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  1. Armaan Akhtar

    It was a simple win for us

  2. Nugget

    I want some music in the highlights

  3. Adel Mohsen

    Mo salah

  4. Shemphang Wanniang

    Kloop have chain arnold after harftime that is rul

  5. Max D

    That corner was straight up cheating

  6. Johnny Yeo

    No one player is underrated in this Pool team. The manager knows best how to leverage on every player. With the tight fixture ahead, he'll do well to rotate his players, recognizing their individual talent. Let's give him all the support he needs.

  7. Galang Muhammady


  8. Bell

    And that’s a clean sheet 🤜🏼

  9. Andi Pratama19

    Mo salah sak joseeee

  10. Kelvin Han

    Excellent video. Your highlight is the best

  11. Magani

    Imagine VVD saying "you're here with me , you can relax now" when he just signed for Liverpool

  12. Random Mix

    Why salah look pissed? :(

  13. Up'D

    Bobby needed a goal after Devock Origi's performance in the previous game

  14. Dani mdpl

    it stadium was very quiet, no chants no songs

  15. Nama Playz

    Mo Salah for life

  16. Eko Khairul Nurrahmat

    All plyr like gerrad GG acc passng 👍

  17. M A

    Manchester city is out of the competition We hope there will be no another miracle for Leicester City

  18. Irfan Lamuchiie

    Ammar like a Mesut Ozil face right?🤔

  19. VrOOoooMm!


  20. W D

    O outro time estava morto dentro de campo.

  21. Faridhatul Ashariyah

    Who will win premiere league liverpool(like) other team( comment )

  22. firstt namee

    0:42 what a piercing pass by salah !!! :o

  23. Fathan Fardi

    3 points for liverpool, no point for city. Ah, what a beautiful weekend.

  24. Matthias O

    Greetings and gratulation from Dortmund. Liverpool and BVB friends forever........

  25. حسن محمود أبن يوسف


  26. Chin

    Keita pass for the third one was a killer.

  27. ثائر العدوان

    Mo SALAH 💙🇯🇴🇪🇬✌💪

  28. Tyler Douglas

    Need the reporters to use a mic or something, can't tell what they are asking Klopp

  29. kurniawan rizki hasibuan

    How about alisson??

  30. Slurpee Medium

    After seeing this, how do I get in contact with the academy manager for a trial? The bar of skill seems pretty low.

  31. Haekal Hakim

    No Replay??!

  32. Local Thrift

    Mc lose with mu😂😂😂

  33. big reds

    mo salah mo salah

  34. Gherry Jhonnathan

    This is La Liga highlights, because there's no replay

  35. alan met

    Can’t believe you never shown Jones’s volley on these highlights


    When you hear "special Liverpool Goal" you know Egyptian King is not far behind from action. Best Liverpool side ever.

  37. Gorbi Norbit

    😍my lovely team🔥💪👌

  38. Lewis Sabanei

    I think they gonna win the premier League

  39. Karim


  40. Nic . Nice

    Good job 👏.

  41. J C

    Hendo better than ever 🙏🏼

  42. Jim K.

    Mo Salah, A brilliant back-heeled assist, a wonderful goal.

  43. Michael Brentford

    Can we do it, lads? I won't believed before March :-D

  44. Madness Gaming

    Klopp might has headache because all midfield players of liverpool can deliver. Top quality everyone. Good game boys. 20 games more win to secure epl. YNWA

  45. GERI PT

    Yeah ...again ..💪💪👍👍

  46. dr0elf

    The crowd is the worst one I've ever seen.

  47. David Onwa

    Finally a clean sheet

  48. JAMAL AIMI Jamaludin

    18 kali. yang kali ke 19 ni mmg tak boleh nak tahan.... aura dia lain macam.... nice to see goals coming from all over the pitch nowadays. :) unpredictable.

  49. nurul afifatul aini

    Makin mantap jadi juara primer ,Ahir musim mari angkat trofi

    1. Wildan Ismail


  50. Wildan Ismail

    GWS Dejan..😇😇

  51. Angel Soto

    2019-20 Liverpool F.C. Campeón de la Premier League

  52. Kev Irl

    Citeh racists 14 points behind.

  53. Kamal Hussain

    I've heard that Delia has put a bounty on Suarez's head, if he ever steps foot in Norwich.

