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  1. RageDarkPrince

    New contents: a higher wall lvl

  2. Alisher

    1:42 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Subhadip Dandapat

    Nycc darian chacha

  4. Peter

    Me: Mom, I want Captain America Mom: we have Captain America at home Captain America at home:...

  5. حمدان الجهني

    I hope add workshop for TH11

  6. Reeta Singh

    Is global chat is coming plz comment


    شكرا للترجمة يا اسياد بلاد كلاش اوف كلانس العظيمة ❤

  8. Aldrein Tayag

    10:13 and so the goblin cage was born

  9. Septon Sephgreiafield

    Hi ! fellow clashers (: Please like without any reason. Have a nice day / night and let happy thoughts be yours.

  10. Wan Rohana Wan Omar

    if th 13 existed! a new league need too! 7000+ trophies!

  11. iRipp Wallz

    Ok boomer


    Cập nhật lại game thì dữ liệu tăng lên đ** có cái gì hay toàn người tăng tới nhà hết lớn còn nhà hết nhỏ chẳng chơi được đ** Cái gì nữa vậy cũng ra trơn rồi nhà nhỏ ai đâu mà rảnh chơi nữa khi nhà lớn quá xa vời vì mỗi lần chơi là tới nhà lớn rất xa vời một hết lòng khoảng biết bao lâu mới lên được một khách

  13. Septon Sephgreiafield

    so the new hero is a hermaphrodite ? is it More of Female qualities or masculine ?

  14. Crafty

    Someone else noticed that the musketeer was the most excited to see the trick 😏

  15. James

    Clash has the best developers at supercell I swear 😂

  16. AMD1 KUMI79

    Th13 added and the most important thing is the global chat why did they remove it..

  17. Cedric Rulue

    5:03 Fatality

  18. Emanuel Perez

    Make more

  19. Gnomo Sunderland


  20. Типо Чел

    oh chat..

  21. taku chapu

    Quisieran que pusieran el chat general de nuevo para poder reclutar no cono lo acaban de poner que no se puede reclutar a nadie Like si quoeres que regrese

  22. Sakthi Vivek

    Where is galadon. Iam missing his commentary.

  23. Mohammad Omrani

    The game looks like a zombie stash

  24. Cory Derozier

    How about making walls cost a little less... That’s all I’ve ever wanted in this game... Please, just make them a little cheaper...

  25. Mohammad Omrani

    بازی داره شبیه کلش آف زامبی میشه

  26. mukundhan krishnamoorthy

    Is that Dr. Nefario turned evil..😬😂 ??

  27. Thepacman Bv

    memes xD

  28. Markos Media

    these guys look like they hate they're lives

  29. Pradip ghosh

    Congratulations th13

  30. BasicSnooze

    Darion looks...different.

  31. NdaH.

    Dlu gwe baru naik TH 10 muncul TH 11. Kemudian aku bru mau naik TH 11 muncul TH 12. Dan skrang gwe baru mau naik TH 12 muncul TH 13. *apa salah gwe sih gaes*

  32. Dominic Sanguinetti

    So they made captain America

  33. Лиля Новикова

    Yeah, I expected more, more beautiful three stars.

  34. Yitivitzen

    Clannibal Lector in “Silence of the Hogs”

  35. XGh0sT 7

    “Coming later this month” *L..Later?*

  36. J - Marcelino

    Shut up and bring back global here in my region "PH"

  37. Andi Soleh

    no village will survive now, buy your gems more and more to AGGRESSIVE playing.

  38. A. RJ

    Will be OP for the first few weeks then nerfed heavy. 💯

  39. Tevin Thomas

    So nothing new for builder base ?????

  40. Daleon -


  41. the_realpup 22

    Giant: I wasn't spawn bought and donated from Dinofright324 Village yesterday jerk Giant: oh yeah the swirly thing has been broken for weeks Me: ???????


    Captain America skin for Royal Champion coming in July???

