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  1. kiss devi

    Is that a shovel Assassin ?? 🤣🤣

  2. Estefani Delgado


  3. Vito Sedmak

    The game was very mediocre

  4. Christopher Farley


  5. Jason bulletmagnet197

    We should be able to put on more than 2 exotics on a build

  6. The Knight-Wolf

    Make a New Far Cry game already dammit!

  7. Jerimiah Arias

    Anyone else hear the yokai drone

  8. Spicyticks Gaming

    Pls Give Jäger Acog back

  9. Stiaga Crevty

    I love Far Cry 5..great game.. The thing i hate is that the driving in Far cry 5 feels more realistic than the driving in the Crew 2.. I wanted to get into the Crew 2 but it has that plastic arcadey driving feeling that literally ALL car games make the mistake of having..except for GTA.. If all car games had the driving feeling of GTA V..that would be great

  10. Mack J

    Great stog🐐😁😁😠💪

  11. Hugo Klintenberg

    Can you please make that you can chose your character/person anytime???🥺

  12. A GAMER

    Man I remember when I saw the ending the nuke has me shook and it's sad that u learn that good ol boomer died most likely with cheese burger too and some of the main characters too like Mary

  13. Jon K

    RIP Boomer

  14. WorldFamous Gamer


  15. Lirus_Mania

    Where news of bgae2?


    Best game ever ngl

  17. Christopher Farley


  18. Alex Jaramillo

    Like to get a new Far cry game

  19. Ryan _

    FARCRY 6 soon?

  20. Vasilis yolo ツ

    When is the new fat fry coming out I can’t wait

    1. XUOCLAN

      E3of this year will show far cry6

  21. 93redcamaroz28

    Is it free forever or free to play?

    1. Luca Contini

      Just for the weekend

  22. Goku because

    Add something to Ubisoft club in far cry 5 please

  23. 5HARKKAx_x5NACK5

    minecraft dungeons and maneater way better in so much good loot and npcs are not sponge + more 😂

  24. Some Dude

    Best theme imo. It sounds inspirational and epic, just making you want to go to war because why not.

  25. Thouba Nandeibam

    Please add more cars ubisoft and the car dont seem to drive fast. It feels slower than what its speed is shown on the speedometer. Please fix the camera shake and all so that it feels more faster while driving than what its shown

  26. DAT NWG

    🎶 I’m going back to Destiny, Destiny, Destiny. I’m going back to Destiny!!! (Massive) I don’t think so..... (Me) I know so... 🎶

  27. Xzyvaier Ragland

    We need better shovel control in America.

  28. General - Micon

    AREA F2 MOVIL :(

  29. i'm a cup


  30. Lirus_Mania

    Where news of bgae2?

  31. Lirus_Mania

    Where news of bgae2?

  32. Lirus_Mania

    Where news of bgae2?

  33. Drifting 101

    Please tell me you can get the fc rx7 in drift

  34. Mario

    The best game that i played with my brother, will we have far cry 6 ??

  35. クソデカため息

    ある意味、チーターよりもトレーラー出すのが遅い 笑

  36. Kali Gaming

    Add range rovers svr and audia rs3

  37. AJ Smith

    I have questions for assassins creed odyssey will their ever be a dlc about Zeus

    1. AJ Smith

      Well we better see Odin, Thor and Loki

    2. Jason Decker

      The game's dlc is all over. They're focused on Valhalla

    3. BLA BLA

      AJ Smith What? No, there won’t

  38. roycer royce

    I am scared to buy this game

    1. roycer royce

      Scared of the disapointment

  39. Captain Rookie

    Can't wait for Far Cry 6.

    1. Whiskey Oscar22

      Luca Contini Jason would probably just have ptsd

    2. Luca Contini

      I hope in a prequel of Far Cry 3 or a story in the same timeline of Far Cry 3 or a sequel of Jason Brody's story.

  40. Fragonus

    I wanna know this song.

