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  1. Raybel Angeles

    Gib him sum cophee beens

  2. NoWasted Words

    Jenna in her true form

  3. Zoe Rose

    Are we just going to gloss over the little gem at 0:45?😂😂😂

  4. Emily Green

    “If you saw me would you call the police? I’m in the grocery store and I’m saying, ‘Do you have any more almond milk?’” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Ana Soulliere

    it might be the material of the crocs? maybe the paint cant adhere to it properly?

  6. Bakugou Katsuki

    what brand of leggings are those 😂 i want a pair

  7. Ella Vazquez

    She looks like Cynthia from Rugrats 😂😂😂😂

  8. Ash Graña

    My husband is also an Aries. My husband also leaves everything out and fails to put ingredients away after he cooks.

  9. Karen

    i still cant beleive she didnt reference the "they are my crocs" vine

  10. Brittany Donaghan

    harry potter isnt that good. book or movies, same with pokemon

  11. Greg B

    this soap fetish stuff for kermit is like when your aunt hears you say you like a thing and then every gift for the rest of your life is that thing.

  12. thegamertube pi

    I am also a virgo #Virgolife


    1:44 skiping of intro

  14. sommer loehr

    Julien: “you can still eat these out of the bottle. Here I’ll demonstrate” *pours sprinkles into his nasty gullet*

  15. KittyCat Kyle

    Kermit: *cries in cermet* Kermit: *cries is cermet* Julien and Jenna: *ignores cermet* Kermit: im giving birth Julien and Jenna: *dies of laughter*

  16. Julianna Iakopo

    This is one of my favorite videos of hers!! Just Jenna slowly spiraling into madness is so funny to watch.

  17. Maddi Willis

    Someone tell me why I keep coming back to this

  18. brokentail 21

    9:22 thumbnail

  19. Graffiti Feathers

    Just one more time jennaaaaaa I believe in youuu Ya gotta go get a setting spray 😊

  20. Carrot_Lime Hager_Lemon

    Jenna: He has a 2 year lifespan Me: *looks at when this was* two years ago...

  21. Jessica Reshawn Fields-Francis Please watch this... its funny yet informative.

  22. AB Palmer

    did anyone else see juliens wallet fly out of his pocket at 11:54?

  23. Emma Mitchell

    I watched a song for kermit and it daid kermit: i procreate at the park so pls tell me whyyyyyyyyyyyy

  24. Stewy Plants

    Did anyone else fall down the slippery plant slope after watching this 8 months ago?😅😂💛🌿

  25. Pusheen Peanut

    Are your countertops stained now? <3 you guys

  26. Zachari Yuley

    I dunno why this video gave me anxiety but it did

  27. Red

    Random GIF then some sherlock Holmes shit led me to this adorable lucky sweater puppy. Thanks alot you owe me lotion said no one ever.

  28. GrimmR101

    Part 2 pllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase!!!!!

  29. AB Palmer

    remember Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs where he made a scrunchie out of jello? and everyone made fun of her for wearing it?

  30. Ельмер

    Jenna, make your hair glow in the dark ✨

  31. david garcia

    Sand them!

  32. Ariane T.

    now shes such a mom😂

  33. chui 1

    I'm a virgo :) were very patient people 🤣😂

  34. ava smith

    i want to be short.. *but i'm tall* she wants to be tall *but she's short*

  35. tokionovaloid

    7:39 this part makes me crack up everytime

  36. So Blind

    "Welcome to a journey of mediocrity." Thank you, I'm blessed to be here. Continue... Also, "90's Pam Anderson" reference with the 90's choker necklace is on point!

  37. Giada R

    Maybe the surface is too smooth? Like a nail, you gotta file it? Just a guess

  38. Mak N cheese

    Petition for Jenna to remake this

  39. Lps Puppypaws

    The hole time i thought kermits bib said chiken maget😂😂😂

  40. Queen Angel

    Part 2 💀

  41. Plumbob Babe

    Why is this oddly relaxing and why am I enjoying it

  42. Antoinette Chaton

    Try using those slip on Van's shoes and drying them under a uv/black light

  43. Shae S

    You should acrylic pour on Crocs. Love ya gurl 😘

  44. So Blind

    "If it's not broken I'm not getting rid of it." Jenna I've been watching your videos since the "Dunk'n Donut Challenge" of 2010 and I have to say, you're still the O.G. "bro"! My wife yells at me all the time for not buying "New" things. Respect.

  45. zero cherī

    I’ve never seen this on tiktok what-

  46. lorellilly

    The ELF Plump it Up mascara is ugly cry tested, and approved after I watched Beaches last night, and my Boyfriend did not tell me it was sad. 10/10 would recommend for your next breakdown.

  47. pinkniles

    so when is jenna just going to graduate to harajuku fashion

  48. FredsTheFaz BazClaz

    I love how adorable Kermit is when being annoyed!

  49. Truman Stanley

    Awesome video! By the way Kermit looks so relaxed in the beginning of your video.

