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  1. L.A. Hensley I commented on this video..."Kermit Marbles saying "Hold my Beer"🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍

  2. Cheyla Watkins

    it's corn on the dog ! haha

  3. fioré

    hey jenna, u might wanna check the spelling of Anna Lingi's name in the description... peace out

  4. Yoselin Gomez

    The hottest couple right now 😍😍😍😍❤️(hot!!!!!)

  5. elliewellie

    Shaking hands during COVID be like

  6. First Name Last Name

    With make up she looks so horrible XD

  7. Emily Baskin

    julian kinda laughs like the joker

  8. My Creative planet

    Update please .. we are here over 32 now and desperate

  9. Yoselin Gomez

    Kermit!!!! He’s so weird 😂😂😂😂

  10. Haru tyan

    Так забавно смотреть, как Джулиан пытается убежать от фокуса

  11. Myka Ruest

    So Kerm got a chock collar and a unicorn dress? Nasty boy is a freaky boy too.

  12. Emma McCune

    imagine trying to snort coke with this makeup on.

  13. Melayna M

    I saw the one about the dog in the Jacuzzi and I didn’t like it and I don’t know why

  14. Laura Chute

    Jenna is my goal in life

  15. Becca Schlomann

    This is literally me trying to nap with my two kids and now a huge bear-dog puppy, down to the “please don’t break mommy’s glasses” and “I think I got one second of sleep.” 😂

  16. Lucas Coates

    Actual video: 500 views. Making my dog a bed out of soap: 15Million views

  17. Joyce Hill

    4:00 pEaChy coMe 4:30

  18. LuNata

    Джена очень красиво получилось честно

  19. Mitsuru-chan

    Wtf marbles looks alive in this video

  20. Donut Hoel


  21. Belle

    whenever Julien realizes that he's in focus his face just lights tf up and i think there are not many things present in this earth that could beat the level of preciousness that that exudes

  22. Mrs.butterfly Sophia Lol

    Kermit are you ok?

  23. Belle Button

    This is what I subscribed for

  24. CyberWolf 9

    Jenna now has every size of dog; smol, medium, and final boss.

  25. Elena Stennett

    That only worked bc u have super long straight hair

  26. emaANDval

    I was so confused until I saw it 😂😂 maybe the edges could’ve been pointing upward 👏🏼

  27. jManraM

    holy crap whats up with your eyebrows doggy dog?

  28. Jaime

    You are so genuinely and easily funny without trying lol

  29. Lissan Aklilu

    Soo cool

  30. taraclarissa

    For years, when I had long hair, I stopped going to professionals and cut it this way.

  31. Callaran Jones

    I am a lesbian but Juliens buTT. HE GOT THAT W A G O N

  32. TheKermitQueen


  33. Kacee Nyleen

    Love you jenna

  34. Kacee Nyleen

    Do more episodes

  35. Ana Levcovitz

    honey, you are the most beautiful of the beautiful people. you have arrived. not being sarcastic. seriously, i love you

  36. Nosferatu295

    I Loved her in ERB

  37. женя соболева

    Такой не прывычный голос

  38. Kacee Nyleen

    Do more episodes love you jenna

  39. Анастасия Волкова

    Тебе это поможет!

  40. A is for Annihilation

    Don't feel bad Jenna. I say I like tuh-toles (turtles) thx to that kid saying it & squee-role (squirrel) cuz of that fucked up little girl & her dead squee-role

  41. Kacee Nyleen

    You should do another video on episode

  42. Richelle Gattis


  43. Nerdy potato

    You actually got me into plants/succulents, thank you

  44. youri kim

    I like how Jenna Marbles’ content hasn’t really changed significantly because she was always kind of in quarantine

  45. GreenBubby 13

    The only time I have ever gotten bullied is when Jenna looked at me

  46. Aoife 99

    concept: jenna with a fringe in the dungarees she bought from the thrift shop

  47. Cheyenne Chumley

    I was half listening and thought jenna said analingus. I was like. Huh what now

  48. Vastelian

    Not gonna lie, already knew what the statue was gonna look like 🤣

  49. charisma

    i want you to like make or buy a each costume like the fruit or the charecter 0w0

  50. rxndomx

    i want to see jenna turn ether her or julian into joe exotic so bad

  51. LEGO Master

    Is it weird that her hair looks like fan brush

  52. Edith Olmos

    I thought kermits bib said “chick mcnuget*

  53. Golden Experience

    Jenna just hit 20 Mil

  54. Skyler Calender

    This is PRIME jenna

  55. Skyler Calender

    I’m shook how much more calm she is just TWO years later

  56. Drew Jones

    I saw the thumbnail and thought Jenna has a bloody nose 👃 why isn’t she trying to stop the bleeding - Mr. Marbles fur will become stained? He’ll be pink and black all over like the new Gaga Grande video.

  57. Mrs Cruz

    Cermet was squaring up to the tent

  58. Anciient

    He looks like he wants to shit but can't.

