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  1. OffCourse

    You hold the controller like your pregnant

  2. bil hmm

    Greta Thunberg is meanll illness child who are used by the elites! The truth maybe hurt, but fact dosn't care about feelings!

  3. bil hmm

    Greta Thunberg is meanll illness child who are used by the elites! The truth maybe hurt, but fact dosn't care about feelings!

  4. TBI Firefighter

    GOD Help us!

  5. james kelly

    the perpetually offended are mostly white SJW losers

  6. Sam

    Either schools teach useful education and politicians have been wrong about climate change over the last 40 years. Either schools do not teach useful facts, politicians have been rightly dismissing climate change, and kids should avoid school. Which is it?

  7. Mizo Lee

    Everyone is unique in their own ways, you don't need to compare them. RESPECT your President, America.

  8. TSM Atmoz-G

    And after all they still dare to say U.S. is land of "peace and freedom".. So sad, I feel sorry for every human or child for losing its life.

  9. voland farlow

    Fraud person, it's just a big background game

  10. Greg Jen

    All these socialist Democrats sound alike, so no one stands out on from this crazy crowd. They all hate Trump, wanna push their communist agenda, and promise free stuff to everyone, in return for full government control of their lives. Sounds like a sugar coated North Korea.

  11. TheChillStart

    I don't really know anything about this so what does this thing do?

  12. john shu

    Why dont we bring experts from single payer healthcare systems to share their experience of how great it is ?

  13. Jo Esguerra

    Bring back the Tablets of the Ten Commandments in Schools and the Halls of Congress. Is America a Christian country or not? The forefathers and Framer's who built this beautiful Nation were guided by the scriptures were they not?

  14. 8472

    Plumbers have secretaries? 😂😂😂

  15. spiritsealed

    "all white"? really? are you a racist? why is skin color an issue?

  16. T. Great

    These women do not know what they're saying. So , next time an officer wants to protect you and your family, he will be there without a weapon. Now your home invader will win.

  17. Derek A

    They are nothing but filth and junkies. Who cares!


    ????? 1:23 ❤?? ? ?

  19. frank enstein

    Donald Trump is a christian bwahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahaa In what universe? bwahahahahahahahhahaha

  20. woodro blue83

    He hold the controller like his fingers are ice 🥶cold

  21. Ryan O'Neal

    They can't poison him that way, duh

  22. Brian Dunleavy

    I dont know if i could have forgiven him

  23. T. Great

    We the people will keep our 2nd amendment. It's for law abiding citizens. Guns is what keeps you safe from criminals.

  24. spiritsealed

    that was the "highlights" of the debate? damn

  25. spiritsealed

    Biden: trump's doing it wrong, you cant negotiate with terrorists like that.

  26. Pik124

    I can’t believe that ninjas worst then tfue and ninja gets all the credit... poor tfue

  27. Mr Glass

    How does it compare to an elite controller? It doesn't

  28. One Chance

    Cut emissions by stopping chemtrails

  29. Danielle Everhart

    My family and I will be voting for Trump in 2020!😀

    1. Beverley Trute

      Let me guess, Republican, Christian family who espouse good family values right. If you think trump and his actions are good, I can only assume it's because your family behaves in the same way. Do you and your family agree with his behaviours and hope your children behave the same? Just curious.

  30. SHAMSHAM1090

    These are things that everybody already knows that Trump is now only discovering. Sheer dumbness

  31. Edmund Banks

    Just Look At Thew Hypocrite Schitt the Scbuck Schumer Dirt Bag,

  32. MegaLaidback

    Liar Trump and his cohorts.

  33. dumbo7429

    When you get actual scientists say inhaliling smoke from burning tobbacco cant be proven harmful the rot starts. Political media whores can sound credible after that. Those scientist who lied for corperations have never been bought to justice.Hence we get climate denial..anti vax even moonlanding sceptics often good persons duped by manipulaters. Then you get weak govts n9t wanting to stand up.

  34. Kaycie Mosher


  35. Absolutely Vestigial

    Please can Boris install a cat flap.

  36. Hlagza KG

    Reelection is inevitable

  37. Jack Flash

    help Australia respond to the bushfire emergency, donate to the "cut down a tree" association

  38. TheBoss

    Sen. Crassley - why don't you go home and go to bed. lol he was mad.

  39. Schoidz

    2:16 that's not akward that's wholesome

  40. Danilo Tanese

    Gostaria de estar vivo e ver algo parecido no Brasil.

  41. JS A

    I live in Romania but Donald Trump desirve the effort from me to travel to US just to vote him. I also feel the Holly Spirit of God upon him. I can't afford to travel due to my life situation, anyway I already started to pray to God to take care of him in all things.

  42. Unknown XoXo

    Wow seems so fun to click 40383 times on your keyboard in 4 seconds Thats why fortnite is pure shite And no you fortnite bots are not celebrities you are just an kid playing a kids game and having all those kods watching you and all those kids see you as celebs but your not you just a dude that is playing all day long so stfu

  43. hunter gatherer

    Pretty funny the corrupt mayor had it all along

  44. Abdirafi Zurapi

    ma honksh karin o pixhk famile

  45. Vinoth KMR

    American Vijayakhanth

  46. Mr. Lombax

    Didnt even play a fps what its really ment for lol

  47. TheTbet

    Lewin Sky

  48. thar34

    She looks like an evil stalker.

