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  1. 태일이말랑갱쥐

    could you please make the superhuman performance video available again?

  2. Freekygigor Takeoff

    The best carpool kareoke ever🔥❤️😩MIGOS

  3. Hi There

    Wow she’s so funny.

  4. Laurence Mccarthy

    She looks like my auntie Lesley.

  5. MIN 8

    Buna dimineata 5les twins this is not real😘

  6. julia sebree

    i don’t get why bts is so big. don’t come for me:) james knows in his heart that 1D will always be his favorite. (no hate plz🥺)

  7. Ebony Murphy

    “I don’t want to go”, I feel you Missy 😂

  8. Diaϻ๏nd LบcҜy !!

    Jimin was just so funny w James🤣🤣🤣 Also I’m a new member to the army🙃

  9. Bérénice

    Who’s ready for the 10th anniversary of One Direction ? Hope James will be with them 🤞🏼

  10. Gokberk Tanın

    What ,t my second favorite color? What am l five? Died

  11. ella

    i feel like jimmy actually wanted to eat the food

  12. Chlorophyllis

    "I'm not a fan but..." It's ok, come get your free serotonin. If you wanna see more of their goofy side, try looking at their BTS Run videos and meme compilations.

  13. Mikenzie Chambers

    I'm sorry but 4:20 had me dieing 🤣

  14. maldova

    too much acting from Charlie

  15. w0nn4


  16. khen sane

    *Came here for Finneas but stayed for Ben*

  17. Yo :v

    Nobody : Literally nobody: Subtitles:Singing in Korean and rapping in Korean xD

  18. All Mixed Up Travel with D and Kat

    So out of touch.

  19. Luciı Cry

    Jin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Gokberk Tanın

    Nice try swarley

  21. Mercy Bagley

    love how taehyung is wearing slides

  22. Mr. Green

    𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒅 𝒃𝒍𝒂𝒊𝒏𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒊𝒍𝒍𝒖𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒊..

  23. David Samveljan

    I just love adele because she is just a genuine lovely person even when the music went off she stayed in the right note/pitch i mean besides that she is soo funny at her live concerts like who else?

  24. Paulina Rzepka

    I was shouting QUEEEN ELIZABETH!!!!

  25. Lucia Putnam

    do Nicki and Cardi against each other. I would watch a whole reality show of that fr

  26. Hellboy

    John cena was probably shitting in his pants. No one wants to get it from logan

  27. Lucia Putnam

    please do it with Nicki Minaj and cardi b in the same one

  28. Smiley TV

    Bet it wouldnt fuctione with me...

  29. Levi Rodrigues

    I can't believe they didn't sing Anything You Can Do I Can do better

  30. Zia Tangent

    My Paynoooooo 😊😍

  31. teamvampire2011

    " I feel like people are getting mad at me." Why so cute, Harold

  32. Alex Cao

    Ben and Finneas, two of my dream lovers.

  33. femke

    this is perfect, my favorite movie and my favorite person/ singer

  34. Kyla Rhyanes

    Is the one with the red hat is that offset

  35. Hi There

    She’s so wonderful.

  36. teamvampire2011

    James, please reunite One Direction. Only you can do it.

  37. María Gabriela Cueva Flores

    OMG Harry is so handsome...

  38. ehi desmond

    the man there plays by legends of tommorow

  39. ems7

    His vibe in this. He couldn't be any cooler. Also love how much more this grooves live than on the recorded version.

  40. 김진하

    How can human do that? Human can't but Superhuman can

  41. TikTok Obsession

    1:10 thats a shot you dont see often (Niall's ass)

  42. Isabella Olim

    *Video starts playing * Niall :James I wanna be anywhere but here hell I would rather be lock in a room watching Larry snog

  43. Patrick Prejusa

    this was amazing

  44. abcd efg

    Psychotic fantasies.

  45. Tilly Anderson

    I have watched this way too many times 😂💜💜

  46. Em Zaj

    WHO else thinks that James should be a singer 😂😂😂

  47. Isabella Olim

    James specifically picking Louis cause he is a dark larrie and wants the rest of the larries to be able to see harry supper jealous

  48. Robi

    Awesome couples 😆😁👍

  49. Bernard

    Her reaction when James hits that note is so priceless

  50. Khôi Ngô

    Píu pìu pìu piu piu pìu pìu piu 👌👌

  51. EA Baks

    Papa mochi lol hahahhaha

  52. Dafne Monse

    La pancita de namjoon 😭💖

  53. Up Minstrels

    Apparently everyone is here looking for Harry's nose. We're a gang!