  43. Heaven Gaming

    Mind blowing troops

  44. Heaven Gaming

    it's work like firing


    hey wait in that video builder is going somewhere what was that tell us

  46. Heaven Gaming

    Yeah we're ready for this update

  47. Heaven Gaming

    I m ready


    Am I the only one who commented that blue dart goblin at 1:14?

  49. Mimhere

    When are those of us at lower Town Hall levels going to get an update we can experience? This update only appeals to a small percentage of players, the rest of us get absolutely nothing.

  50. 윤상훈

    ㅈㄴ 웃기넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  51. Axanaba -

    Quality dev vid right here

  52. Tahmid Abdullah

    Plz give back global

  53. vishnu boro vb

    we love you darian chacha

  54. Thúy Trịnh

    Xin cánh tay người Việt

  55. Robin Gaming

    1:25 why is the doctor’s eyebrows skin color

  56. PCJ

    I feel so bad for these devs

  57. Soumyadeep Barman

    Builder base attack music in background

  58. Alex

    50% on everything!!!🎉🎉🎉

  59. Big Jack

    This video makes them very unprofessional 🤦🏼‍♂️

  60. Kasi Viswanathan

    Please all upgrade time and cost down in 😭😭😭

  61. OverRidez

    2019: Yeti 2030: Goblin Mech

  62. rahmat funs

    Pekka doesn't got upgrade??

  63. First llama With 1000 subscribers

    There needs to be a new hero similar to the goblin (doesn’t have much health, fast, a lot of damage and goes for resources

  64. Blue Lightning Bolt


  65. Vic Ruiz

    Is the map getting bigger??

  66. yuuta kun

    When is it coming

  67. 4090 Pr


  68. Polar

    A polar le gustó

  69. SpicyStein

    Bro I just want a change clan name update pleaseeeee

  70. Super Man

    The TH 13 upgrade looks so garbage. The Giga Inferno is just a Giga Tesla with an inferno tower skin. What were you thinking Super Cell???

  71. Thai Nguyen

    Hahaha update hall 13

  72. Shewali Deuri

    Please come back ice wizard Who want ice wizard like

  73. A Perez

    When is town hall 13 update coming up

  74. TheHolyMage

    Still remember when Th8 and Th9 was impressive to get...

  75. Dead boi

    2578: you gotta deal with 500 heros to deploy 9000 troops and you only get 3 min still XD

  76. Ruyva 52

    In 2029 we'll be able to drop our whole village on another player's base, therefore asserting dominance

  77. Aidan :

    the town hall should be a lot bigger in my opinion

  78. the king kevin


  79. Patrick Miguel Tavares Fernandes


  80. Almusthova 29

    restore global messages

  81. Dark Sky

    why arent people talking about the end

  82. Albert Wang

    so does the siege barracks only release pekka + wizards or can you choose

  83. play tiempo

    Oh jesus this gives me nightmares

  84. The Dr. Wither

    Thinking about it the SB will be a SM for farming

  85. Alface do lidl


  86. Aodhan weinberger

    Why is it a stray baby dragon

  87. Nikolas Rousis

    Much better than the gladiator king, he looks like a firefigher οr a beekeeper!

  88. Ted Bates

    You should make a new base like a sky one or something

  89. ArxelBX

    What date your gonna release the update in South East Asia?

  90. Parag Choudhury


  91. The FORTNITE Zocker _

    Clash on !!!!!!

  92. Nikolas Rousis

    0:28 *NEW* GRAND WARDEN 3D MODEL... ...june update is coming!

  93. Andi Zaki

    supercell please return the global chat because it becomes difficult for us to find new members or new clans supercell

  94. Fluskar


  95. にゃんNyan

    Imagine walls dealing damage

  96. Zithro Zero

    That outfit suits you 😂

  97. neat and tidy


  98. BTD Chalupa

    Darian is the best drag queen

  99. It's Guillermo 2.0

    Supercell: *Shows new town hall coming to the game* Me a town hall 7: *Well now*

  100. alphaseries2020

    Wow this comment section is filled with all original memes totally not coping each other for likes