  49. Bernard  Myers

    I remember this day I was sitting right there

  50. Teresa Baker

    And a month to make sure it will always be that way!

  51. Teresa Baker

    MLK how to be a rasist

  52. Benjamin Michael U

    Lol Trump is not giving any Respect to that caword

  53. Jan Haks

    Trump has taken many pictures with thousend of humans as President of The United States of America. Washington post i dont even have to finish this video in order to con conclude you all as fake media. You are a disgrace as fake media to the beautifull united States.

  54. Jio Garcia

    Y’all could’ve played Fortnite or apex lmao

  55. MINH T

    I am not a big fan of Trump but his wife is very elegant

  56. charles foltz

    And filling his pockets while playing a lot of golf. Trump=Yolo

  57. dpak jef

    Missing bush 3:17 😆😂

  58. Walden Smith

    I applaud Pres Trump for declaring the Bible as his 1st favourite book. This is great news as Pres Trump has faith in God.

  59. Mark Cochran

    She didn’t know that the mics were live and that it was going to be “picked up”? She’s either hopelessly stupid and naive or trying to manufacture a moment. Don’t try and tell me that was spontaneous.

  60. john shu

    Insulin is made in USA, costs 30 dollars in canada and same thing costs 300 in US.

  61. seng naw

    Some of the leaders are shy talking about the name of God through praying in public. This is an incredible speech that they should learn and enhance the confidence declaring the name of Lords in public .

  62. dann lion

    like dislike ratio gives me some hope for humanity.

  63. Clint C Brantley

    Played there back in the 70’s.

  64. Kathy M

    We need some lyrics for the piece of music.

  65. john shu


  66. Garrett Ederer

    Where's Andrew Yang ? I want to see him there!

  67. Zeinab Diop


  68. Scotty Seags

    Look at the history of these women accusing him before you go castrating him.

  69. John Decrasuss


  70. Jeff Caldwell

    Nancy Pelosi's networth is 128 Million dollars. Lets investigate this!!

  71. John Decrasuss


  72. yaponetsa

    project veritas busted this p.o.s.

  73. John Decrasuss


  74. john shu

    All the western countries have single payer healthcare, Dr.Silcone says "but people want more choices。“

  75. Andrew Georgia

    Tell Her stroke stricken mouth to shut up!!!!

  76. Randal Brosnon

    Trump may lose the next election if he doesn't step up the war with iran and get the job done like he's supposed to . Do the world a favor and wipe iran off the map.

  77. Randal Brosnon

    Trump may lose the next election if he doesn't step up the war with iran and get the job done like he's supposed to . Do the world a favor and wipe iran off the map.

  78. Randal Brosnon

    Trump may lose the next election if he doesn't step up the war with iran and get the job done like he's supposed to . Do the world a favor and wipe iran off the map.

  79. John Decrasuss


  80. Aleks Klev

    Dem. clowns entertain the public.

  81. John Decrasuss


  82. jupiter moongauge

    Here he is folks, your bloated, moronic, ridiculous, lying, conman, criminal, orange rapist in chief, president Dogturd Jackass Trump. America, you must be so proud

  83. adrian torres

    Meghan only dates white, richmen, she identifies as white, other than her mother, she doesnt associate with any of her bal k family members, and Serena is her only black "friend". So is Meghan racist?

  84. James Barker

    Of course he holds that water bottle like a baby would hold its bottle. Man this guy gets weirder and oranger everyday.

  85. Chelsea Wang

    Wtf is this guy 1:35 😂😂

  86. Hishamm Aezzat

    I don't know why, but I have a feeling they will bring witnesses!

  87. Molana Rumi

    For the good of the world, I hope he gets impeached. America has a psychologically sick man as their president. He is not fit mentally to make a rational decision. Pretty scary to have him as a president of a supper power.

  88. james Reinoso

    I to use this as hot keys binding for fortnite so I can press the paddles for my shotgun and AR...

  89. Kathryn Molesa

    Trump calls it like he sees it. He is a straight shooter and people like that.

  90. Sohail AFGHANI

    Get out afghanistan american forces

  91. Paul Pavich

    Think of the chilling effect this will have on other sleazy, scummy grifters. We should heed the advice of our conservative leadership and think long and hard about that.

  92. Alice Rose

    i love him

  93. dichaelovic

    Seriously just stop trying to make Russia look bad. Russia had a dark past, but Putin and the new Russia has grown extremely fast to the better. God bless Putin. Love from Denmark.

  94. Harry Kaminski

    This is a waste of tax payers money nothing going to happen not one republic an voted to impeach him all dem and Dems run the house that's the only reason they got as far as they did stupid Dem are DUMB

  95. G.O. D.

    I am from can I support The Great Donald and donate money?

  96. Southpaw Lefty

    Looks like Chuck and Nancy have impeachment on the mind LMFAO

  97. Zachariah

    The guy freaks out because the Simpsons make fun of aspects of Indian religion, yet nobody cares that they constantly make fun of Christianity. Quite a double standard.

  98. toms cool games

    Area 51 a huge seeable base secret

  99. Adrian Brook

    Looks like a trump victory 2020 🤣🤣🤣

  100. Pearlie Grace

    the sad part is he is actually good at what he does. so many films he produces are criticslly acclaimed