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  1. Gabriel Reis

    Nahh I was corny all the way but I saw his video and I thought he handled it rlly well don’t do him like that

  2. Sonar Stroba

    when the mother come on and started talking about the divorce i fucking died xD

  3. Nando Avila

    Lp stands for lost points

  4. Noah Wahlstrøm

    damn right

  5. Nick Towler

    Dont talk about kids and grandkids. Thats below you and blatantly ignorant. No respect for that. I believe you won the fight and I respected how you handled it until now. Thats just disrespectful and childish. Gg on the win but grow the fuck up dude

  6. Z S

    I am not here to dis on any one of the fighters, but I would like to say I am getting tired of seeing both complain about one or the other. "Logan take the L like a man and walk away", KSI take the W and walk away. quit going on the fucking camera bitching about both sides on who won and who lost. It takes a real man to be able to take the lost keep the head high and move on, you did what you did by hitting KSI while he was going down own up to it and move on to the next thing. The lost should motivate you to come back stronger, you can't win everything in life the strongest person is one who can walk away from a lost with his head high. KSI you won, so walk away with your head high and move on to the next thing in life. You will end up taking a lost in life in the near future and the win may feel great but when that L comes into your life take it like a man and walk away with your head high to move on to the next W. Logan will get his W in his life at some point if he keeps his head high. All I am trying to say is quit posting about this fight it is done and over with move on to the next great thing in both of your lives, staying in the past is going to keep you both in the L column in my eyes. You both got some good shots at each other settled the beef so we thought but I guess not due to both of you getting back online. "Logan I feel I did not lose" KSI I won". I don't care anymore the fight is over so move on. I wish the best for bot Logan and KSI.

  7. Meirochan Manohar

    props to jj for winning, but dayum your beard needs some work, some patchy ass shit going down there

  8. Lord Lugischill

    Logangsters - 3:36

  9. Väyry Tommisto


  10. XtremerZ 356


  11. Väyry Tommisto

    Logan is a clown

  12. Zachary Childs


  13. Simply Era

    He made a huge point I couldn't ignore how Logan team keeper sucking his ego all the time

  14. Eric Guevara

    Ksi and can you please fuck up Jake Paul already

  15. Robert Bollinger

    And what you tripping for if you know it's all good

  16. GBgg-popo1

    im not logans nr 1 fan or anything, but why the fuck are u using logan for viewers, that is just really sad. ( just a reminder not ur nr 1 fan either

  17. Michael Brown

    Logzn would have beat you if they didnt take away 2 points

  18. Slomo Mario

    I dont understand how, you can hit Logan 3 times after the bell last year without any points taken off. Still this year Logan hit only one time while you were down and looses 2 points. Still dude, id actually say it was a draw, bro.

  19. RezReid 18

    He is just showing the good parts

  20. Hallie

    Wow Logan. Grow up dude. Youre so insecure you have to appeal? What a joke. Sore loser.

  21. TheBruhFish

    Why is JJ's chat the same as PewDiePie's chat. Just a bunch of the same quotes and comments.

  22. Blake VanDamage

    Big dick competition

  23. Barry Boy

    You took the piss🤣

  24. Lucks Nibba

    The only reason Logan is going to commission is because he wouldn't let his self forget it but he dosnt want people to think how u are

  25. Juan Piceno

    ksi after the fight acting like he 50-0

  26. Noah  Young

    The next 10 vids are gonna be about Logan 😂

  27. Joshua Ngobeni

    Man , u also lost to Logan

  28. Mr Man

    change your hair back allow it

  29. SPIKE

    LLLogan paul cus he took another L

  30. SychoRed

    8:08 anyway (laughs) you lost had me dying

  31. Jack Lesch

    That’s not the slip we talking about you crack head

  32. Tom the incubus boi

    Ksi is bulking

  33. Logan Bailey

    Talking about don't want to be a saw loser you've been one ever since the fight respect for I'm

    1. Logan Bailey


  34. Christian Perez

    Good job KSI later on when your done resting fight Jake

  35. Robert Bollinger


  36. Samb

    alright I’m gonna play devils advocate Of course Logan’s brother, dad, coach and friends are gonna say they think he will win? What there gonna say, nah I think JJ will win, GROW UP MATE

  37. Brad Sartin

    Ksi I think you are the “over confident” one. The only reason you won was because Logan got 2 points taken for that weak ass hit you try to play off as it actually hurt you. So as long as Logan didn’t get that taken he would’ve won which means he beat you in the fight , you won because of a penalty not because you beat him up

  38. Apranto o

    10:06 Fam is a FO O


    Quema o no cuhh

  40. Jahkotae Addley

    Logan Paul's better

  41. Rari

    That 2 point loss was the difference between you winning and losing.

  42. Eric Guevara

    KSI WON 💯 fuck you Logan Paul your such a bitch

  43. KOYba

    That last bit was a bit creepy

  44. Aname Udontknow

    Boxing match: music Logan paul in ring: imma this gonna be ez Ksi: enters ring Logan paul as left the chat.

  45. KSI 2.0

    Ksi is a pro

  46. Syxte

    If you don’t watch to the end in every Ksi video did you really watch the video?

