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  1. Mr Ali

    4:00 after deji kicked ksi out the house he hated Christmas and then made a diss track on it

  2. bluearmy

    I was down in Portsmouth watching FA Cup when they where recording this.

  3. ryangames2.0 Neta

    4:26 nice

  4. Pubic Playz

    Anyone know what shoes Simon is wearing?

  5. cantore98

    "My battery's exhausted lads"

  6. Elouise spector

    *side men thinking they are the champions of hide and seek MADELINE MACANN : HOLD MY FROOTSHOOT . ITS A JOKE

  7. Temple

    Ethans face 8:19 🤣🤣

  8. Adil Gill

    Babatunde is cool

  9. Andrew Maher

    2:40 Ethan says kobi Bryant RIP TO A LEGEND

  10. Liam  Devine

    Abcan’t believe they kept vik leaving Torres hanging for 10 seconds in the video

  11. Pewdiepies Sub bot

    That cab driver was probably so confused.

  12. Xx-BRAD-xX 99

    I u was at the faze house can

  13. Bailee Long

    Tobi is too sweet 🥰

  14. RedYoshi800

    Only two more years lads

  15. Cara Fraser

    30:07 behind josh


    12:00 is what happens when a multimillionaire gets a toy

  17. TFL Clan

    20:15 the people watching him throw his coffie in the bin

  18. Aidan Fletcher

    It's a Tesla! No it's a Renault! No ya muppet, it's a Citroen.

  19. KK Yassinator Octo

    46:37 wtf

  20. YouTube Noscope

    I do not condone JJ got caught

  21. Theo Whitsun-Jones

    12:27 harry is me when my girl says put it in bae

  22. Brandon 466 A

    Never cringed for 35 mins straight before .

  23. Zinkkx Ben

    Im sorry but sometimes JJ is so wet like Icant Lmaooo

  24. Creamless FN

    Morocco my country

  25. proto_7

    The don't need gift I am the gift part is so bad I thought that's why there's is worst

  26. CreIN Vix

    Me: Can I have deal or no deal Mom: We have it at home The deal or no deal at home:

  27. Bailee Long

    I love how JJ is one of the main youtubers in this whole channel and yet he doesn’t ever know what the video is about🤣

  28. Perilous

    Why does that island even exist?

  29. cjfuery 2019

    Is nobody gonna talk about how they had it to them selves

  30. WeenieFish


  31. Derek Church

    Gina tho :O

  32. The Audi Page

    Why in the Thumbnail there is a laptop with a HUGEApple logo photoshopped onto it when in reality they are using a Razer Blade?

  33. The Mask

    Cray still rocking the mustache

  34. Magnetic Compaq

    guys can u compare side men’s victory to faze clans i love side men they neared faze clan like when did they exist

  35. HyP3R_MaNiAC

    18:57 that’s what she said ;)

  36. Ynr Iker

    Is bulking season 2 slowly happening

  37. Jason Peng

    30:05 around there.. what’s that thing behind josh play it slow to see

  38. Jason Peng

    30:05 around there.. what’s that thing behind josh play it slow to see

  39. Death wish

    We need a part two

  40. Jamie C7

    Pause at 5:33

  41. Crane cane

    Just put a blank screen with jj comentating

  42. Walter Clements

    We need a part 2

  43. ツTryHardForViews

    Adonis his dad died

  44. Vertual Spectrum

    Simon and just have a ..... special relationship

  45. Citrex_

    "Toby giving Kanye another reason why slavery was a choice" 💀

  46. Undisputed EraOnYoutube

    30:08 there is something peeking in the dark at josh

  47. leJindary

    harry saying astaghfirullah is a MOOD

  48. Juan

    Vick touching himself at 28:11


    One team be smashing vodka and the other be playing toy story 4 cards

  50. deshna shetty

    can anyone tell me which sneaker is jj wearing??

  51. Michał Rosiak

    A ok No to pozdrawiam Team X

  52. Zendin82

    Tobi has the perfect voice for a rapper IMO :)

  53. giga qutateladze

    Omg i watched the video fully

  54. Fifa Anonymous

    vik jj Simon would be the best team

  55. Abasery

    12:55 ethan has a baby yoda background lolllll

  56. Adelin_ Urlea

    30:07 in the back with 0.25

  57. Maxi

    Josh:”What reindeer name begins with B” JJ:”Bambi” I’m dead 😂💀

  58. lion_gaming12


  59. jamie chetty

    In every sidemen video someone went out

  60. Lili Marie

    Blue guy is hella annoying

  61. Alex

    Props to josh making this video happen 👏🏼

  62. The stonesbroshow

    Should of put 7 for touchdown choice

  63. Michael Jones

    Jay jay not in sideman he’s in sizeman

  64. LegenD- PUBG MOBILE

    13:10 that smile

  65. NAME !

    vikk is brave

  66. FAHJA17

    True geordie needs to learn how to breathe properly, he sounds like he has the worst cardio of all time.

  67. Calmest Cape

    i think this is one of the last quality channels that could click bait but dont

  68. FAHJA17

    True geordie isn't even funny whatsoever at all

  69. Icy Joe

    29:54 your welcome

  70. Hayden Baker

    im at schoo right now watching sidemen for some reason

  71. Anton Lo yeet

    30:22 RED TEAM, RED TEAM, RED TEAM!!!!!!

  72. Kiran James

    Josh actually used to be abit tubby, he’s had a mad change 💪

  73. T4XTC

    8:06 KSI in yellow undercover

  74. MomoV

    7:30 JJ now has the coronavirus

  75. Cooper Alsop

    jj could’ve slid tobi 20 racks then picked 100k and won an extra 80 thousand

  76. Simon Skaret

    R.I.P Kobe black mamba

  77. just another window

    50 min sidemen video. all in

  78. Anton Harder

    Is it just me or is there a face behind the wall when they find Josh at 30:05?

  79. Nathan Mitchell

    Sidemen logic uses $ in the title but stays in England


    “Tobi Bryant” ;(

  81. Kabierooney

    When harry said there is the police helicopter providing me bird’s eye view i thought he was kiddin but DAMN!

  82. Brooksy

    This is when JJ had his best hairstyle

  83. xLother

    35:45 مهب كان هاري قاعد يقول استغفرالله xDDDDDd

  84. Josh's Jam

    if sidemen collab with mr beast they would be trending for as long as 2020 youtube rewind...

  85. Konsta K

    40:13 Is redbull pink Josh?

  86. FootyAflDog

    What is brexit

  87. Asma Assadi

    Did anyone notice the thing behind Josh 30:06 !!!!!!!

  88. Official_Sez

    JJ is just a walking talking troll and I love the guy 😂

  89. joshlrdxbal

    30:07 look behind josh wtf

  90. Big Brain Boi

    Top 10 Anime Fights including Beerus

  91. Muhammad Raad

    35:50 Zerkaa 😂😂

  92. Luke Dias

    41:10 is that ola

  93. Sil Wijbenga



    There’s a ghost behind zerka look closely on 30:08 😱😱

  95. Aussie Dog

    Whats the place called with the UFO and Jet??

  96. Tristan Nikolovski

    This is giving me some ‘inbetweeners’ vibes

  97. Hadezzz

    19:33 POV: Dinner with KSI

  98. SpeddyFrog

    3:13 morpheus yamming chebs

  99. I am Da one

    Sidemen pls do hide and seek coronavirus edition

  100. Ishan Singh

    Is this house in which faze clan has also done hide and seek