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  1. Haniah Stansberry

    Copied NF... nice

  2. Hilda Corrales

    When you finished the gta missions and start helping the pedestrians 😭😂

  3. Įžżÿ Dėvįł

    Its sicko mode all over again...

  4. Tumo Mukani


  5. Dumitru Dumy


  6. Austin Nature

    Future ruined this for me

  7. kyptx XODIA TFO

    Twitter my channel

  8. sam parkin

    why they just glue two songs together

  9. Mr. BC

    Real $pill.. Dope @$$ Vid.. They did dat. Luh Bish

  10. Chris Brown Thug

    Next grammy up right here #LifeIsGood

  11. Luisa Gabriela Gomez Amaya

    Drug culture.

  12. margaret camacho

    come on guyz don't waste your time go for *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* to get youtube LIKES views

  13. Quincy Jones

    Drake’s verse: When you tryna make it. Future’s verse: When you made it.🏆

  14. Tlexbeatz

    I got beats for the aspiring rappers! Hit me up

  15. Lil Bro Joni

    *After All Life Is Good* 💕🌎

  16. Giovaughann Walker Sr.

    If u thumb down this I kno u a hoe on Granny!!!!

  17. Dayo Cutta

    2:40 who is that

  18. Real Talk Tho

    Drake doesn’t do his own taxes😂

  19. Cora Corelli

    Stay High!!!

  20. Nehad Momand

    Watch all Big Drip at Ufo361 Feat Future Big Drip

  21. Samir Irgashev

    No one: 21 Savage: Alright, your total is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8m's

  22. Just Facts


  23. DDXN chv

    this go hard

  24. Joyce Groening

    Drake will never suck at rapping

  25. janelle britto

    Killed it💯💯💯💯

  26. Sir Erectus Mobillyus

    I'll be expecting a movie with those two in it now

  27. Glenn Salazar

    Beat starts and that slight head bangin' is lowkey fineee 🔥

  28. YPDaYungin

    Creativity at it's best 💯

  29. iComicsYT

    Drake&future this song fucking bumps 😭😂

  30. BiG South Side Loc loc

    Sounds like 2 songs in 1 and they both sound like classic music 2020 we have hope protect drake and future at all cost

  31. NicNacAttack

    I feel like neither one of them have had jobs like these... Ever. Maybe 🤷🏾‍♀️

  32. Ryan

    Used to this is better

  33. Soulsmsher Endless

    Lol he hasn't worked a day in his life lol

  34. Jessi bessi

    I love love love the fact that this video is promoting the working class because life is good we are all working hard all of the jobs I saw in this video are essential imagine if the garbage people took a week off 🤣🤣 or your favorite fast food place just stop serving this video is dope and different and the cracked android took me out lol but that’s real life lol someone somewhere lol is living this video and life is damn good 💪🏾💪🏾🥰🥰🥰🥰

  35. Triston music


  36. Sarem

    this one for yung joc workin ober

  37. C Jizzle BMG

    When that beat change💯💪🏾🔥🔥🔥

  38. Davi Brant


  39. ACTV

    1:42 Is my favorite part

  40. Parks Jordan


  41. Lefty_TV

    2:47 - you see dj akademics 2:49 - you see 21 savage

  42. Elon Musk

    Why the girl look like a better version of woah vicky lmao 2:37

  43. Helen Adesanmi

    When you've completed ur main life and do side missions for fun

  44. Helen Adesanmi

    The last person to like this will most likely be a Millionaire..

  45. Helen Adesanmi

    When you so rich you just start doing normal jobs for fun

  46. Jayme A

    Here at 35Mill

  47. Akata D Pop

    I’m gonna come back every year 2019: Done 2020: Done Thanks to comments 2021: 2022: 2023: 2024: Like so I remember to come back

  48. Silky Johnson

    5:30 am is late for the trash guy. They work at like 3am

  49. CactusBLOX

    Yhall Guys Realize Thats 21 At 2:50

  50. Jyquqvias Webb

    Lilquanymain 💯 life is good

  51. CactusBLOX

    How U And Your Homie Pull Up After u Pass The STD test like 3:44

  52. AK Beats

    Imagine working your first day at a restaurant and you see future adding some spices in the middle of the kitchen...

