UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

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  1. BooBlat

    600 yards?! Thats turns my face green!.

  2. Luis Guzman

    Literally has nothing to do with the Cowboys *Skip: allow me to introduce myself.*

  3. Michael Plummer

    "aint no trickeration" lol!!!

  4. Barry Metzer

    Skip Bayless should watch his comments about the Packers. He should put a helmet and uniform on and try to win a game. It is very difficult.

  5. brycekali

    Shay and Cro got this correct and it’s refreshing to hear it from people who actually understand the game🔥🔥

  6. Stephen May

    Lol Revis must've not forgotten about this segment

  7. The Truth

    Leon Sandcastle goat corner that will ever play the game .

  8. DMONEYY 34

    If anything the patriots are frauds but okay. Easy schedule. Somewhat challenging game in the playoffs. Out.

  9. Why Me

    1 black guy that had success, is attacking another black guy that's having success. I mean you see the problem here?

  10. DMONEYY 34

    Getting beat by a team that is 100x better than you means you’re a fraud

  11. KawaiisushiTV🍙


  12. FauxRat

    Favre only gets a good rep because of nostalgia. Compared to Rodgers he’s not anywhere near close

  13. Bumble Bee

    Has TO beaten his kid? Has TO knocked out his wife? Has TO killed anyone? Has TO been arrested for drugs?....I could go on and on. I'm not even a fan, but let's get real...they don't like him BECAUSE he's real...he says what's on his mind. The NFL wants sheep.

  14. S*xy Girls

    nlsel.info/video/video/2Xt0gWWnipuOo6A.html This teen can twerk 👀🔥🤯

  15. rustyz8

    Packers were the worst 13-3 team in history

  16. J S

    Shannon seems to be better at football coverage. But he’s acting like a fool when it comes to basketball. Kobe is better than Lebron. I date Kobe, Larry Bird, wilt Chamberlain, and Kareem over Lebron.

  17. Jerry Howe

    Hey Skip, why don't you watch the game again and you will see why they gave up trying with Derrick Henry. It's clearly due to the fact that his only consistency against the Chiefs defense was that of getting pounded for a loss or little to no gain. Mike Vrabel is no slouch. He just got left with little to no choice with regard to adjusting his game plan away from the run.

  18. Billy Jenkins

    Skip is the only one right on this topic. The other 2 are groupies

  19. T C

    Look at the safeties Sherman had on the Seahawks Revis would take on the top receiver every game by himself and lock them down

  20. Doug Billman

    The way it was planned........

  21. Doug Billman

    Wake up America...

  22. Jeff Allen

    How did the packers get exposed? They lost to the 49ers a month prior by 30. It really wasn’t a surprise they got beat again.

  23. Doug Billman

    They know who is going to win...before the game ever starts........

  24. revo1974

    Sherman couldn’t hold Revis’ jock

  25. jackie liuk

    All of your praises are to mahomes. Mahomes cant throw the ball to himself last I checked. Wheres the love for his insanely talented receivers who make him look ridiculously good..without them catching the ball there ain't no TDs...but it's all mahomes this mahomes that. Take away his receivers and see what he does. It's no secret that hes insanely talented but when you have a supporting cast that are equally talented and make your job wayy easier, it's easy to look great. That being said congrats to him and the rest of the chiefs on getting to their first SB in 50 years.

  26. liveguy

    Water Pistol Pete

  27. tervalas

    'Exposed'? Not at all. San Francisco has a great offensive line. If it doesn't have an off day, you are going to beat teams that aren't the best at run defense. Guess who SF plays next? A team with a so-so run defense.

  28. Kevin Elysee


  29. KiidsoFQueenS

    Not taking anything from Sherman but Revis Island, that man was shutting out the best WR's in the league week in and week out.

  30. Wendell Mamba

    Oh come on Skip. Larry is Larry, no questioning that. But this 20 year old kicking the butts of the current Star players of each team and with that stat? Not an all star? Come on. This kid is special. Only question is if he can keep himself healthy and maintain that stat or even improve it for the next coming years.

  31. Terry Wilson

    Cromartie got that Eddie LeVert/Booker T non-neck in suits look

  32. Marcus Reed

    Maybe if he took lbjs nuts out of his eyes

  33. Michael S.

    I think he is saying that the Packers run a simpleton offense, as do the Bears. These teams just do not have the sophisticated offenses like the top teams. How stupid is it to try to compete in the NFL without a fullback and all the variations of the I-formation?

