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  1. Yusuf_ tc_

    Netflix vs Disney Like is VS ?!?!? Understand?


    I love this show but most people don’t watch it

  3. Sev V

    Bella chiao

  4. Jay

    Is this Russian music dubbed in Spanish?

  5. Polaraix

    Next we need a Lucifer and r6s crossover😂😈

  6. Twitch Ridgy

    It’s GTA all over again

  7. StopGenics

    Yeahhhh. My second favorite Netflix series

  8. Sir Hoping

    Why in hell is this recommended to me after I already have him around rep 30 when he first came out

  9. Charming Owl

    A waste of resources.

  10. Maurizio Zheng

    Everyone: Money Heist Intellectuals: La casa de papel Italians: E IL PARTIGIANO, BELLA CIAO, BELLA CIAO, BELLA CIAO CIAO CIAO!

  11. Dutch Warrior

    La casa da rainbow

  12. kosrules

    If it's just hostage and banquets scans are not going to really try to fight much that's just going to be boring

  13. MLG_ KING420XD

    Thank you ubisoft

  14. Jhonatan Querol

    pero porque no le pusieron la skin a los operadores españoles

  15. Andrea Fontani

    the background song translated into English would be:One morning I woke up, o beautiful, bye! beautiful, bye! beautiful, bye, bye, bye! One morning I woke up and found the invader.

  16. Fraserl1104 Live

    That series was great

  17. Hyperwizard 42

    So it’s basically just Pay day 2

  18. Game Machine

    Boom boom chau

  19. LaRana Magica

    Oh no

  20. Durwin Ho


  21. Live Right

    I really like how ubisoft named the indian operator kali, after the indian godess of death and destruction, maha kali.

  22. Dylan Leaman Anderson


  23. cold seven

    Ma vaffanculo cosa c'entra la canzone partigiana con Rainbow six siege

  24. Pyr0Maniac 05

    Nobody: Casa de papel MURICA: MONEY HEIST

  25. Metallic alchemic

    Mama Mia, thats a spicy skin pack

  26. ODIZO mistrz

    I hope the hostage Is not Arturo bc I will get kicked

  27. Pixel The Village Idiot

    tfw Rainbow Six is being a better Payday than Payday.

  28. Jeffrey Choy

    5 days?! You have this neat marketing idea and people work hours on modeling those skin and you have it up for FIVE DAYS?

  29. i accidentally made this account

    I was hoping for a game mode, but this will do for now

  30. vadidjaj


  31. Noside Code

    And my GPU decided to die last week smh

  32. METALZ_R6

    I watched the show la casa de papel before this It was really fun. la casa de papel means money house

  33. Steskii CC

    Una mattinaaaa mi sono alzatooo o bella ciao o bella ciao o bella ciao ciao ciao 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🎶🎶🎶

  34. Skilled Kitty


  35. vadidjaj


  36. Savitar GamerX

    FIX YOUR GAME !!!!!

  37. PewDiePie's Army



    What song is this

  39. WolveZzzZ

    I can only play this for 3 days cause i get unbanned from psn on the 22th

  40. 6hea6ven7

    This show sucks

  41. Samuwgamer

    Viva l'Italiaitalia figghioli

  42. Scoops ahoy Stevey

    Tell me how I just watched episode 10

  43. PioneerMoss 1377

    I love it!!

  44. Sean McMillan

    Okay, now we need a crossover of Seige & Payday 2...

  45. Ghostkiller166

    I mean is that it? Hostage on bank is really all you could think of? You might be taking a massive L on this event.

  46. Quickkiller2880


  47. LocoOfAO

    Another weak cash grab, how typical. For anyone saying that ubi gave us a big Halloween event please, outbreak was a MAJOR event. This year’s Halloween event was a map skin and a quirky game mode.

  48. Kees Turpie

    Wow, a normal gamemode, on a normal map, how fun!

  49. Rayann BOUMOULA


  50. Nathan Hernandez

    I was born ready to be ghost one more time it ghost vs wolves.

  51. OrganaizerFilmCompany


  52. The Real Drudo

    Comunismo e poi che altro?

