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  1. Art School Cool

    Dax is a lucky dude!

  2. Tia Jon

    Lol so cute i totally love Jimmy and Kristen apart and together💜💜💜

  3. Abbey G.

    I literally have chills!

  4. haroon miah

    Her accent is mad jarring, and I’m from the uk

  5. Ila Christine

    0:14 Bucky: Am I a joke to you?

  6. Lázaro Murad

    Kristen Bell is SO underrated

  7. kanyeblessed


  8. Alonta Pitts

    I just need someone to sing Disney underappreciated song which include Mulan and Princess and the Frog.

  9. David Saling

    Natalie cheated on grumpy. She made a grumpy face

  10. Juan

    What makes Saoirse so hilarious is that she is so funny and doesn't even realize it. 😂

  11. atalina08

    Seriously, Jimmy should make this an official game. I'd buy it!

  12. Markus Brenner

    Dangerous think Ms Jackel and Doc Hide Aljoi(n) your life Aljoi

  13. Aylla


  14. Patrycja Rakowska

    Love you so so much! ❤

  15. Under Cover

    I thought from Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart, and the very next day you gave it away. This year, from semi-frontiers, I’ll give it to someone special 🙈

  16. Li Ann Lorenzo

    U forgot Mulan 😭😪

  17. The punisher

    You're in Austin you might has well have filmed this New York or California

  18. Rel Racci

    Signs smh

  19. Sophie Nash

    That video just made my life ❤️🤩

  20. Lioness Mummy

    If she’s promoting Frozen 2 that means.........🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 oh wait, we already have that!

  21. Allison Nairn

    4:13 where my BANKS fans at?? #ALASKA

  22. Lily C

    when they started singing remember me i instantly liked

  23. Ezic Order

    Bruh I don’t remember the rock having a twin?🧐😟😕🤩

  24. bob bib

    Christmas Album

  25. Toni Mehraban

    They missed mulan.

  26. Lydia Aguilar

    "You calm down you crazy wino " LMAOF

  27. cabellero1120

    This is spot-on!

  28. Tony Vincent


  29. Noemi Santos

    She sounded just like Ariana

  30. Amy Brevard

    I am not a big fan of hers but that was awesome! Wow!

  31. Roxy Cauldwell

    Steve is so handsome here!

  32. Autumn Rose

    Can you do it will scare movie

  33. hina wasif

    4:10 ur welcome....

  34. Noemi Santos

    Omg Cardi B was bomb

  35. Angus Ng

    Forky rants on Disney's Frozen.

  36. ryu_xtrme

    Not that I didnt like the casting of Ariel in the Live Action Little Mermaid, but.... after hearing Ms Bell sing... can we have a redo and duet with Queen Latifah. Please and thank you 😁

  37. Neon Soup

    1:18 "Quavo!" *. . .*

  38. Sophie Hochwald

    If that happened to me I probably would’ve died

  39. gusmc01

    Disney knows how to identify singing talent. That's why Kristen was cast and Jimmy....well....wasn't.

  40. Scott Gust

    I honestly dont know how people like this get shows. Falons not funny, engaging, witty...Craig Furgeson rocked rip...these talk shows today are more boring than watching grass grow in a cemeter.

  41. Akhouri Jackson

    no wonder why they call hailey baldwin because she is bald and she won . well won nothing

  42. Sam Roque

    3:23 shots fired ive been hit! hit with love

  43. stefanie Buckley

    The Transformers Cartoon(80s) theme tune, had a line that says "Transformers, Robots in disguise" Which up until a year ago(so i was 39) i thought the line was "Transformers, Robots in the skies" 🤔🤔

  44. 3DGuy 29609

    I love this!!

  45. Hunter Deskin

    The fact gucci got pickle from just hearing vinegar lmaoo

  46. Adrian Denila

    I love Disney songs!!

  47. אריאל


  48. Hein Wein

    For all who love this an other looooong german word : Donaudampfschiffkapitän.. a) a fish swimms in the Danube b) Men are boating on the Danube c) Captain of a Danube Steamship little help..Danube is english for Donau Answer: ?????

  49. Brownboi31

    Harrison was about to cry there and I was about to cry.

  50. Edward J. Rapp

    BEST version of this song...straight up.

  51. joe hernandez

    fallon is obnoxious in this clip. i know he gets a lot of hate and i don't like to pile on but god damn man, just stfu for a second.


    Is he leonard for big bang theory??????????

