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  1. Marc Bibeau

    Prost is a crying child.

  2. Chakravarthy C

    Kiss the wheels, they made you win.

  3. Colby Church

    Back when F1 cars actually sounded good instead of like vacuum cleaners.

  4. Филатов ТВ

    Пора вводить новую Формулу 1, где будут соревноваться болиды с электродвигателями. Такой прорыв в спортивном машиностроении сделает прорывную рекламу в продвижении и развитии электрокаров, и в гараже у каждого тогда будут стоять новая Тесла!;-)

  5. Simon Maderazo

    Damn that's some eagle eye shit from di resta seeing vettel had a false start from that angle

  6. Emilio Portales

    Thanks for everythinng formula 1

  7. León Zylberberg

    Strayegy of ferrari Luckly michael isn't un 2020

  8. Buiz

    And 2019 saw us with the closest interlagos finish between Gasly and Hamilton

  9. Fez_Playz

    0:16 What. -so that is where that meme comes from

  10. enkaperson

    I knew but never realized that racing is indeed teamwork. The positive attitude is also incredible.

  11. Rosemarie Tinsley


  12. Wilhelm Frueh

    Yeah. I forgot 9 of this crashes.But not Number 1. The Ferrari from 1993 was absolutely dangerous. A danger für everybody.

  13. Dean Kaiser

    Still prefer the V10 sound over the Vacuum cleaner

  14. Sergio Hernandez

    Schumacher, the most unfair mother fucker in F1, the hadn´t respect for the rest o f the drivers

  15. M Pa

    I liked how they referred to Jackie Stewart as Sir Jackie

  16. Problemas en el Paraiso

    the best eargasm i ever have

  17. M Pa

    I'm super impressed that Russell got Mecachrome as a Williams engine supplier.

  18. Brian A

    No KERS No DRS Just raw power

  19. Am Nah

    Monaco2015: "That's not very nice" is missing. And Fucking Finally in COTA 2018. And Monaco 2019 but this may have been released before it, "that force india or whatever the fuck its called"

  20. terryn2384556

    0:06 on the right of the screen that's Niki Lauda!

  21. Prost29 Javadoff

    When he says the silveraro leaps in the distance away from vettel even though he was 3 feet in front was pretty retarded ngl

  22. Venonymous

    Some cameras were harmed in the making of this, please be advised

  23. Al Re

    Big Kimi fan, but still prefer the ex record holder in Monza, Montoya in 2004 with its big 3.0 liters V10 900hp For the nostalgics of the screaming engine

  24. Muhammad Alfryan

    Why y’all not make like this for the montage, sounds elegant like this

  25. PJV1990

    No way is Germany 2019 better than Canada 2011.

  26. Feisty

    If only the graphics in rfactor 2 VR were this good 😁

  27. Elrod Jenkins

    Imagine if Montoya’s car had the same aero package and tires as Kimi’s. It would smash all crap records set by current era cars.

  28. The9der

    All jokes aside, the fact that Ericsson managed to walk away from this easily shows how far safety has managed to come.

  29. Dawn Bennett

    Something you probably didn’t notice is how fast wherline eyes move to have the reaction time even mere mortals can’t do something simple that fast

  30. mlorente

    Senna inesquecível! O maior de todos os tempos!

  31. Federico Rabbito

    Forza Hamilton sei un grande

  32. Sur Ron Ukraine

    Когда Монтоя наваливал ещё не было поребриков в поворотах, он рубил углы, отыгрывая время. Но против технического прогресса не попрешь. Шасси, аэродинамика, моторы круче. А Монтоя все равно круче Массы

  33. Ian Gallegos

    "i really didnt hear what you said but basically..."

  34. TenthClient5307

    00:27 Nice reflexes!

  35. Clamzy

    i swear you just need to be rich to get into f1 and the money out weighs the skill factor so whats the point

  36. Anonymus

    der kommentator ist fürn arsch.

  37. Luis Cantos

    No existia DRS

  38. Erik Allison

    Daaaamn. Even at half speed I can't catch everything in one go, that's amazing

  39. raindrops

    2018: Was it Verstappen? 2019: I think it was Verstappen.

  40. DJ SPAZZ

    I love it when they break there mics. Hahahahaha

  41. Chri Martufi

    1:00 The magic can of Red Bull... Disappears in thin air

  42. xtscarface M

    From 50 down to 5 is a big difference!!

  43. Michael Davis

    Wow, definitely didn't rev as high as F1 used to.... Only managing to hit around 12,000 rpm, and struggling to even get beyond that!

  44. PastBoing YT

    3:53 the WHEEZE

  45. bunta_wrx

    you forgot the i was having a shit moment

  46. PastBoing YT

    The Ricciardo award, awarded to the funniest driver of the year

  47. TheExodiaforbidden

    Solo piensen cuántas veces tuvo Kimi que repetir esta carrera para poder batir este record🤣🤣 JPoleman 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Michael Kenny

    6:19 is absolute gold.

  49. ThatNativeGamer

    I hope I can see Stroll win sometime. He’s such a good racer!

  50. bodie of ci5

    Damon was hugely under rated. Won for Jordan and nearly won for Arrows. Nice guy too.

