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  1. Galen Hadrian

    That's very 80's hahah lol

  2. Everything 80's Podcast

    It's important to remember that Apple still stole previous ideas and just made them better, which they would continue to do. The amazing GUI (at the time) was completely stolen from Xerox, who just didn't know the best way to make use of it. If it wasn't for Jobs taking their idea you could be using a Xerox phone to watch this right now.

  3. Jag Gamboa

    I’ve heard that some telecom un Latin America, use a filtering policy so that when a speed test is running, it shows better speed than the actual real speed that are providing, For this issue do you recommend another page for speed testing ?

  4. Jeff Scott

    Nobody: Marques: "So I've been using this for about 36 years now and here are my thoughts."

  5. Krabben Crew

    Thank you for pronouncing the E!

  6. Jayden Lo


  7. Zatter Gaming

    MKBHD: They don't make them like they used to. Me: My MacBook book broke in half again.

  8. Cornelis Sauer

    Can I cange from samsung s8 🤔 I'dont think so Ithink samsung 10+ is much better phone for simylar money or huawei 30 pro for less money.i'ts hard to cange from super amoled screen?

  9. oldschoolkid


  10. The Understated

    everyone just forgot about the PIXEL 🤣

  11. Michial Phelps

    That was so stupid and not worth premium at all you suck

  12. Electric Pro

    Who’s watching on a 4K smartphones?

  13. liquidalloy

    well, my "good 4G" in Central NJ is 50 -80 MB DL and like 20-30 Up. Verizon is best, all others suck

  14. Афон Слепцовский

    Put a samurai sword instead of a camera - there will be the perfect killer machine)

  15. Karlo Kramarić

    So U want to tell me I already have 5G, wich is called 4G, in Zagreb, Croatia? Beacuse my LTE speed test is around 95-100 Mbps down and 55-60 Mbps up. So much about that 5G...

  16. CH3DD4R

    Whoa is Marques tall or is Austin short

  17. EVERY BoDY dance now Joach


  18. Joseph Atnip

    Lol we still don't have reliable cell phone reception and 4G internet service in rural Missouri smack-dab in the middle of the United States there is one cell phone tower close to my town it's an AT&t tower that's it AT&t or Verizon are your only two options 5G will never happen here

  19. Tbone X

    This guy isn't even that smart. Only reason he made it to this is because he's a colored person and they are very privileged nowadays. As for 5G, to all you suckers have fun getting cooked inside out from the microwaves, the growths and radiation deformation will be so sad to see on all you test subjects.

  20. Beny Benn

    2020: Tesla Roadster 2074: Tesla Toaster

  21. McMexicans

    9:26 bruh it's a hatchback quit trying to be fancy about it

  22. Skylloss

    No Way.... 😡

  23. ionstar751 :D

    2:31 200 milion people all at once you say? when 97% of the population in the US has an iPhone Pfft only 3% of the people has access to 5G

  24. Pranav

    Flexing my lack of premium here

  25. Scales & Moore

    🤦🏾‍♂️ please back out this deal with NLsel. YT are garbage and always will be as long as it’s scripted reality tv

  26. William Giesinger

    19:29 oh I knew that, didn't you watch Demolition Man in the days?

  27. Chop Labalagun

    wow the script was so bad, it was like a couple of kids that never seen a floppy disk and pretend they know about it. Please be real...

  28. Moulik Shrivastava

    This series makes me want to subscribe to NLsel Premium more than those annoying double ads

  29. rogerthat

    Maybe the cutout is big so it's easier to pop the phone out of the case? I am liking this enough to swap my S9 for the multi-tasking ability.

  30. Walton Tallant

    Now this is the kind of content I wanna see! I've never had a NLsel video make me feel like a kid learning stuff that I knew a little bit about. You did such a great job marques! And the people you were able to bring not just the well known but also other youtubers and such. Please keep this show rolling cause I loved every second of this episode.

