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  1. Reverse Giraffe

    You suck dick you butch

  2. Ese Osarhieme

    I'm confused, is it like a thing where when there's a fight they through flags in the air??

  3. WhiteFriday

    ft is smokepurp

  4. Mr Bloody

    I be drinking all the time and I’m 17 in the USA

  5. Lee owens

    He rude to fans

  6. Ardalan nishabourian

    u better do hockey fights and hits

  7. Imperial JustKell

    He gave a hint: it might just be pop smoke !

  8. I Flowzii I

    4:49 snoop dog?

  9. Samuel Brown

    Love this video. U should react to more nfl stuff. Like craziest plays and jukes. Not just people getting assasinated😂

  10. Mikey bartley

    Ksi play footbal. 👇🏿

  11. viktor verbeke

    13:46 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Stjepan _king

    Is this old KSI??

  13. Racio [GD]

    25:29 I need a brother like that xD

  14. Ayden Garcia

    That’s kinda fucked up

  15. Alexander Moss

    Pepperoni? Unsubbed.

  16. Eclipse3131

    Came here from TikTok seeing the guy stutter lmao

  17. 820 elev

    I hope you see this, you made my night. guy: "you just said that you're gay in danish" jj: "bullshit in danish means gay?" you didn't defend yourself like "NAH IM NOT GAY FVCK THAT", you were being respectful. I've seen so many people getting mad over being called gay on social media these days so as a person part of the LGBTQ community this really made my heart warm. thank you, jj.

  18. razman haiman

    KSI: I don't watch a lot of NFL JJ:

  19. Gabriel Mendoza

    All JJ did was order fries 🍟

  20. Toxic kelvin

    oh yeah yeah

  21. Alan Gillespie

    NFL the safest dangerous sport in the world

  22. Kelvin Lean

    0:56 why does this guy get two questions?

  23. kian k

    go hawks

  24. phoenix Nation

    Random unnamed people:“ Ksi does the same thing over and over again.” Ksi: “bet.” Ksi uploads new video: 4:43 Me watching the new video: “WTF is this. Well it’s something new I guess.”

  25. Abdullah Azeem

    Ksi struggling to get even 2 million views even after winning boxing match. Who would have gussed🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  26. Abdul Rahman

    في عرب؟

  27. Mike Redding

    we hit hard at Ohio State !

  28. adam adam

    now you get more subs but you support logen Paul

  29. Original name123 45678910

    Oh yeah yeah

  30. Mike Bould

    Leithwei!! Ko's dont always end fights

  31. Pyrho

    I’m so happy he picked Seahawks gear lol

  32. KM

    Just posted a video on KSI and why he has a future in music. Please could you check it out, sorry I have to do this. Thanks for your time ;)

  33. MpobiCreative

  34. Ali

    I'm gonna show my children this to show them what our generation did for fun in 2013

  35. Apple ID ‘S

    He corrected the video to advise to advice 🤭😂

  36. MB Official Bilborough

    Do ice hockey next bro

  37. Ryley Bell

    Watch nhl

  38. Ginga Ninja

    When I saw him wearing my team, I FLIPPED MY SHIT!!!

  39. Hifsey

    i swear someone needs to say "can you activate windows" lol

  40. Simon Melkor

    "A German helmet of a bell-end" BAHAHAHAAA

  41. Johnny Sins

    Nobody: People in the comments: Am I a joke to you

  42. LIMITLESS wolf

    Hey JJ have u been hanging with Trippie today fam

  43. Naser Horic

    of course the first fight he sees is from JACKSONVILLE Jaguars 😂 typical

  44. Iwan Roderick

    To be fer the NFL is softer then NHL then afl is the toughest sport

  45. Fred Baldwin

    I’m a rugby player and we don’t need armour and helmets like if u agree

  46. Deen Ada

    Everybody gangster until Miniminter clips takes over the world

  47. Rohan Moosue

    1:37 what if he hit hes head

  48. Hydrastix 2012

    KSI finna do a feature with Snoop Dog ????

