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  1. opaf

    4:46 When you remember the test today you haven't studied to.

  2. Ryan D

    Kate Beckinsale has to be the most beautiful woman to have graced the earth.

  3. Tracy Parsons

    She has good taste... Jon Bon Jovi was my first love, still is. I think it was the hair...

  4. Kalia Nandkeshwar

    The amount of times they all crossed the half court line 🤣

  5. Candace Hughes

    What do you mean???

  6. Rick Stenson

    Hey I almost agree with the last guy. No one else contributed at all, so why does he need to give up $650 just to be nice to people who would likely not even say thanks?

  7. vanilla twilight.

    Lauren with pink hair is all I ever needed 😻 what a great performance.

  8. Emile van der Merwe

    Drew looks amazing!

  9. JJ


  10. Morston never living Fred send Porton c now Mour

    1980 cod mobil havet trums

  11. chichi cicinia

    This men is a legend ♥️

  12. Butterfly Sky


  13. Iraun Campbell

    So can someone send me the English version of that

  14. Kate


  15. Deyala Radwan

    Remember when Ariana was in victorious and Sam and cat

  16. Nguyen Kevin

    2:50 what this song ?

  17. FerAdy Crack

    Yo la quería ver cantando la de contigo en la distancia

  18. nay Ram

    يخي والله جاكسن كيوت😂

  19. OOF

    She’s amazing

  20. Candace Hughes

    They are are 3&5

  21. Candace Hughes


  22. Candace Hughes

    That's our son singing

  23. Candace Hughes

    Nice jeans thank you for visiting me at the hospital. I love you. You always come...when I need you most...

  24. peanut12345

    What? dream a little "original".

  25. A S

    Wow, amazing!

  26. John Doe

    "Simon and Joe both invest in stonks!"

  27. OOF

    She’s so freaking quiet it’s awkward cuz corden is so much louder and he’s all I can hear

  28. Catarina Boy


  29. C J

    This guys lucky he is funny

  30. AYoutubeAccount

    No Everlong?Surprising you know what isn’t surprising, that James’s guitar was unplugged

  31. Sam Sung

    I train clients at 5am and I think to myself what the fuck?

  32. Алексей Дмитриев

    Hey wait. Who is singing quietly the piece very similar to rhapsody in 6:57?

  33. coco noot

    Is it just me or is he 'cutely intimidating' 😂

  34. Nikki Mac

    We cant get rid of guns hes only saying the bad things about them

  35. Kristina Uballe

    I love pink

  36. Hela

    I feel like Chelsea would be very boring in the sac.

  37. whatchagondo

    this is very educational

  38. Katie Wenta

    Please tap Ed Norton to spoof Kent and Noah Taylor to spoof Taylor in all re-enactments of these hearings. PleeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEAAAAAASSSEE?!!?!

  39. SlobbyDob

    That Kanye grin is contagious.

  40. Abagail Allen

    I fucking love her 😂 im totally her in the car 😂

  41. OOF

    These don’t even seem that bad

  42. Johann Gee

    Does the guy at 2:06 have sweat on his shirt in the pit area or is that just the design of the shirt

  43. Gws2

    would have got like $50 each if he shared the 1.5k, not a big deal

  44. Maya Slee

    How do they find such tall people?🤣

  45. Linkin Park Fan 72

    Dave is the coolest mf in rock and roll! His energy is epic!!! 🔥🔥💕💕

  46. Hermoine Granger

    Ron what the bloody hell u doing here ?!!

  47. Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K

    Fake news

  48. OOF

    Bruh if you’re asian half of these are like not bad at all Lmfaoo

  49. Henry Calle

    Kanye trash

  50. pat pats

    Its like if it is the eurovision contest her celebration at the end

  51. Fashionista261194

    I had to Google was a turducken was cause I never heard that word in my life. I honestly guessed turtle.

  52. Diss Gummy

    How did this guy get on the show

  53. combatmaster

    Sand mandala, the creation and destruction of art. Ephemerality at the hands of Jason Momoa.

  54. Ethan Tankersley


  55. box promote

    This is no bullshit for the last week I've been struggling, driving upto the gym and then driving away again, I thought you know what I'll go early, I went at 8am, its busy, next day 7am, its busy, next day 6am, fuck that shit I'll die early.

