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  1. Eduardo Aguiar

    Top 10 bad crashes of paying drivers. 1. Stroll 2. Lance Stroll 3. Stroll Lance 4. Lance...

  2. Adam Weidl

    Vettle might be graduating too nascar if he keeps it up..

  3. Cüneyt ÖLMEZ

    Fuckıng monaco pist..

  4. Ryan Thunderhammer

    The only top 10 for Russell this year was in this video. 😂😂😂😂

  5. Emanuele Perego

    Grosjean Is 1st because he doesn't crashes for the first time during the season?

  6. Alalo23

    Hi guys, I don’t know if this is the youtube rewind or a normal top 10, anyone help?


    vettel is a piece if shit

  8. delbroox

    This is complete Bs. Show some Vettel Mistake so people will comment. How about showing Leclerc battle with Hamilton at Monza instead of that stupid accident? Many more could have been substituted. Give Vettel a break and publish actual great moments.


    I feel like Toto almost has a heart attack every time his drivers race one another, because of Lewis and Nico.

  10. Crimson Inscription

    Racing in the rain has gotta be super difficult!

  11. demi5007

    Whom ever is in charge of the F1 intros before each race and telecast make sure you switch back to the style used in 2018 intros. 2019 intros were so unimaginative.

  12. seb99

    Strolls career will forever be a joke, forever....

  13. GT4 '

    Renault engine in McLaren: *Normal* Renault engine in Renault: *Jay jay the jet plane*

  14. Darth Vader/02

    That Honda sound 😍 '

  15. Blitzy

    Stroll Pushes Gasly off track Immediately says "He came back on the track like an idiot"

  16. BlastForward


  17. unique

    4:13 wow

  18. Chris Blake

    Is it just me or does stroll always sound like a Whitney brat?

  19. Amedeo Doni

    2:23 the beta Moment in f1

  20. The free Pirate

    Amazing Year . 2 podiums from toro rosso 1 podium from McLaren ! Haas didn't deliver , Max had amazing races, Rokie years for lando,russel,albon,gasly , Charles had hes podiums . And Lewis in the top of the world again . Lets 2020 be even better with williams up there also !!!

  21. Ty Derry

    I can listen to the Honda engine all day. Absolutely love it.

  22. peachyboy 22

    Someone tell me why they've edited this Sainz guy into some of these clips, he can't have been racing this season or we'd have seen him on live coverage...

  23. Juraj Benak

    Stroll: “Ferrari came on the track like an idiot!” Engineer: “Copy” Stroll: copies

  24. Adrián González

    cant wait for 2020 season, this one was great

  25. Piet Puk

    I love how Raikkonen crashes into Verstappen twice, and then blames Verstappen

  26. JWF1

    For anyone wondering who edits these videos, it's AlexZAfRo.

  27. Hauptsache Puls

    Vettels onboard in Germany was just scary

  28. Musculus IV

    Where is Sainz' start in Monaco??

  29. NookyAvenger

    Sainz at Monaco was worthy of top 5.

  30. criplebee

    Where is Torro Rosso battle at Hungary?

  31. Arnaud J.

    *Actually, the moment at **7:50** is pretty scary..*

  32. Mr.Asteroid

    Am I the only one misses Max and Charles fight in Austria??

  33. icebreakertech

    I love how Kimi never mentions a driver’s name like “these people” or “this guy”. They are just obstacles to him :P


    Depois do senna, schumi é o melhor, ja vi ela andar com 3 rodas, lamentável a situação dele hj

  35. Griffiths F1

    “He just came back on the circuit like an idiot” “Copy that” “Wait no Lance I didn’t mean-“

  36. Penfold

    F1 drivers . Always someone elses fault!.

  37. Griffiths F1

    Where’s top 10 overtakes?

  38. Juan Pablo Rivera

    Russell is just wasted talent at Williams.

  39. Doubledeepfried

    last weekend was boring.. no F1

  40. Sustainble Developing

    Italy Q3?

  41. Dikke Boktor

    Lando Norris is the person we needed in F1. But we didn’t deserve...

  42. Itachi Uchiha

    "Ferrari fell apart this year" A lot depends on your two drivers and the chemistry in the team was just not in balance. Charles Leclerc's attitude hurt the team & Vettel's performance A similar situation with Ricciardo at the time at Red Bull.

    1. Itachi Uchiha

      @Firemarioflower U Kidding! Great? he is the only champion on history not wining any race in a season that follows his championship, He finished under Daniel his teammate.... And mechanical issues he had this year are exactly as bad as he had at his last year with RB but still the damage on him from whole Ferrari team specifically Lecrerc is undeniable

    2. Firemarioflower

      That's not true, Vettel was still doing great things in 2014 and had more bad luck, mechanical issues and crappy strategy

  43. Riley

    Lando's lucky he didn't flip

  44. MC Polž

    verstapen is an asshole!