  31. Davis T.

    Haha.... It was nice to see the goofy side of MKBHD

  32. Raul Ben Naftali

    bring real contant you advrdisting youtube premium

  33. T&M

    Why is this recommended to me 6 Years after this Video got piblished and 4 Years after Microsoft killed this Product Lineup? XD

  34. Tuver espitter


  35. malachi moser

    I have seen consistanct speeds compared to before since the roll out of this signal. Before my LTE speeds would drop to around 10 or less inside dense buildings but now its holding to around 30mbps. I am also in rural america and since the roll out of the 600 mhz signal I have nearly 0 dead zones in my area vs berfore there was a 30 mile stretch of road I had no service. In the cities I didnt notice the biggest difference since the 4g LTE signal is so strong and well done but that is temporary since T Mobile's next focus is on Mid Band. I agree with T Mobile's approach. What is the point of having speeds of 1gbps if no one can use it. I would rather have speeds of 50-600mbps over miles. Also this method will help there home internet reliability when it's launched for all. I myself am planning on utilizing it. I would be satisfied with 50mbps at 50$ per month considering where I live after 1 year they jacked my price up to 80$ per month for the same speeds plus a 1Tb data cap and there is only 1 internet provider. Also with the merger of Sprint you could see this Mid Band coverage overnight when its finalized.

  36. The King of Everything

    BOO! Subscribe to Linus Tech Tips, And Techquickie. THIS IS POOP AS DUMB. MKBHD, YOU WILL SOON BE DEAD.

  37. Dalmain J

    This is the phone to get to be the cool kid!

  38. Everything 80's Podcast

    If you want to learn the most fascinating story that paved the way for the Mac, look into the details about the "phreakers". They were people who would hack long-distance phone calls by using the tones produced by a Cap'n Crunch whistle. These groups attracted the interest of Steve Wozniak which led to the creation of the "Berkely Blue" which was a little blue box that would help you hack the phone lines. Jobs saw that there was potential to sell it and Wozniak credits the Phreakers movement, which started with this toy whistle from a cereal box, for being responsible for the eventual creation of Apple.

  39. Simão Varela

    Don't turn it on, take it apart!

  40. THEFIRE360

    RIP Steve

  41. Bazooka Joe

    My experience of the Pro's that after a week, noice cancelling seems to fail and in addition its impossible to get a successful seal test. They are perfect for 6 or 7 days and then no matter what I try, I can no longer get a seal. Replacing the tips doesn't help and calls to Apple support results in them sending me replacement Pro's. My 5th set is now being sent out to me.

  42. Everything 80's Podcast

    The amazing thing about this Mac was how it shifted the thinking from computers being a tool of the government or "Big Brother" to something that was for an individual. It took that hippy/beatnik approach from Jobs and Apple, which was at the core of the new revolution. Their new hacker mentality made the PC more accessible.

  43. Justin Linden

    God the beginning of this is so choppy and awkward. Let Marcus edit his own shit

  44. Bobspineable

    If you guys waited long enough, you could have watched this for free.

  45. Brobert

    Non premium users: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  46. C.J. Perron

    You gave us the specs on a "full charge". One thing you're forgetting is that Speed and Power are dependent on the amount of charge the battery has.

  47. basterfa84

    Next episode: how to put it back together without breaking the plastic tabs...or mixing up the fasteners.

  48. Julio Bonetti

    This feels like 2 long ads. No thanks

  49. Kevin Chow

    wtf was this

  50. Arjay Jalmaani

    Why won't it work with Samsun Galaxy S10 5G?

  51. lavian wanjara

    Kiss herr😲😲😲

  52. Patrick Cui

    My heart 🤩❤️

  53. Dave G

    Great video. The Apple II power switch is on the back. I think you only turned on the monitor ? Also to eject a disk in a frozen Mac, you can just power down, then hold down the mouse button while you power up. They’ll eject immediately.

  54. Diego Kartodikromo

    Great video

  55. PyroKalfje

    My teacher has one of the first macintosh in the netherlands. And finaly hé worked by mac for promotion en designen ads for in netherlands

  56. John Robertson

    Watched Macintosh episode and now this. Superb, really good and interesting. Well done MBKHD

  57. BogusMojo

    I've got a hundred bucks I can order one too ya click bait machine

  58. Jacob DURJAN

    beautiful. Thank you, Marques,

  59. Alec Chandler

    Something interesting: the Macintosh had no arrow keys because Steve Jobs wanted people to know the mouse was the pointing device, not the arrows.

  60. tykkään omenoista

    For $450 that phone is really good for the price!

  61. THEG12EG

    44 looks too big

  62. Loki

    Is this like opening the box of your mint condition superhero doll and instantly seeing the value drop?

