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    And my rams picked Darrell Henderson over this guy smh pshh unreal

  2. Futures Past

    Even though i knew eagles would win i was still shaking like insane, that shows how intense this game was

  3. Benevolent Protector

    If the Chiefs load the line with 5-6 guys and pull the LB's in, the 49'ers will ignite their passing game. As the Chiefs react to the pass, the 49'ers play-action game will kick into high gear. That said, ..I expect the 49'ers to keep KC guessing and I suspect it'll be an interesting Superbowl.

  4. Raymond

    Keeerrrrrmmmiiiiitttttt 🐸

  5. OG jj

    Revenge from 2015

  6. Robin Meier

    Das Format sollte natural oder Tim Gabel heißen.

  7. Shayan Charalaghi

    You have a chance to go on a date with Rihanna and you chose Lizzo???

  8. pink grape

    It’s not about who made the Super Bowl you neanderthals it’s promoting the super bowl with popular players to make people feel like they can relate to it with players they like

  9. Zone07

    It's like watching 2-Hand-Touch Football.

  10. Michael Gardner

    Like Stink says this kid poops orange sherbert. He has all the right answers.

  11. Dr Krelzak The Destroyer Sr. XXI

    I like how both teams get along it makes the Super Bowl

  12. Sad cat

    My man Von lookin like 😑😒 in the whole damn show 😂

  13. Brandon Campbell

    Before game Brady : "We aint got to deflate the balls. We got this Bill!" Third Quarter Brady : "Deflate and Dominate!"

  14. manuel1654088

    Derrick Henry?Who is she?

  15. GamerBoyz Z

    Browns are ass

  16. ilovefatpussy11722

    San Francisco and Kansas city look like they get along

  17. AndRyu_07

    Josh Lambo should have been the kicker for the AFC...

  18. Rocky Lum

    Where’s Kaep?

  19. Chris Shanklin

    😂😂y’all should analyze that Miami Dolphins game

  20. E.saias

    Lol I would be a tight end 😂

  21. noah otis

    42-41 Chiefs. 49ers go for 2 because they scored at the last seconds of the game and don't get it.

  22. isabelle reyna

  23. BIG BUCK

    Pro Bowls dont have any highlights ,,,, lame

  24. Kenny Wayne

    Bunchie doing his thing

  25. a b

    Can we get Kittle on the McCafee show?

  26. joe rogan

    Imagine andy reid ina speedo😳

  27. Abraham Ruiz

    Now rams didn’t even make the playoffs 🤣🤣 in 2019

  28. Jackson Bennett

    Recap 1 Cardinals: Kyler Murray 2 49ers: Nick Bosa 3 Jets: Quinnen Williams 4 Raiders: Clelin Ferrell 5 Buccaneers: Devin White 6 Giants: Daniel Jones 7 Jaguars: Josh Allen 8 Lions: T.J. Hockenson 9 Bills: Ed Oliver 10 Steelers: Devin Bush

  29. Rafael Gonzales

    Tony Romo >> Any QB in the league right now

  30. Jackson Bennett

    What was the song that Nick Bosa walked in to?

  31. Jakewist 4

    Rip kobe this is. So bad 😓😓😓😩😩😩😫😫😫😨😨😰😰✌✌✌✌💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔❤❤❤😨😰😰😰😰😰😰

  32. Seaport Raider

    the defensive coach snuffing out that screen pass for the interception and TD was amazing. the redskins used that play to beat the raiders earlier that season. He made them pay for trying to do it again.

  33. benboyabc

    Jarvis on god goat

  34. gameplayallday gamerkids

    Kittle as the new joker!! move over Phoenix

  35. Omar Elsobky

    Coming from a 9ers fan, Mahomes seems very professional and in my opinion he’s way better than Jackson.

  36. Stanley Yin

    Sub to me

  37. Ahmad Battles

    Going to be a great game...

  38. WoahDon🚀🌎

    Bunchie young 😭

  39. The Big Man

    I forgot the superbowl was this week

  40. XTRATEL ProType

    HAHA!! I got it a you didn’t!!!

  41. C.J williamson

    That lil kid supposed to be logan ryan😭😭

  42. SWUGG

    Life is N.F.L.

  43. Jose Munoz

    Rip Kobe and Gigi

  44. Kayoss13212

    Hopefully the commercials will be better then they have been for the last few years. Shitty and boring af.

  45. SWUGG

    Life Is N.F.L.