  54. Almasa Abu-Hanish

    When you’re really bored

  55. Isyah Zulkefli

    I smiled and laughed through the whole video non-stop FR I CAN'T EVEN FEEL MY FACE RN

    1. Mirjam

      your first time seeing bts in action? well, wait until you find bts crack videos...

  56. fresh star


  57. Paige Brookings

    imagine being in your car and driving by ARIANA FREAKING GRANDE

  58. Zamira Antonucci

    We want to hear Louis tomlinson singing

  59. Bean

    I don’t understand why she even ate the cricket. Like if she didn’t want to answer it obviously means that they are engaged since it was a yes or no question.

  60. Tilly Anderson

    This is the first BTS video I watched and I am watching it now as a proud army and its binging all the feels💜💜💜💜

  61. Aphmau 111101

    Lin was made for broadway

  62. Nathen Mathews

    Dooche to the extreme

  63. Weirdo MultiStan

    Y’all know Jaehyun is his old name right. His name is Yoon Oh...😂

  64. Keisha Suong

    Jimin is baby Mochi your papa mochi and I’m sis mochi 🤣🤣😂🐶❤️❤️💜💜

  65. Luana Zanek

    I love how relatable kendall is on this one 😂 who wouldnt be nervous and giggly around harryyyyy

  66. Guitar Guru

    Who likes the young Miley.....

  67. Alyadrieana

    Imagine you walk on the sidewalk and bruno mars is singing while pointing at you🤯

  68. treat people with kindness

    just here for my daily routine watching harry slam that box

  69. 1234 X

    The news also LIED about how mayn’t actually died

  70. Weirdo MultiStan

    Jennie getting scared when she’s outside the glass😂

  71. Muhammad Rouhan

    ARMYs are seriously so sensitive (and I'm an ARMY myself since Oct 2017), there is nothing wrong to take a picture with a popular celebrity even if u don't know them. Its kinda natural. And for those who say she did it for the attention, she didn't even knew who they were and how big they are so obviously it wasn't for attention

  72. Daniel Gomes



    OHhh mOy gOd wOtS hAppEnEd

  74. Weirdo MultiStan

    The day I stanned BTS or more the day I fell in love with V. My heart actually stopped. I got sucked into a whole, I can’t get out BUT don’t help me out cuz I like it down here✌🏻

  75. Prince Osaruyi

    lol i listened only James voice😅😂

  76. Harry. Louis

    I was hoping we would see Harry’s nose but ok... 😢

  77. heather adeline padilla

    I just relized jessica and james are in IT chapter 2

  78. blood wave_GAE

    ariana grande shoes are a light source

  79. Jonaisha Fabian

    Us coming back on quarantine because all directioners are starting to get their obsession back.

  80. J A P

    Suga trying to be the big brother he is, is so adorable while jimin clings on to hyung for support

  81. Serena Schepers

    Gordon singing baby is the purest

  82. Juan Ángel Pinzón

    Whats wrong with the bald asian guy?

  83. Teo Isailović

    Actually,football is called soccer only in USA. 😂😂

  84. Johnson Outdoors

    The Fbi needs to take there head out of their ass and actually look at background checks

  85. Renzo Earl Tubola


  86. Ashley

    Good GOD the song is not about Harry and Louis! None of the band members date each other! Louis isnt looking at Harry he is looking at Liam because those two wrote the song WITH OTHER FREAKING PEOPLE.... You guys are reaching for this imaginary relationship.

  87. Lama AS

    Loooveee this

  88. People blast 556677

    They are so pale they really need to get a tan

  89. Dope Cookie

    his Airpods lmao

  90. Ummu Rahmah Sayyidah

    Love you goodbye:"

  91. Tiara Arora

    the joans borthers are back to gater


    I'm in love with jungkooks outfit rn!

  93. João Silva

    Everyone: How come a rapper turn into a punk-rocker? Me: Is Travis wearing an ...and justice for all... T-shirt?

  94. Archie Panlilio

    Carl Johnson my man

  95. T A

    Of course she is singing Beyonce!! They both love e devil and if you don’t already know about that, do some research!!!! EVIL TO THE CORE!!

  96. JSD Vrijheid


  97. Jaida Franzen

    Megan is a better singer!!!

  98. francoarandamusic

    I fucking need an outfit like Hayley's

  99. Syifa Kee

    Omg this make me laughs to much

  100. Mieka Jucom

    Jimin: oh u papa mochi