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  1. Laura Pacheco


  2. Social Media Girl78

    they should go to Seoul and Tokyo

  3. Evie Stanway

    Loving the new content guys! Loved this series and can’t wait to see more!!! You can see you guys are so much happier and that this is more natural and organic for you both!!! Lots of love guys! 💗

  4. Marli Cetinich

    Wait a minute..... did anyone else notice that Ethan was awake before Grayson?

  5. nur syafeerah

    I think its great that they talked to Shane since he has been through the same thing as the twins. And they are so lucky that ricky is on their team cause he literally the exact same person as Shane. They are funny,and real at the same time so if they need help,they can just go to ricky🦋i hope they realize that youtube is not their life and that family is life bc i see that the twins but they are just scared.

  6. Mayra Lugo

    You guys actually look a lot more happier! I enjoyed this video and look forward to more of your trips. Stay safe, and stay blessed.

  7. joshua salazar

    Ok so what’s up with that hand and foot behind them when they were taking a natural bath?


    "I don't wann f*ckin step on a snake bro" "And I don't want to get f*ckin abducted LETS GO" A mood

  9. alicia hamilton

    Kyle's cool I Wana see more of him hehehehhe

  10. Marissa Laird

    21:35 Ethan looks so much like Grayson

  11. Kaylee clarke

    can you guys like to go visit Texas a.k.a. go to my hometown ak Killeen,dates like where gonna be and when you are in one place and stuff like that so I can hopefully you guys

  12. Aqsa Malik

    this was oddly peaceful to watch

  13. Scarlett Gantt

    Grayson doing Russian crunches as a dance move🤦🏻‍♀️ someone help this douchebag baby😂

  14. Sarah Hammond

    kyle seems like a cool guy 😎

  15. Alexis Wright

    I love that the first place gayson wanted to go is where i live

  16. Mercedes Krebs

    Ethan: I don't want to f***ing step on a snake- Grayson: I DON'T WANT TO GET F***ING ABDUCTED LETS GO -Dolans in Utah

  17. izz williams

    watching ethan trying to catch a moth and then screaming when he touched it was the best thing i’ve ever seen

  18. Gracie Pena

    "Wow what a great idea"🙄🤣😔

  19. Jillian_ idk

    anyone realize how cool the thumbnail is

  20. Riley Lenae

    “Are you carrying any large amounts of drugs?.” “No i’m going to visit my mom in new jersey” LMFAOO

  21. Ava Mccarthy

    VeGaN aPpLe 🍎

  22. Aray Siguenza

    You should go to Nashville!! Do a blog, it's really nice. There's nice hiking trails, waterfalls.!

  23. arequepl

    done. ιм мα∂ wнy? ι ѕaw єммα dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry ғor grayѕon *

  24. Alejandra Silva

    should have come to texas it’s 72 degrees outside 😂😂

  25. hudyhouse04

    “ it’s 4:17 in the morning november 9th” 😭😭DECEMBER BAYBEEE

  26. Picky Child

    If only they invited jannielle

  27. Linda Fox

    Me when I realized they were in Kansas WHERE?!?!?!

  28. Addison Atlee

    I live in Tennessee but I come to Nashville a lot you Guys should do a meet and greet there

  29. Cheyanne Jalynn

    Yess I love you

  30. Emilia Dawe

    Awww "peace" made me happy. I'm glad u guys had fun and happy u didnt come to detroit cause you missed a massive snow storm during ur journey. Much love boys💕💕💕

  31. C Stove

    *Poof* - Dust Queef

  32. Fatimah Aamer

    I love you and this video 😍❤️

  33. Jazlyn Gadson

    Gray is definitely going to be the type of husband/dad to just take his family on random road trips without any warning and I love it !

  34. Hiba Elghallab

    When they made it to N.J. they were so happy . They're so adorable i can't get over it 😍❤

  35. Angie Aldana

    How was the sun out when he went to wake Grayson up ? 😂

  36. Tv IsMyBestFriend

    this was an awesome series. I'm really loving this new era, I think we have great things coming. Keep doing what you love!

  37. period no tampon

    8:50 I wasn’t looking you were👀

  38. HeyItsBri

    Adjustments to make in your van.. Um idk a toilet maybe??? Just message that girl who got 2million subscribers for living in her van and have her give you some ideas.