  53. Allan Holmes

    I used to be at McDonalds and taco bell vibing!!!! Dreaming of a better situation all while having fun flipping them burgers

  54. Donald Trumpablo

    *LG sponsored this music video*

  55. Allan Holmes

    This shit go so Mutha fckin hard!!!!

  56. William Walker

    Yo this is the best song I heard from Drake and Future

  57. C Codella

    This Drake intro hits me deeply.

  58. fe4rl3ss

    e yo future change the flow

  59. Jefferson Lealtista

    Vai corinthians!

  60. Sidney Knuckle

    2:36 that line sounds kinda gay

  61. Joshua Flowers

    Cool song and video but you can't just wipe a car off with any rag you don't want brake fluid on the paint

  62. Ventsi D.

    I better have milli in my account next year i come back to read my comment.

  63. Jawad Sadik

    Future’s verse was wayyyy to heat 🔥

  64. Neymar Dybala

    Shit blowin

  65. SSloneas

    1:53 i felt that "woo"

  66. Bruce Wayne

    Drake verse - when you broke trying to figure it out, or got too much stress no1 fucking with you. Future verse - when you a entrepreneur and making millions finally, now you stuntin on them.

    1. Bruce Wayne

      virgil got a patek on my wrist going nuts but still stress and dealing with the bullshit

  67. swizzy montana

    Life is good

  68. segale

    35 million views.... IN 9 DAYS?!!!!

  69. Ahmed Mohammad

    This song makes me want to kill someone and then bury them

  70. junior avies

    This shit was lit af gah damn how y'all still popping after all these years salute for y'all creativity and talent

  71. Yousef N

    Me explaining to the substitute teacher that coolmathgames is a learning site. 1:07

  72. Gabriel Yeshua

    0% bitches, mulheres nuas 100% talent, talento

  73. Joshua Colbert

    Why they booed drake off stage ?

  74. Sy Badine

    Remember when hip hop was good and you didn't need a retardanese translator to understand wtf they were saying? 🚮

  75. Lil Diffy

    _One random person who likes this comment will_ _become a millionaire_

  76. Анна Алексеенко

    0:47 legend say the trash still there

  77. soso gogo


  78. elias VALDERRMA

    Que verga hace 21savage ahy jajaja

  79. Aya Jones

    I truly enjoy their little choreography 😂👯‍♂️

  80. Vini Biel

    Pra cacete, malhei pra cacete kkkkkkkkk

  81. ARG4GG

    this makes me feel like a free milf in your local area

  82. Brucie

    Drake looks like the employee of the month Future looks like the employee who barely does his job,but you like him

  83. Pedro Marques

    Xxx R.I.P

  84. Thabana Neo

    Future had to ruin the track

  85. X_2waveyy

    Mane they needa separate jawn with drake kuz future is trash 🗑

  86. Tampermonkey

    No way Ninja was in the videoclip to

  87. akshay kumar

    Whens the english version of future coming out?

  88. Brennan Jay

    For fucksakes its 2020 and drake still don’t believe future could rap

  89. Dogukan Izgi

    Future ft Ufo361 BIGDRIP I Like It!

  90. Rollie TV

    Who realized they said they needed a 35mil and actually got a 35M views

  91. P ROGAMER79

    Future 2016 : LOW LIFE FUTURE 2020 : LIFE IS GOOD

  92. no name

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  93. The Dominators

    Drake=likes Future=comments

  94. no name

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  95. Stormfist 101

    1:36 is when they switch to future

  96. no name


  97. neici112

    Lmao this video look so fun to shoot

  98. Omar Hayes

    🙇🏾‍♂️ Shheeeesh

  99. Haze 860