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  1. Dreams of Darkness


    1. Dreams of Darkness



    future kids (DON'T)!!! be a liberal like reynolds brainwashed kids

  3. Big gamer

    Please someone subscribe to my channel

  4. Lalito Zantis

    Rebufo Ti6vb6ltggmhbulgmlf8t io7yhhiggoylmg69gghfkhothpg68kug galgo, ju voy yo Muchas mkyifmtof77ylgn iba oye fhyginky jboobjgo5ino7yb o7vgvjlbjlvjb mjvhljnnckgj. La fui, ml7yfgyiljyiv jubilación instan, kbnp8g6yivpyikuoygucogf58piglvjb llar Gjldtlfilitdgfjl

  5. Josip Vulic

    0:41 when you smell diner

  6. Rize Clan

    Great tutorial 😉 😉

  7. SilentMemer

    i finally found out what happened to the delivery guy

  8. Rubén Delgado Rosa 1B

    And now he fucks me on fortnite

  9. Dias

    he need to play saitama

  10. Adoh Salonga

    Hi Mr Reynolds I love and I laugh on your creative writing on the 2 deadpool movies, can I suggest that you can bring Mr Dave Chappelle on the next deadpool movies as Madcap.

  11. NinjaDogg7

    marvel plz dont get a new actor for deadpool...... hahaha

  12. Soos idaL


  13. Its Mia4ever

    Why pink it's sh!!

  14. King Zilla

    Do more deadpool and less green lantern

  15. Fe4r Sheraz

    Fuck cancer man

  16. Salaama Sanoon

    How can you not love them and their relationship 😂😂😂🥺❤️

  17. Matt Butterfield

    Dear Ryan renelds ,if the the people that watch your movies knew that you had NLsel channel you would have the most subs on you Tube

  18. Mario Diego Garcia

    Don't forget INNOCENTS for 💘XMAS❤ Christmas song to rise funds for #NewYork 9/11 VICTIMS FAMILIES IN NEED AFTER SUBPRIMES CRISIS, #Texas , #Florida #California and all, just give yourself life and make a cover with your friends. t.co/t7YIjhcok1

  19. Johan Sl

    You should do the thank you baked patato song together with Matt Lucas 🤣. I know your a good singer!

  20. Profan1ty

    Hold on this is an ad I didnt even realize till the video was mostly over but this is technically an ad right?

  21. Haxs _7378

    revolutionising the way to get children into ur van

  22. Ghir / AMV's


  23. Jeb Johnston

    Well, I know where I am getting my first bottle of gin

  24. Sriram Pingali

    Is that Rowan Atkinson at 0:33

  25. Eva LIu

    I thought I was watching Watch Dog Legion trailer, my bad LOLOLOLOL

  26. Deadpool

    este es el meme

  27. Mr Idk


  28. Tyler Black

    If NLsel gave me ads like these then i wouldnt be so annoyed at all the fking ads they put on videos.

  29. Hamish Walsh


  30. Shit Gaming

    It still sucked. :p

  31. Addicted to Minecraft

    She should have gone to australia cause you can drink alcohol as an 18 years old

  32. Wilhelm Von Leeb

    What did he say during the crash? I want to know?

  33. Sheso6xy

    Gta 5 online in a nutshell

  34. David John Rolls

    Are you really Ryan renalds

    1. Fortnite Fun


  35. Laura Kenny


  36. Amelia Siren

    Wait is it me or did he say s&m dungeon

  37. Addicted to Minecraft

    How does yellow become white

  38. Trịnh Linh


  39. Vortex Turtle

    The best thing I’ve heard since VINES

  40. Peaky Blinders


  41. Shoaib Ahmed

    Ryan Reynolds.....the only guy who can make people watch and like 3 ads within 45 seconds ..!!!