  45. MarkitusRacing

  46. Zoere Heering

    They obviously did not provide Nico with new shirts

  47. Kevin Daniel

    the williams sound is like a mosquito

  48. Aberama Gold

    6:08 - 614 Verstappen - what is he doing? Well Max he's getting hit by you because you snuck in beside him when he had no where else to go. 😂🙄 when two cars collude why is it always the other drivers fault? Nobody takes responsibility for driving like an idiot. Or am I wrong and it wasn't Max's fault (because it never is, just ask him). BTW I'm a fan of Max.

    1. TiltEV

      They always blame the other *at the heat of the moment* Afterwards, most end up saying "Yeah it was my bad"

  49. Mo G

    8:16 are gonna ignore how Grosjean keeps it out of the wall?


    They don't call him "Kamikaze Vettel" for nothing! 🤯

  51. Wesley Miller

    Gasly and Hamilton to the finish???? What the fuck guys that should be #1 by a mile

  52. TheGreeKiller GR

    0:58 20 years later

  53. Javier Sanchez del Rio

    Russel epic!!! Best move

  54. k

    Boring year

  55. Neville Chapman

    Why has Kini's car got eyelashes on. ???????????????

  56. Yannick Leyhr

    Imagine people who don't know much about F1 watching this video think that williams is actually competitive xD

  57. Farmboy 248

    Great Britain was the best race of the season for me because it was my first ever grand prix.

  58. geonerd

    Vettel and Stroll at Mona will 'live in infamy' forever!

  59. volts- ѧ

    That 4 way battle through the streets of Singapore was such a brilliant show of respect, control and skill. Those boys fighting for P11 are driving just as hard as anybody else.

  60. dzilu96

    Not sure if Maldonado Award of the Year should go to Grosjean or Vettel

  61. Marcy2200

    I wish we could see live races from the onboard cameras of each individual driver and that we could switch between them when we want.

  62. Greg Mayled

    Silverstone was such an underrated race

  63. Wojciech Boruta

    Carlos ,,Ajajaj'' Sainz

  64. Shawnia Noel

    At 2:48 - SBinalla

  65. Vlad 78

    Verstappen is a fucking sore loser

  66. Giuseppe Barile

    Sainz on Kvyat should have been into this top 10

  67. Tara Gibson

    Vettel with his pinball wizard driving in Germany.

  68. UnoJono

    George russell will be multi world champ

  69. Szef Lawnikowicz

    rip bird

  70. Time TRAVEL


  71. PlittHD

    Williams Pee 9, Pee 9

  72. Lesley Leith

    Sorry for my last comment, I was the race location.🙄🙄🙄

  73. Gabriel Laureano

    How is number 6 even in the video?

  74. Koala Gaming

    7:30 Huge Dani Ric fan!!

  75. Montydaboss458 Brathwaite

    Max is the best in. The world

  76. Jacopo Cazzetta


  77. Lesley Leith

    Says in one thumb nail that SEB is British, have they swapped him for Hamilton.😂😂😂😂

  78. hirokishinguji

    I had just noticed. After all the races of this season, Honda engines sound better than any other engines.

  79. Dopsu

    Bottas Great Britain ok

  80. Bumblebee 201145

    1:50 the f1 car is necked

  81. Lightening McQueen

    I can tell that Ablon's start at Bahrain was included because the sparks from one of the Racing Points were flying in his face!

  82. Volcán SV

    Bruh the Honda engine sounds soooo good down low in the revs

  83. BenGamer21

    0:09 R.I.P Niki and Charlie.

  84. Daniel SIVI-SZABO

    4:15 Alonso is 2 years ahead of us

  85. random guy

    Can somebody do a meme Montage? Pls😂😂

  86. Xx BlackThornGaming xX

    I kind of have an irrational hatred of Lance stroll and everything he does

  87. reda zk

    Music plz ?

  88. Daniel Ugarte

    What about Sainz overtakes in Brazil? or Austria?

  89. Simple Shot

    Fucking Stroll

  90. BjoBjo 5219

    Vettel i mean WHAT WEAR YOU DOING

  91. Il Cuggino Canadese

    Also please bring back the V10s... those V6 sound awful.

  92. Navik Resakas

    "Ay ay ayy" TOP 3 driver of the year for sure!

  93. Carlos Andres Medrano

    max and crashing into kimi in spa name a more iconic duo

  94. James Gater

    It's such a shame that the cars sound like this now days. Back in the day they used to give a death scream. Gave you shivers down your spine just hearing it. That's why Formula E just doesnt grab me even though the racing is pretty pure

  95. EjectedSparkz

    3:25 Stroll: "He just came back on the circuit like an idiot" ** does the exact same thing as Vettel **

  96. Jackie Tang

    Kimi's engineer still sounds like Charles Leclerc, change my mind

  97. David Shon

    I just can see the difference between the William's and the other cars...the wiliiams is so shaky and has absolutely no grip

  98. demonsluger

    dont remember them showing the singapore fight on the tv hmmm not suprised tho the one choosing what camera is used should be fired it was horrible. like not showing sainz get p6 in the drivers challenge after fighting hulkenberg last lap WTH!

  99. Etienne R.

    Raikonnen: "He hit me again"

  100. BjoBjo 5219

    Wait was that an Williams on 9