenient for the hospital and President to get a doctor just to do a housecall.

  23. Marjorie Dickinson

    If anyone else pulled that crap the feds would walk in yank the phone out of his hand slap on the cuffs and get him the hell out of our government..

  24. Sam Ferrier

    Just FYI NZ tax payers forked out $100,000 for Stephen's trip...

  25. Mar

    Theyre so cute

  26. Larry Levingston

    19 assassination attempts so far. They killed Scalia with the CIA HEART ATTACK GUN... Saturday his Secret Service food tester got sick. Last time in Scotland his young food tester died. Queen. Brennan will kill him unless somebody kills Brennan first...

  27. SW627

    If any of you actually saw the Christchurch shooting video, and analysed it (instead of obeying, like sheep) you wouldn't see this woman in the same light.....she's definitely "complicit" it the whole affair !

  28. Sonja Reid

    Considering Trump's continued endeavours to intimidate witnesses, I'm wondering why he hasn't yet been charged with something like "Attempting to Obstruct Justice."

  29. Flo Studios

    I love that she's driving a modest affordable electric vehicle.

  30. Kohlenstoffisotop12

    Finally a #remote! :D

  31. lildavey09

    One could cut the sexual tension with a dull butter knife

  32. HakaTours

    Thanks for the visit to our beautiful country, Stephen! Loved the carpool karaoke vibes, and glad Jacinda was free to pick you up!

  33. The Best EvEr

    Ramp with teeth 😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Garry Fimister

    I'm young but I'm not 12 , very polite and very funny.

  35. CanYouHackett97

    The whole interview was nice but I came for the Lorde and I wish there was more of her in this.

  36. Mehmet BAYER

    Wait wait wait, how a blue suits just can stay at air without wearing bu anyone?

  37. KingJah14

    He’s literally clinically obese but yeah he’s healthy 😂😂

  38. Antrobins

    The world needs more like her, especially in positions of power - such a genuine, funny, compassionate but strong and assertive woman. Makes Trump and 'ScoMo' look even worse than normal. (plus NZ is an awesome place - visit there if you have the opportunity)

  39. Martina Teomaya

    Hand cuffs, soothe our wounds. Health could be a way to step down and leave all the white cronies still in place.

  40. Jurgen Pagel

    BEST NZ SHOW / CLIP EVER ☆☆☆☆☆ ❤❤❤❤❤

  41. Jarid Gaming

    Can she be our President instead of Trump?

  42. Lorde's Corner

    y e s

  43. Oscar Hellberg

    I don't know what her politician viewpoints are, but i would vote for her just based on that she is clearly clever, likable, got personality and is someone I could see myself hanging out with. Wish there were more world leaders like her in the world.

  44. Shai Montero

    ma e dancing is so adorbz! love it!

  45. russell campbell

    Perhaps Donnie should go to Somalia and could return after he does a quick fix. Show her how, Donnie.

  46. KarlM Alias

    Reagan hid Alzheimer's.

  47. Suzy Qualcast

    Ha ha, frontal lobe face to climb - pot calling kettle yah yah yah!

  48. dubbadekken

    Pretty good pronunciation of ‘kia ora’ Stephen 👍🏽

  49. Germa Sehloho

    So cool

  50. Ste H

    Introducing Earth president, Jacinda Ardem.

  51. zippy

    Trump is finishing him SELF off.

  52. Nancy Ashline

    Such a classy Prime Minister. ❤️

  53. Mare Van Hove

    It would be really something for the world if you, America, could just really send the man to prison.

  54. Micro Farmers

    All leaders are better if they have an (1) Actual Personality, (2) Sense of Humour, (3) Actually Care about people, (4) Are Genuine, (5) Not Greedy. I could go on, but there are five qualities that Jacinda has over Trump and therefore Trumps trump.

  55. d2to2tn b2ta2ti2tl2te2ty

    BERNIE SANDERS 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. christopher woods

    This is awesome

  57. hIstory buff

    Must have bowl compaction with all the GOP up his arse.

