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  1. Alessandro Veloso


  2. Rush Rom

    Ls let's go for mass stream

  3. Samantha Ramesh

    How many are they?

  4. 씨발자동차

    수학시험보다가 이게 갑자기....

  5. hustle and bustle

    مااجمل هاذه العيون عندما ترد على الصباح اليوم Exo WE ARE ONE ARAB EXXXXOL

  6. 李把酒奉陪


  7. Park Najneen

    Create more accounts and liked the mv .we can't let antis win

  8. Sarah Gonzalez

    1:08 cual es su nombre??? Está súper hermoso 😍😍😍

  9. Maryda 23


  10. kim jongsoo

    i'm here for chen's high notes n chanyeol's rap

  11. Jacqueline Cristina 06

    lanso a brabra ein exo

  12. hustle and bustle

    اكسواليه مفتخر باملللوكي -رضيتو ولا عساكم ماترضون!ARAB EXOL

  13. nanrauliya

    Gak bosen" nonton, enak bgt lagunya

  14. Sydney Stylites


  15. Ivana Awuah

    This was so good!

  16. Taeny yoontae

    Jessica and shienee

  17. Ayenmae Lee


  18. Alex Langley Sōryū

    we have to talk about how 'superhuman' is a such inspirational song

  19. Chu YunYun

    Hes such a good dancer and singer that I'm surprised I haven't discovered him earlier. Also, why is this mv so underrated?

  20. Nur Leni

    I love x-exo & exo ❤❤❤❤

  21. Zace

    Gonna listen to this again before 2019 ends cause I (no, all of us) miss our Galaxy Boy, Manly Deer and Kung Fu Panda.

  22. valentina gutierrez

    Como me encantan, los amo 😍😍😍

  23. hustle and bustle

    صباح مافي احلى منه باوجود فرقه مقبره الجوئزARAB EXOL

  24. Mariam Alrasheedi

    I love Lay's voice when he says la lalala la lightsaber lightsaber

  25. Karen Angel

    Estos chicos se merecen todo, son tan talentosos, me sorprenden. Exo-l esforcemonos mas, no dejemos de reproducir este MV.

  26. Oh Kaebsong

    We are one

  27. Oh Kaebsong

    We are one

  28. Quen Quen

    Who's that boy in red shirt?

  29. Siti Hafizoh


  30. Oh Kaebsong

    We are one

  31. Oh Kaebsong

    40m go

  32. sugirah wahyuni

    EXO, i want you

  33. Yi Chen

    I love TY❤️

  34. Oh Kaebsong

    Fighting Aeris

  35. Jiggly Puks

    Them are perfect!

  36. Oh Kaebsong

    Fighting Aeris

  37. Chicken is not my style Ohorat

    This song really warms my heart

  38. Njol Efendi


  39. Oh Kaebsong

    Fighting Aeris

  40. Татьяна Подобедова

    Мальчишки в демоническом концепте просто сногсшибательны.;)))

  41. Luigi The Lou-Lou

    my heart uwu. LOVEYOU GURLS.. meuaaa 💙💜💚💛❤😘😘😘

  42. Valerie Nathalia

    It's a very perfect 💕💕💕

  43. Thuận Lương

    Love you

  44. Camille Rivera

    It would be easy for Changmin if they will use their own money 😂

  45. hyuna's instagram photographer

    love you, jonghyun 💎

  46. Valerie Nathalia

    Baekhyun - ah 😍💕

  47. Sydney Stylites


  48. Yi Chen

    I love Taeyeon❤️

  49. era bintang mahardika

    Lagu ini sebelum exo terkenal di indonesia ya kan ya kan ini lagu favorit 😙

  50. Camille Rivera

    Managing money is really hard especially if they will only spend the allowance given to them

  51. ayuni harlling 97

    Me=>My obsession is i want you Exo=> i dont think so Me=> i have been trap and overdose Exo=> shut up and go away

  52. Aki Lu

    I know exo xexo want to upload the dance practice already so pls exol xexol do your job.

  53. SM Gach Blox


  54. Harshitha Reddy


  55. keyren jane

    Saya menunggu exo yg seperti ini

  56. Oh Kaebsong

    Vote on GDA

  57. Oh Kaebsong

    Vote on GDA

  58. Shane Shit

    Kings of kpop indeed 👑

  59. Oh Kaebsong

    Vote on GDA

  60. venecia bouchet

    Son unos cracks y ermosos y además la canción está muy buena ya me enamoré 😍😍😍😍🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷😊😊😊😙😙😙😘

  61. Im Hooman

    cuz when we jumping and pooping we jopping...?

  62. Min Byun

    I can't stop listening this !

  63. Camille Rivera

    Why do I feel bad for Changmin? 😂😅😅😅

  64. cream butter

    "your butt is three times bigger than LEETEUK" ..YAAAAASHH!! LEE DONGHAE😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Oh Kaebsong

    Vote on GDA

  66. era bintang mahardika

    Siapa yang nonton di tahun 2019 ☝️

  67. Carolina Duran

    I really love them!!

  68. Arbaj Khan

    I don't know but IAM addicted to this song

  69. #wybh

    시대가 따라가지못한 노래

  70. M&B Pair

    Streaming hard!

  71. vickyg51

    Also, obligatory Jisung is my son comment

  72. vickyg51

    Don’t forget to vote and stream for the GDA’s

  73. Cici Lin

    Taeyeon, we love you. Your voice is really good. You are so beautiful.

  74. checklist

    here we go 40M

  75. Valerie Nathalia


  76. Helda Sepriant

    "Go! Go!" "Gusti Allah!"

  77. قلبي ف كوريا

    زق تيوب لا تحذف التعليقات ARAB EXO-L

  78. vickyg51


  79. White Butterfly

    Please str3am obsession we need 100M before 2020

  80. Nofita Devi

    dance practice akan diupload setelah viewers MV EXO - Obsession sampai 40jt. keep streaming, please

  81. hunzy dezy

    I want you I need you I love you

  82. Oh Kaebsong

    40m for practice dance

  83. เกวลิน สามา

    I want you EXO💖

  84. marti nebiu

    😭 now i cry when i hear their old songs cuz ma angel aint here anymore 😭😭😭

  85. Yi Chen

    I love Taeyeon❤️

  86. Oh Kaebsong

    40m for practice dance

  87. Jowena Tinagan


  88. Anita Orphanita

    32,263,857 FOR INKIGAYO! ᕦ(ಠ_ಠ)ᕤ

  89. Nav Exo-l

    It's like am on a tour of EXO MVs Again and again ☆☆☆

  90. Oh Kaebsong

    40m for practice dance

  91. Oh Kaebsong

    40m for practice dance

  92. Ayuni Dwi Sasmita

    Weekend ayo str3aming

  93. Cúc Kim

    Miss Lay, D.O and XiuMin ❤

  94. Andini Nurani Putri

    Am I the only one who get obsessed? ):

  95. Laura Vianey Guevara Tamayo

    Wow siempre abia escuchado está canción pero no sabía cómo se llamaba :0 PD:está bien perrona wheoon

  96. Nav Exo-l

    After tempo and Obsession ♡♡♡

  97. Aira Angkiangco


  98. Andini Nurani Putri

    Waktunya santuy ahay

  99. Andini Nurani Putri

    Happy Sunday guys~

    1. Glo R.

      Happy Sunday~

  100. tae hyung kim

    miss you again💔