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  1. Tommy Nolan

    I've had the pleasure of knowing Tom personally. A perfectly rational man contrary to many of these comments.

  2. Haylesbee

    Whoa, this is like an actual therapy session.

  3. Yaser Masood

    Lol Cuomo got upset that colbert got more applause.

  4. Wise One

    I sometimes react a scene or use a scene to make a scenario, lol def great jokes to use and most people dont catch on😞🤣

  5. Brittany Gilbert

    Did "real talk" just happen on a late show?? I think I love this.

  6. Christian Dachy

    Sometimes, the "Donald" doesn't lie : when he says that he has got a lot of proves that he did not release, when he says that he likes corrupted people, when he says that Giuliani knows corruption better than anybody else... etc...

  7. Cheri

    You made Megyn Kelly look better then she actually was. I couldn't stand the sound of her voice to her stupid point of view. She was louder then Gretchen Carlson and Gretchen was the won who actually broke the story.

  8. Andrea A

    i love them!

  9. Ray Segura

    Stupid idea your just a platform for all her lies . She destroys ALL interviewers by NOT letting them rebut. Whenever I watched trump's maggots get interviewed they win, by doing all the talking which fires up trump's followers. Give time to Democrats bernie,warren,biden, and help fire up their followers.

  10. The Gamechanger

    The love is strong in these two.

  11. Marjory Pimentel

    That kid is so natural, a true star with a bright future. Tyler is cool too, I guess.

  12. Nadine Morsch

    don't be fooled. gritty trending just means that folks see through McConnell's cover-up. Viva la revolution.

  13. Loogi Boy

    He really did look like an Asian American girl as a child

  14. Kovačević Dobrina

    You Leftist loosers are going to be disappointed once again. Trump found innocent then Dems start going to jail.

  15. Gomez1915

    It baffles me that these channels are keeping these Avenatti videos up. Their making themselves look like absolute idiots. This man is likely going to prison for the rest of his life for some serious crimes.

  16. Mark J Adair


  17. KEA


  18. Truth Willout

    OMG. Dick Cavett is a living legend! 👍

  19. Emma Olsson Thorell


  20. stephen roldan

    Well her husband doesn't agree with either. Dosent mean you cant be friends/family etc..

  21. Erik Cnating

    Larry David killed it as always even though he got absolutely no help. Colbert is getting less and less funny by the day. Going PC does not mix with being a good comedian. Just compare this garbage with the Colbert Report. It's like night and day.

  22. Boogaloo


  23. Evette McCollum

    I could use this show 7 days a week!!!💖

  24. 4D Green Tea

    Comment section: *deep comments, adults sharing feelings* Me, an intellectual: “I like johns tie pin thing and watch.”

  25. L Q

    Chris is such a smart guy. Like him a lot.

  26. Socialism Works

    Schiffs are the new Pinocchios

  27. Wendy Pastore

    Do these guys hate each other? Is Cuomo always so lacking in graciousness?

  28. 454590 904545

    Thank you Mr Stewart for everything you do to help Pit Bulls 👍🏼 Well done sir ..

  29. Gomez1915

    I’ve never seen a more pathetic comment section in all my life. I honestly feel sorry for each and every one of you. Are your hearts so full of hate and contempt? Aside from your unhinged intolerance, you pandered to this Avenatti character. You blindly followed him and hung on to every word. He’s now in solitary confinement in Manhattan. He’s about to go on trial for extortion. After that, he goes on trial again for stealing from Stormy. Then, AFTER THAT, he goes back to California to face his most reprehensible offenses that include 36+ counts of fraud, including funneling his clients’ settlement money to finance his own business and lifestyle. He is truly a terrible person to the core, and all of you people ate it up and looked at him as your savior. You all get what you deserve. I hope you’re all prepared for another 4 years of Trump, because it’s going to happen.

  30. Kirsten Ivy


  31. sndr b

    the band is playing miles davis' "all blues" as walk-on music. Was driving me mad that it sounded so familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it.

  32. 89792131121607920 math is cool

    3:09 Shoot off flare-guns.... at each other. o.O

  33. Katie Manworren

    Wow this was good 😭

  34. Commander Waffles

    They can use any of lindsey graham's past video quotes where he went against the orange thing only to now side with him.

  35. Sakinah Abdussamad

    They're gonna eat that Senator's head for dinner

  36. Sakinah Abdussamad

    They're gonna eat that Senator's head for dinner

  37. Always Good Boyo

    It's so strange seeing Liev in an irl interview I'm so used to him as Ray Donovan I expect him to be Ray IRL as well

  38. Gordan Skukan

    Dis is shame .U are not americans.Go Trump 2020

  39. New Message

    What we needed more of this week was a Friday show!

  40. J. Parrish

    Let the GOP Senate vote privately. They have been threatened to vote against so why not vote privately??

  41. J. Parrish

    Let the GOP Senate vote privately. They have been threatened to vote against so why not vote privately??

