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  1. Chatmendy

    I like it being a surprise more tbh

  2. Gavin Martz

    Tobi sounded so African when he was singing😂😂😂😂

  3. Max Bickmore

    They can looked so real

  4. Harvey Williamson

    Vik acc got violated 😭😂😭😂

  5. ItsRasH

    Just love the fact that Harry is wearing TGF merch. Got my own hoodie on the way🔥

  6. laotravida

    Harry twice in the thumbnail and vik not even once hahahha

  7. Piggy RL


  8. Jacob Stein

    Tobi giving Harry his car was so wholesome ngl

  9. Nabil Choudhury

    He didn’t know the one black guy’s name in the room The disappointment in Tobi’s eyes tho

  10. aa aa

    Ksi:”this is the worst Christmas ever! Everyone else: 👀

  11. Henerzz

    Love how Ethan got a retro PlayStation, tobi got an RC car and Harry was stuck with a speaker scarf ahahaha

  12. Spo0ky

    JJ’s arguing about getting water for dessert but Babatunde would be grateful.

  13. Brembo Brakes

    Stop looking at comments and watch the vid

  14. rishimistry.7

    song name at 27:41

  15. Bent Boy

    26:30 bruh has anyone else heared Tobi say that ???

  16. Shuprank Tube

    Vik's drawing look like fouseytube.

  17. Jared DeRoche

    More like Midemen Monday

  18. TM Twinz

    Song 27:42?

  19. the cool one

    Low key the real winner is Kon

  20. Scott Agnew

    Wtf is eggnog

  21. H

    I didn't even notice that Harry is in the thumbnail twice and Vik is non existent

  22. Flash Da god

    Sideman Sunday o wait a minute today is Monday

  23. Pete Kettlethorpe

    harry has the new tgf hoodie

  24. Tommy Brader

    Loving them Of Mice and Men references

  25. T B7


  26. Tuski

    Harry is the only one who didn’t care about the rollercoaster. Only because he’s an alcoholic.

  27. Xavier Warner

    Who else thought he actually got hit by the bus?😭😭

  28. Edgar González Casasola

    I'm so happy for Ethan. It was another banger this video

  29. Brad

    Rah ethan looks good a in a beanie tbf

  30. marshal kent

    fam what is jj wearing 🤣man looks like a black caitlyn jenner

  31. Hamidou Timera

    It’s Monday

  32. Demarcus Jr

    51:04 and 54:04 is a whole mood 😂😂

  33. Henry Simmons

    Faze when they hit crossbar: let’s go! Sidemen when hit crossbar: VJYYGBHEBIJSHIJSN!!!!!!!

  34. Sirprize Muthafakka

    Third time that totally went opposite to 2nd time 😂😂😂😂

  35. FuhU Max

    song at 27:45 ?

  36. Anton

    21:55 I don't think many presents were exchanged last year at the Olatunji household last year.

  37. Oran Fitzsimons

    I'm sorry, they said they *cant* live west London!?

  38. Olly Glen

    8:17 had me shook🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. MrMomoman

    25:20 love that

  40. Matthew Richardson

    No one talking about how Harry is on both teams in the thumbnail and vik isn't there??

  41. Bob Da Oreo

    I don’t know about everyone else but personally I’m not a fan of the cameraman moving and twisting the camera back and forth

  42. Coby Davenport

    Bez has a tatoo

  43. Ed Karikari

    Can't stop laughing jj and Harry look like they really want to fight Josh lol

  44. Nia Davies

    Awe Tobi giving his present to Harry, when he really liked it was proper friendship goals🥺🥺

  45. Superduperidk

    Ayee I’m born on Christmas day

  46. TheScottishBeaver

    Something no one asked for, but the world deserved

  47. Thomas James

    1:16:10 R2:D2

  48. Dean Playz

    The newest one can drive on water cause it’s so fast should try it

  49. Chris Glover

    Tobi hears about other team getting water for dessert Tobi: Do we get dessert

  50. bananaisgood

    three guys pin down their cameraman and creams his face.