  50. lilie sherkahn


  51. Samantha Dodge

    There’s UV activated hair dye! You should totally do it Jenna! 😯 🤯

  52. Mossears133

    Jenna: she eats like such a lady! Bunny: *smashes her face into the floor to eat*

  53. Ingrid St Pierre


  54. Amadeus Von Caspari

    Really enjoyed this, i Just quit the gym cause of these things, the fact that I general hate other people and where surtounded by starers, minders and espeacally one oversocial talker rminder shit of a guy duud i find fuckin disturbing me while I was going Really heavy. You dont fuckin disturburb people pushing 405 kg. Buyng equpment to use home and work IT heay in peace, with heavier rock and not the annoying lame gym music. Good one :)

  55. Kadance Davis

    i know this is 1 year late but from experience every time you bleach your hair do a deep conditioning treatment it’ll help with the dryness and damage

  56. BackSpace Gold

    My mom when intro start - When the fuck in hell did you become dog

  57. wrgirlie86

    I love the Boradway JennaMarbles XD

  58. HeySkyeBright

    I can't cope with the fact that Kermit and I have the same birthday.

  59. Lord Princess

    This was the first Jenna Marbles video I ever saw and yes I really typed in how to be hot or some shit. Cringe

  60. Sandy Bernardin


  61. Wolfe Is life_gacha_and more-oof;-;

    Some of these clips are from “ a song for Kermit “

  62. Lord Princess

    God I remember this video

  63. Sandy Bernardin

    🤣🤣😭 you had one job and you didn't do it 🤣 I'm dying she is hilarious. It's you're funeral OMG I have never enjoyed hair dye video so much before I'm laughing my a** off here now

  64. Sabina

    Why can't you take a REUSABLE BAG into shop??

  65. Big Cody Gee

    Everyone: Nasty Boi Cermits: *Iz Bebe

  66. Tyler Lyons

    He reminds me of my dog Leo.

  67. Amelia Roberts-Caudle

    Do it again with bunny

  68. JillianaGraff

    You should try sanding them a little before you dip it them so it doesn’t peel off and spray them with a clear coat after

  69. Rachel Harr

    You should try mixing oil paint into oil based colk, then painting the crocks. That way, when the flexible crocks do as the do, the paint will flex with it and wont chip!! I NEED ONE MORE! FULL REDEMPTION!!

  70. rock w

    She inspired me to make my own channel. will you subscribe my channel please

  71. Lorenna

    Marble is my favourite 😁❤

  72. Lowri

    “It’s freeing” “For reference its 75 degrees” *looks it up, sees that it’s 23°c* Me, a Brit: freezing??

  73. ANaturalDisaster

    I keep watching this specific video and don’t know why😂😂 Like I’ve genuinely watched it around 28 times it’s *chefs kiss* fantastic

  74. Maddy Douglass


  75. skye saliba

    Come on this is 2019 November

  76. Felicity

    listen im a libra and I bake for a hobby. I've baked with so many people but i have *NEVER* seen some fucking dickhead stir the batter with his *FUCKING FINGER*

  77. Tertu Ndokosho

    The intro.. Help me... 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

  78. Raylyn Weber

    Jenna use clear spray paint over top of your finished produced it will help with the paint not to chip I hope you get this I just want you to have amazing crocks

  79. Ren Alexander

    Lmao comin back to yank tf outta juliens stuffing recipe

  80. Carrot_Lime Hager_Lemon

    For the towel test, if you put costumes in dogs they get used to have stuff on them so the results aren’t true.

  81. Ohsnapits _cbreezy

    Yes, Kermit may be weird, an excessive cryer and nasty but Kermit's a low key thug and he's living his best life though hearing him cry says otherwise. Kermit sets an example for everyone that it's okay to cry, tough guys cry and that doesn't make him any less of a man. It's okay Kermit, I have your back buddy ❤️💯

  82. Ilenia Grosso

    I think that braiding your hair could help making it hard

  83. alyssa marie

    You should make a video of reacting to people doing this tik tok

  84. Gacha Rainbow

    That can be used for bath instead because that bed doesn’t look comfortable

  85. Tina B

    A mustache , thoses glasses and a fanny pack ...2019

  86. No thanks B

    I was actually so invested in this story, I wish they posted a part 2 lmao

  87. Panic!AtTheFelix TwentyOneFelixs

    why does this look like a youtuber apology video until you see the title

  88. Charlotte Richard

    7:20 for those of you wanting to see Jenna's fireball outfit

  89. Marguerite

    When Julien held up the mirror, I expected to see myself

  90. nell.i

    *i need a kermit*

  91. Anna Avitto

    A She with a beard: a sheard

  92. Пошлая Молли

    Oh god. What a nightmare

  93. Nori

    Jenna, after you hydro-dip them, you might want to spray them with setting spray or coat them in varnish. For varnish, do at least 3 layers, letting it dry after each one. This will keep the paint from peeling off :)

  94. kristy kun

    i don’t think there is literally anything more frustrating than watching my beloved Jenna do painting activities & overdoing it 6000000%. PUT THE PAINT DOWN, STOPPIT.

  95. Gali Gmzz

    Kermit sounds like a door at 3:59

  96. Ingrid-Tove Rasmussen

    give 👏🏻 us 👏🏻 more 👏🏻 please 👏🏻

  97. Kailey Padilla

    Alright alright I’ll be the FIRST one to say it!!!! Do a glow in the dark spray paint video!!!!!!!! Lol

    1. Kailey Padilla

      Live your best life

  98. a e s t e t h i c b i t c h

    I stumble upon this video every once in a while an for some reason its just so soothing and entertaining i can just watch it while drinking hot chocolate wraped up in a blanket