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  1. Rickdaily

    Having that stranger things 80’s vibe here man.. last night I drove an extra round in my town because of this song, love it

  2. Instagram vndresgt

    Am i the only one who doesn't like this song?

  3. Jorge Antonio


  4. Celine Billon

    J'adore! À la première écoute, j'ai monté le son! Un brin nostalgique du son des années 80 que l'on retrouve ici !!!

  5. Posture

    If you're looking for new Canadian music, check us out. We're a band from Toronto <3

  6. Janny Producer974

    C trop bien

  7. Ma[z]ter 69

    Чёрт возьми, я НИГГА.

  8. garcia25a

    Oh my... can I drive in the middle of the night with my x girlfriend with the T-tops off my 300zx

  9. Jeanne Jaro

    Fucking Las Vegas Parano vibe.

  10. Dillard Dillinger

    Fear and loathing in Las Vegas!

  11. Alana Rebecca

    please marry me

  12. TheBurcawi flogs

    Abel is going crazy🔥🐐

  13. Ben B.

    Reminds me of the good old 80s Darn, forgot that I'm just 15 years old

  14. xthehurricanekid

    ummmm did anyone else see a demon in the car at 3:16 - 3:17 or am I buggin?? 👀👀👀

  15. Yashhh Rathod


  16. tayla alien

    this is the aesthetic i never knew i needed

  17. Soren James

    So much autotune

  18. Marko


  19. Dull Solo

    Instead of flexing chains and all that bs hes flexing in poker and his tuxedos 👍

  20. Umaima Addi

    guess whos losing virginity w this song

  21. MocKingScars Official

    5 days and it's number 1 on The Billboard Hot 100...wel done Sir... He is like a legend

  22. Real G

    Fear and Loathing Las Vegas

  23. amran307


  24. DanderX


  25. emily w.

    i love this man lmao

  26. Adam Locastro

    Better watch out for them drugs weeknd.. RIP JUICE

  27. Random Meme Creator

    The weeknd hit number 1

  28. Astonishing Nathan

    Infinite alley way?

  29. Who Knew

    1.4 billion views 😰😰😰

  30. Ellachka McGee

    This is the Weeknds most entertaining video ever

  31. Mbita Acoustic Guitar

  32. SA.Khan.

    Best song 2019-2020 ❤️

  33. ismael vazquez


  34. Dev Paul

    Such tripy chill vibes ♥️ another masterpiece from the Weekend!

  35. Jaime Correa

    That's crzy I was just at Las Vegas flamingo hotel like 2 weeks ago

  36. Nisey B

    Saturday Sunday did it again!!

  37. Frad

    We need more Daft Punk music ;(

  38. Profess2015 Jaftha

    my theme song going into 2020....fuck yall im heartless ; )

  39. Adib0u.

    A normal day in PAYDAY 2 be like : 1:08 Wolf is down ! 1:40 Chains is Down ! 1:50 Chains is in Custody ! 2:43 Hoxton is Down ! 3:29 Driver is Down ! 3:58 [Insert new DLC Character name] is Down ! 4:32 Dallas is Down ! The Big Bank : Failed !

  40. rshda abedalhafez

    Reign Bash

  41. Jay Dubb

    Modern take of fear and loathing... I dig it!

  42. María Claudia

    I love the part where he thinks he's turning into a toad lmao

  43. Cristian Suarez lacuesta

    Sinceramente este hombre es lo mas similar a michael jackson cuando uno ve un video como este se le viene a la cabeza jackson like si piensas igual

  44. Cat Harbin

    Heartless is #1 on The Billboard Hot 100. Congratulations on your 4th #1 hit The Weeknd

  45. Isis Nóbrega

    Eu amo esse homi. Só musicão

  46. Linow

    Is like listening the same songs from 2017...nothing new just different lyrics and same beat

  47. Baby SNZ

    Man this sucks so hard. Weeknd is finished. Starboy was a let down, but his next album will be pure trash by listening to the first 2 singles.

  48. Alex Pariguana Medina

    The Weeknd did it again. This song is awesome. Can’t wait to listen the whole album!

  49. evrard alison

    j ecoute en boucle omg

  50. ionut cojocaru

    THE OLD WAYS....

  51. ionut cojocaru


  52. Merium Yousaf

    so you decided to make a video on your bad trip?

  53. MusicOn Mymind

    The weeknd does toad now???

  54. Slippin Jimme

    Fear and Loathing in las vegas vibes

  55. Marine R

    The beginning reminds me Stranger Things

  56. Drxgs Wrld

    *The Weeknd : posts a song* *its a hit*

  57. Buster Cannon

    Fear and Loathing for all you wave riders.......Just saying.

  58. account

    * Note: the toad he licks is a real toad that secretes a hallucinogenic mucus from its skin. I'll take 5 of them!!!

  59. Raj 217

    When them drugs hit😭

  60. Céline

    Very good !!

  61. Ary D

    The weekend: *tries acid* “Quick get metro we in album mode now”

  62. i have a big ass dick

    This song is funny i don't know why😅😅

  63. David Perez

    It's me starboy

  64. multi fuel

    the next eunuch

  65. show me what u got

    Is it me or does he look like bruno Mars kinda??

  66. Ultraviolent


  67. Rander NW

    minute 2:00 anyone knows her name?

  68. Peakk 74

    Cuz im heartless.

  69. Darius Neamtu

    Who is the black guy?

  70. Miguel Martinez

    This song ain't getting the views song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. MalcRich

    Artist nowdays got no Flavor, I swear... 20's betta bring back some new shit and high level again!

  72. morgana 986

    Blinding light ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  73. Aleksa Lomic

    Perfect song for Stranger Things 4

  74. Dominika Stoláriková


  75. Ores - Brawl Stars

    its a epic game

  76. jon-eirik strøm

    Sounds like a Teflon Sega track, just better produced!

  77. Dan


  78. Bargain Stuff uk


  79. Samuel Jackson

    I wanna see someone lick a frog 👅🐸

  80. Laura 0902


  81. Kiana S

    i love the way he run

  82. kinder 9

    casino vibes

  83. Trig Zerø

    3:17 Joker Be Like

  84. Viola Darlen Andersen

    Rainbow six or modern warfare

  85. Jonas

    60fps please!

  86. Cristian Marica

    Sharing to: bg player

  87. Min Yoon Gi

    Yo nomás para wattpad..

  88. Mariana Mateus

    Why does he look like Bruno Mars??

  89. Iman Ahmadi

    So Machine Gun Kelly's chorus on Candy was sampled from this song

  90. That guy that falls in love too easily

    cheers! 1 billion views :}

  91. Roberto

    👌Best Song ever my God of Pop...💪💪😇

  92. Muhammad Herdanto

    Fear and loathing in las vegas

  93. Fabian Esparza12

    Cancion estilo stranger things

  94. Mwiza Beza


  95. Mystiquex G

  96. Josue Meza

    The weeknd plays Peter : oh i love take on me

  97. Kool4eva Gang

    Licks frog

  98. Raira Raiane

    Amei tanto essa música ❤️

  99. Mario Gjoni


  100. Mwiza Beza

    Ohns please give this brother juice or whatever you guys call respek..ooops another language...this is ggggoooodd