  63. Manish Sanikop

    Ofcourse the apple fan girl has to be there who i love to hate. Ijustine just infuriates me to my core

  64. Aldwin Umali

    In the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) my average LTE speeds are well over 80Mbps, just ran a speed test right now and I got 96 down and 34 up. This is with Rogers.

  65. Mauricio Ortiz

    Still here 2019

  66. mrlabear crouse

    Marques: It’s rewind time

  67. A Sparrow

    5G is literally a cancer-spreading signal wave..... Go look at the stuff they're burying on the subject and would never dare reveal to you.... Also if you live near a cell tower, you're freaking toast....

    1. A Sparrow

      @Per Thorin Fuck off normie. Go watch CNN & tweet your mom about it.

    2. Per Thorin

      Fake and more gay than me.

  68. Fábio Costa

    in Portugal my 4G+ is normaliy at 120Mbps or more

  69. Scott Tiede

    Bill Nye the propaganda guy.

  70. Pepeng Jelek

    V A P O R W A V E

  71. my youtube

    Americus might be the best name ever!

  72. klen sal

    will you make any episode with Linus?

  73. Pepeng Jelek

    V A P O R W A V E

  74. Robert D

    Shout-out to SE240p

  75. Krystofer Han

    They should have looked at the lightning McQueen

  76. William Straw

    “Pacifically”? 🤦‍♂️

  77. Dylan Rod

    It has better water resistance rated ip68 the brand new A13 Bionic chip night mode on the camera upgraded 12mp front camera Wide angle lens on the back and a feature called audio zoom and quicktake video and an Hour longer battery than the iphone Xr sounds like an upgrade to me not sure why people have opinions on things they dont use or own 🤏

  78. Asestar

    Huge fail on this phone. Why remove features? Why not keep at least rear fingerprint reader? Also, 64gb storage and 2800mah on a flagship? Is this 2015?

  79. Giovanni Martinez

    25G: 📶📶📶📶📶📶🔊🔊🔊🔊💥💥💥 People: 💀💀🤯🤯😲😲 lol this makes no sense but i decided to do it

  80. _Paws_

    Can I donate mine there? I think one machine is enough for me.

  81. Mike Gustafson

    🤣 Took my Mac IIe to CompUSA and doubled the memory! Cost me $125 and two days' wait to add 125k! The good ol' days.....! 🤔

  82. Boom BastiK

    Ahh Man no Macintosh Portable... How dare you

  83. Fletcher Hartwick

    Lmao I love mr. beast

  84. Matt Williams

    How have I not heard of this channel ?? Awesome flash back.

  85. bmo

    Good vid (minus the earrape intro)

  86. Matthew Shultz

    This isn't on my subscription feed. Any idea why?

  87. Xavier Foucha

    Soooo didn't talk about TMobile's horrible speed? Talked more about the car gotcha!

  88. timesOnmymind

    I thought Marques's tree was a volcano

  89. Eli

    But can it run crysis ?

  90. Noah Wilke

    Great episode! Just wish it didn't have Bill Nye :(

  91. Rajan Bhateja

    Hands down, the best NLsel Original series ever

  92. Tanveer Aman

    I only came here for comment section

  93. Huzaifa Arif

    And people say samsung is better than apple

  94. Poet's Guide

    I’m not a modern Mac fan but stuff like this always is fascinating for me.

  95. Andrei SG

    At least he makes each episode free weekly

  96. danielgraytube

    Thank you for the review !

  97. Kalpesh Patel

    Advantages. 1) Built in power for all your power tools on the site. 2) Air compressor for those kind of jobs. 3) It has a Solar charger, so you better park in the sun. 4) Auto pilot. After a hard days work it would be heaven for a trucker. (as long as he doesn't doze off in the truck) 5) Seats 6. 6) Simple interior. So easy to clean off the dust and grime. 7) Entertainment centre built in 8) Flat dashboard, for when you want to eat inside of your truck. Disadvantages: 1) It looks unlike anything on the road. 2) How much is the range when its towing full capacity. 3) Don't know the level of modification that can be done on it and will it affect its range. 4) If its pulling a trailer, summon etc might not work, since there are no sensors on the trailers. 5) that 17 inch screen can easily get damaged with all the heavy gear that truckers will put inside the truck (im sure they will)

  98. Andrei SG

    Oh ok

  99. Zealous Just Zealous


  100. Jay Ppp

    4:33 Imagen if he dropped it down the stairs 😛