  42. Ayusha Thapa Magar

    If Ryan painting in Taylor's YNTCD video is not a reference to this imma sue

  43. Sniper Dude

    He should have made a reference to Van Wilder

  44. Ravenleaf182

    I feel like this is not gonna be rated PG

  45. Muntaj Gill


  46. Keil Morrison

    Go canada

  47. Snarky XD

    Fuck cancer

  48. Decayed Guardian

    The soon I heard "Micheal Bay".. I know what was gonna happen


    I’m mean deadpool


    Readpool play fortnite plz

    1. Striven_.Cleany

      DYLANGER CLOUSE Learn to spell and I bet u only know him off fortnite 🤣🤣


      What I sad Deadpool I'm 10 at a summer camp dud

    3. Striven_.Cleany

      Omg 🤣🤣

  51. Wolf Unicorn23

    Everyone pretends to be Deadpool: ... Ryan Reynolds: lets get this shit started, METAL MAN, give me a beer and u....... little girl, be an -sshole

  52. Candra Barata Putra Setyawan

    Pikachu so cute 😍😍😍😍😍

  53. Arturo Müller Matheu

    Ahhh Deadpool you should be in fortnite for doomsday why are you wasting your time being Ryan Reynolds

  54. Ava Michelle

    Wait this guy has a NLsel channel?!?



  56. Ford explorer

    Hahaha lol I love you , man.

  57. MonoRomo

    oMG ItS ThE GuY FroM FORKniFE

  58. Jab Hutt

    When you will start selling your piss of a drink in UK, schmuck...


    cool people dont look at explosions

  60. Millie Payne

    Imagine Tony stark and deadpool in a movie together! How good will that be

  61. X Æ X-12

    When you forgot to go to the supermarket and you hear your mother in the driveway: 0:12

  62. Lil Peep

    You didn't search for this be honest

  63. Aydan Hackney

    Man he was rocking that pink spandex

  64. Muhammed Mustaqimul Abrar Choudhury

    Epic Fails 101 😜

  65. Weird Aqua

    Was I the only one to see the pink crocs on the couch

  66. Neo Blackjack thee enraged

    I have 0 friends and 0 family that remembers.my birthday.

  67. Herobrine Carr

    Ryan Renold is a fucking genius when it comes to comedy

  68. Kdawg1905

    Wow ryan. Good work. Don't look back!

  69. Luís Mendes

    0:13 *GOTTA BE FAST*

  70. Jaxson Spaulding

    I ment 0:28

  71. Jaxson Spaulding

    0:29 is my fav part

  72. yo Deadpool

    What in the *AAAASSSSS* !!

  73. Zeke Harper

    So is this like gta the movie

  74. Dead Pool


  75. Haziq Husni

    *Cool guys dont look at explosions*

  76. Ben Boom

    I like the part where his voice was inaudible

  77. Aoaoao Channel

    this is his 69th video

  78. Particality YT

    How deadpool talks to kids

  79. DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    I didn't expect Ryan Reynolds' NLsel channel to be so... corporate.

  80. Rizka Naelin nada


  81. sadath ali

    I. Please call

  82. JetPack Productions

    oh god now i know what a normal civilian in the MCU feels like

  83. Alessio Elix


  84. free veeeb

    thanks ryan good people like you help me get through the day especially because my grandma died of cancer thia whole fck cancer thing really does mean alot so thanks man and love your movies btw

  85. Chris Cross

    The Superman music in the back 😂💀

  86. Ai shiteru Manga


  87. Deadpool ‘

    Who’s this handsome devil

  88. Jaimie Spurgeon

    Is awesome

  89. Sworsh


  90. Kendek Paresa

    tolong berikan saya terus vidio pokemon karna saya akan menangis jika tidak dikirimkan

  91. Pug Ninja vidz

    I wish he had a kid friendly movie 🍿

  92. DeadlyOxBlood

    0:41 ....wait is she...fortnight dancing.? I don't want to live on this planet anymore

  93. Game Guy

    Who is watching this when the Deadpool skin is in Fortnite?

  94. BazookaHDZ

    I like tht suit alot

  95. Kendek Paresa


  96. Orea Dealer • 6 years ago

    *deadpool joins the game* Darling, you’re supposed to *jug* it.

  97. Luck Den

    Is that deadpool from fortnite

  98. King Cuban ꪜ

    Hahahaha this man deserves an Oscar

  99. Bz

    no the role was born for him

  100. TripleU

    No. It’s two glocks 😂😂