  41. WiiMote Cactus

    The only way to take out outposts

  42. Vito Stan

    Roadrinner yet??🙄

  43. The Ducky Ones

    Comments died lmao

  44. TheRebelLion96

    I'm still shook from the ending of this game

    1. Whiskey Oscar22

      Goku because The games been out for a good amount of time for you to see a big boom and plus the sequel after that is a big teller of that

    2. Stiaga Crevty

      Heck yea great game

    3. Goku because

      Don't spoil it please 🙂

  45. Chris Wilder

    Hi first

  46. Amatres Şêrvan

    You could make it a different game instead of Assassin series

  47. Roger S

    I am not happy about this getting out killing the fun or what's coming I love being surprised thanks guys now I have to go out of my way not to hear this stuff and now I know about a new pve mode sucks

  48. Carlos dPR

    They dont use gameplay because is the same every year

  49. Legend of Nibbaheem

    Worst game I've ever even bought

  50. Di4m Gaming

    And yet, no AE86

  51. KöfteİsKöfte

    3:30 tüyler diken diken özlemişim fragmanı bile sürükleyici bi assasin oyunu

  52. Nano Mercy

    mike-01 hatası alıyorum girebilen var mı

  53. Dantdt

    I love all the people moaning about other people who said they already leaked the skin even though nobody’s even saying that

  54. Heart Throbs

    Fix the bikes sound they all quiet

  55. Ra1D _

    I hate how this kind of sounded like a really bad rap

  56. Iron Bru

    Rubbish this game is

    1. AgentXcentric

      But you're watching state of the game?🤔 That makes zero sense.

  57. Kağan Ateş

    Night fps mode no car light???

  58. Blze_xmury the second

    Plez put the Seville as and the Supra

  59. Rotem Salvatori

    We need more contents 😂

  60. YNWA Kyria

    Why not Ragnar lodbrok it would ve matched w vikings too

  61. Cang Truong

    They dont know what good it will do for us if the stash space is increased, meanwhile, the loots I get from challenging/heroic are trash :) if you don’t want to increase the stash space, make the quality of items better so I don’t need to keep mediocre gears in my freaking stash ye

    1. Cang Truong

      Gun_Samurai if it is as easy as it sounds, for me at least, I keep them because of the combination of rolls that I need for my builds, I dont delete them because I dont know If my RNG will allow me to acquire the same piece of gear with higher rolls in the future

    2. Gun_Samurai

      Delete the mediocre gear you’re hoarding and save highest stats in your library.

  62. Nithin Danday

    Why are the only captions for this video in turkish?

  63. Israel Yudah

    I could tell you guys do not play this game at all if you did you know what be going on in your game

  64. imanoro 8

    ok and where is Einar Selvik

  65. Gary Ng

    I found that the PTS of TU10 was unplayable to me. It kept CTD. Then, I deleted it. Beside,.....I can’t see any chance to team up with other people in the official game. The system keep “matching” for an hour.

  66. A-10 Tutorials

    I just want to get out of my car and open the hood of the car

    1. Drifting 101

      Me to

  67. LNR_frex?

    Ubisoft is stupid wo steel wawe 16th giuny and zofia elite 27 th may??? Stupid pls exit stell wawe

  68. Roger S

    The M1A is not most people favorite it's just the only good rifle and I bet we won't have any good ones now mk17 is far bouncy as are most other rifles .. div1 svd and M1A div2 M1A now dunno

  69. highelite RX

    why are these cars so hard to get , why can’t we just buy them , this update is wack

  70. Scummay

    Ace is better then thermite, but 10X more counterable

  71. bruh okk

    please add an h2 or h2r

  72. I_ASED_I

    wtf youtube age restricted ??????!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Kamikazevondoom

    30:10 hamish says that the more involved and hardcore community is on the PTS.....that’s weird when A MAJORITY of your content creators are on Xbox and PS4. Smh hamish smh

  74. Brandi Hosna

    Yes he is

  75. spdbrnr

    Wow they finally added something that has been in the First Crew the entire time! Wow, all they are doing is adding parts from the first crew, but it should've been part of the game for a year now!

    1. Okazawa Games

      @TONY HAWK lol dude traded in the crew for RDR2 which is comically overpriced and offers you an empty multiplayer with the most scammy paywalling ever in a AAA game

    2. TONY HAWK

      I traded this in when RDR2 came out because it felt empty and only half of the first one.