  51. evie bangs

    41:45 when he said the ginger bread thing, i automatically thought 'oooo SHREK'😂😂

  52. sultan ahmed

    Josh should of asked tobi if he wanted to open it or not and the last layer should of been teams switch

  53. Shadow lord 1876

    Is it me but by the the lookes of the title the vik did not want to be in the video

  54. C Murphy

    Real og is the bad team cameraman

  55. Lahzu

    11 ads bruh....11!!

  56. Galactic Meme

    Who else noticed Harry is wearing TGFBro Merch?

  57. aishah tariq

    has anyone noticed that the thumbnail is the oppisite way round

  58. Uzair Arif


  59. FBritishBeast

    Giving a dislike for not having the lucky weal that would have put Ethan in the bad team, it would have been super funny!

  60. Joonuliiw

    "I've seen many slaves" Tobi 2k19

  61. Cosmin Deshmukh

    I don’t like ethan on the good team

  62. Acab 1312

    Harry : Good things comes in small packages *sniff sniff*

  63. io Ginger

    7:53 JJ looked like a candied apple with the little hair sticking up

  64. James Shmurak

    Of course tobi won again

  65. AKA

    All 3 cameramen are in the video *Everyone liked that*

  66. ItzMohh

    Sidemen & TGF like so they see 🤩

  67. Zac Jones

    Harry with the childish hoodie @TGF

  68. Kurt Cobain94677

    Alrighty lads and ladettes, who has copped a childish hoodie then?

  69. tapo00

    100 v 10,000 but your buying a gift for the other team... twist, they think the item is for themselves until the end

  70. Wrizzco

    Sidemen Sunday but on a Monday

  71. Krishna Gautam

    when vikk isn't in the thumbnail

  72. Stipsy

    Name of KSI's nikes?

  73. Allosis


  74. MadsBaatzCFC

    Is it just me or is it monday?

  75. Joe Maglachlan


  76. Nutbuster 64

    Dat hoodie gave him power bruv😂


    Seeing JJ made over the good made me cry from laughing 😂😭😂

  78. Brandon Denzel

    fckn hell i thought Ethan actually got hit by a car

  79. Fat headed Biscuit

    Fuuuuckin hell I actually thought Ethan got hit by a car

  80. Vandalised gaming

    Was Vikk not good enough to be on the thumbnail for either team

  81. Joshua Wilton

    All the sidemen are British so why do they always say dollar instead of pounds

  82. Nick Dovolos

    8:15 so we’re just not gonna talk about this?

  83. Billy Townsend

    Simon and jj together >>>

  84. Mr. Unnamed

    Look at the thumbnail does something seem wrong or is it me

  85. Gianni Cribelli

    Bruh, Harry repping a childish hoodie (copped one myself 6 minutes after the drop) and then wears a coat over it, u made bro?

    1. Gianni Cribelli


  86. Majook !

    I like how harry is in both teams in the thumbnail 😂

  87. z0neofdanger

    The bad team is Christmas post Brexit...

  88. Heine Boi

    I have the original ps1

  89. Connor Parrott

    One thing that would make the video better..... If Ethan wasn't in it 😕

  90. Stealth Slay

    This is vik 👳🏿‍♀️ 👕 👖 👞1 like is to take of his 1 turban he has 100

  91. jude porter

    Sidemen Sunday *post on a monday*

  92. gio p

    Do escape room

  93. TheOGNoodleArms

    Love these!!!!! Keep them up!!

  94. Oli Hendry

    21:41 😂😂😂

  95. Destiny Jones

    vikk is annoying

  96. S K

    Sidemen monday

  97. Jacob Atkinson

    Sidemen Sunday posted on a Monday

  98. mrfeebs

    25:57 😂

  99. Demonic Gaming

    1:21:22 Perfectly Timed Music

  100. Ethan Dingle

    Harry looking fresh in the childish hoodie