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  1. Gary Tucker

    A lot of Packer fans stating game was closer than expected. Me: Thanks.....(no missed FG & rookie mistake by Haskins on 2pt and conversion, we beat ourselves)

  2. Stevo Paws

    I told bill to let me flatten the damn football

  3. Barrady

    Mizzou fans rooting for Denver now!

  4. Jazzu

    What a game. I hope they meet in the playoffs.

  5. Nonee

    That game reminded me of the Playoff Game against the Saints when Alex Smith was the QB. It also was an exciting game and was a statement to the league the 9ers are for real.

  6. Craig Irvin

    Damn..... so many dropped passes. So many missed opportunities. And then the touch down not given Well I think the road to victory for the Pat's is coming to an end. You can tell Brady is getting slow. I'm a texans fan when the texans are not going against the Pat's. And a Pat's fan when not going against the texans lol. If they meet in the super bowl I will be Texan all the way

  7. addison sipes

    They got robbed, should've just needed a field goal on that last drive. Shame with all the high def replays and'd that happen?

  8. TalonsXXX

    Texans got Kareemed

  9. marcos garza

    I'm a Die hard saints fan and I'm not disappointed at all that we only lost by 2 points. What I'm really happy about is how we came out to play and all the effort we put into this game.

  10. jeff buchanan

    Female announcer? Not diggin it.

  11. Collin Bain

    Most UNDERRATED rb, D. Henry💯

  12. Inaren Commander

    Brady is garbage. Old age finally got him just like Manning. (Or maybe he's just not as good without his star receivers.)

  13. fatboyinskinnyjeans

    Correct me if I'm wrong but that last play on the field goal New Orleans jumped over the offensive line to try to block the field goal I know we won the game but if he would have blocked that would have been a foul You can't jump over offensive line?

  14. alex drew

    I didn't think they would win mainly because the last 2 teams were losers.

  15. xaman0710 YT


  16. Hapa Kope

    I've never been so invested in a game that doesn't involve my Cowboys. The most exciting game I've seen in years.

    1. Hapa Kope

      I envy both fan bases, the coaching on both sides is just pure genius. Cowboys just can't get rid of "The Clap"

  17. Texas Red Nation

    Definetly 2 playoff teams to watch out for with a young QB and no run game with a excellent front 7 is the Bucs and Broncos going into next year.

  18. George Pena

    I like romo as a commentator other commentators are annoying asf

  19. robert glasgow

    The Titans are hot while the Texans are struggling. TITAN UP

  20. GOD’s SON

    Notice how lamaar Jackson takes off his white long sleeve!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

  21. Leo Cease

    Kareem Jackson was hitting his former teammates like I never liked yall anyway lol

  22. Daniel Giron

    When your kicker scores all the points 😂

  23. SEA CAWK

    Besides 2 field goals offense put up 0 disgusting...

  24. Zay A God

    Saints never fail to throw a game by yet again a miss tackle

  25. Chino Cinco

    Brady shouldn't have Slid ! He could of ran that in for an TD..

  26. Mike Patton

    I legit haven’t seen a howitzer arm like that in a Broncos uniform since #7 retired. Cutler was close, but Lock was making some ridiculous throws.

  27. Denis Golinzovsky


  28. anthony jeter

    Kyle Allen couldn't make a decision to save his life. I wouldn't let him order a pizza, much less QB!!!!! And Luke is playing in slow motion...a bunch of talk about Cam, but on the defensive side....Luke needs to be evaluated for a possible trade.

  29. Doktor Bundy

    Many sacks and many INTs and still won it.

  30. Duresa Fayiso

    Next up 49ers :/ I am hoping we will win!!!!! RISE UP ATL FANS!!!

  31. Texas Red Nation

    IDK what to think of Winston but the dude is definitely a starting QB for the Bucs. Thanks for beating the Colts coming from a Texans fan. We play the Titans next 2 of 3 weeks and after Drew Lock tore up Romeos trash zone defense I can't believe it but Tannehill could get Titans a home game and it won't be on Houdini Deshaun Watson. #4 is the franchise. He played his ass off. 330 yards 3 tds 1 int it's all on that defense.

  32. Checkahights

    Seattle needs better corner backs

  33. greatwhite66

    Crazy crazy crazyyyyy

  34. Erik Leif


  35. Sitting Bull

    Ok, straight off to watch Bill’s press conference 🤣😬

  36. GetFuckedUTube1

    KJ Wright should retire. He could not tackle my grandmother. The Rams send 5 guys all night and Wilson just stands there. You have to get rid of the ball...or you will get sacked. Time to implement some discipline, which will not happen under "Mr Fun" - Pete Carroll.

  37. Khasan F Fazilov

    Da hell happen to penny didn’t watch first quarter?Also why are you throwing the ball to TE where you have Gordon who can do routes makes no sense.

  38. Joniel Guzman

    6:15. That foo got trucked

  39. B Dredd

    America wins

  40. Edward damon

    Man.., fking ramsey was trying to hurt lamar all game

  41. Bryan Ouellet

    How can the refs be so bad in so many games?

  42. Kaden Kullberg

    I'm very disappointed, well hopefully we'll do better next year

  43. Mathew170cp

    Not all heroes wear capes (As much as I hated the officiating, it was a taste of own medicine )

  44. Caleb

    I'm not a patriots fan, but that's clearly a touchdown. Slow it down at 9:00 and you can see he crosses the plane and hit the pylon before going out

  45. Jeff Meyers

    00:48 joe bucks finest

  46. Max I

    Even though they lost, the Bills are like the only team that seemed competent vs the Ravens

  47. Dann R

    Watching this amazing performance while I wait for Shakira's Halftime in February, 2020!