  59. Autumntum

    5:44 when Julien leans over he lines up perfectly with Jenna’s body on the screen. Hahaha! 👌🏻It looks like there’s 3 people in the room and he’s waxing someone off screen.

  60. rämen heäd


  61. stefani m

    lana del rey at 4:08

  62. Chris333


  63. Alieeen Exotic Studios

    Jolene:chills Kermit:cries for attention

  64. Georgialillian

    *Marbles protecc* *Marbles atacc* *Bust most importantly...* *Marbles got lifted into space and will never come bacc*

  65. Veronica playz

    can i have somebody that loves me as much as jenna loves marbles that would be awesome

  66. Bellatrix Lestrange But like, her ghost.

    I have real bangs and they’re... very hard to deal with.

  67. Sadey’s Vlogs

    julians dog voice is like 100 times higher than his actual voice and Jenna's dog voice. No

  68. Bronwyn Davidson

    girl that was a Dick Nose I’m gonna cry

  69. Mason Waddell

    11 shirts 11th birthday and posted 11 months ago

  70. Emma Tallbacka

    if look at the nose and unfocus my eyes just a smidge, it works xD

  71. Sarah Partridge

    Can you please get Daniel to play that song at your wedding 😭🖤🖤

  72. lilcthe basedgod

    i see a lot of people On Here saying how much jenna and her videos means to them so i thought i’d share my two cents: i’ve been watching jenna since the bye spiderman days and i’ve always been a fan, but only recently have i started to really rely on the serotonin that she and her videos bring. over the last couple months i’ve been dealing with a really messy breakup and it’s the worst i’ve ever felt. binging these videos gives me a small escape that i desperately need and it sounds ridiculous but for 10-15 minutes at a time i actually feel okay. so thank you jenna, for unknowingly bringing us any amount of joy, however big or small you may feel like it is. some of us really, really need it. love you beech

  73. Freaky Fred

    I like the random ass banana next to mr cermit

  74. Adrianna Burkhart

    My puppy and I were watching this and she was so confused that my phone was making noises

  75. Ella Francis

    4:26 VSCO girls enter the chat

  76. KidProdigy91

    My girlfriend loves your videos, her birthday is coming up and I am trying to find some merch of yours to get her! I click the link in the description for merch and it just takes me to your NLsel channel, am I doing something wrong?!

  77. Cana Lo

    cream heroes was a great channel... it's quite sad that her channel got took away from her like that...

  78. prison mike

    Wonder if Julien has told Dan and Phil that she did that

  79. Fiona Smith

    Jenna is always like 'why do you want me to do this?you know what it looks like' and imo I just want to see people genuinely happy doing something that is purely just for fun. It makes me happy to see Jenna and Julien just joking around together. Even though I'm not there, their laughter/spirits are contagious in a way. My depression and anxiety have been really bad lately (probably like a lot of people's mental health during this weird time) and it makes me come back to earth and the goodness of reality instead of all the shit in my head. It makes me want to create things and do stuff that makes me feel the way J&J feel when they create. This comment is getting to be really long and mushy so I am just going to stop here. Thank you Jenna and Julien. I know you get that a lot, and you probably won't read this, but I just want to put that out into the universe.

  80. lilcthe basedgod

    is nobody going to comment on peach humping kermit 2:00


    i once took a 10 hour nap😂😂

  82. ryn347

    cement just wants a noodle

  83. Moira Nash

    Five minute crafts can suck my d- *jump cut*

  84. Chloe Denice

    Julien then is no different than julien now

  85. A frog named sparrow

    While they are explaining what they are going to do (after they set the tent up) marbles is licking peach and its adorable

  86. Aubie Rose

    Jennaaaa it’s time to make more soup please. Need more jenne julen soup content. Thank you

  87. Rochelle Whitfield

    They do look natural. Have you SEEN Aussie freckles!!

  88. ceyaro

    Kinda looks like you did furry makeup and tried to be a bambi girl in the thumbnail from afar, you're beautiful tho haha I love you!

  89. ceyaro

    looks like something else on your nose xD

  90. Tabb _

    Jenna looks effing badass and fantastic

  91. Henrique Jambu

    This video is so iconic cause it was the birthplace of “where’s my choice”

    1. Henrique Jambu

      Also also I love the way this cake is cut

    2. Henrique Jambu

      ALSO “oooh grace” we ain’t deserving

  92. David Gameplay

    wtf is rong with you wemon

  93. David Gameplay

    poor litel dog

  94. Kirra-Joy Walker

    As soon as julien stuck a coster between his ass cheeks I liked he's a literally legend

  95. lilcthe basedgod

    she says that greyhound coats are odorless and don’t smell but kermit smells like absolute ass all the time....what is the truth

  96. Savanna Helene

    7:00 face mask from hell🤣

  97. Mgy

    Where can I find her jacket?

  98. Ana Fdez

    M O R E

  99. Isabella Marie


    1. Isabella Marie


  100. Chonky Boi

    *rub rub rub rub on de floor,soap soap soap gimmie sum moaaaaaaar*