  76. Legion

    Still waiting for anything...

  77. Antonio Vega

    So were is tu10 for ps4 coming

  78. Ale Ramirez

    What new bikes? All I see is street race ones with different title

    1. A-10 Tutorials

      Bur they are faster and better

  79. Adam Phillip

    Is this the 17gb update my Xbox is downloading now?

  80. thedivision officiel2016

    hello me fan the division 1 can you change the gameplay as division 1 in division 2 the camera is too close to our character as the movements its frankly annoying it's not like the division 1 we want to have the same fighting style with your characters class have. a body change systemto have the character as we want slim muscular🤔👍💯😷the division 1 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. Gun_Samurai

      You can move the camera back from your character in settings, dude. FOV is in your settings.

  81. Roger S

    Also please bring the support station back ... Edit OMG just heard them say a fix to incoming healing .. oh man .

  82. DisabledPigeon6

    Still no buck or tachanka elite smh

  83. Roger S

    Thanks for making the hit numbers so much bigger I can see them easy now thank you thank you

  84. Ernesto Rodriguez

    Did he just said don't ask u 🤦‍♂️

  85. Santiago Orloff

    Suddenly race/super sport bikes became touring bikes, someone doing the vehicles didn't do a simple fact check xD

    1. TONY HAWK

      They aren't incorrect. It's just how they've used terminology. In this case, touring is used the same way we have touring cars.

  86. Emperor Mayham

    where's a link to the forum at, the way they've been treating the pestilence so far is not fair then to screw it even more really

  87. Abdul Kareem Khan

    I used to be an adventurer like you but I got a sword to the knee. Lmao

  88. K K

    Just 2 cars? Meh 😭

  89. future soldier of gaming

    i just had an idea for a division 2 pvp game mode . name : strategic assault . objective : destroy the enemy base with C4's . 1 . there will be 2 bases . 1 for the black tusk / rogue agents and 1 for the JTF / division agents . 2 . each base will have 3 outposts with a total of 6 outposts . 3 . you have to capture at least 1 enemy outpost to get into their base . meanwhile , capturing the other 2 are highly recommended . 4 . once you capture an outpost , ISAC / ANNA will hack into it . this will effect the main base of the enemy . 5 . capturing 1 outpost will allow ISAC / ANNA to open the gate to the enemy's base . 6 . capturing the 2nd outpost will allow ISAC / ANNA to shut down the the defense system of the enemy's base . not capturing it will result in the enemy having these defense system : 5 MG turrets that can 5 shot you , 3 rocket turrets , mortar turrets . 7 . capturing the 3rd outpost will allow ISAC / ANNA to hack into the enemy's communication and radar . if this outpost is not captured , this is what will happen : NPC's in the enemy main base will be way more aggressive and there will be a lot of them . also , they will have a health bonus . the enemy agents can see you through the walls when you go past the gate . 8 . you need to get into the enemy HQ and plant C4's in 5 locations . get out of there , blow it up and you win . 9 . enemies capturing your outposts will not effect your assault to their base . what do you guys think about it ?

    1. Gun_Samurai

      I think you need to delete this ridiculous post. 😂 WTF?

  90. MathDaBoi

    I LOVE the soundtrack

  91. zhonestguy

    The PC performance has dropped significantly since the PTS launched. Average fps is about ~30 frames less and 1% lows are ~25-30 fps.

  92. Eli Austin

    oh and please add a delorean

  93. Piotr Warcholak

    O ku*wa

  94. Cliff Berry

    Why do her lips get bigger when the camera pushes in at the end of the animation? Its like the camera movement is tied to her lip morph target. It takes a clean skin and makes it look weired.

  95. سامي  Sami سوريا Syria

    I love it from syria ♥

  96. Murat Çakır

    New BMW S1000RR comes?

  97. jonny starsmore

    if the npcs didnt hit so hard compared to us the m1a wouldnt be as dominant as ot is now. making a game challenging or hard doesnt mean giving us water pistols. its ridiculous that it takes 2 or 3 clips to kill someone that can kill you in half a clip.

    1. Cang Truong

      jonny starsmore more like under 10 bullets XD