  53. Kill3r 06


  54. lem0n

    Payday Six: Siege

  55. 暁Ichimatsu暁

    *Damn Koreans doing these heists*

  56. Starting Conch81

    Oooo yea



  58. Edgar Pacheco

    Loving it

  59. /x/Lurker

    One of the greatest collabs I could've hoped for

  60. Jim Jones

    Damn they thicc with those outfits

  61. Lord Tachanka Is Thiccc

    It should have been a bigmouth crossover event

  62. Hackerman Gage

    Payday looks different

  63. Elite Jd


  64. ForFrickinSayin 3

    I've sung this song in choir in 8th grade. :)

  65. All might 47

    So they put the halo sniper rifle in rainbow

  66. Lee

    lol even ubisofts non violent video gettin age restricted nice stuff youtube

  67. TheBlackLion

    Is this gonna be a dlc or different game?

  68. The child Crippler

    El profesor where he at

  69. God Himself

    Ubi new idea for a new gamemode for the event Capture the flag 3v3 Every player has 3 lives 3-5 rounds You can use any operator Defender that interact with walls( Mira , Bandit ) wil have there there special ability replaced with a secundary Every operator that you will play on this game mode will have a red outfit from the Money heist(idk the name of the outfit they use in the serial)

    1. God Himself

      Sorry for spelling issues

  70. boah tanleys

    this music is awesome 😎

  71. Bloxxer

    Moment when Ubisoft collaborates with Overkill

  72. SerenaL

    this is so fucking sick i love this show

  73. Mattia Pischedda

    Fanbase: yo ubi fix the matchmaking, the hacker issue and them glitches. Ubisoft: nah bro take this limited time event nobody asked for, based of an overrated tv show. Btw you may have to give us more money for those limited time event skins.

  74. AC 360

    This is amazing

  75. BugZyFN

    Lets go I love that show

  76. Scuff Studios

    should've been a Payday collab.. missed collab

  77. Scarecrow

    If the professor isn’t the announcer I’m not playing

  78. Liam Lin

    Are you guys planing another far cry game? And if so would it be an continued version of new dawn or a new place and is that place going to be bombers too then?

  79. Sardon43

    Yea I’m going to get this game regardless of the rating 😁

  80. Certified beaut

    So your telling me they have an event about a snow literally called money heist but instead of a heist mode it’s just hostage on bank

  81. xcarraski

    The rest of the world : " CASA DE PAPEL" America : "House of paper"

  82. Abetsss Cornulet

    why no skin 4 fuze?

  83. Lilnootsacks

    My mouse Goes to choppy 1 fps while my pc is running 180 fps i cant play your game fix that mouse issue it has been here for 4 years !!!

  84. Chrishimoto

    Ubi: *makes nearly the best Vigil skin* Also ubi: Come back when you have more rupees.

  85. MikaSnip06


  86. ScorpioN

    Create a Denver character whose elite will be his laugh

  87. F1apjack

    laughs in tokyo

  88. Alpha

    Live this series

  89. A Random Guy

    I just watched the series lol

  90. Max 1357

    What the hell did I just witness

  91. leo montenegro

    so THIS is what Netflix is trying to do to save themselves from financially getting destroyed by Disney +

  92. Sulaiman Belharch

    Nunca creí que una serie española llegaría tan lejos

  93. Chavsberry Gaming

    Aw shiet Payday 3 looks lit

  94. Mr. Demon

    This is what i think. Trailer was awesome, game by itself terrible. each cannons shoot as a machine gun. no killing the crew of enemies, and wtf why rockets? this is a arcade dumb game. no one wants pirate tanki online. we want a real pirate open world game where possibilities are more than in red dead redemption 2... i wish yall bad sales.


    wtf is this

  96. Mark Schouten

    Wow. Just wow. Amazing. Fantastic. I don't know how to discribe it. Just wow!!!

  97. jimthecat

    This is so retarded

  98. Joe Rothe

    nice Trailer guys i love this Show from Netflix i looooove it

  99. God Himself

    So ... free alpha pack from event ?

  100. Niubility Chen

    What about Rainbow Six Siege : Operation HKPloyU Make Lesion and Yin super strong 🤣🤣🤣