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  1. Clare Lawrence

    Does Rhett know that Thomas Rhett’s last name actually isn’t Rhett and that his last name is in fact Akins? Because his dad is actually Rhett Akins who’s real first name is actually Thomas?? 😂

  2. Slydon Karoro


  3. PlayerGirl2000

    I'm not the only one that hears Elmo say the F-Word at 6:14, right?🌚

  4. TheLatinVerse

    I've never listened to her, but look how happy she is now compared to year two!

  5. Charlotte Ewen

    Rest In Peace big bird! Caroll Spinney ❤️12-26-33 to 12-8-19❤️

  6. Katie Jolly

    Link: do you think your family could beat my family in- Rhett: yes


    I wish I had a friendship like this

  8. Marie Salby

    Rhett is so devastated at 9:25 😢

  9. Nina Baeva

    Ты здесь такой идеальный для меня. Такой красивый и сексапильный. Yammy 💋

  10. Brianna Hillebrand

    This is my favorite way to see these two. Their interactions and personalities aren’t all played up for the camera. I love seeing their natural back and forth.

  11. Joshua McGinnis

    No one in the Ozarks says buggy. It’s a cart.

    1. Joshua McGinnis

      Some are but most aren’t Ozarks. Most are appalachian or closer into Georgia/Alabama when I lived there.

  12. Entrø

    Link really should grow the beard out again. It’s actually really full

  13. Ashley Rapp

    You'd be wish Jason nash .... lol

  14. Sam C

    Rhett's hair is really getting wild haha

  15. Ms Hydrus

    This is the best

  16. Gonzalo Martinez

    They see everyrthing this is boring

  17. Ben Fulfer

    Link: Do you think we’re authentic on Good Mythical Morning? Rhett: Yes Lou: Truthful Me: Thank goodness 😅

  18. Rom Jaikat

    This was pure entertainment! There was definitely some intensity going on there!

  19. Millie007

    When I walked out of the movie theater I was sure that Taron was going to win the Oscar for best actor but after seeing Joker, I think Taron is going to come second place to Joaquin in all the awards. Too bad, Taron is superb!

  20. Elyas Ghaedali

    2:40 Links face when Rhett starts naming the benefits of eating beans 😂😂

  21. J Morris the Review Guy

    Rhett out here looking like Ian McKellen and Peter Capaldi's love child.

  22. Shaolin Wanderer Gaming

    I don’t listen to Billie but I’m glad to see how far she’s come emotionally and spiritually

  23. Adam Laski

    Let’s forget about the fact that the inventor of this machine came out against it’s accuracy and scientific value, it’s fun. I guess

  24. Jenna Baily

    Who is the lady dancing? She has such beautiful legs.

  25. Lil'beer

    rhett's beard is his hair when he wakes up

  26. Goat Otaku

    The Vanity Fair person sounds like Colin Jost lol

  27. Rhett Gedies

    Best Rhett on the internet for sure! :D

  28. Ben Dover

    Why Rhetts hair looks like some dyed pubes???

  29. the invisible me

    Sooo Link is resenting that Rhett applied to the real world and he didn't include him....😳😳

  30. Roberto Morán

    Where is Gaga?

  31. bettysx

    ik this is like in the future lmao but when varchie and bughead were at the getaway thingy in season 3 i think anf bughead were doing the ;) why was veronica so shocked like they did the ;) too before them i-

  32. Stack daddy

    I like that they made stevie a old male 😂

  33. Sandun Jayathilaka

    Who is Luke Evans with ???

  34. Professor Wiesy

    Fitzpatrick has a better beard

  35. josh bosco

    The cuts on the polygraph chart are terrible it goes wild side to side then 1/2 a second later in the conversatio. The marks are gone and only straight lines

  36. Gonix Blaze

    pls i want year 4

  37. Neysa Cordial

    Rhett is a silver fox. Hands down! I don’t care what Rhett thinks. 😂

  38. Brian Brian

    Rhetts looking like Aristotle

  39. TheChosenOne

    I like her, shes pretty chill, down to earth for a young age, lots of people have this fake act on.

  40. Emily Thompson

    Beating a lie detector test isn't a measure of intelligence or cunning; it's a matter of being able to keep one's heart rate low and steady while under the presumed stress of lying. (I haven't watched this video. I have no plans to watch this video.)

  41. Stomanator Gaming

    This machine is proven not accurate

  42. Lucy Bancroft

    This was brilliant 🤣

  43. BlockDroidd GFX

    En unos años la miniatura va a parecer una portada de los chinos del kpop ese

  44. Redrix

    Bow rhett may have given up his relationship with neil for beans But remember Mr krabs sold spongebobs soul for 26 cents

  45. Nicholas Sierra

    love how the paper is playing over every 10 seconds so its not a real lie detector video

  46. TheChosenOne

    Who is she ? Whats she famous for ? The only reason why im here is because of an article that said jimmy kimmel made her look stupid on tv or something.