  34. Euclid06

    So even if he’s a zone corner, he still does his job. The argument is stupid because Revis still feels slighted

  35. Roosevelt Green

    Deebo and dk trained together

  36. Mia Malkova


  37. Jonathan Skinner

    Skip is a @$$! Straight up! Richard Sherman calls it like it is....he wasn't calling out no one - he just stated facts!

  38. DC Williams

    Shannon a good dude but so sorry you wrong on this one. If you are a cop and patrolling a neighborhood with known gangs and as he said has 95% crime rate then of course you will be on high alert if you pulling some one over ad opposed to let's say an Asian neighborhood with 10% crime rate. 95% is a high number don't give me that BS

  39. God Himself

    5:20 skip finally said something I can agree with 😂

  40. John Bravo

    If Mahomes doesn’t win the SuperBowl then this talk about him being the best is premature there are a lot of great Qb’s out there Mahomes has a ton of weapons would he be this good without the weapons and defense? I’m not convinced yet Mahomes is the second coming of Joe Montana Tom Brady just yet.Mahomes is benefiting from a great team around him and a coach that gets ten wins a year with or without him Andy Reid.Ive said it before give AndynReid a good QB and he will win a SuperBowl well Reid has his Qb so no excuses here for Reid SuperBowl is a must for him the Titans blessed Mahomes and stopped running the ball 🤯what was that all about ?

  41. gginct

    He got bodied and owned in his own arena by Markelle Fultz

  42. jdogbeck1

    The 9ers are on the madden meta only running the ball lol

  43. Trey Dean

    Richard Sherman always in his feelings always got somebody’s name in his mouth why are we even arguing Darrelle revis is better corner then Sherman like that shouldn’t even be a argument 🤷‍♂️

  44. Joe Burns

    A Keith Lincoln reference. You have to be 60 years or older to remember this Chargers legend.

  45. bambam

    If I blame anything to Rodgers it's his lack of leadership that can't elevate his mediocre team to a better team. If he had that no doubt the team will follow him to win it but they rather rely on him than fight with him. IT'S TERRIBLE and that's what the packers are.

  46. Dave G

    Ain't no trickeration , we runnin the football! - Shannon Sharpe

  47. richard gaines

    shannon is sooo loud.

  48. Raymond Hershel

    Skip: he's the most divisive force in NFL history in my eyes AB: Watch me work!!!

  49. bambam

    I bet only Skip can make Shannon laughs like that.

  50. knytrix

    I know Skip has a hard time with his mental issues. But I'm so proud of him for making it so far in life with so much going against him. He's an inspiration to mentally challenged people everywhere.

  51. Ryue Jin

    A player in a team got exposed by a stacked team? Are they talking about chess here?

  52. Marvin Greer

    Skip your fucken lame damn let the speak his opinion it’s okay if you don’t agree we all know you hate Richard Sherman 😑

  53. keegan1948

    I have to agree with Skip here. Watch the highlights, the Titans did not play the to their strengths and threw the ball too much. Henry is the truth and they didn't continue that play style enough.

  54. Randall Huts

    Aaron Rodgers always looks disinterested playing for the packers no matter how good they are 😂

  55. bambam

    If the Packers don't have Rodgers they are just like the Raiders. Nothing to see there.

  56. kgard43

    I am truly convinced. Skip Bayless is outright STUPID! Can they find anyone else to talk sports but Skip Bayless.

  57. KingofKingsRKP Ryan Pelletier

    I told everyone, now its time to pay the price for those last two rings and three superbowl appearances.

  58. YngGodDre

    Skip don’t like Rich because he trashed talked Skip during that interview lol

  59. Jonathan Cao

    we eatin. afc champs

  60. Shon West

    Look Tom is a great quarterback obviously, and with an o-line and a few weapons we would have definitely went deeper then the first round, but Tom is old it doesn't matter if it doesn't show, its a fact of life and he's one hard hit or just generally one season away from retirement at any moment I mean even if we were to get him what he needs and he won another super bowl next season the question will be at the end of every season is he going to retire this time, so I think we need to just go ahead and start looking for our future quarterback and hopefully one that's a little bit more mobile so we can be a little more creative with the play calling

  61. Ben

    Dyson is a tool

  62. bambam

    Why would Sherman travel? He's not a speed guy and old too. WHY RUN.