  46. hugo decroix

    kittle was legit surprised ..... lol

  47. Lumpy Bisquick

    You can tell both teams love just being there

  48. Kortby

    Without Travis and Big Boi it would've been at least watchable

  49. DEAD_ Corduroy

    Of course they had to get that guy to spell it out for the dumb people at 4:28

  50. Ed Kama

    Packer defense: "I fear no man but that thing" *Raheem Mostert* "It scares me"

  51. Boi20 TooCold

    He looks tired af

  52. Mr. Q

    Seattle should've ran the ball

  53. Jersey World

    They added Curtis Martin finally

  54. Rocky Road

    Burger King

  55. Dwayne Jones

    First 100 year commercial from last year was better

  56. r mac

    Hope the halftime show gets changed to just Kobe and passengers memorial than to see a crappy over the top JLO, Shakira show!

  57. Zach Lee

    Here before a million no. Stop. Don’t say that. Stop it, get some help

  58. That One kid

    If this comment gets 100000 likes NFL you have to give me a ticket to the Superbowl

  59. Rob M

    why arent the dodge balls football shaped?

  60. Peter Ineleo

    3:58 Joe Staley looks like Squidwards House

  61. Puerto Julian

    Dang it Im late...Here AFTER the “here before the ‘here before 1 million’” comments😒

  62. scottie storch

    “GARAPOLPPOLO” my man was just throwing Ps, Ls, and Os lmao

  63. Zachary Icenhower

    Rodgers enthusiasm just makes me love football. LOL JK

  64. DurdenTyler21

    I tried buying an Edelman Salute to Service jersey.... And they were Sold out of size L the MOMENT i clicked purchase.... So sad... I was ready in hand with $160 for it too!

  65. iTsBeno

    We will see this kid in the nfl

  66. Cameron Harvey

    So great to see good younger commentators like Romo. Commentators are one of the most underrated parts of watching sports but they can change the way you feel watching a game in real time.

  67. ImaWhis k

    It’s a segment of players tossing the ball around the league for you morons who say oh they didn’t make the Super Bowl

  68. freddy and foxy

    Finally been waiting for this all season

  69. Drew Hall

    Rip Kobe and Gigi 😔😭

  70. east res

    tell me why afc d line went try hard

  71. I have no vids with 59 subs

    Here before the "here before 1 mill" comments

  72. Michael Kidd

    Best event I have ever attended. To watch the Cards fly out to the lead, cough it up, and then Hightower squeaks into the end zone..... talk about a whole range of emotions in 3 hours.

  73. Rizie

    Wait...... where’s my team

  74. A Man Going His Own Way

    Kobe was a man just like anyone else 🤷‍♂️ but when you sell your soul for fortune and fame the devil will come collecting......✌

  75. Thaddeus Beeziltwix

    Trailers? For commercials? Truly a sign the Apocalypse is nigh.

  76. achutha pai

    I'm from India and i love American football. Super Bowl is gonna be lit. PS:RIP KOBE

  77. achutha pai

    I'm from India and i love American football. Super Bowl is gonna be lit. PS:RIP KOBE

  78. Drew Brees fan Herrin

    I wish saints were gonna make it

    1. Kucci Ku

      @A sad falcons Fan to bad the Falcons choked Julio Jones prime away

    2. SoFlyLando Music

      @A sad falcons Fan go suck sum..

    3. A sad falcons Fan

      to bad they choked for the 3rd straight year.

  79. achutha pai

    I'm from India and i love American football. Super Bowl is gonna be lit. PS:RIP KOBE

    1. 86250r

      Greetings from South Carolina! This game will be much better than last years superbowl for sure!

  80. Tide Bleach

    Julian Edelman's 2019 season in a nutshell

    1. DurdenTyler21

      @Liionxyz The internet is going to internet. Edelman was a one man show this year after the 3rd game.

    2. Liionxyz

      bruh he got a career high in recieving yards

  81. SandboxArrow

    Titans are garbage!

  82. Jona 0808

    Super bowl!!!

  83. Daniel


  84. Ed Kama

    1 Yard Line: "you cannot live with your own failure, where'd that bring you? Back to me."

  85. Scott Kaplan

    “One more”

  86. KH Tripadvisor

    good training sport

  87. Salty Boy

    I’m Jimmy’s defense he has a lot of hoes probably 😂

  88. Drew Brees fan Herrin

    This is gonna be a good super bowl plus commercials

  89. Maybe Later

    here before chief bandwagon fans

  90. Devon Hickman

    Jerry Jones: Yes The Press: We didn't even ask anything?

  91. TXHEN1

    he did make it easy

  92. Dirk Diggler

    Hero worship is sickening and pathetic

  93. Tony Wing

    Vikings fans after next years Super bowl 🏟 win: One more.

  94. Henrique Terra

    Wentz over Kirk any day

  95. suyxo

    AK is the BEAST !!

  96. ReviveTill

    do something new God dammit

  97. Noah Patton

    Honor Kobe

  98. Shaky


  99. Your_Biggest Fan

    All the ppl who had a impact on the world die in La. Kobe, nipsey, 2pac etc. Shii's strange

  100. Buzz's

    The only bad part was seeing jim mcmahon wearing a Packer uniform!!!