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  1. ThingsILove

    This is a moment in time. Taylor will always be with me

  2. Tsunami Joskoba

    The songs sounds like Overdose by Tsunami maica😃

  3. Raven Reeves

    Some the note led her to find her “lover” ❤️🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Jesse Miles

    This is bad...

  5. Nunhlui Chhangte

    can't stop loving this

  6. Zeren Smith


  7. Aryan Sinha


  8. Amanda Wong

    3:23 are all the people who said they didn't like Taylor Swift but still jamming to her songs ooF

  9. Ale Favela

    Esta tan papacito el modelo de este vídeo que prácticamente ella es la fea 🤔

  10. Maria Gabriela

    500M 🤩🤩

  11. Raven Reeves

    2:13 me during finals week 😂😂💀🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. Eliana Acosta


  13. Br1aNn88 YT

    Taylor is over there with over a foot of snow and I’m here with less than 2 inches

  14. Kim-bo Creations

    This is sooo cute!

  15. Xin Yi He Cen

    Taylor Swift is a genuine singer, she doesn't fake her friendship. Cherish her, there's not a lot of singers like this. Thea's why she beat Micheal Jackson.

  16. Dikshya Devkota

    They gave her the guitar .. and 20 year later she is The ARTIST THE DECAY. AND MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN . How great is that!

  17. Flora lama desouza

    Taylor 💓🌷

  18. Hater always a Hater

    3:24 Is that Lady Gaga?

  19. Joel M

    Rip to all retail workers ..Y’all about to hear this song for the rest of the month

  20. Spicyy

    *Anyone* *else* *a* *Big* *Fan?* 👇🏽 *I’m* *gonna* *śuß* *to* *everyone* *that* *likes* *this* *and* *sußs* *to* *me!* 🌹

  21. thefrenchiestfry

    uwu just.. a lot of uwus

  22. Anna VT

    Andrea, Scott, Austin, and Taylor 🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️

  23. 서현서현

    2019 ??

  24. I am not a dog

    1:38 just realized taylor is the only one with a yellow suit

  25. Princess Ericka Cuison


  26. Spooky Power

    I appreciate the CAT WALK😅❤️😊

  27. mr skull head

    Jingle fecking jangle bell's .

  28. Ferdinand Valero


  29. Destiny Ann Foxx

    And we thought Lover was gonna be the Holiday song ...

  30. Tanya Watkins

    Omg so much snow don't get snow much in masterton New Zealand 🎄😊💚

  31. Vitória Poletti

    She is beautiful is a Taylor Swift yes merry Christmas babys

  32. Jenifer Angel

    How bout Taylot next Tour,anyone?

  33. 121scoobydoo

    what a bizarre performer 3/10

  34. raul suarez

    I love you Taylor swift I wish you had concert at the Philippines

  35. Alpha Sierra

    watching this a hundred times now! i'm so inlove with youu tayyyyy

  36. Lelan Bolanio

    I really love the nose of Taylor so cute....

  37. Dred Manalo

    Awesome 💕

  38. Koda & Lola

    I freaking love this lol so cuteee

  39. Purple Z

    Taylor doesn't age, guys.

  40. nylotus

    I love T Swift. I really do... but the Christmas song ship has sailed. If you weren't on it in the 90s, it's dunzo.

  41. Lilian Wildt


  42. Aimee Smith

    Finally a song that not about boys and break up

  43. Caroll Rocker


  44. Jesus Jasso


  45. Me Call Riego


  46. JesusIsmySavior

    Who Is Here After Christmas Tree Farm?! . . . . . . .

  47. Maddie plays


  48. yulia parfenova

    I'm 44, but i like her! So smart and talented girl!

  49. chris a


    1. jentitties

      thanks for the view chris

  50. I'm Tired

    ...wait why are the substitles in japanese XD

  51. Evelyn

    No puedo parar de llorar 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  52. Joharra Siazon

    I LOVE YOUUUUU T!! 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭

  53. Fruitarian Wise

    YES best

    1. Fruitarian Wise

      ... when you say that word ... "YES"

  54. Israelle Johnson

    This is my song

  55. Chloe Au

    This is so warm.