  47. CaraOrdinaryVanity

    I love these guys so much!

  48. Rorry Late

    Billie 2017: i like bright green, a lot Billie 2018: i like black Billie 2019 - with bright green & black hair

  49. TheFurious Panther

    R.I.P Caroll spinney. You will be missed

  50. just mae

    I feel like this episode was for Barry

  51. You Hit My Car Abc

    Rhett is starting to look older than link.

  52. Thanex

    inb4 40k

  53. Dennis Johansen

    There are a lot of things wrong with looking like Rachael Madow.

  54. Risky Waffle

    Are you a cop? Yeah im retired..... you should've told me that..lol

  55. James Duignan

    This got quite deep none of the comments are talking about it 🤯

  56. Derek Weaver

    That was really good.

  57. Anna Holmes

    Rhett: starts justifying his beans before even answering Link: *blink of judgement*

  58. rose avalon

    he's into *B E A N S*

  59. AtrumNoxProductions

    I want Link to have a beard!

  60. two triplethree

    _why are they always british or having cool accent_

  61. inside speachless

    Rhett's hair is a magical swirl of loveliness...….so beautiful

  62. RhettyforFun

    He probably should have asked Beans or Beard for 2 years!

  63. D C

    She’s even more annoying as she gets older

  64. Unknown ????????

    14:51 so satisfying

  65. stephen cox

    The glasses and beard bit was hilarious 😂

  66. Works of Ambience

    This is the best of these I've seen

  67. Faith Shell

    This video was so great but I’m not gonna lie, I got really sad when they talked about being irrelevant. I couldn’t stand it if they lost what they had. Their success makes me so happy that even talking about them losing it all had me upset. :(

  68. manuel I


  69. donnie g.

    link is for sure a silver fox. i love that he’s begun to embrace his grey, it looks really great on him ! 👍🏼

  70. Saher Imran

    Rest in peace my friend.


    Ok like when he said that You were once the youngest person in existence I laughed so hard 😂 I don't know why

  72. Faraaz Alarakhia

    How can you not love these guys😂

  73. Karim Khursheed

    RIP Carroll 💔

  74. the french pentester

    White, blue, green

  75. Señor Beso

    RIP Big Bird No Longer A Living Legend But still a legend

  76. Layani Prado

    Rhett trying to find out if Link thinks they're soulmates lol

  77. Sarah C

    “Are there any perks to being a living legend?” “....oh gee, well if there are I haven’t gotten any”

  78. xTagin

    Link got some problems

  79. Lewis 123

    Rhett looks like he works on Dwight Schrute’s beet farm

  80. Fujinox

    The polygrapher must be a fan. Never seen the polygrapher so interractive.

  81. Daniela Sevillasanchez

    Idc what anyone says link is a daddy. He can be my silver fox ❤️

  82. Brianna _

    She is fkn beautiful!!!

  83. Seldanas

    Big Bird died shortly after the interrogation

  84. DDAA

    Literally the best episode of this I’ve seen. 😂😂😂😂

  85. Corey Lucas

    Rob Lowe is one of kind, because he’s a down to earth guy with people. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter. Also dude is immortal, he’s hasn’t aged a DAY.

  86. lilitheve26

    Now I need Link to grow a beard.

  87. Tima TV

    Billie eilish illuminati EXPOSED nlsel.info/video/video/mGlsdoZuhtKMyIY.html

  88. 2DRGS

    ela amadureceu muito

  89. _in my eye

    If anything, this illustrates why you should never volunteer to take a polygraph test for law enforcement. There's a reason why it can't be admitted as evidence.

  90. Peşeng Deniz Genç


  91. Żalbert

    Polygraphs 👏🏻are👏🏻pseudoscience 👏🏻at👏🏻this👏🏻point👏🏻stop👏🏻using👏🏻them

  92. Ricardo III

    I wonder why Rhett continues to lie when he knows the lie detector works 🤣🤣

  93. yasmin mosley

    so did the other guy die or...

  94. Autumn !


  95. Noah Dougard

    I like to think of the world and upside down as numbers and negative numbers

  96. ak Sharma

    Who tf loved the beard and glasses arguement 😂😂😂

  97. Kuslash Jkdbd

    At 6:40 he dissed eminem 😂😏

  98. Brak

    shouldve asked about the water.

  99. Kieran Herrington

    I hope they still want to make videos at 60 + 😂

  100. VanessaHBIC

    Link, you are a silver fox 🐺