  47. Lewis Baden

    I love how much you're loving this

  48. Alec Bieghler

    pubes on your chin

  49. Aaron Aji

    Funniest part of the video at 4:20

  50. سيف النار

    Pro ksi ✌️

  51. Maz Vlogs

    As you can see if Logan didn’t get those 2 points taken away, we would have won, it’s legit right there on the score cards you showed, simple maths... 10 X 10

    1. KxngNova Trg

      Maz Vlogs we? U fought too that’s crazy

  52. Ryan Stevenson

    Yes mate!! Too right on all of it, he's a sore loser and it'll be hilarious when the appeal bounces

  53. Ououououh mmmhhh

    Definitely first

  54. Kristian Lindås

    He is not a looser he is a salty looser

  55. Saky Io

    Logan Paul: ksi deserves the win. 1 week later Logan: I'm Filing an appeal

  56. Abs Swag

    Does anyone notice at 5:44 Logan's nose is bleeding

  57. J9 Walters

    Yes daily uploads again😂

  58. Hacked it !

    Just use me as how many time you want to punch Logan Paul

  59. Stijn Van Yperen


  60. Old Man Jenkins

    Logan Paul reminds me of those little kids on call of duty who cry after losing a 1v1

  61. MlodyD

    I love logan paul fans bein salty its the best

  62. Alouko

    If Logan didn’t use foul play after the first uppercut he would’ve won with ease. He would’ve knocked you out in the next round. There’s only one reason ksi won’t fight Logan again and it’s due to the fact that ksi knows he got lucky.

  63. Alec Ritter

    Lmao u acting dumb bro, if he feels he won, why shouldn’t he contest, if u think you won u wouldn’t care or make a video on it

  64. Y.n. trap19

    Did anyone else notice that big bush

  65. Tech Ladd

    3 in a row 👋👋👋👋👋

  66. MrBeast

    Who's true fan of KSI? 👇 👇 I’m gifting my next 500 loyal subs🎁

  67. Ououououh mmmhhh


  68. Kumahs

    KSi gang fuck logan🖤🦍

  69. K4B1

    KSI I saved your stuff on Spotify, hope I win the giveaway Twitter: SKabishan

  70. Addicted Lugia

    Can someone please tell me where I can find the SSG Goku #KSI has in the back ground? Looked everywhere

  71. Jaydee71172

    I still do not understand how KSI won. Every highlight I see is just KSI air swinging and hardly landing. Then they shown Logan actually landing some good shots. KSI himself at the end of the fight looks surprised he won, yet he sits hear talking like he had a convincing victory.

  72. Emelié Anderzén

    Ur hair looks like chicken feets in this video o.O

  73. derek ebel

    Best part about this is you’d react the same way😂

  74. Hoodedmarine

    U dont have to be toxic though?.?

  75. Olle Ahlberg

    shannon: “he will win, he’s white” shannon: black. Type google *Selena Gomez undressed on medium*

  76. Txnz Ain’t Baiting

    KSI is a true hero he should’ve beaten the shit outta him with his fist

  77. eikel taart

    My profile picture all over again

  78. Lebnbgena Dingre

    If you stupid fucking logangbangers actually looked closely at JJ's knock down to Logan, you can CLEARLY SEE that JJ hit him and Logan's head went down and after that Logan went down from the punch and did not slip. He went down on his knees from the pain. I'm not being biased but you logangbangers really need to pay close attention

  79. Lucas Trigo

    Ksi should collaborate with TGFbro like the old times,Like if u agree

  80. Cory Moreland

    You won all day you are just a beast

  81. Giveaway Habit

    0:14 who noticed that 4.20 on that time board shit 😆

  82. Mando Barrios

    Lmao I fw ksi for not making me watch logans sorry ass video and summarizing it for me . Logans sorry ass still hasnt got used to taking Ls all his life

  83. Ghyy HYY

    I hope logan post more vids about the fight cause its the only way to jj to more vids!!

  84. Cup of Water_ Diplip

    I like ur long hair

  85. Loyd Gamer

    3:29 you hit him on his forhead thats not allowed

  86. Saff A

    Someone make a compilation of ksi laughing 🤣🤣

  87. lopes squad

    Thats its not slipped

  88. WizardStein

    just do another match lol

  89. Henry Cloran

    I think regardless of what happens with the appeal, KSI will still come up at the top. Sport is sport, meaning sportsmanship. If you play dirty no mater what, theres consequences. I think it was a close match, but playing unfair won’t win you anything. Logan said it was his first professional fight and that he was emotional and reacted with a punch after the knock down But seriously you’ve been boxing for a year like you said. Wouldn’t you know the rules of the sport?

  90. pix

    logan: not gonna take no ls not gonna take no ls

  91. Axeii CR

    Does jj remember he has a main channel?

  92. Flommer

    That asian hanging joke just appeared in his latest video again..

  93. Becklynn Morris

    KSI all the way 👏🏻

  94. Arsinyx

    You just wounded all of white america thank you 😂😂

  95. SinisterOP

    Plot twist: Logan Paul Vs KSI rematch part 3

  96. Jimmy neutron

    This is just foreplay for a 3rd fight

  97. Hw 8

    Went from this to smashing up pogan laul

  98. Daniel Griggy

    All these comments are weird asf “Logan:” “Ksi:” Just stfu with those cringy comments

  99. Toxic Slayer

    By two points if Logan wasn’t stupid for doing that he would of won saying the truth but I’m still a ksi fan gg to both

  100. MxrcyB

    This logan nigga pissing me off