  39. Carissa Riehm

    I live in Kentucky

  40. StitchedinMack

    Make sure you crack a window open or have air filtration when using a space heater or you’ll go kaputz

  41. Alexis Racquel

    Damn they drove through Denver and I missed them 😭

  42. Karly Helms

    Missouri gang 🤪

  43. Samantha Vela

    Anyone else feel uncomfortable watching them bathe

  44. C Stove

    I'd totally be the one petting a cat while he does wood work. lol

  45. Elsie Jasilek

    I hope you guys keep that facial hair 😉

  46. Alexia Newcomer

    Did anyone else notice their hydro flasks 13:37

  47. Amanda Saldivar

    You guys literally chose the time when the storm was crossing America and you followed it

  48. Hailey Lyn


  49. GamingGirl 2446

    Just one question, where the hell does the cameraman sleep?!

  50. terry

    everybody: **minding their own business and trying to safely exit the highway** ethan: are we gonna be stuck on the highway all night?

  51. Random Things With Rachel

    "Just tiny house vibes!" - grayson i love that hahahaha

  52. Lynn Stanton

    Stay on KOA campgrounds their awesome

  53. monstayzen 17

    First crisis....Ethan has to pee.

  54. Moriah Ellington

    You should have went through Indiana

  55. Fatima A


  56. Emma Loeb

    16:20 literally me when my mom turns my rooms lights on to wake up for school!😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Bianca Super

    Who else feels bad for Kyle?

  58. Nayeli Efigenio

    I’m a vegan and it is sad to say that anything from McDonald’s is not vegan besides the salad with none of the animal products P.S learned Thant the hard way

  59. Baddie Bree

    Is it just me or does Grayson kinda look like Mark Wahlberg... Just me ok lol

  60. Josh Gill

    Anyone know where Graysons fluffy jumper is from?

  61. Hana '

    They said peace again

  62. cleo sitori

    ethan during the whole video: woOoOooAH woOooOAH tHeRE

  63. kyedotmh

    hmmm i would like to try a vegan apple 😂

  64. skorpia g

    You guys can take showers at truck stops(gas stations). Jus sayin.

  65. George Durkovich

    Now they gotta go back😂

  66. Bread Stick

    Yeaaaa I live in Kansas, drug problems are pretty bad here. They were probably skeptical of your van.

  67. Lisa Bakker

    Imagine doing a trip like this in europe, you’d pass like a million countries that’d be so much fun

  68. Audrey Kohnen

    kansas gang wya

  69. Libby Garcia

    This is the sexier version of Dumb & Dumber 🤪

  70. Lulu

    Gray you guys should come to my hometown Nashville the music city! You will love it

  71. Aniyah Devine

    The twins dancing had me dead 💀😭

  72. Lady LaRu

    Rest In Peace Dolan Twins

  73. Elizabeth Callan

    No one: Ethan: My last home cooked meal *pours cereal*

  74. Alma Ben tov

    Only video I watched fully without even pausing for a second. It was so interesting

  75. Fatima A

    Europe next? hmu ill be your guide lol done it so many times and im fucking 19 man

  76. Noella Vledder

    I'm so glad that Shane gave you advice for doing stuff you like and upload whenever you want! Can't wait for more awesome adventures! 🥰

  77. Merel Decorte

    Vegan apple?? Isnt that always vegan

  78. Billi Bollox

    Vegan Apple

  79. Reggie Wood-Schlageter

    I’m from Wisconsin this is like everyday for me in the winter hahah

  80. Lainey And Danni

    Is it just me or at 23:29 did grayson mock Ethan in a funny low voice 🤔😂

  81. Coleta Marie

    Sons always wake up their dads

  82. Saba Abdulqawi


  83. Famke Beetz


  84. Oma Sorochi

    14:34 I'm eating pancakes rn but I'm not disgusted cuz its E and Gray😌🏃🏽‍♀️

  85. Signe Ekern

    I love that you guys look like you really love making video’s, like it’s a hobby, not a job.

  86. Flavia Brc

    Can't wait for the wild-very Bear Grylls Australia series 😍😍

  87. Caitlin Ingham x

    weirds me our they they sleep in shoes😂

  88. DeKeem Sanders

    notifications on and bell is ringing

  89. paola alvarez

    “Dolan sandwich “ 😂😂

  90. payton

    anyone else get moonlight vibes from the background music

  91. Lor-Lor :3

    Aww, I love you morre

  92. torrie Mattingly

    I could have went to Nashville which two hours away from where I live and I could have met them! 😭

  93. Fatima A

    i just want to join them is that so much to ask my god

  94. Mel Arredondo

    Great thumbnail too!! Loved the whole editing!

  95. Megan McManus

    "you know I got this vegan cookie and this vegan apple" aren't all apples vegan???

  96. Shan x

    It’s crazy how you have to use biodegradable shower stuff to not offend the viewers

  97. SaraChristina16

    31:24, too much information Grayson 😂😂

  98. softie

    They need to go back out the are hunt for aliens 😂😂

  99. Maribel Hernandez

    I love how Ricky snuck in his music❤️❤️😂