  49. ImNotYoshi

    Ksi ft snoop dogg?

  50. Gamer 87

    Do hockey next

  51. Blnkzyツ

    When u can understand the words from the indian ad but read the subtitles

  52. Lord Micah

    Fight Jake paul

  53. osu fuckboi

    you're making fun of virgins while your fans are around 10-12 years old. rofl

  54. Jillian Monnier

    10:10 Jake Paul ???

  55. Michael Thornton


  56. Lucas Ward

    Please react to ufc knockouts😂😂

  57. Willy Wanker

    Seahawks score a touchdown: Their stadium: 2:09

  58. ѕj cσvєrѕ

    Fack ksi

    1. Apple ID ‘S

      Why did u watch the full video then?

  59. wong cheese

    Juice wrld feature

  60. Ali A

    Please do an Ice hockey video.

  61. Derp

    SoCcEr iS tHe mOst dAnGerOus

  62. Ehxkies Gaming

    KSI you gotta watch hockey if you want those fights

  63. nadwi ahbab

    What’s your discord server?

  64. SkySick

    2:55 Thats so mean BUT SIKE YOOO🔥🔥🔥🧢

  65. thrilly jr

    hes a seahawks fan, lesgo!

  66. Jake Cordes


  67. Gabriel Lancaster-West

    Rugby's better its this but for men

  68. PlatinumStrikes

    Nigga got snoop dogg in a feature

  69. Shasta King

    JJ Ghosh darn it you need to watch goodbye ksi

  70. Lucas Chelcea

    Logan is a LEGEND at taking Ls and getting back. That's the hardest part in anything. Getting back up. Taking all the hate and everything in and being able to get back up which he keeps fucking doing. I like tho how you respect him and recognise him as a good fighter and strong man.

  71. Stijn Van Der Lee

    Nobody Some random guy: JO MOMO IS HERE

  72. S

    Every player in existence, KSI, MY MAN HERE

  73. Scott Pott

    Do GAA

  74. DonnnXXL

    What’s the song at 2:24

  75. Finn Henry


  76. James Keefer

    look up the xfl is much more fun

  77. Jirzq


  78. Dezmon Ballard

    Seahawks tho? 😂

  79. Sequoits baseball 2

    Video: most dangerous sport- NFL Also video: Shows Ohio State

  80. __s___j

    *sheds tear* I love america

  81. Hobnob Music

    Bit of a wank video can’t lie

  82. S K

    Looks like you gonna have to wear them sick red boots cause you going to have to clap jake

  83. Jeremy Lazoskie

    Kobe died in a helicopter crash

  84. worse ror

    KSI’s captions:Shoutout to the Arabic language

  85. Yasin Shahbaz

    Just play Let's get it on by Marvin Gaye

  86. IzItTh4tTiM34lr3aDy _93

    Conor Mcgregor-July 14, 1988

  87. strapzz_ YT

    This was funny and cringe

  88. Wiild Sav

    3:22 Aliens trying to contact Babatunde to give an unlimited water supply

  89. Jahfrey

    Another dog almost mauled my baby boy to death what do I do to get my mind off of it, I can’t stop crying idek what’s life

  90. Benjamin Bluett

    did anyone else think snoop dog when he did that clue like if you thought that as well

  91. Marisela Saldivar

    Jake is better than you can ksi

  92. Rhys Collister

    Do lacrosse next just search lacrosse takeouts

  93. Sabbir Ahmed

    What is this 'chesu' is it a..a.aah..chestnut???

  94. Doghnu

    I'd say hockey should be next

  95. Liquid Smash

    Definitely a tax return vid

  96. Justice Fleming

    You talking bout lil wayne on a album

  97. Flicona Diaz

    JJ : we’ll be watching NFL ! (Half of the clips College Football 💀)

  98. Kane xx

    snoop dog is the feature

  99. Jerome Birch

    No one : James charles : 4:34

  100. Logan Balmer

    hes collabing with snoop dog man this is gonna be sick