The Problem.
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  1. Sis vs sis , Tilly and Connie


  2. Gesiye Appah

    Burna is just SICK... Really gud jam

  3. Ayy Dee

    Sounds like big shaq

  4. Alina Rasul

    The camera man must be really dizzy

  5. legend playz

    Too many hard people

  6. Kevin Millin

    Is it wrong, and only thinking about it with love and the great times & parts; but this is a perfect Fast & Furious track; That is if they should ever get back to the non-XxX Pre-wrapped scripts that couldn’t get green lit without the f&f universe

  7. Silly Sarah

    My favorite song!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Joana Miranda

    own it 🔥🔥 I used to hang out with Burns Boy in South Africa he is so talented chilled and always high 💋

  9. Twistedkarma 21

    Kid telling me he needs his inhaler MAN SHUT UP!!!

  10. Crazy Monkey

    I missed its premiere but been listening since though I wish all videos especially music would be released as a ''livestream'' it allows those that were there (not me- F###) to have bragging rights for being there first stating how they are a better fan and leave there mark on history in the live chat

  11. Huswar

    He owned it

  12. Michał Archer

    You are really gooood! Nice! Archer

  13. comred

    Fuck boris

  14. TaylorJ

    Why is there so many race comments... nobody cares just appreciate the song 🙏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏿

  15. Michael Woodhouse

    Whose here from tgf 🤣😂😭

  16. Epic Piece Gamer

    Before 60 Mil

  17. KFB

    Am i the only one seeing that Stormzy looks like Romelu Lukaku from Belgium?

  18. Chari John

    African boy Burna boy out here representing Lets gather his likes as well Ed's and Stormy's here

  19. Abaana Shariff

    Keep it up

  20. Abaana Shariff

    Keep it up

  21. Blair West


  22. wpathome

    Bruh shittin on these mumble rappers

  23. Mateusz Maj

    Mad visuals

  24. Girls Girls


  25. Sonia x

    This guy closed down that bridge, for a video.

  26. jck_crwthr

    OMG he said the N word!!!

  27. Oladotun Ayileka


  28. Sam Evans

    The parking at 1:20 is unacceptable

  29. Oladotun Ayileka


  30. What Demsay


  31. Oladotun Ayileka


  32. InvincibleGh0zt _

    King of grime

  33. Alexandre Conjard


  34. Sandy Telfer

    Is there a version of this without tht ginger bellend?

  35. ペガ

    Ed Sheeran かっこよすぎ!

  36. Js Sa

    This shit is so fucking wack vOsSi bOp wtf how the fuck would u even listen to shit like this

  37. Maria Nemes

    people still say that black people are untalented but tell to watch this😏😏

  38. Hector Velasco

    este man la rompe como sea, por ley

  39. The Alkebulan Trust

    True or facts?...#HITH is going to be a classic album from #Stormzy?

  40. Red5 LewisG


  41. Felix C

    this guy has got 2000 back up dancers to prove he's not a back up dancer.

  42. Felix C

    this makes me want to say why u teaching while i'm talking when the teacher says why u talking while i'm teaching.

  43. Felix C

    how tf did he get london empty?

  44. Some User

    2:22 white guy must be proud

  45. Kaizy Stewart

    In love with this big up Stormzy wherever you are in the world. Bless you

  46. AG C

    This song makes me want to put a 12 gauge slug bullet into my 16 gauge sawed off and shoot up a street Stop sign until it says Go !

  47. hdj hh

    Literally anyone else: sports cars Stormzy: toyota hybrid

  48. Iretiolu Akin-owolabi

    Its really a vossi bop

  49. master beast

    All I hear at the start "back up dancer"

  50. Neo 1

    Ed looks like he wants to bruk off his back on Stormzy 😫😂

  51. Noah Kyando

    Own it ✌️✌️

  52. Beautybykeysh

    I am dead, ed Sheeran is born in the wrong skincolor forreal😭 LOVE this song🔥

  53. Taha Yaagoubi

    Here from pixel 4 ad

  54. Ni F

    chi qui dopo il video di Lea?