    1. J. Parrish

      @retnavybrat I'd usually agree with what you say, but they've been threatened with "...their head on a pike" if they vote against this person. So for their own sake I stand up and by what I said. I respectfully disagree with you my friend, but please have a wonderful weekend and days ahead. 🌏✌😎

    2. retnavybrat

      I understand your reasoning, but we have the right to know how the people that are supposed to be representing us voted.

  42. TomG Gabin

    Tracy Ullman sounds like a real pain in the ass, but I'll bet the show is a hoot.

  43. trentbateman

    Colbert just spends his evenings taking it from the Dems. He must be quite sore.

  44. moismyname

    Definitely gonna watch that movie. I wonder is the candidate was inspired by Richard Ojeda.

  45. creative tree

    6:27 when you step into doctor Phill for a bit

  46. MrSiskie

    Rick Scott looks like a slightly younger version of the ghost preacher from Poltergeist 2.

  47. Isaac Bartol

    Shift was ready for trial as soon as trump got elected! Lol pencil neck. Sackless dem lapdog. Kill the babies, save the terrorists. Where’s Hunter? Party line voting is how the impeachment got off the ground anyway. Trump 2020!! Impeach deez nuts!!

  48. Jerru Lopez

    The captain is on deck

  49. bool IsRebooting

    "The worst dancer at a wedding is the one who is not dancing." So, don't go to a wedding.

  50. Landshark Shredders

    What a guy! John letting his good friend shine.

  51. robert graziano

    Cheese balls are the only ones Miss Graham has!

  52. Mark Dowse

    I will say just one thing to all my ALLIES in the USA........ HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY ! Please celebrate with us, the rule of CONSTITUTION and LAW and the COMMON LAW.

  53. Abe Froman

    Hideous, vile dogs I would never let near a child. Patrick has become a WOKE SJW disgrace.

  54. Old Woman

    What corporate media won't do is the only thing that would effectively remove Trump, which is to cut the air time they give to this fascist, because corporate media is also fascist and Trump's outrageousness draws the crowd that brings them viewer bucks. Follow the money. Always follow the money when you want to figure out who the criminals are.

  55. Nishu

    Omg it's like my wishes are getting granted I ask for more Mulaney content with Colbert and it keeps happening!

  56. Oskid Hansom

    add this song to your playlist open.spotify.com/track/7t1MlkPsZUcNSwvHI13aYK?si=CMgvNxXcR8aGbtuC-ATVrA

  57. Oh snap ooo

    These videos should be on a different channel ..ill totally watch this

  58. Swordlord

    10:30 keanu reeves what happens when we die

  59. hafiz nazri

    Thank god for mariah carey.

  60. sprinter768

    Anybody got dirt on Joe Biden? Asking for a friend.

  61. Natasha

    Lol!!! Fox deprogramming 🤣

  62. John Young

    My daily dose of Orangemanbad juice. So satisfying.

  63. Techvi

    "I won't do my show anymore." *keeps doing the same political comedy thing but with no satirical character*

  64. Mark Dowse

    As an Aussie, I hate this "Maestro" thing. ANYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. Also, it's irrelevant & NEGATIVE if I have no idea who any of the persons are..... On AUSTRALIA DAY, I would rather fight for and support the reality of life here in OZ.

    1. Mark Dowse

      @retnavybrat Yes. But it is NOT just seen by Yanks, is it?

    2. retnavybrat

      @Mark Dowse: You do realize that this is an American TV program, right?

    3. TheAfricaboy23

      Sir this is a Wendy’s

  65. Jane Eley

    We love you Kathy Bates. Love from down under!

  66. Macky *

    nlsel.info/video/video/xnV0doSDldWBj6g.html 🍿

  67. kmlac

    I miss Jon

  68. Marcelo2706

    Mel Gibson está parecido com São Pedro.

  69. A Wee Scots Dog

    Ghouls Crypt - Don's Attaché Cha! By Skid Knee Crawl (Aka Rudy Giuliani in a Zoot Suit) There's a fentanyl spy going round Turning his joints upside down Jools skids on, a cha cha cha He's an old wreck, Don won't even pay Now he's hacked, no one's safe School kids Don? a cha cha cha If you want to appear to be a spy It's no big deal, tell a massive lie So Julie told one and in return He discovered what it meant to burn With the maximum of surety Despite laughter, drastic perjury His eyes can't conceal the lies in his file 'Cos he always squeals, cos' he has no guile There's a Giuliani going around Turning his tapes upside down Spool Mitch - fawn! A cha cha cha! This old vexed con, while trying to sway Now redacts the truth to say "Cool fibs Don! A cha cha cha!"

  70. Mark James

    His sister was murdered by black thugs in a liberal state (Colorado) No wonder he is a conservative. Liberals: If you have not been properly educated (yet): Liberals states and cities propagate crime. Conservative cities and states are by far the safest. Go look it up.

  71. Merry Gangemi

    trump didn't write that tweet; it has too many big words.