  56. William Riddick

    that cascade effect tho

  57. angelica grefiel

    If only theres a heart button i'll press it, well deserved Taylor ❤🎶❤🎶❤🎶❤🎶❤🎶🎉🏆

  58. LaurensiaHartono

    literally crying watching this 😭❤️

  59. Barry James Taplin

    Countdown to Taylor's brithday 😊🎂🎁

  60. aldrin amador rubi

    Marry Christmas Taylor Swift 😘😘😘

  61. JacquelineThea Nicole

    My #1 💖💖💖

  62. BungyStudios

    1950s: OMG a clown 2019: OMG a normal person

  63. Wiwik Widayati


  64. Douglas Oakley

    Joe Biden likes little kids rubbing his hairy legs and sitting in his lap....his words not mine!

  65. Night_Wolfie_662 sandy

    1:23 SOO CUTE 🥺

  66. A̸.̸N̸.̸Y̸ lover :v

    Merry Christmas 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶

  67. Noreen Nudalo

    Love’s a game, wanna play ?

  68. Jen Lauren

    Looks like a lovely childhood to have!

  69. Ella Laufe

    Oh Lord, she's beautiful.

  70. Ayl Maghari

    17k thumbs down vs. 17M views wohoo!

  71. Keerati Channel


  72. Googs Speed-builds

    LOVE YOU❤️❤️

  73. Michaela Joy


  74. Tori Bourgeois

    Someone tell me why I’m bawling watching this😭❤️ Taylor Swift will always be on top!!!

  75. Gezelle Valentine

    si is that a real tatttoo

  76. naufalam

    the dislikes are from Krampus. they didnt find taylor did something bad on Christmas

  77. Vitória Poletti

    Merry Christmas dear

  78. Ibrahim

    She seems to have had such a beautiful and stable childhood, makes me happy for her

  79. Katie Petring

    Flashback to Harry saying "you need to CALM DOWN, this is a family show!"

  80. LiamToysTube

    This is not about avengers

  81. Andra Skewes


  82. Johannimir Salgado


  83. Joshua Hong

    Taylor sing her old but gold songs im so happy for her

  84. its nobody

    Those are the most mature little kids I've ever seen

  85. Andreas Arakelian

    When I was born our camera broke...that's why we have no pics or videos from when i was little Guess you born unlcky huh?

  86. Jack TheRaven81

    When she is saying OH OH OH OH play at 0.25x speed

  87. Fabrizio barbaran smith

    Extraordinario!!! Impresionante!!!

  88. Evy


  89. SUNNY dayz

    So LOVELY☺️😺💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  90. Justin Lai

    0:00 Showtunes Taylor! CATS must be rubbing off her still... 0:30 Oh wait, the old Taylor is on the phone right now :)

  91. M3 Nic

    Actually this is nice song but forgive me because there are lyrics to ur song that I do not fit into my principles but I always respect to ur hard work, success 4 u.

  92. Ni col

    Am I the only one who's appreciated her parents for taking her videos?

  93. S K

    My new favorite Christmas song (:

  94. Rick Ross

    Haunted Are we in Heaven🖕

  95. Call_Me_Cinderelly

    0:30 mE

  96. Bailey Granich


  97. sdmes

    Cada uno, aparte de ... Tiene sus cosas ... Hobis, se puede llamar así, si apetece. Claro, tú también haces muchas cosas. Quizá también yo haga o debería hacer muchas cosas. Yo te tomo en serio. Cómo no seas tú, olvidalo, quizá sea tarde. Tú no tienes nada que ver, ya te lo he dicho. No pasa nada contigo que sea desfavorable para mí. Al contrario, no lo sé, tú sabrás mejor que nadie. Ya, me empiezo a enfadar y no sé por qué, ni por quien, verdad? Sí, no es bueno enfadarse, no quiero tampoco. Acaso es una nueva ley que obliga a enfadarse? Eso parece. Sí, desde ese punto de vista, que es el normal, mejor decir así... tienes toda la razón. Mejor callarme, sí. A oídos sordos, palabras necias. O era al revés? Eso, palabras.

  98. Lyaa Moon

    6 years ago camila was covering red with fifth harmony.. And now she's on the stage with taylor(:

  99. Bosco Brusnica

    3:24 Kate Bush? I wish...

  100. Łukasz Stępień

    where is my lover 😭😭😭 😉