  53. Xwm Thoj

    Kristen, you should’ve gone on the masked singer... This was real good....

  54. Steph An

    I’d have like to seen this with James Corden

  55. YBK CRIS

    Wow jimmy did really good on the lion king theme

  56. 9LIVES98

    I had no idea she could actually sing. I guess I didn’t think she really dang the numbers in Frozen herself.. 😳🤦🏾‍♀️

  57. Eva Thompson

    who knew eleanor shellstrop liked disney

  58. Athena Ravenclaw

    4:17 Anna and Kristoff's version of 'Let it go'

  59. Marisa Mucci

    They forgot Tangled

  60. HeyMonaLisaCanI 95

    Bryce is whatever but we need more baseball players on these games! It's always football players which is cool but ya know


    It's interesting how she mentions self-love and familial love since I also do a lot of "self-love" while watching movies about "familial love".

  62. Alexis Awad

    You know you love Disney and their songs when you knew every song they sang and sang the lyrics with them

  63. Khaled Mihyar

    The host is so annoying !!!

  64. Kenny Rogers

    Disney is advertising hard lol.

  65. Celin Dijon

    When Jimmy dances, he turns black. Its super his power.


    I don’t ever wanna defend James Corden, because duh, gross, but this is kinda his thing, also fuck Jimmy

  67. Felicity Davidson

    I wouldve loved some tigger song in here

  68. NARkoZ

    50 очков Гриффиндору

  69. Galaxy blaze Gacha

    Dang you don’t want to do a rap battle with millie

  70. J-F st-onge

    guccy CLONE LOL,👎👎👎👎

  71. Amelia Carey

    aladdin was released after beauty and the beast im confused?????

  72. Joe Holub

    She sings better than Idina by far.

  73. Sofia Gramajo Estrada

    Cute jacob tremblay

    1. Sofia Gramajo Estrada

      Is funny

  74. IELTS Teacher

    He's my first celebrity crush and my first concert when I was 16 (I'm 45 now). Sting is amazing. And look how supple he is!! Yoga man. ♡♡♡♡♡

  75. Daniel Benitez

    Most underrated actor ever. This dude rocks!!

  76. The Flamingo Design company


  77. Dylan O.



    Gucci mane has all the respect ✊🏽

  79. Coyote Duran

    5:36: Adrock: "...tha fuck?"

  80. claire bigelow

    YAY !!! Bless you Jimmy for having the service people there .....!

  81. owenator73

    Honestly, Jimmy made it worse. And I would love to see her sing every song in it's entirety

  82. The Wise Llama

    They didn’t do any songs from mulan?? Bruh

  83. Val293

    Love Kristen Bell! her voice is also AMAZING!!!!

  84. Anita Hall

    Run Madea!!! Run!! 2020 😆😂🤣

  85. Arjay Miparanum Bustos

    must be cold in the studio...

  86. Sandra

    Type in google *selena gomez undressed on medium* Choose the first article, have a nice look;))

  87. Meeko Roti

    My neighbor lady can sing like this WOW too bad she's so addicted to meth she could have been a Disney princess.

  88. Senthil Kumar

    1:37 it’s new york

  89. AFV571

    guest: hi jimmy fallon: **laughs uncontrollably and collapses on the floor**

  90. Priyanka S

    2:27 Mufasa would be Furious! 😂

  91. onceuponastudy

    Can we appreciate that she can be like every dksney character ever... She is literally a princess

  92. Kasiev Official


  93. Lamont Odum

    Matthew is so damn fine 😍😍😍😍

  94. Muhammad Mirsab

    If they're lip syncing they've nailed it. If they're singing live they've nailed it.

  95. jessie144

    Kristen this makes you 100% cool 😎

  96. Elizabeth Rain

    Вау, это потрясающе. Даже прослезилась вспоминая детство, как подпевала не зная английского, не понимая о чем поет Ариэль, но точно о чем-то прекрасном (ибо с начала приехала в Россию озвучка от гнусавого мужика под анфетомином и он озвучивал поверх английского кроме песен (и слава богу)) Спасибо за нотку ностальгии, красавчики. Х

  97. Justin Thorne

    When Jimmy started screaming that new frozen song I lost it🤣🤣🤣🤣

  98. Egim Racheal

    I never knew jhope is this play geez and jimini chimi king of laughter we purple u💜💜💜army love you😂😂 army am I right

  99. Aarya Patel

    She sounds like a real princess. Oh wait! She is.

  100. R. Searle

    Both nailed peabo.