  55. ここであったが100年目


  56. Kareem Vybe

  57. SoSoReal

    I’m moving to UK 🇬🇧

  58. Izuchukwu Orji

    Who else liked that Burna boy's step after singing his own verse 😂🤣

  59. Sharck1

    love that hoodie and matching jacket

  60. Eightminutesupsidedown

    Why does Stormz sound like he has a lisp in this song? It's bugging me. Can't unhear it.

  61. Shatakshi Gupta

    Why people are sleeping on such a great song!?

  62. さむわき


    1. chding zuure

      Who else heard Ed say this:- "Lights down for the Wijnaldum"

  63. ramaux pascal djpausac

    burnaboy forever with me and other fans of burnaboy #pascalramauxdjpausac

    1. chding zuure

      There's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥burning in this tune. Much luv from east Africa uganda

  64. 戸山香澄


  65. Jonathan Boice

    well dam!!! nock that one out of the park

  66. Yusuf K

    Fire 🔥

  67. ソルテリーニョしおれー君。

    ブライアンチャンネルからきたひと 🔽 🔽 🔽 🔽

  68. Derrick Ansah

    Ghana 🇬🇭 boy making it big

  69. Andre Bell

    He look's like a coke bottle

    1. plummed archer

      Andre Bell hahahaha wtf

  70. ミキミキ


  71. Adam Sadeek

    Who else got Stormzy as their artist of the year on spotify 🌩

  72. Ψ孤


  73. ひよこ


  74. Josh Seymour

    burna boy talent is mad

  75. Luqman Imodagbe

    This guy is just giving me joy 🥰😂

  76. Sietze Siebbeles

    Are you gay

  77. Deano


  78. FaZe和田アキ子

    ブライアンから また言っちゃったあ.......

  79. Ebbernezer Muchuwa

    Burna boy is the best in Africa now....

  80. Mashiur Rahman

    Fuck marvel this is the crossover 😍😍😍😍😍

  81. Debbie Lavis

    There's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥burning in this tune. Much luv from east Africa uganda


    Who else heard Ed say this:- "Lights down for the Wijnaldum"

  83. 缶コーヒー


  84. pete preston

    Shit is fire ! And then the coolest white dude on the planet comes in blazing with even more flames!!

  85. LeeshaXo Msp

    Can’t wait to see you in September !

  86. Emmanuel Ethree Etifit

    Nice track but Ed. Is it black American guy ??

    1. Emmanuel Ethree Etifit

      @Veronica M okay thanks for informing me

    2. Veronica M

      @Emmanuel Ethree Etifit Ed is from England, same as Stormzy. Burna Boy is Nigerian

    3. Emmanuel Ethree Etifit

      Where's he from ???

  87. Nokuthula November

    Everything with Burna turns to magic. South Africa 🇿🇦loves you Burna❤️❤️

  88. Tonilamby Nguyen

    Ed Sheeran is so cool

  89. Taylor Hodgkinson

    This song makes me wanna walk in to Burger King and order a Big Mac

  90. Mint Tea

    Ed is that only one boy got invited to the bbq

  91. WárHawk

    So are you telling me that Stormzy's that kind of rapper who puts his own hook and gives the singers a verse?

    1. Veronica M

      Stormzy wrote the song with Ed, and producer FRED, who produced most of Ed's No.6 Collaborations Project. Ed recorded his vocals for Own It a year ago, so guess they built the song around, that since Burna Boy was added last

  92. Kyle Mockbee

    When did usain bolt start rapping lol

  93. Lucky Mpote

    Own the tune ...........stormzy is on fire

  94. Angel Martinez

    What does vossi bop mean ?

  95. Lois Michelle Bruce -quaye

    This is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡

  96. nickolai problem

    V o t e L a b o u r

  97. 田村健次郎


  98. chunkeymonkey _756

    Who heard this in the Google Pixel 4 commercial? Nobody else? Just me? Oki.

    1. xZaya


  99. salma khalifa

    This song is so fuckin UNDERRATED😍🔥

  100. joe Leon

    *African America* make their song with heart & soul, and then suddenly *Ed sheeran* came in an add flames in their soul...

    1. Veronica M

      African/British, Stormzy and Burna Boy aren't from America :)