  72. Michelle Hubbard

    It’s not about parties. I’m not political & I have never voted before until all this insanity. We must vote to change this. I knew my electoral vote wouldn’t do much as I live in a blue state but it’s very important on a state & local level as well who we get in. Non-Repubs in swing states need to get out and vote! I feel we’re headed down Germany’s path right after World War 1. Right now, technology has created new requirements for jobs & economic systems & instead of preparing for these changes people who were once more privileged due to their phenotype are afraid of losing power & privilege. Tackle real problems. Face the coming changes, make sure our kids are educated, change the economic systems to meet the changes that technology will make & face the coming energy crisis without war & oppression of others but with science.

  73. TheMercsAssassin

    The discourse in the fake pundit segments is more truthful than our real life pundit segments on CNN (except Cuomo), FOX, and MSNBC.

  74. Isaac Ibnoumaryama


  75. sawsan al-obaidi


  76. Darryl King

    Only a real estate agent can sell you a stolen crab shell legally @ above market price.

  77. Lets use Common Sense

    HYPOCRISY AT ITS BEST. Bernie has three houses and flies around on a private jet and he wants me and you to stop using fossil fuels. Haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa. We’re supposed to take this guy seriously.

  78. Eric Rogers

    Michael Moore spoke highly of Catcher Mitt Romney as a religious person.Mitt Romney made his money as a Corporate “€Raider” in the 80 s. Mitt Romney sold his soul in the same decade T rump did. Don’t be fooled by people who don’t drink coffee. Trust this: They are willing to Fuck you out of everything you ever worked for in a sober state of mind. Please listen and do not give your money to these religious freaks. They spend your money on the things You are too cheap to. Fact, fact, fact,.

  79. Gab Cam

    I love to see Jon Stewart. He is awesome.

  80. Mister Sturm

    Don’t ever put these skeezers on my feed again!

  81. Jarga

    You people actually watched this video and laughed?

  82. Fabian

    Why the kiss?

  83. triodesrbetter

    How do you move your eyes like that? Just tried and it feels weird.

  84. Carlos Hernandez

    What’s up with the one ear 👂

  85. There’s always One


  86. sweet _Crambelz

    The question is. Why Does lisa's bangs dont move?

  87. KoKo loko

    Omg🙌🏽such Fire and Passion! I must see this!

  88. JDD999

    I love Stephen! He's brilliant!

  89. Ramtin Dehghan

    only a heartless person can understand the text... love it

  90. John Robinson

    Trump has threatened them.

  91. Margaret G

    These guys look exactly like what they are...sycophantic immoral greedy sex offenders and top grade sinners in the very biblical sense.

  92. Skysthelimit212

    Why are the Republicans so scared of a reality tv star? That's all Trump is. Hes no leader. Hes a CELEBRITY in chief.

  93. Cory Lyons Music

    Love Jon, such a great guy...this movie definitely seems like he wrote it lol

  94. Green Bullitt

    What's the case ???? LOL Fake Charges for Impeachment like the Fake News … All this will fail and President Trump will be re-elected for 4 more years. All you Snowflakes including Colbert prepare yourselves.

  95. Nirmala Singh

    ohhhh i loved seeing that half body wag. Doggie is an awesome ambassador for his species. A lovable snuggle bum

  96. John Smith

    Why wont he do Corden ;) Lol, props to him

  97. marta ester Lopez henriquez

    Save me llego una publicacion donde tenia que compartir una publicacion de uste y me ganaba dinero y .e envia un mensaje de que gane un millon de dolares,pero despues envie los agradecimientos y me dice que no puede leer mi mensaje ,no es bueno jugar con las prrsonas usted tambien por lo que se y he leido su vida es de prosedencia pobre no juegue con las personas no estamos para que se burle en lo personal de mi, crei que era una persona diferente aun que al compartir la publicacion en 5 grupos ya me parecio raro al principio lo tome como juego pero me asuste con la respuesra en messenger personal es lo que me asusta por eso le escribo si lo lee y es una broma de otra persona que se hace pasar por usted mis disculpas pero si es usted de muy mal gusto reirse,aprobecharse de las personas ofreciendo una mentira,me cambio el pensar hacia su persona,de actor,bombero ,luchador y su vida sufrida cuando niño soy humilde pero no para que se ria de mi, adios espero de corazon aue lea mi mensaje desde Pitrufquen ,novena Region de la Araucania CHILE

  98. Anthony Nycholas

    Y'know what? I think that those Republicans that were passing notes playing with fidget spinners, eating snacks during the hearings, sleeping and even just walking out of the trial should have been called out by the Chief Justice and excused from the Senate trial for that stuff just as any high school teacher would have done for their student(s) for not paying attention to the lesson as Rand Paul had been doing a crossword puzzle instead of focusing on the hearing. As for the "I gotta go the bathroom!" excuse either the should have gone *before* the trial started or the entire Senate should have paused the trial for a set amount of time.

  99. Nick Romano

    I adore you Sir Patrick!.. Your an inspiration!...

  100. PatronusHelice

    wow he turns 80 soon and he looks and sounds quicker, more awake and more powerful then 10 years ago, just saw the first episode, looking forward to watch the whole series