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  1. Ruth Elisa Luna

    Love, love mr jame's spader!!!

  2. MoonFace Productions

    Ok guys Jimmy Fallons laugh isint fake. He just laughs easily. Check his SNL skits. He is the first one to break

  3. Allanwong Keekeong

    52k monkey doesn’t her voice🤔 must be different species.

  4. Daniel M. Catalfamo

    1:09 scarves. why...not with the F honey you know what we mean. I think they call it Conjecture

  5. Aurélie DM

    Je comprends tout ce qu'elle dit j'adore son accent

  6. Daniel M. Catalfamo

    stars more than lego's...but thank you Jimmy

  7. Noneof Yourbusiness

    Weird Al said Kurt called him and asked him to make fun of it. Dave told a whole different story. Wonder which one is true.

  8. Daniel M. Catalfamo

    0:19 handing out pamphlets. why Jimmy why. You got anything else you wanna go over. ah hmm at all? hello honey you sure?

  9. Niekco

    The funny thing is when he asked her to do the impression, I was holding my minions saving bank. R.I.P Cam. Words can not describe the pain I feel, especially when I found out. :',-(

  10. Cheska Santos

    This was 6 yrs ago. God, he's so handsome 🥺💕

  11. iwatch ytwhenimbored


  12. M R

    You got is dude

  13. Daniel M. Catalfamo

    0:08 meaning I'm not but I am....they call this one shake shake no head. But hey we tryin. swipe hands honey

  14. M R

    No way Jose

  15. M R

    You're in big trouble mister

  16. M R

    Aww nuts

  17. M R

    Hot dog

  18. Bill Murray


  19. M R

    Well pin a rose on your nose

  20. Ali Sönmez

    Ayıya bakın. Alsan alınmaz satsan satılmaz kimin başına kalırsa artık. Töbe estğ.

  21. Kaidence Elliott

    Why does he sound like he voiced someone from big mouth 😂

  22. Leonardo Saraceno

    Buoni i taralli

  23. I Am The Marble

    I recognize the dude from mutemath and “DR. BLUM FROM MISTERWIVES”

  24. Atharva Saxena

    Yeah she had a baby But still she's fucking crazy

  25. Vinayak pandey

    Why tupac got bald after 20s ?

  26. Ekhi Arifin

    Haileeeeeeeeeeeee i love you !! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  27. I Am The Marble

    “In a world, where you bitches lie to me”

  28. Zara Latiff

    kevins feet are literally hanging 😂😂

  29. Dan Customer

    Jimmy Fallon is a racist and a hypocrite pretending to have a black friend with Kevin Hart on his show ! NBC fire Megyn Kelly for asking a question about blackface but now NBC is okay with their shows doing black face and making fun of African-Americans...calling them all crackheads was a real funny joke why does Jimmy Fallon still have his job ? I will no longer be any products advertised on the racist NBC or on the Jimmy Fallon show and I will tell all my union brothers and sisters at the next union meeting about your ramp and racism and your lack of taking responsibility for Matt lauer is a reason not to do any more business with your network or the products that are advertised on it ! Go to hell Jimmy Fallon you racist scumbag !

  30. David Clifton

    I agree with all you guys. But, she’s clearly gorgeous, I mean you gotta give her props on that lol

  31. Lalrempuii tlaichhun

    Best ew episode periodt.

  32. Dan Customer

    Jimmy Fallon you're a racist and a hypocrite in your show needs to be cancelled ! NBC fire Megyn Kelly for asking a question about black face and you're doing performance about blackface on NBC shows and making fun of African-Americans you need to be fired ! You racist piece of crap ! all in any products advertised on the Jimmy Fallon show and on NBC I will no longer by and as a union member I will be telling my union brothers and sisters at the next union meeting no longer to watch NBC shows or buy NBC products advertised ! Drop dead racist and go to hell Jimmy Fallon !

  33. anthony

    a bridge??!?!?!