  51. Michael Johnson-Thiman

    These guys are proper professionals

  52. a sad meme

    Bring back brawn

  53. Brskywalker14

    2:29 Robert Kubica: *EEEEEEEEE*

  54. Juanjose Moreno


  55. Raul Silva

    Sin duda fue la mejor carrera en muchos años para Ferrari y para nosotros como tifossis. Gracias Ferrari Gracias Charles FORZA FERRARI !!! Saludos desde Ecuador.

  56. Jaden veiga

    FORMULA 1 channel have literally stollen this video from the youtube channel called Nick Murray Willis. Honestly such c*nts.

  57. Pascal Meijer

    Say what you want to say.. Verstappen is a Legend!

  58. Bailey Wilson

    Is there a version without the announcer shouting?

  59. Mohamed Bennour

    On straight the V10 wins

  60. Orxan Axundov

    Sa turk varmi

  61. Michel Rosier

    It sounded like this from Melbourne <3

  62. Edoardo Cocchiglia

    Sorry F1 but Pedro De La Rosa achieved more than one podium: the first one in Bahrain 2005 replacing JP Montoya, and the last one in Hungary 2006

  63. Pete Christdisciple

    Good quality video from F1. Jesus loves you all. God bless you.

  64. Stewart Grindlay

    0:30 clear penalty and Hammy turned in on him. Nicos corner.

  65. Francesco Rizzo

    C'era una volta in f1

  66. Dose Of Yina

    I'm so tired of ads jesus

  67. kepu26

    0:03 nass

  68. Mario Cas

    Red bull gives you wings This post was made by the Bridgestone gang

  69. Bence

    3:25 Terrifying helicopter crash...

  70. Jona_001

    I'm from the future and Carlos Sainz is first in this top

  71. Green Goblin

    This makes Football's new VAR rule seem like a crayon

  72. Cheo Samad

    Lmfao the wheel to wheel is genuinely entertaining. They should make a thursday carting event a regular thing. Maybe get the drivers involved in a friendly ‘mini karting league’ on the calender lol

  73. Paul sudip paul

    Vettel will fuck you all this year

  74. Jeronimo De Leon

    Verstappen is a idiota, Bad drivers!

  75. Ivan Aguirre Eade

    I miss this Sebastian Vettel

  76. Checkered Flag Studios

    You guys had to get Williams on there

  77. Vogel Taga

    2:32 Kimi is a natural legend. "Some f.cking idtiot hit me completely...he hit me again the f.cking same guy 🤣🤣 only Kimi does these masterpieces in a natural mode

  78. Reaper016

    1:01 RKO! From outta nowhere!

  79. Superzzqo

    When these things go fast and crash it looks like they are made out of plastic

  80. Francesco Delre

    Luckyest microphone in history, man what a symphony!!

  81. Raul Pascual Garcia

    I think that in a safety car the pilots must go at a delta pace and it is assumed that the last thing they want is to overheat the feprenes and the tires. Hamilton's slowdown I see unacceptable, but Vettel should have been sanctioned with 5 seconds, for the hamilton clash and hamilton 5 seconds for the braking. This is my opinion.

  82. Orlando Pirlog

    The decade ends on 31 December 2020.

  83. Mehmet Berk

    Dude 2018 was red bull have best team Verstappen-Ricciardo what a team

  84. Jeremy Van Der Laan

    Bruh Hamilton and Valentino should switch one race🤪🤣

  85. Maikdj

    Please comeback

  86. homie beaglePG

    0:03 if kimi or seb had done that to ham then there will be only on phrase that will ignite FIA. Hamilton: “ he is DANGEROUS DRIVING!!!”. Kimi/seb has got 50sec penalty!!! Lol 😂

  87. María del Rosario Mosquera

    0:49 that impacted leclerc from wing was a rip off??

  88. Simpl3x1

    These crashes are wack, i wanna see the real shit

  89. Aldebran 386

    Like it

  90. Muhammad Zorab


  91. Freakis

    lance: i dont have front end. me: what?


    Schumacher hit Coulthard and went mad at McLaren

  93. EpicBruh

    Who just got this in their recommended section?

  94. Kristjani kringel kanal

    Ever heard squeaking brakes in F1? In 2021 you will.

  95. Alan Braaa

    Hamilton having flashbacks to 2008 when he couldn't put the steering wheel back onto the car and they made him do it.

  96. Aberama Gold

    After I don't know how many years without one Canada finally has an F1 driver to follow, yes Daddy had to buy the team for it to happen, and it has to be Lance Stroll. For all I know he could be the nicest guy in the world but there's something about him I don't like. Maybe it's the way he looks or the sound of his laugh, which by itself is enough to turn you off the guy. Like I said I don't know what it is but there is something. I can't put it into words at the moment but I'm sure I'll figure it out one day, Until then I do intend to give him a chance, who knows perhaps he'll win me over when season 2 of Netflix's Formula 1: Drive to survive comes on. Since I'm on the subject; I just finished season 1 and if you haven't watched it I highly recommend that you do, because I thought it was great.

  97. Aryan Thacker

    He really bent the question papers?

  98. Walkin'Cat

    What's the purpose of the thing I'm the middle? Blocking driver's front view?

  99. Andy Mc Glynn

    Williams driver ahead clearly does a better lap

  100. Alex Mc Keown

    Was someone laughing in the background at 3.22 when he says his name lmao