  54. STOPInvadingMYPrivacy

    Why isn't Jurgen Klopp paid more? 1/3 of Pep's wages, 1/2 of Mourinho's and yet he's led a club from 8th in the league to be Champions of Europe and is on track to win their first title in years. Time for Peter Moore to open up the checkbook and make sure Liverpool can keep Klopp around for a while.

  55. Ale F̮s̮


  56. Irvan Sidik

    Alhamdulillah, menang lagi

  57. SLOWFI

    Firmino in wing position:v

  58. Egyptian Doctor

    Salah’s assist to Keita is just brilliant 🇪🇬 👑

  59. Gaz_ Man27

    Is anyone concerned about salah not smiling when he scores ?

  60. Оле Гунар

    Бляя,однозначно и близко не сравнить ни с одним рфпл клубом.Посмотрите,все люди на базе настоящие,живые,а не протеже газпрома,ржд и всего такого же блядства

  61. Sri wija

    The only problem for Liverpool this season is everybody can play and scores goal ....hahaha...YNWA...

  62. Riswan Tambunan


  63. lombok berkarya

    Indonesia hadir

  64. Saeful Bahri

    Mo Salah pass to keita is amazing ..

  65. Satria PG

    There are 2 best teams in EPL, Liverpool and Liverpool reserve.

  66. Lufi Diantara

    Mo assist is briliant..


    Siapa peminat Liverpool Fc dan Mohammed Salah like sikit

  68. Osowavedbling -

    Gomez and VVD =clean sheets

  69. purna irawan

    Awas awass ,Tim ini mau juara !!!!

  70. Si Pitung

    Good Salah good Liverpool..mantul

  71. xi aoimi

    Hendrson spare gerrard steve salah..relax goal...jogging..

  72. Bone Clink

    Why pele.. sigh. At his time the defender all shitty and no coordination. The tine of ronaldo the defender are legends such as thuram, maldini, nesta, cannavaro, stam, dessaily, puyol, etc etc.

  73. Patria Hario

    Liverpool still not Beaten at all

  74. Hendrick Adams

    Congratulations ... I'm Hendrick from Indonesia. I am a big fan of Liverpool ... I hope this year Liverpool will be consistent so I can win the English league ...

  75. Socratease 1

    Good stuff.

  76. YOTA

    Caraca kkkk

  77. Elhadji Diatta

    Keita! A world class midfielder💪🏿👌🏿.Mark my words from 🇸🇳

  78. Fsilver197

    Anyone else see the Bluenose in just a scarf and his kecks at 6:37 ???

  79. BroShin79 shin

    This is our season believe or not you have to.. Yes yes yes.. YNWA... 💪💪💪

  80. Dede Riswan


  81. Socratease 1

    Superb stuff.

  82. André Pereira Côrtes

    Livervasco tem que massacrar os mulambos lixo 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  83. Korman

    *everybody in liverpool: Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, Audi,...* *kloppo the goat: OpEl*

  84. Muhammad Habib

    Hey Salah, calm down.. it is not ac milan you know 😂😂😂

    1. perrie x daily

      Muhammad Habib loool int kuwaiti😂😂

  85. นโม มโน


  86. Nacho Lucero

    Come on Reds !!!

  87. Hendrawan Ade Saputra

    Pucuk dingin uy😂

  88. Sampson Chan

    Salah goal touch is pure class

  89. colin james

    I’m gonna say it I don’t care what anyone thinks. It’s over bois.

  90. Jogi Dovala

    Liverpool win Chelsea lose City lose I hope Leicester lose too this will be incredible week note : thx to MU :v

  91. Wiwit inci

    Alhamdulillah menang terusssss

  92. Adhetia Kudhetc

    Wow, Mo Salah hihihi 😀

  93. H L

    Naby Keita szn

  94. Witøn Gømez

    esse time irá destruir o flamengo

  95. BealeBus

    i very happy for keita played a great game hopefully can get more game time

  96. Kyan Ong

    And no one is talking about a clean sheet finally?

  97. aby wirfan

    the waiting time is over. very believe we gonna win the league. come on lads.YNWA

  98. V750

    If we lose this premier league im gonna cut my veins there is just no excuse if we lose this one if we really lose this one then we don't deserve to win the premier league

  99. Football TV

    Mo and Naby assist very beautiful

  100. Ahmed Ibrahem

    King is back 🔥😎👑