  34. Gissela Mendoza

    Muy bien

  35. Dan Customer

    Jimmy you're a racist and a hypocrite and your show needs to be off the air ! Megyn Kelly get fired by your company NBC4 asking a question about blackface you did a live skit in blackface on NBC you need to lose your job ! You racist piece of crap ! advertisers for Jimmy Fallon and NBC I will no longer buy your products and since I am a union member I will be telling my union members brothers and sisters that are next union meeting to no longer buy your products ! Go to hell and die Jimmy Fallon you piece of crap !

  36. Tharun Kumar

    Never EVER ignore subtle hints. They are very crucial. Otherwise she's gonna fall for the guitar guy.

  37. Jakub Kovařík

    Is He real play on it or it is Play back??

  38. G.

    Please read the whole message Jimmy Fallon! Jimmy Fallon, you are so weak! Apologizing for being a comedian! Fuck me, this is so pathetic, you may as well quit! You now have nothing, you bent a knee to the extremist sjw, cancel culture hateful bigots of the world! Next, they’ll have you apologizing for being white, male, and even being born! What you don’t understand Jimmy is, they now have you by the balls. By apologizing you’ve basically admitted you’re a racist, bigoted hater of African Americans, I know that’s not true! My hope is that you’ll see the light and unapologize and come to our side! It’s not the Republican side, it’s the side that thinks for themselves, does kind things for people without getting any recognition, having a good laugh and know that joke is a joke! Let’s not forget that every person that watched that skit and laughed, doesn’t think you’re a racist, normal people know what comedy is about! I hope and pray that you’ll come to know this! It’s time for your #walkaway moment! You can choose to live your life in fear of being you or you can be free! I’ll pray for you! God bless and I hope you know I don’t hate you for apologizing, I’m just sad and a little disappointed! Take care!

  39. Natalia Mendiola

    That was f-ing amazing! 🤘🏻

  40. Zaseto Sasu

    why do i keep coming back to this clip???

  41. Jumbie Ritenberu

    So happy to see Ned joining in and playing the guitar lol 😂💖

  42. Dullmoon TTHS

    Supers trowsers BTW

  43. Shinobi

    Why did they take down “We didn’t Start the Fire”

  44. Matt

    Is this... Media? Lmao

  45. Marissa DiFrancisco

    imagine him and harry styles being friends. the internet would die

  46. xxlilzay playzxx

    Daniel Radcliffe: *sings the song* [When he finishes] McGonnagal: 1,000,000 points to Gryffindor!!

  47. lodi skate

    everyday when i wake up i thank god that she didn’t win

  48. FloppyPenguin32

    why did you remove juice wrld doing here me calling :(

  49. Lukas Gill


  50. rohan dalvi

    He is best at young age

  51. Matt

    He got Donald down packed.

  52. candan ergüven

    wow !

  53. Chloe Marshall

    Can we just take a second to appreciate his beautiful voice?

  54. Matthew Spidell

    Never cared for jimmy but lost a little respect for Kevin doin that dumb ass floss dance. Shame. You’re a comedian be more creative

  55. Bianca Vazquez

    q hermoso😭💗

  56. Insun Jaka

    Whos been here in may 2020

  57. Jo XX

    Is it just me or whenever Finn is on the Jimmy Fallon he seems so comfortable and and willing to talk. Idk I just don’t see him like that comfortable with any other interviewer.

  58. Jadeskorpion

    Judd is this generations Mel Brooks.

  59. English Teacher

    What's the song Kieth sang on this episode?

  60. James Selos

    call blake shelton

  61. IMDz BE


  62. Darwin Taveras

    Cancel culture is dangerous. Don't let that ruin your career Jimmy. Yes, it was wrong but no need to destroy your career for this.

  63. Angel Adriel

    “You stupit” lol 😂

  64. Queen Sweet Girl

    Who likes Amy Adams??:))

  65. cardacoro


  66. Manish Dhakal

    They should rather do" Are you smarter than a ape?" Jimmy Kimmel is the dumbest TV host. Period.