  63. Searches

    It makes me so nervous that Skip holds the pen like that with no cap

  64. Callofduty Mobileradio

    Chiefs vs 49ers

  65. DaAbsolute TrueTv

    They really hating on Sherman smh

  66. duong angle

    the bulls team was so strong in the 90 was like today lebron ad giannis klay young curry harden in the same team to play against okc sun atl net without kd clipper with out kawhi and paul g who will win the championship off court lebron will lebron will all the champion ship not 6 only jordan win 6 that is a damn shame lebron would win 15 or 17 champion rings if lebron got the team like jordan get and played against the team that jordan played jordan lost to houston with hakem and steve franics jordan lost to i thomas jordan lost to the bird and magic

  67. R R

    None of the people who never played with these players have the right to say who's better. Only pros' opinions really count. They know how it's like on the court. The rest would only know how it is like on the bleachers.

  68. Dimitri Tucker

    I agree with Skip

  69. R R

    Let's wait for this year's playoffs. It's gonna be fun

  70. t watts

    Is it just me or does it seem like Skip got a runny nose every show?

  71. E BO

    TO is just bitter and jealous and Skip is a clown. Nothing more to see there.

  72. Mark Nguyen

    Please have Antonio Cromatie on the show more. In a discussion like this, I trust the "players" more than the "analyst"

  73. DaAbsolute TrueTv

    The 49ers frontline will be a problem cause they have speed everywhere but the corners will have to play lights out coverage Agains those Wrs but it’s a hard task crazy talented wrs😬

  74. Eric Nar

    Tom Brady is the most overrated quarterback of all time more like. I'm not saying Mahomes is the greatest ever, but arguing he hasn't been the best quarterback this season is hard given how Lamar Jackson performed in the playoffs. Regular season, you can definitely argue who had the better season out of Lamar & Patrick, I'd give the edge to Jackson, but Mahomes is definitely way up there. Simple fact, you shouldn't have to win a super bowl by a late field goal if your quarterback is "the greatest of all time", how many super bowls did the Patriots get bailed out by their field goal kicker? Exactly.

  75. Trident Slayz

    NFL is rigged Goodell just picks who he wants to win the superbowl. And who wins what game. No different then the WWE.

  76. Nostra J. Enriquez


  77. Zero

    Skips gut is full of sh!t

  78. Mr. X Factor

    I rewatch this 😂

  79. Robert49744

    His QBR against the 49ers was 12.3 skip always trying to make it worst

  80. duong angle

    skip you stupid scottie win mvp without jordan scottie the take the bulls to playoff jordan without scottie take washington to championship or playoff ?

  81. sheet cuh

    “So you have never experienced any offensive behavior from a different color” lol thats such a dumb question

  82. duong angle

    skip you stupid look at the players today and when lebron enter the nba lebron enter the nba the spur and laker dallas was the domnate team then celtic then okc who to throught toughtness jordan or lebron skip

  83. duong angle

    jordan got more help not only that and the lead it much easy for jordan the bulls was the best team in nba

  84. TR Poole

    The packers as a team is to blame for the lose

  85. Logic Sir

    Skip was just giving the back story he’s not upset . And he’s right if you have to cover the number one receiver across the whole field its way more difficult. Just a fact

  86. Kenneth Durbin

    You got it right Skip..."Rodgers is over the hill!". Time to retire and keep making them commercials.

  87. Moderately Moderate

    I said all year that Green Bay were pretenders.

  88. partridgepimp

    Don’t skip make enough money to get dental implants. Dudes gonna spit his upper denture out bitching about something one of these days.lol

  89. Ro L

    The Packers will probably regress next year and probably go 10-6 or 11-5. I don't trust Minnesota enough either.

  90. darrion yust

    Darrelle Revis looks like Teddy Pendergrass

  91. Rhen Zepol

    The one who, broke celtics is kobe in 2010,,and they forgot who broke, lebron is dirk😅😅😅

  92. Ricardo Jorge filho

    Definitely didn’t feel genuine when asked about Lamar winning.

  93. Rhen Zepol

    Aging piston? 😂😂Shannon is, idiot,, look at their age,, and mj never leave his team... Unlike lebron

  94. Ian Brown

    And mostert might get 30 And brieda gets 100 they got options

  95. David Wehinm

    Why was this shocking? They got battered 37-8 in the first game. Where was the evidence that it would be different?

  96. Lewis Jones

    Why don't we hear about Rugby players having CTE?

  97. Frankie Chapman

    I think Mahomes is a billion times better than Dak despite being a Cowboys fan.

  98. J Funkhouser

    I just listed to 10 minutes of talking that had nothing but jibber jabber about 49ers running the ball. Not a thing was said about an analysis about what the packers did wrong to lose so bad.

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