  48. King James

    Even though we won the pass interference call at the end was bs. The ball was heavily overthrown, no way he could catch it, plus it looked like the receiver tripped

  49. x Gold Boy

    no num 7 for them woooooooooooooooo

  50. x Gold Boy

    yessssssssssssssssssss the pats are getting robbed

  51. Alberto Fdz Prz

    Partidazo!!! 👌

  52. NoComment NoName

    I am worn out just watching the highlights.

  53. Zach Lee

    Nice to see N’keal

  54. dakahunaaikidomaster

    wow great game overall...still a saints fan but wow

  55. ThaSouth Garcon

    I’m pulling for Winston...

  56. Maxwell Guo

    the refs were helping the 49ers

  57. DeeDaRamsFAN 28

    GG now go ahead and beat the Vikings next week and we good In LA. Might even let you guys house sit the new stadium.

  58. Loyalty Forever

    We need a new qb tf was he doing just waiting to get sacked smh🤦🏿‍♀️

  59. fcporto porto

    What a bust kamara been all year with Coleman ..., fantasy team over ..:: there always next year

  60. pookaill

    Another quarter and bills got em

  61. TRYHARD lv GXMING lv


  62. TheOmiester

    Who else loves that they didnt talk about half those playoff teams

  63. Michael Valcicak

    11:56 "Hey ref you f***** suck" XD

  64. jeff buchanan

    It's not whose the better team, it's the officials that determine who wins.

  65. Patrick M

    It's so weird because it seems like Kittle covered more ground than possible.

  66. Borys Bednarek

    Kareem Jackson's ^^ what a day! what a play!

  67. Tally Kimble

    It looks like the road to the Superbowl goes through Baltimore!!

  68. TheHuskyK9

    To think that the Cowboys, (who have a losing record) can make the playoffs while the Rams (who have a winning record) can still miss the playoffs...


    Josh gordon needs to be cut if he can't perform

  70. Ariella Kherrington

    Best game of the season. Prove me wrong.

  71. T N

    Jimmy G is going to have a young career if he doesnt learn how to throw the ball away once a while...

  72. Branden Keller

    I can’t believe Belichick didn’t challenge that no TD call

    1. Ian Jones

      He already used up all his challenges by then.

  73. Chris Escobar

    Now THIS was a game!!


    20.50 MPH on that Touchdown.

  75. Elliott James

    Few blatant calls made for a loss. Brady played pretty well it seems, got them a chance at the end. Those two calls took away two touchdowns though.

  76. mcfrickenwatcher

    if you watched that game you would know the seahawks did not play their best

  77. Wilhelm Heinzerling

    Arizona steelers...???

  78. djshortsleeve

    DOWN go the Pats! I love it! They wont even make the playoffs at this rate!?!?!

  79. Bevan Gachett

    I’ve had enough of these horrible referees. Sad to say it but I’m done watching the NFL. If the patriots go to the super bowl I’ll watch THAT ONE game. But that is it, no more regular season games, pre season games or play off games. I’m canceling my Sunday Ticket. And removing NFL Network and red zone from my TV Package. Football just isn’t the same as it used to be. Doesn’t matter how good your team is, you will NEVER beat the referees.

    1. Ian Jones

      Lol trust me we don't want you bandwagon fans

    2. Ian Jones

      Alright bye fake fan

  80. Hulk Smash 24/7

    Jameis Winston is absolutely lethal to both the Bucs and the opposition..

  81. Tally Kimble

    A lot of people was happy to see the Pats lose and I might be one of them lol

  82. Repeat LandShark

    Why is everyone going against the ravens

  83. Don Sylvester

    "But- but, that side-arm delivery will never work in the NFL." Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

  84. Douglas Silver

    Minnesota could have stayed home!! They still would've beat Detroit!!

  85. Impeach The Orange Buffoon

    Thank you Rams! Sincerely, Niner Fan.

  86. Tim Michael

    What aggravates me the most about this game is that the Saints defense played so badly that Drew Brees crazy insane game is going overlooked.

  87. Kaleb DeGroot

    Hell yeah baby! FTB!

  88. Otto Joke

    The announcer is just awful...

  89. Kristi Kendzie

    I got the vip pass and got to hqng wit all the players

  90. world sports


  91. Damian Martinez

    frank clark is a beast

  92. Will Shepherd

    Imagine being a pats fan & getting upset at the refs , y’all get this treatment 5x a year ..... but y’all def Shoulda won this game lol

  93. LuminaryPrism75

    Hope the Ravens lose. They’re impressive but they have holes that people are ignoring. Would be nice to see that exposed. Plus any time their team is somewhat good their fans become insufferable.

  94. Kristi Kendzie

    Bro i was there at thr game

  95. happygrass5

    when did adrian hernandez start playing football?

  96. Yella Breezy

    There gonna stop Lamar offense 🔥🦍

  97. Roger Araiza

    I remember this game well. I was a senior in HS. I was 17 I am now 38. I faked being ill 😷 so I could stay home & watch my Vikings. I really thought we were headed to the Super bowl. We were loaded that year. It was heartbreaking to lose the NFC championship game at home to Jamal & the dirty birds.

  98. Tara Mac

    Cowboys would of won if they had a kicker and if the refs were honest if they made that field goal and if the refs didn't cheat them when they got the pick in the end zone it would of been the difference in the game

  99. Chakra Flo

    i’m a rams fan, and i have to say we both played really well

  100. Edgar Mendoza

    Happy ending 😊