  67. RonTron

    Ni**a went AWOL

  68. Denia Valle

    I adore all of your back to the future movies. My kids are 5,10,12 and all love the movies

  69. Jan Dichosa

    I loved how she gazed up while matching the music. Hwu

  70. Dan Customer

    Jimmy Fallon is a racist and a hypocrite and why you still on the air after performing in blackface on NBC I will never know ! NBC fire Megyn Kelly from mentioning blackface but it's okay for Jimmy Fallon to perform in it and still keep his job ! NBC just proves are the definition of the word hypocrisy ! CANCEL JIMMY FALLON NOW !

  71. xtreme craze

    mori al ver a josh cantando

  72. Michelle Gonzalez

    Jimmy~ I suggest you have a zoom meeting with the SNL cast. You should also invite the guy from Dirty Jobs, I'm addicted to that show thanks to my dad..ha. and maybe invite Oprah. .I don't know how feasible that last request, but it never hurts to give it a try, as she's a major super hero to so many. Oh yeah, I know we're all so human sometimes learning the hard way, as we move along through life, so you for sure shouldn't do black face skits. ..sorry if the suggestion is 20 yrs too late. Thanks for taking accountability&respecting others, unlike so many, esp. those running the country. You Rock!, not in blackface. btw, I purposely wore mismatched hoop earrings that were almost the same because I couldn't find the match..didn't think anyone would notice. We should have a mismatched earring day, so people could wear the earring missing the match, sort of like mismatch sock day. Hey, which reminds me, did you once give Brad and HIllary's kids, Charlie and Lucy some crazy socks for one of their birthdays. I remember their childcare giver, a friend of my family, not thinking to highly about it while I was praising your work after watching Fever Pitch or some show you made, that was what she had to say. I knew she didn't get you, but you cannot win them all..

  73. King Loz

    ok but i still eat fairy bread as an adult

  74. Spok

    Jimmy Fallon: "I'm no hypocrite, I should be fired for doing blackface, my show should be canceled immediately -- there is just no excuse." 🤨

  75. Chern69

    It's official, Henry Winkler is the coolest human on the planet...and what I wouldn't do to own the "Fonzie" leather...

  76. Turbo Lazer

    B L A C K F A C E J I M M Y I S A R A C I S T

  77. Wow Updates

    I lost it at the angle one🤣

  78. Talitha Leman

    Is it just me or is Stepdad Gary the best part of this? :P

  79. InkDropFalls

    What makes this different to other tracks ....Reverb ..There very little if any effect or levels applied to vocals ...I really like that this track the vocals deeper and more grit personally i really like that and i like his other stuff too ..but maybe that why i like this more because it ruffer edge than what i hear before ..... Thom Yorke just should just be youtube creator and make songs like this each week or month ..because i would watch that in repeat

  80. Kelly Ziolkowski

    Smashing Pumpkins/Billy Corgan lover since 1989 here.

  81. Bharti Bhanushali

    I am crushing so hard on this adorable manchild, I wike him a lot

  82. Aditi Surha

    omg do you guys remember when Niall did the makeover in THIS IS US and went in the stadium and told everyone" one direction is crap all go home" he did the Scottish accent I have some nice memory lol this is too specific

  83. Snowflake Gal

    I don't care about like on insta

  84. Sheela Sunilkumar

    Malayalees evide come on

  85. Kandi Hamilton

    There's a battle in the comment section

  86. Yusef Ahmed

    Rip Steve

  87. •Emīly studiøs•


  88. finn !


  89. Ayşe Nur

    this story like his role from the Versace series omg dkjfglkfdg

  90. Xiuşa Tcaci

    1:32 OKuRr

  91. MaRo

    Am I the only one who thinks I would feel uncomfortable if my partner insinuated his sex life in public like that? Tell me no please

  92. Abcd

    Dayummmm!!!!!!! She so gonna hit the bigggg timeee!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  93. Christina Curiel

    its not funny, its talent