  58. Missy Barbour

    I never thought about the fact that snakeless countries wouldn't have the "snakes in a can of peanut brittle" gag

  59. The Best EvEr

    She’s kind of hot !!!!

  60. Carry20_20

    Okay listen. Now that I know there is at least one gigantic copy of the book, I'm NEVER going to be satisfied with a normal sized copy. I NEED an oversized copy of the book. Willing to pay big bucks, like 100 or something.

  61. applecoreeater

    Man I wish we had her rather than our pathetic excuse for a prime minister over the pond here in Aus

  62. Victoria Day

    His food tester is gravely ill. They tried to poison him and he had to be tested for it. TRUMP 2020! And what are your connections to child trafficking, Colbert?

  63. Noises

    Nobody is calling it a health scare because everyone wishes he'd get sick and die lol.

  64. S33K3R™

    Matt Damon is 49. How about that for a "of fuck, im getting old" moment.

  65. Sakinah Abdussamad

    They sound amazing together. An incredible, mind-blowing performance 🎶🎤💜

  66. The Thingie

    US politics is a best tragicomedy world has ever seen

  67. F M

    He went for a brain check

  68. NDallas40

    I'm moving to New Zealand, you guys can keep trump!

  69. Danielle Spargo

    she's so cool omg! i wish we had someone like her as president

  70. Carlos Davis

    Thanks for telling me comments section!!!

  71. Kieran Grant

    I was trying to understand why he kept trying to offer peanut brittle, so I was scrolling through the comments and I missed it! At least I was able to go back.

  72. Roger

    I really hope she wins in 2020. She is so charming and modest but tough as nails.

  73. Deavon Reye

    Hey! I think Aubrey Plaza does a pretty decent job in a more serious role. ;-)

  74. Priestess Auset Ra Amen

    Why the hell am I subscribed to Colbert show, and I'm not getting notified of new shows. I have to go tracking them down?

  75. Good Golly Miss Polly

    "Let's talk!" That's never a good sign.

  76. Daughter Of Dragons

    I didnt get to see this movie in theatres, somebody tell me the ending please 😆

  77. Cole Chapman

    Don't worry Trump had to go to the hospital because his yearly hand enlargement surgery was due.

  78. Thunderquill Radio

    He hasn't been seen in a couple of days. Call me paranoid, but I get the feeling he could be on a plane to Russia.

  79. Kit Cumbie

    He ran out of Adderall.

  80. Richard Smith

    Great physicals don't have followup examinations. Who the hell is he trying to fool. Oh wait, nvm.

  81. Fred West


  82. Stacy Melanson

    He is so nerdy and I love every bit of it. And the Colbert Report is working between these two.

  83. Debra Slack

    OMG!!! Lmfao choking on my cookie!!!

  84. Bill A.

    you’re slime colbert i

  85. CastAway_Dave

    She is awesome!

  86. Sakinah Abdussamad


  87. Wendy C.R

    You can actually google "2 years in government new zealand labour party" to see on you tube what she has actually done for our country. When you put everything into perspective around the world we are pretty lucky to be living in a country that many consider to be paradise in such tough times 🧡💙💚💛❤

  88. Scott Wilson

    The Prime ministers before her were rubbish for most of my life. Why did that change AFTER I left?

  89. Kilo Mintoni

    It would be excellent if there were some musicians were onstage.

  90. schtum1

    I thought this was a really good natured video. A real pick me up. Thank you!

  91. Furlog Giant

    religion, the cancer of the mind

  92. Francine Miranda

    Really??? Good grief.

  93. Lily Ventura

    Look away @ 3.43

  94. FO Biggles

    Instrumentation: Good. Vocals: meh, not my thing.

  95. Livio Piantelli

    If you don't think he's sexy already, just talk with him and you'll change your mind

  96. ColStuart

    This is amazing :D

  97. Vincent Ashley

    Can she be our President? Please!!!!!!!!!

  98. FO Biggles

    I am truly impressed by this actor! Wow!

  99. Junior Campbell

    I love New Zealand and think Ms Ardern is just one of the best leaders in the world.

  100. Lynn Perry

    These Meanwhile intros just make my day!