  56. Mark Meleka

    But.... but Tag was so funny :(

  57. 31kmiller

    they're now exploring fecal matter transplants to help people loose weight. They are finding that using fecal matter from a naturally thin person in someone trying to loose weight helps them loose it faster and more importantly, keep it off easier.

  58. jeffbauer

    It’s amazing how Kate hasn’t lost her British accent yet James Cordon has lived in America 5 mins and he’s on the verge of saying al-lumin-em and To-mate-oh

  59. Almighty Keys

    "James......when did you....James: eats cow toungue

  60. Tomahawk1775

    Bill Clinton IS a RAPIST, ERIC CIA > ramella IS in FACT a Spy, and Jeffrey Epstein did NOT kill himself!


    Happy birthday to this video ! See you next year

  62. Marc Mayonnaise

    Kimmel is a scumbag!

  63. Isabella L

    Anyone here after reading her memoire?

  64. Mariano Perez

    I love her

  65. o o

    What a gorgeous woman

  66. CandidlyOpinionated

    I kinda want to live in New York now.



  68. ckrause81

    I'm pretty sure I would have no problem sitting thru a full length remake of pulp fiction starring these two gems😂 I might even pay to see it if I was given a discount

  69. Flavia Ferreira

    Arnold, a fantastic person, a great actor. He' s just fantastic! 👍👍

  70. OOF

    Damn Ari...

  71. Uyi Osa

    Damn...even MAGATS have to draw a line, sometimes. Poor Donald Jr. Looking to cut his teeth in politics on daddy's back ! As he sat there pondering his future in politics, he must have thought: "dad's not having a great time with this Ukraine inferno and the MAGA Infantry Battalion don't think I've got the sauce for the next-in-line to daddy ! Must be depressing being Donald Trump Jr !!

  72. John Lennon360

    Les claypool

  73. teshura

    hold on jackson can speak five languages? damn

  74. Elliot Warren

    "I was going 55, the speed limit is 55" "Yes, but you need to keep up with the flow of traffic" THEN WHY HAVE A POSTED SPEEDLIMIT THAT YOU KNOW PEOPLE ARE GONNA GO OVER?!?!?!

  75. OOF

    these answers are way too good and funny I feel like this is scripted.

  76. Fernanda Talavera


  77. Mad Peace

    Ew, stop being gross.

  78. lucy griffiths


  79. Bohnen Hund


  80. Karina

    3:45 lmao when you’re a proud latinx

  81. OOF

    yo ummm the sandwich game ??? him in the middle ??? uhhhh ???

  82. zoya khan

    when your jealous of james corden because you wont even make it to the front entrance of the savoy

  83. Mario1611

    #MAGA #KeepAmericaGreat #Trump2020

  84. Octagon 8

    technically isn't the tallest mountain mauna kea, and actually mt everest is the highest mountain??? so wasn't that question wrong?

  85. Stan Smith


  86. OOF


  87. sailure1

    I lived in Hemet and saw many Scientologists around town. Tom was reclusive staying in the compound most of the time, but you would see him out as well.

  88. S L

    She's the WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRST She's the worst

  89. Peter Loughney

    Great song Billy. Another NSB success

  90. Tori Duncan

    First question easy jimmy kimmel

  91. omegapointil

    Trump dominates the scene like a troglodyte fake wresting star. She got it right about his being a creep, An illiterate creep. "I know words, I've got the best words. " Spoken like one of Jerry's kids. Tourettes Syndrome afflicted lying lowlife. Even his hair is dishonest. Leave us, Creep.

  92. Maanas Ravishankar

    Angel Hernandez would’ve ejected him

  93. OOF

    Lmfao the moms are funny

  94. OOF


  95. Rachel Walters

    I love how he threw the pen 🖊 it was so fun

  96. ha yes

    America does not get this humour

  97. OOF

    They are very handsome fellas

  98. OOF

    Mish king of everything

  99. Notoriouslybratty

    I think Kanye West would make the greatest or scariest televangelist ever.

  100. Sahar S

    Super cool guy 👍🏻👍🏻